Tour Guide Insults Passengers for Spending Too Little on Shopping

Tour Guide Insults Passengers for Spending Too Little on Shopping

During the “5-1” Holiday, one travel group in Yunnan got a nasty surprise when their tour guide began to insult them for spending too little while shopping. “Where are you morals?” she shouted angrily through the tour bus PA system, “I’ve given you four days of my time, I have parents and a daughter to take care of, are you conscienceless?” The incident, which was not the first of its kind, was filmed by a passenger and posted on WeChat, where it forwarded extensively. Authorities say they are looking into the case and the woman will be punished for her illegal behavior.

Source: Netease

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  • hyuugasaki

    I think I’ve read somewhere that in another city in china, they left the passengers because they’re not buying enough.

    nothing in the tour agreement said that I have to buy a minimum amount on the shops. if the tour guide left people there, the tour guide that’s breaking the contract, means they can be sued. if you’re betting your life on tips or those shops, it’s your own fault doing business with a not working business model.

    well if they state it, they won’t get passengers who won’t buy stuff, since no one would want to use their service anyway.

    the other thing is the tour guide also waste people’s time by going there (usually quite a long detour), listen to some bullsh presentation for 2-3 hours. to buy overpriced stuff, or some snake oil medicine, or whatever.

  • Jahar

    What she did is illegal?

  • Necrogodomega

    It’s illegal? But this is the ONLY way these tours ever work. No matter where you go for a tour in China as a group they always take you everywhere to buy lots of shit and spend much less time actually seeing anything. Everyone knows this.

  • Barry_Bonds

    When clients buy a trip it says in their contract that they have to purchase for x amount in x amount of whatever currency pr. day during the trip. But in “invisible ink” of course.
    My good friend who’s a tour guide/leader has told me about numerous incidents where they’d had to threaten their clients of not being allow to step onto the tour bus while they’ve been abroad, cause they haven’t bought enough souvenirs.
    But hey, what do you expect when you buy a weekend trip with everything paid for 500 rmb to Thailand.

    • Bman

      You expect the trip. Since when does a Chinese fellow know what that trip is worth? At what price does it become a normal trip and not a “too good to be true” scam? 1000 yuan? 1500?

  • Bman

    I abhor tours and scams. But i went on a company beach tour out past shenzhen one time anyway. Everything was fine except a lack of amenities; everything was marked up 250% But then it came time to head back to our hotel. But where was the bus? We are an hours walk away and no idea where the hotel is. The tour guide isn’t answering their phone. The company is closed for the night. But then a 20 seater golf cart comes. Yay! But wait…he casually gets off the cart and explains that the bus had to return to guangzhou. And now he’s gonna require 20 yuan a head, above and beyond what the tour company offered him, basically because we are lost and he has the right to take advantage of that. So what do you do? Throttle his puny neck for so openly screwing us? No, we wait an hour in the mosquitoes while he makes several trips to ferry us all. Eventually the tour company blamed it on the poor guide, and well, can’t get blood from a stone so we lost the cash. On a positive note, after 11 years of being the laowai, I finally got to feel as one with my Chinese friends. But pity help the fool that ever tries that in my country. His dental bills would far outweigh any possible profits.

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