Time Traveling Woman from Past Begs in Subway, Has iPhone

A woman dressed in traditional clothing claiming to have time-traveled from 500 years in the past begs for money in a Shanghai Metro stop to help her get back to her village 500 years ago.

A "woman traveller" dressed in traditional Chinese clothing begs for money in the Shanghai Metro.

There have been many documented instances of people using public transportation while dressed up in costume or eye-catching clothing. Previously, chinaSMACK has told you about the mummy, Superman, Deer man and cross-dresser, as well as another cross-dressing fashionista riding the Shanghai Metro. Similarly, we’ve brought you the story of the pole-dancing woman on the Nanjing subway.

A woman dressed as Athena from the anime "Saint Seiya" riding the Shanghai Metro.
Cosplayer "Athena"

Recently, there have been a few more of these “subway performance art” occurrences: a young woman cosplaying as “Athena” from the anime “Saint Seiya” was photographed on the Shanghai Metro (seen above), as was a woman who dressed up in the historical outfit of a person from the ancient city of Loulan, once located in western China (seen in a translated comment below). The annual ChinaJoy Expo recently took place this past month, and may have played a part in these women cosplaying on the subway.

The story brought to you now is very similar to the rest of these stories but with some major differences. First, this person wasn’t riding the subway, but rather was begging for money near the subway entrance. Second, she wasn’t just photographed but also filmed talking about why she is dressed this way along with the rest of her story. As such, this may have been more than just “performance art” but instead a focused advertising campaign for online marketing.

From Mop:

After Athena, now a “time traveling woman” has appeared in a Shanghai Metro station begging for “travelling money”

Following “subway Athena“, now a “time travelling woman” has appeared in the Shanghai Metro. Recently, a woman who claims to have been “sent through time” sits lengthwise at the exit to the subway station asking pedestrians for money so she can return to her home town 500 years in the past. What is even more dumbfounding is that this ancient woman even takes out and iPhone 4 to ask for mobile phone numbers from the passing crowd.

A "woman traveller" dressed in traditional Chinese clothing begs for money in the Shanghai Metro.

A "woman traveller" dressed in traditional Chinese clothing begs for money in the Shanghai Metro.

A "woman traveller" dressed in traditional Chinese clothing begs for money in the Shanghai Metro.

A "woman traveller" dressed in traditional Chinese clothing begs for money in the Shanghai Metro.

Translation of the hand-written (mostly) traditional Chinese sign on the ground:

I am from the Qingyuan village and have unwittingly time traveled here. I have nothing upon me and am begging for traveling expenses to return home, a debt I will repay in the days ahead [future].

The following video was uploaded to Youku received almost 2.5 million hits and almost 2 thousand comments within four days of being uploaded. At time of translation, the number of downvotes outnumber upvotes nearly 8,500 to 2,800:

Translated transcript of dialogue:

Um, miss, what are you doing?

Begging for money to go home.

Your home is Qingyuan village?

That’s right.

Qingyuan village… where is that?

It’s from five hundred years ago.

From five hundred years ago? In that case, if I donate some money to your cause, how will you be able to give it back to me?

With noble sir’s kindness, I should [repay you] by being betrothed to you, but I am so homesick! But when the day comes in the future, this humble girl will definitely repay your noble sir’s kindness.

Noble sir’s kindness…heh, no need [to repay]. But if at that time you were to run away [disappear, renege on her promise], how would I find you?

This is a token/pledge. [she hands him a “Certificate of Life-long Full Financial Support”, a fake document identifying a kept mistress, a woman who is financially supported by a man.]

So with this…this…this lousy card? But even with this lousy card I still can’t get a hold of you.

That’s not a problem, wait a second…oh, here it is. [Pulls out a mobile smartphone] What’s your phone number?


A "woman traveller" dressed in traditional Chinese clothing begs for money in the Shanghai Metro.

Comments from Mop:


Well, this is easily handled, if there is anything brother [referring to self] has, it’s extra money! Here I come!


Her legs aren’t sore? [from sitting in that position the entire time]


Is she really crazy or just publicity stunt crazy? Sweat.


The last line [of the hand-written sign] is the key!!! …repay in the “days” to come!! [“日” means day, as well as “fuck”, so the joke here is that she will repay with sex.]


This post will definitely become popular!


She already has everything.


If she were to have the money, just what kind of transportation tool would she use to go back in time?


[She’s] read too many [time traveling or historical] novels.


Nowadays publicity stunts are becoming more and more stupid/ridiculous!


[She] appears to be very beautiful.




Truly there are all sorts of people [in this world].


Quite pretty, how much for a night? You’ll make money quicker that way.


She looks like Zhou Xun.


Is there anything more tragic than this?


Performance art?


Sweat; her clothes are very nice as are the chiffon wrappings; delicate and charming.


These days there sure are some lousy people who have nothing better to do. Performance art? Publicity stunts? Fuck. If you have nothing better to do, please do something meaningful, not just act coquettish in front of the camera for publicity/attention! Ridiculous!

Comments from Youku:


Her acting is poor, but her breasts are big.


Did you see/notice? [She’s] was sent out by the makers of the “Journey 2” MMORPG game [for publicity/marketing]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sexy/skanky/slutty!


“Certificate of Life-long Full Financial Support” – –


“Repay in the days ahead”, she’s already made it very clear. [Same joke as above, to repay with sex.]


Same as others before her, just to get fame, is [getting fame] really that interesting?


This kind of publicity stunt isn’t very interesting anymore, I didn’t hadn’t even finished watching the video before I got bored. However, it can be said that with the society in China today, even swindlers are of a high quality [going to such lengths]. Truly moving and commendable.


If you admit you time traveled from the Cretaceous Period, then brother [referring to self] will give you money, and a whole “big dinosaur” for you! [referring to his penis]


Doesn’t even understand how to write the classical style of writing, and yet still pretends.


A match for that SB Loulan woman.

[The “Loulan woman” is a woman who appeared on the Beijing Subway this July dressed up in the style of a person from Loulan, an ancient city in Xinjiang, western China that only exists as ruins now. The following is a picture of her.]

The "Loulan woman" dressed up in Loulan attire, riding the Beijing Metro
The “Loulan Woman”


“Certificate of Life-long Full Financial Support”…well fuck me.


When you’re ugly, don’t come out and let others see how ugly you are.


[The MMORPG] “Journey 2” is trying to advertise yet doesn’t know to hire someone prettier.


*Sigh* Yet another person who wants to get famous…


Totally someone who escaped from a mental hospital…


Advertising for “Journey 2″~~ “Xinshou” village is called “Qingyuan” village; even the clothing is completely the same.

qq345770099:(responding to above)

Truth 0.0


Fuck, a “Certificate of Life-long Full Financial Support”, a mobile phone, were these all brought here from 500 years ago?


I can totally see the modern-era underwear she has inside.

What do you think? Do you find this amusing, or do you find this shocking and upsetting? Is this a scheme for a panhandler to make money, or is this a carefully-executed online marketing campaign? Why are there so many cases of people dressing up on the subway?

A "woman traveller" dressed in traditional Chinese clothing begs for money in the Shanghai Metro.


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