Toothpaste Tube Cap Gives Away Cheating Wife

Toothpaste Tube Cap Gives Away Cheating WifeA Shaanxi man killed his love rival after a tightened toothpaste cap aroused his suspicions about his wife’s faithfulness. 27-year-old Mr. Yang had returned from his nightshift on the morning of August 24, and noticed that his wife hadn’t left the toothpaste cap loose as usual. Believing she hadn’t stayed the night there, he marched to her workplace, took her home and demanded her to call her love interest over. On arrival, the guy ignored Yang and proceeded to speak intimately with his wife, upon which the furious Yang killed him with a knife. Netizens applauded Yang, even complimenting his eagle eye.


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  • LostLaowai

    Proper hygiene turned him into a murderer…..

  • James

    well that other guy was a dumbass for inciting his fury further

  • haha!
    i merely tighten any cap! hahaha!
    i merely wash clothes and dishes either.maybe i have good habit. hahaha!
    at least no one can use me as free slave at home.
    when recall these days with my frist bf, if it repeats again, i would put all these dishes directly at his face.

  • Foreign Devil

    should just let her go and find a better woman. guys get too attached.