Torrential Rains Flood Beijing, Subways, and Forbidden City

Beijing experiences heavy rains and severe flooding.

Two Chinese men and a half-submerged Honda Accord in flooded Beijing.

From ChinaNews:

Beijing suffers largest torrential rainstorm so far this year

June 23rd afternoon around 4pm, Beijing received the heaviest torrential rains this year so far as the daytime sky turned black as night. Beijing city’s meteorological observatory issued a torrential rainstorm blue warning signal.

From Xinhua:

Attitudes in the rain, Beijing suffers heavy rainfall

June 23rd afternoon, a heavy thunderstorm suddenly occurred in Beijing, pedestrians wading through water in the rain. That afternoon, Beijing suffered heavy thunderstorm weather. Throughout this rainfall, major parts of Beijing city were under heavy rains, with local precipitation reaching torrential rainstorm levels. Due to surface flooding in many sections, some city streets were essentially broken.

Two topless Beijing residents riding in torrential rains.

A man in a red raincoat rides a bicycle in Beijing foodwaters.

Several male Chinese in Beijing attempt to open a sewer manhole cover.

A red BMW 3-series and bicycle half submerged in Beijing flood.

Several Chinese schoolgirls with their bikes in Beijing flood waters.

A Chinese and foreigner walking through heavy Beijing rain and flooding.

Two Chinese individuals standing on a road divider, the road having been flooded on both sides.

Dozens of Chinese commuters under umbrellas waiting for buses alongside a flooded underpass.

The roof of a submerged car is barely visible as a traffic jam of cars are stopped by a flooded underpass.

Rainwater cascades down the steps of a Beijing subway station as the city floods from torrential rains.

Rainwater cascades down the steps of a Beijing subway station as the city floods from torrential rains.

Beijing bus commuters wait for buses while a black Volkswagen Santana is abandoned in deep flood waters.

Beijing Forbidden City flooded.

From Youku:

Beijing heavy rains form waterfall behind office building

The above video accumulated 1.2 million views within 16 hours and shows a spectacular waterfall of flooded rainwater draining into the empty foundation of a construction site, captured by a netizen from his office building.

From Youku:

Beijing torrential rains flood road, illegal cab carrying passengers flips over

The above video has been viewed over 600k times in 14 hours and shows several Beijing public buses driving through deep flood waters, with one three-wheeled pedicab overturning in the wake of a passing bus.

A collection of Beijing rainstorm and flooding photographs taken by Chinese media and netizens: (click to enlarge)

UPDATE 2011 June 25: Here are some additional videos that were released in the past 24 hours…

The video above seems to be produced or edited by Youku itself and features many different videos of the June 23 Beijing rainstorm and flooding. It has reached 1.9 million views in one day.

This video titled “Beijing Rainstorm, Shijingshan Road flooded up to the roof of cars” has accumulated over 2 million views in one day.

Another amongst Youku’s most watched videos today is the above short video of a Beijing Subway station along Line 4. The title of the video was “Line 4 Taoranting becomes Venice“. It currently has 700k views after 1 day and seems to be spreading a lot on Chinese social network RenRen. There have been reports and pictures of water leaking through the roofs of Beijing subway train cars.


Written by Fauna

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