Tourist Attraction Based on Anti-Japanese Propaganda Movie

A "Red Army" militia soldier lands a flying kick against an Imperial "Japanese devil" soldier in a stage show re-enacting scenes from famous Chinese Communist propaganda film "Mine Warfare".

A "Red Army" militia soldier lands a flying kick against an Imperial "Japanese devil" soldier in a stage show re-enacting scenes from famous Chinese Communist propaganda film "Mine Warfare".

From NetEase:

A Visit to a Mine Warfare-Themed Red Tourism Site

In 1962, to promote the spirit of the war of resistance [against Japan], the Communist Party made the movie Mine Warfare [alternatively, Landmine War] in Shandong province Haiyang city, and this event became widely known. Following the gradual rise in Red Tourism [tourism involving themes of Chinese Communist historical narratives] in recent years, Haiyang local authorities invested a large amount of resources into building a Mine Warfare-themed tourism spot, and at the same time employed large numbers of actors to “recreate/reenact” scenes from the Mine Warfare movie, in order to attract tourists and develop the local economy.


This mine warfare scenic spot is located 10km from the city of Haiyang, and occupies a total area of 1000 acres, with investment totaling 270 million RMB. The scenic area was successively chosen as the “Yantai City Patriotic Education Site”, “ Youth Education Site”, “Party Cadre Training Site”, and “Shandong Province Tourism and Film Site”.


In 2013, China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs invested 2.8 billion RMB to construct [Communist] revolutionary memorials and facilities, to kindle the flames of patriotic tourism, and to foster “Red Spirit” [Chinese Communist spirit] in the people–especially the younger generation. In the meantime, in Shandong Haiyang, home of the mine warfare incident, Red Tourism and War of Resistance Against the Japanese stage performances have already have gone on for five years. Photo is of 2014 July, the newly built Mine Warfare wax museum, with Haiyang city government’s heavily developed wind farm project in the background.


Also from 2014 July, the newly-built Mine Warfare memorial.


The scenic area has a total of 40 houses, with most modeled to resemble the War of Resistance era, and propaganda cartoons or slogans covering the walls. Photo is of a “War of Resistance against Japan slogan” that can be seen everywhere.


Xu Le is the leader of the stage performance troupe, managing over 20 “actors”. Most of these actors aren’t professionals, with the men mostly coming from martial arts academies in Shandong, Hebei, and Henan. Photo is of Xu Le performing “martial arts” for a child of one of the extras.


Every month these “professional actors” can receive 3000 to 4000 RMB, and the youngest among them is only 16 years old. Photo is of Zhu Shi and his buddies smoking under the canopy of a rental rickshaw. They were all born in 1998, and are just 16 years old this year.


The lady with dyed red hair, Ms. Dong, takes attendance of the extras before the performance. These extras are aunties and uncles recruited from surrounding villages, who after being hired as extras must undergo some basic acting training. After they successfully complete registration, every extra can receive 10 RMB for two performances every day.


During the performance, to enhance the stage effects, actors use wires and other professional equipment, allowing the “Red Army” militia soldiers to fly in mid-air and attack the enemy. The performance often has scenes such as fighting the enemy empty-handed, or one person versus three enemies, as if one has entered an one of those absurd War of Resistance Against Japan television serials. Photo is of a member of the “Red Army” becoming a flying man.


Something that only appears in those absurd War of Resistance Against Japan TV serial dramas, a “Red Army” militia soldier takes flight in a fight against the enemy.


After a “Red Army” warrior completes a series of feats only seen in “Wuxia films”, the “Japanese devils” and “puppet army” [Collaborationist Chinese Army] all fall to the ground.


In the performance, the “Japanese devil” commander can never seem to hit the “Red Army” militia soldier who “can fly”, his pathetic attempts inciting laughter from the audience.


The explosion scenes and the tension of the “Japanese devils” entering the village led parents to covering their children’s ears.


Scenes of one person taking on three empty-handed or with just a stick were frequently seen in the performance.


Xu Le’s protagonist sends a “Japanese devil” flying with a kick. He is the manager of the performance troupe, and because he had come from a martial arts school, his kung fu [martial arts] is actually quite good.


The “Japanese devils” utterly defeated by the unarmed “Red Army”.


During the show, a village woman attacks a “Japanese devil” with a broom.


During the show, a “village woman” steps on a shovel, striking a “Japanese devil’s” weak spot.


A member of the audience yawning in the stands.


Righteousness prevails over evil, as the “Red Army” steps on the “Japanese devils”, striking a heroic pose.


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Other than being used as a prop in the performance, a horse is made available to the audience for group photos after the show. A picture costs 20 RMB during peak season, but is 10 RMB during low season.


After the show ended, an excited member of the audience finds Young Sun who played the “Chinese Traitor”, and happily takes a photo together.


The Type-38 rifle used during the performance. The trigger is replaced by a button that creates smoke and other sound effects.


After the performance, both the “Japanese devils” and “villagers” sit together on the ground to chat.


Normally, there’s an a morning and afternoon show. If a tour group dines at the East is Red-themed restaurant, the “professional actors” will also go to the restaurant to perform red-themed [Chinese Communist] stage plays. Photo is of the “East is Red” main stage. Every time there is a tour group, Xu Le and his troupe have to perform red-themed stage plays here.


A promotional poster for the ”Mine Warfare-Themed Restaurant” red stage play.


Before a meal and as the manager of the performance troupe, Xu Le has to take attendance, and only afterward can everyone eat.


After lunch, Old Li brings a fishing rod to fish by the river. He is from Shandong province Heze city, and was also martial arts school student.


Young Guo was injured a month ago while playing the role of a puppet army soldier, and is still recuperating from his injuries. Xu Le says it’s still a very tough job, and that injuries are a common occurrence.


Young Sun who plays the role of a Chinese traitor is from Heze. Here he leans over a bicycle joking around with his wife. Young Sun came to this scenic area five years ago, where he met his current wife, and the two of them already have a 3-year-old child.


Tian Ye from Sichuan province rests on a hammock. He has previously worked as a performer and stuntman, and came to perform in Mine Warfare because of the stable salary here.


Young Yang from Hebei province listens to music by himself. He is introverted and likes to be by himself. He’s been here for half a month now, and plays the role of a “Japanese devil”.


Zhu Shuai from Zaozhuang city Tengzhou county (2nd on the right) plays cards with the other actors. He is 16 years old. Zhu Shuai says, “What’s the use of going to school? I once took a math test and got all 24 multiple-choice problems wrong.”


In the actors’ dormitory, where to one side of a long hallway are the actors’ rooms.


The most famous “Zhen Yao Stone” [“expel evil stone”] from the movie Mine Warfare is placed along the road to the scenic area.


In the Mine Warfare wax museum, tour guide Mr. Wang explained that the “Japanese devils” were so tormented by the mine warfare that they began hallucinating, seeing the “Zhen Yao Stone” as a huge land mine [A scene in the movie].


In the wax museum, a wax Japanese soldier with his arm blown off lies on the ground.


In the scenic area, the trash can is a “Japanese devil” hugging a landmine.


In the scenic area, there are small souvenir items related to Mine Warfare, and reprints of the first edition of the Mine Warfare graphic novel, costing 15 RMB.


In front of the ticketing office hangs signs [indicating that this attraction is a] “Classic Chinese Red Tourism Location” and “Chinese Youth Education Site”.

Comments on NetEase:

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琴音祖宗 [网易山东省日照市手机网友]:

When I was young I quite hated Chiang Kai-shek, but after I grew up I discovered that I hate him even more!


All kinds of stupid cunts.


Please respect history.

新罗夫人主治医师 [网易江苏省扬州市网友]:

Mine Warfare killed 80 enemies, with a loss of 3000, so what the fuck are they boasting about? All the people who do not know the truth have been scammed to hell!


The Nobel Prize should add a category for mental masturbation!!

耍猴先生 [网易黑龙江省齐齐哈尔市手机网友]:

If the Japanese devils were so weak, how did they invade/occupy China in the first place?

人民勤务员 [网易山东省青岛市手机网友]:

As I lean on the balcony railing of an apartment that costs 70k per square meter smoking a cigarette, my head is filled with a myriad of thoughts. Just what do people live for? For money? Power? And once you have money and power, then what? At this moment, a beautiful lady walked up behind me and said: “Mister, here is the 200 kuai for unclogging the toilet.


Japan invest its money in education, while we also invest money in “education”. The results are clear.

祯祯帅uyre [网易江西省手机网友]:

This Mine Warefare whatever is nothing compared to ripping Japanese devils apart bare-handed.


Looks like the Japanese suffered a lot in China back then! How the fuck was this an invasion? This was simply being tortured.

网易江苏省泰州市网友 [女主播的嘴巴都含过鸟] 的原贴:

For there to be so many stupid cunts from Shandong, it truly is a wonder.


Chinese fantasizng village.

丿Mu丨灬悲伤xirn [网易浙江省台州市手机网友]:

Japanese Devils ripped apart bare-handed, can it win a Hollywood Oscar for best sci-fi?

科技板常驻人口 [网易广西南宁市手机网友]:

Educating the future generation by making war into a game, they will all turn into idiots… This is simply leading young people astray.

ff5d5674d7f8b293564cc2d8 [网易湖北省手机网友]:

8 out of 10 channels on TV broadcasts serials about fighting Japanese devils. The moment I turn on the TV, I have to instantly turn it off.

Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

  • mr.wiener

    It looks so bad it is good. A must see.

  • Amused

    I’d cue my obligatory comment about letting shit go, but the selection of Chinese comments sort of makes that unnecessary. That said, every country has low quality, backwater, super-patriotic type shows SOMEWHERE if you dig enough.

    • Xia

      But “8 out of 10 channels on TV broadcasts serials about fighting Japanese devils.” is not somewhere but EVERYWHERE.

      • Amused

        Sure, but most of the Chinese netizens commenting above seemed more over it than us bystanders.

        • Archie

          Yet most of them will still watch the shit because it’s all that’s on.

      • guest

        Its not just on TV here is a photograph of a statue I took in the National Museum in Beijing.

    • If I May

      Key: “…if you dig enough.”

    • Ken Morgan

      Sure but even in the UK there are people who won’t let shit go about the wars between England and France. Quite a lot of people also seem to be uppity about WWII as well.

      • Amused

        Ehhhhhh, ALL the Ally and Comintern countries are really uppity about WW2.

      • Boris

        It’s not that we won’t let go, it’s more like its the only thing we got left.

        “Two world wars and one world cup” yet the Germans got 4 World cups, so we got to mention the war.

    • NeverMind

      Indeed, it’s kinda boring when people keep holding on to the past.

      I am also fed-up with this 9/11 remembrance thing. It is not the biggest tragedy in the world, trust me. The whole world is supposed to feel sad on that day.

  • If I May

    Chill place… Gotta check it out at some point.

  • Ooo

    Have to say, reading ChinaSmack has added to my realisation that it’s only the government over there that is messed up. Most of the Chinese people who comment here are far from brainwashed and say intelligent and globally self-sentient things that give me hope that the Chinese people can one day be something other than the untrusted brother in the global village.

    • NeverMind

      I hope you go on to realise there are more than 15 Chinese internet users.

      • Kel

        Those are the most upvoted comments, with the top ones having 20k~10k upvotes.

    • Zappa Frank

      true, in most topic Chinese comments are extremely reasonable. I sincerely cannot say the same about yahoo comments in my country. However Chinese people still refuse to think about an after.. still thinking that ‘we cannot anything about this’, that is false and always ending up to be ‘ignavus’ that is, in my idea, one of the biggest differences between western and Chinese cultures.

  • IsurvivedChina

    Why does this not surprise me…

  • If I May

    Interesting point of view. If I interpreted you correctly, were you saying that these shows are “serious business” because the mainland Chinese never had a chance to shame the Japanese and therefore do so via these shows, essentially in order to restore a bit of national pride? If so, I think that I can agree with that, along with the more down-to-earth purpose of simply keeping an “enemy” around in order to boost patriotic unity (it helps the CCP stay in power a bit longer).

    • David Smith

      Funny that what you described is also the current position of today’s “History Channel” in the USA. Most of the show is about aliens, area 51, deep-ocean super beasts like the Loch ness monster, and other such nonsense.

      The reality is, in 2014, only uneducated people watch things other than the news on TV. Uneducated people like to watch garbage on TV. That’s true in the USA, if not more so, than in China.

      • Boris

        ‘also the current position of today’s “History Channel” in the USA. Most of the show is about aliens, area 51, deep-ocean super beasts like the Loch ness monster, and other such nonsense.’

        To be honest, there is only so much documentaries on History they can show and repeat. They need to so other stuff to pull in the viewers and the money.

      • Joe

        Not to mention when I turn on TLC (The Learning Channel) all I see is food or honey boo boo wtf

  • Mihel

    Whoever created this has huge inferiority complex if he needs to enact his pipe dream version of history.

    • mr.wiener

      They obviously aren’t relying on the take from the ticket office to make money.

  • KenjiAd

    As a Japanese national living in China, I used to get distressed whenever I saw one of those anti-Japan TV dramas. Not any more. In fact, the anti-Japan “entertainment” genre in China has reached the point where most of them are so unreal.

    The worst part is that they are kind of boring, in the same sense that numerous Rambo movies, where the American hero never got hit by Viet Cong bullets, became boring in the end.

    I feel the same way for this amusement park. At least in the pictures shown, I don’t see many tourists either. Actually the place looks quite empty. A few who were there all look bored.

    They should have made a Japanese AV park.

    • Joe

      You mean these kind of dramas:

      • mr.wiener

        Just so long as he doesn’t mean a tentacle porn park… although that might actually make a lot of money.

        • KenjiAd

          A porn park might not get necessary funding, but “sex education” park might work.

          As to the show, I would want to see Japanese AV stars, in SM costume, bashing corrupt government officials and their siblings. Throw in a Doraemon or two, you would have a hugely popular show.

    • Sum Ting Wong

      Yeh, the purpose of these shows is to keep the old folks ‘entertained’. They are not able to catch up with the modern world, so keeping them brainwashed is part of the plan to stabilize the society.

    • Kel

      I think it’s a huge embarrassment whenever they make things like this and the ridiculous dramas. My grandparents used to show me black-and-white propaganda films like this one, as a kid I only thought of it as heroes fighting for the country. For the same theme, they really could have chosen a time period from 1890s~1920s, but that doesn’t have any propaganda value, not to mention the political sensitivity for the current govt. Although the main point of it is to gain street cred for the CCP, hating Japan is also the idea that comes along with it, as a classic attention diversion. Mixing part of the selective truth with your own agenda, coupled with exaggeration, is quite a powerful tool. My grandparents who grew up during that era are quite friendly with Japanese folks, just don’t ever argue with them about the faults of CCP. But then, back then, communism really was a very inviting idea for the general masses.

    • Insomnicide

      I will gladly donate my life savings to give Sora Aoi a job.

      • Joe

        she makes plenty of money in China as it is.

  • Lei Feng’s Hat

    I take it from the horrible pay, shitty food, slave-like work conditions, and the general glaze of poverty that these actors are ‘method actors’?

    I’ll be in my trailer…

    • mr.wiener

      Well played sir.

      • Lei Feng’s Hat

        Eh, maybe I’m still upset over the fact the government wouldn’t get on board and green-light my ‘Mighty Peking Man Theme Park’.

        • mr.wiener

          Just so long as it has a statue of Peking man tearing a veloceraptor in half down the middle.

          • Kai

            And that it has feathers.

  • mr.wiener

    China was Japan’s graveyard in very much the same way that Russia was the Germans. No matter what we might feel about China’s current govt (and their deservedness in the defeat of the Japanese) we should be mindful of this fact.
    Please note (before I get any squeals of outrage) I’m talking about the the sufferings of all Chinese people of every political stripe who tied down a large chunk of the Japanese army for a very long time.

  • lacompacida

    Looks like it is doing booming business. Must be a great investment.

  • must touch brain

    Shandong… why am i not surprised? Backward rednecks have their civil war reenactments. I guess these classy types exist everywhere whilst smoking and thrashing up the place with their love of violence. It’s fun for the whole family!

    • Boris

      It’s not really a reenactment, rather a reenactment of scenes from a movie that I have never heard of.

      • must touch brain

        Oh, then that makes it a lot cooler.

  • Zebadee

    Do they have a Mao Zedong character selling information, medical supplies, and weapons to the Japanese to help him fight the Nationalists? Then, sitting there counting the money with a huge grin?

  • Boob 2000

    Say good bye to 270 million RMB … What a waste of tax payers’ money.

    • Boris

      Most of it went into some people’s pocket rather than into this crap hole

  • The Chinese sure loves wasting money on unnessary things like this amusement park! I wonder if Japan wastes money on similar things as well? If China stops such bullshit and admit everything that they were losers in WWII and that they were rescued in WWII instead of making lies like that propaganda amusement park, they could very easy show the Japanese that they don’t whitewash history like the Japanese do. They could embarrass the Japanese! Too bad neither side would do such a thing.

    Another thing. Why do they keep on calling the Japanese ‘Japanese devils?” I thought the term, “Japanese devils” was nullified by the Japanese. Back a while ago, it was moe-fied by a bunch of Japanese artists and the term turned into a joke. :/

  • Yes!

    Such shows, in this park and on almost every TV channel every day, are signs of severe low self-esteem / inferiority complex of the mainland Chinese. They couldn’t beat off the Japs during the 2 wars, so now they get to role play as Jap-busters just to make themselves feel a bit better about themselves.

    • Alex Dương

      So did you actually read any of the comments?

  • x1sfg

    It’s like having a US Civil War reenactment in the South. I, Robert E. Lee, accept your surrender, General Grant. I, Jefferson Davis, now declare this land the Confederate States of America!

    • Alex Dương

      Close, except CKS never surrendered. (And never left the country, either.)

  • vincent_t

    Off topic but..seems like the park is having a fashion disaster. Seriously, the workers really have special sense of fashion and hair style.

  • Zappa Frank

    with so many anti-japs series I wonder if one day they will rewrite the plot pretending china won.

    • Alex Dương

      pretending china won

      It did win. Do you mean “pretending China won by itself“?

      • You mean “saved” not “won.”

        • Alex Dương

          No, I mean won.

          • hess

            So according that logic I can be declared winner in a fight even though I was on the ground being stomped on all the time? Just because in the end some random guy came and smacked the guy in the head with a bat? I’d call it being saved, not winning.

          • Alex Dương

            There are several issues here. First, I did not say that China won by itself. To the contrary, I implied that if the PRC were to claim that it won by itself, then Frank would certainly be justified in stating that the plot was rewritten in a false way. No single Allied nation can be credited with “winning” by itself.

            Second, the fact is that the Chinese fought battles over eight years. And the keyword is “battles”; it was not just partisan resistance. That’s why I find “saved” to be extremely inaccurate; “saved” suggests that the Chinese didn’t do anything. That’s simply not true.

      • Zappa Frank

        well ok, technically won ok… like France.. but I guess you got my meaning

        • Alex Dương

          You know I think China did better than France :), but yes, I know what you meant.

        • Joe

          Hey, China did last 8 years, while France capitulated in 5 weeks, you got to give them credit for that. China’s biggest contribution to WWII was that it tied down 1 million IJA soldiers in China, soldiers who would’ve otherwise fought the Americans in the Pacific.

          • Zappa Frank

            Please…china lasted so long because is bigger than the whole Europe and japan is an island…

    • Boris

      I thought they were done already?

    • Insomnicide

      Only winning nations of WW2 could have a seat on the then newly-established United Nations Security Council.

      Guess which nations made it? It certainly is a Pyrrhic victory, but still a victory.

      • Zappa Frank

        Yes, like France, the same..

  • that guy

    this is China’s biggest problem in a nutshell: spending 270 million on a war reenactment and promoting nationalism instead of, you know, education

    • Boris

      It is a reenactment of a war movie.

  • Rose

    On the plus side, maybe their kungfu is interesting to watch. Strangely, kind of reminds me of the Indiana Jones show at Disney World…

  • Insomnicide

    Chiang Kai-shek must be rolling in his grave right about now…
    Speaking of Chiang Kai-shek, for a man who helped build modern China and fight against the Japanese invaders, there’s a surprisingly lack of monuments to the man in both the mainland and Taiwan. Underrated hero?

    • Alex Dương

      I think there’s a lot of statues of CKS in Taiwan. He’s definitely underrated in the mainland, though.

      • Joe

        Most of Chiang’s statues were dismantled in Taiwan, and he has been vilified by both sides, although today there has been a resurgence on the mainland to reevaluate his merits outside of the official CCP narrative. I wouldn’t go as far as calling him a hero, granted most of his failings are due to circumstances completely out of his control. But he had numerous opportunities to wipe out the Communist and not lose the mainland.

    • Kai

      There’s this:

      The best monuments to the man are his descendents, who are generally at least better looking than Mao’s.


  • RiverHorser

    its not like actually they beaten the japanese. one could assume an american-british invasion of their homeland drew most of them home… apthetic

  • angry lao wai

    all i have to say is….oh china….