Titanic 3D Cut & Censored in China, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Kate Winslet's Rose being drawn by Leonardo DiCaprio's Jack in James Cameron's Titanic.

Kate Winslet's Rose being drawn by Leonardo DiCaprio's Jack in James Cameron's Titanic.

James Cameron’s re-released Titanic 3D arrived in Chinese cinemas last week and Chinese netizens quickly learned that the famous nude scene where Kate Winslet’s character Rose is drawn by Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Jack had been cut by China’s State Administration of Radio and Television (SARFT) censors, much their nostalgic disappointment…

From Sina Weibo:

@精彩电影: 3D Titanic has been cut.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Didn’t understand [the appeal of nudity] when it wasn’t cut 15 years ago, but now I understand.


The noble see breathtaking beauty, while the small/low people see lewdness and obscene.




Saw [the movie Titanic] on television when I was small, and I was only about 10 years old at the time, surprised at the time that they were so liberal [allowing such to be shown], but now that it has been censored, it is a kind of laughable progress, like ostriches, sticking their heads in the sand when threatened, deceiving oneself~


It was quite titillating seeing it 15 years ago, felt it was quite open/liberal… Watching it again now I just feel like it is no big deal… [挖鼻屎][挖鼻屎][挖鼻屎]


Whether or not something is lewd lies completely in the viewer’s perspective and mentality. Is our Party’s corrupt and rotten cadres keeping N amount of mistresses considered and obscene and lewd?!


It’s been 15 years since my heart was captured by Jack’s focused eyes… [爱你]


I’m reminded of how after watching this movie back then, the best part I could remember was this drawing scene.


Fuck, I hate how this is cut or that is cut the moment it comes to the mainland. Are those two scenes alone going to make people bad? Especially since there aren’t the lease bit pornographic/obscene.


The one part that shouldn’t be cut has been cut. [嘻嘻]


I bet SARFT watched this 3D scene at home with their [3D] glasses and their hands. Cutting it so only they themselves can enjoy it.


Was the mainland the only one to cut something again? [衰][衰]


The Chinese film industry is very bashful. Without this, Cameron’s work of art is no longer perfect. SARFT are just losers.


The pectoral muscles were very big and robust! [偷笑] Very aesthetic! What a pity! Those perverts at SARFT saved it for themselves, appreciating them at home with their wives and kids. [囧]


It being cut is a good thing. Otherwise, those 3D 39Ds will lead to people rushing the cinemas.


Leonardo DiCaprio was so young and handsome back then, now he has changed a lot. The passing of years is truly a tragedy.


Kate Winslet’s breasts probably sag really badly now.


Can such aesthetically beautiful nudity also be evil [unhealthy, dirty, obscene, lewd]? If it isn’t evil, then why cut it? Looking at these comments I now know that the 3D version is too lifelike, that the audience would reach out to feel, and accidentally hit the person watching in the row ahead of them! My~ how embarrassing~ were Chinese audiences not breastfed when they were babies? Are they lacking milk or upbringing/education?


I’ve suddenly realized that the movie I watched N years ago was dubbed in Chinese, and though I’ve watched the original English language version, hearing it again now, I have to say it sounds so good, a beautiful girl’s British accent, a handsome guy’s American accent.


Very few movies these days have this sort of clean naked human body scenes, the actors in a natural normal state. The background piano music in the background was well matched, neither overwhelming the scene nor too weak. [赞]

Two questions: What was your reaction when you first saw this nude scene in Titanic 15 years ago? Do you think the movie is less with this scene cut out?

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