Too Young? Sex Education For Kids in First Grade

First grade sex education book in China.

Above picture is scanned from the pages of an illustrated sex education guide meant for children. The cartoon-like illustration coupled by the straightforwardness of its content brings to question the suitableness of sex education at such an early age.

Chinese elementary school sex education textbook show private parts.

English translation of the text in book:

No matter if you are at home or in public, you must be conscientious of the private matters of your body. There are parts of the body that can be displayed for others to see, such as your eyes, nose, mouth, hands, etc. Then there are parts that cannot be revealed, such as sexual organs, buttocks, girl’s chest, etc. These parts are considered the private parts of the body, these private parts are not simply meant for others to see and to touch. Therefore, people have to wear clothes to protect their private parts. Boy’s and girl’s private parts are different. The red areas in the picture represent a person’s private parts.

Chinese sex education book in elementary school teaches children to be careful of molesters.

“Come, let uncle feel you.”

First grade students learn about the female reproduction anatomy.

Chinese kids in first grade learn about the male reproduction anatomy.

Primary school sex textbook teaches about testicles.

“We are testicles.”


Young Chinese kids are taught about sex in first grade.

“Hey, hurry and come down here!”

“Brother, I can’t get down!”

Chinese kids are taught sex education in first grade.

“Hurry and head up, its warm up there.”

“Too cold!”

Young students in China learn about testicles.

“So hot!”

“Head down! It is cool down here.”

Chinese first grade book shows male reproductive anatomy.

Chinese textbook teaches female reproductive anatomy.

First grade textbook shows how boys' bodies grow up.

First grade textbook shows how girls' bodies grow up.

China first grade sex education textbook teaches about condoms.

First grade Chinese sex education books.

Comments from Pop BBS, “My Nephew’s First Grade Sex Ed Guide“:

I learned new knowledge, feels like there are some things I understand less than a elementary students.

Not bad~~ only I don’t Know if kids can handle it~~

Reading broadens the mind, gain many benefits. So that is what females look like, so mysterious.

Such (sexually) happy kids.

This commenter used a clever pun:
幸福, xing4 fu2 = happy, happiness.
性福, xing4 fu2 = sex, sexual.

That thing girls have is drawn so realistically.

Progress, progress. So envious.

Where does your nephew go to school?

So many things even I don’t know!

Sex education is yet to mature in China, always a taboo subject.

Sex education must be taken seriously, today parts of China have 14-15 year old’s giving birth, we can’t address the problem after its already done. Strongly support sex education in China, let kids understand their bodies! Protect their physical and mental well-being! Protect themselves!

This should be done earlier, although learning about condoms is a bit early.

Wow, when I was in middle school my teacher didn’t even describe with this much detail.

Very good, very professional. I learned these things from watching movies.

Very yellow, very violent. When I was in school we skipped this chapter.

I’m afraid kids will become too curious, and try it out themselves~~

Society’s progress and opening up is moving too fast.

I think those two testicles are kinda cute. haha

First grade seem a little too early…

I’m predicting 10 years later, these kids will be worse off than us.

This is my first time seeing female reproductive parts.

Kids today know much more than I did back then, can’t compare, my sex knowledge is basically from watching AV [adult video], I think most of the male members here are all started like this.

I only learned this type of material in high school, in biology class, but the teacher skipped that chapter, let us read it by ourselves. Today’s society is progressing too fucking fast, elementary students, damn!! I’m thinking, if a young female teacher is teaching these kids, and they don’t understand, does she have to take her clothes off for them…

Not bad, soon kids will be giving their parents health classes.

This topic can also be found on Tianya and Mop with more comments (Mop has 22 pages).

If you think the pictures are blurry and wonder why the poster did not take better pictures, do not worry, many other people also made similar comments. – Fauna


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