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  • guest

    And the other commenter, was very sad,. He went and searched for his long lost love. He walked day and night for months on end in the rain, snow and at times with the hot sun shinning down on his bare neck. In the end he laid down that night next a boulder for company to dream of this long lost love. But the commenter didn’t awake the next day, for he had died of a woken heart in this sleep……..

  • play this in the background as you visualize the story

    • Amused

      Good stuff, but something tells me that what this song makes me picture doesn’t quite match up with a Chinese “top-scoring grad” :D

      • it’s for the asshole who ran over everyone :(

        • Amused

          Makes a bit more sense in that light ;)

  • Dolph Grunt

    This is a story? Don’t stories usually have things … like words?

    • Amused

      Its a new format where they give you a headline and a picture and let you imagine the rest. Go ahead and knock yourself out bro!
      Personally I’m imagining the straight A student guy standing in the middle of the road, staring up at the pollution wondering if he’ll see the sky today. All of a sudden some random driver’s ed teacher on his way back from his lunchtime bai jiu break uses a curb Evel Knievel styley to launch his car into the parking lot sideways, does two flips, lands on the kid without noticing him and staggers into his office for his after lunch nap.
      Two hours before someone noticed the tragedy at least.

  • David

    Now we are doing no story at all?

    • 42

      killed at a traffic accident, what can you say more? ;-)

  • Jahar

    Still not fixed.

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