Toby Chan Crowned 2010 Miss Hong Kong, Netizens Suspicious

Toby Chan, 2010 Miss Hong Kong

From QQ:

Toby Chan unexpectedly seizes the 2010 Miss Hong Kong crown, netizens suspect pageant was fixed

August 1 evening, the “2010 Miss Hong Kong” finals ended with #13 Toby Chan [Chen Tingxin] grabbing the crown. Prior to the competition, it was exposed that her travel agency boyfriend was a sponsor of the Miss Hong Kong pageant, with rumors that the winner was predetermined. Toby Chan, and with the final results conforming to the rumors, many netizens questioned whether TVB had ran a fixed competition. To this, Toby Chan disagrees: “I was very confident I would win, so it was not a surprise. I won on the average, winning because of performing well in multiple areas.”

Toby Chan wins 2010 Miss Hong Kong crown.Toby Chan wins 2010 Miss Hong Kong crown.

Toby Chan, Sammi Cheung, and Lisa Ch'ng

[Left to right: Sammi Cheung (2nd), Toby Chan (1st), and Lisa Ch’ng (3rd)]

Sammi Cheung, Toby Chan, Lisa Ch'ng, and Crystal Li.

Comments from QQ:


Fuck! Eyes are opened, is this a beauty pageant or an ugly pageant? Go to any rural countryside strip club in mainland Chin and you can find more beautiful girls than this!


How come all Miss Hong Kongs are so ugly? Who can figure this out?


Hong Kong was never a place that produced beauties, all the pretty ones arrived in Hong Kong from the mainland or overseas.
Now that beauties all head towards Shanghai and Beijing, there are even fewer going to Hong Kong, and the quality has naturally dropped year after year.


[She, Toby Chan] is not bad, of the three winners, only Toby Chan is a little pretty, the runner-up and third place are hideous.


It’s said that these beauties have high characters, is it because their overall appearance is too poor, and they’re balancing it with an excuse? The so-called three winners truly look very average, even a little ugly!


If they say they are emphasizing substance [character, instead of only external beauty],
then I want to ask, did all the previous beauties not have substance?
Stop looking for excuses.
I think Miss Hong Kong has already almost reached its end.


Beauty and intelligence? Please, don’t make us laugh. With their looks already such a mess, don’t take try to fool us with intelligence. Have you never come to the mainland before? Put your Miss Hong Kong on a mainland street, will there be anyone even give them a second glance? people will give them a glance. They would just be pedestrians. ABCD.


So ugly, each year worse than the last one.


Had we known it was going to be like this, we should have told Sister Feng to go participate, maybe she would have won.


Heavens, if someone this ugly can be Miss Hong Kong, then I can run for Miss World. I might as well go give it a shot…

Sammi Cheung, Toby Chan, and Lisa Ch'ng.

Comments from Mop:


Have all of Hong Kong’s beauties died off? Even if Hong Kong’s handsome men and pretty women were all immigrants from the mainland, you still can’t just randomly take someone that looks like she’s used to sweep the streets to be Miss Hong Kong. Truly each generation is worse than the previous.


I don’t know if its Hong Kong people’s sense of aesthetics being ahead of the times or having gotten worse!


Miss Hong Kong is no longer a combination of beauty and intelligence but rather about background and connections!


If we can support/foster Sister Feng, why can’t Hong Kong?


I’ve noticed that the [aesthetic] taste of Hong Kong’s rich and powerful is getting heavier and heavier [uglier].


Ah!!! I’m blinded!!!!!!!

Liu Zhu, Sister Feng, & Brother Zeng.

[Cross-dressing Superboy contestant Liu Zhu, Sister Feng, and Brother Zeng]


Extremely ugly, a mess of ugly.

I still yearn for Maggie Cheung, Linda Chung, Anita Yuen, Charmaine Sheh…


The winner I don’t have an opinion about…[but] had #5 won, I swear I would never watch again.

Toby Chan, 2010 Miss Hong Kong winner.

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