Tourists at Jilin Ice Festival Shoot Arrows at Live Roosters

Several roosters are hanging on an ice wall.

From QQ:

Jilin Yanji Ice Festival Uses Roosters as Live Targets for Tourists to Shoot

2013 January 14, at the Jilin Province Yanji City Ice Festival, during the traditional Chinese-Korean traditional archery event and in accordance with age-old folk custom, live roosters symbolizing prey were used as targets for tourists to shoot at, causing controversy. Some tourists felt this was a little cruel.

A tourist is shooting at a rooster.

A contestant shooting a rooster.

A shot rooster is struggling.

A shot rooster struggling.

A working stuff is hanging a rooster.

A working staff “hanging a rooster”.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯中山市网友 囧小王:

According to the new year’s tradition here, we slaughter a pig. Is this also very cruel?

腾讯网友 Naruto: (responding to above)

Shooting roosters is completely about having fun at the expense of the chicken’s life!! It’s a method [to attract tourists], OK? Don’t say that I am zhuangbi, but seeing this reminds me of the lyrics to the Beijing Olympics theme song: You and me, heart to heart, from one world… I don’t want to say anything about it… Maybe this is inevitable in the development of humanity, maybe Tao Yuanming’s Land of Idyllic Beauty is just a dream.

腾讯沈阳市网友 维宁: (responding to 囧小王)

You’re disingenuously changing the issue. Although poultry is also used as food, they are all quickly slaughtered, lessening the pain. Them doing this is too cruel.

腾讯沈阳市网友 *^_毛毛桃_^*:

Too cruel, I can only say this is a disrespecting and disregarding of life. Any lifeforms–no matter what their eventual end—-ought to be respected. I see some people saying we normally also kill pigs and chickens as well, but that’s for the survival of us humans higher on the food chain, and then it is done quickly, part of the order of nature, and not this kind of torturing to death. This is toying with life, not for simple survival. Because of the food chain and circle of life, these animals have already become food for our survival, but must we also trample upon their hearts?

腾讯哈尔滨市网友 ゛ King:

If you were to say it was for survival, for nutrition, and you killed the chickens quickly and ate them, then that’s one thing.
But to toy with them alive like this? a href=”” target=”_blank”>Fuck, aren’t you being too monstrous? Too brutal?
How about we hang you up there and shoot at you, would you like it?
Are the organizers willing to consider nothing in the pursuit of making money?

腾讯银川市网友 风雨兼程:

We are not against eating meat. People raising animals to be slaughtered, to provide food for humans, this is a privilege the food chain has given humans. But only when we hold reverence towards life when we slaughter and eat animals can we be called human. When a cat catches a mouse and plays with it, that is an animal, whose brain is simple, training themselves. We are human because we can possess the most basic respect towards life, even to the life that is to be consumed by us as food.

腾讯网友 向前看:

If you’re going to kill, kill swiftly. This gives people the creeps.

腾讯网友 牛雪超:

Killing pigs to eat their meat is for basic human survival, but this is completely treating life as if it were nothing.

腾讯网友 商报社区户外:

This is an act of bullying the small and weak. No one has the right to deprive other animals of their lives. What does this prove? Bravery? Guts? To kill a chicken that is tied up is frankly the crap that spoiled dandies who don’t even have the strength to truss a chicken would do. If you really have balls, take a gun and go kill the devils [Japanese]. I can’t stand people who do things that even women would look down on doing.

腾讯网友 三三:

So fucking not something a human would come up with. Exactly how much money can shooting live roosters possibly make? Perhaps you could make even more money if you tied yourselves there for tourists to shoot at you.

腾讯绍兴市网友 敬畏的静寂:

Always accusing things of being cruel and inhumane, why don’t you guys stop eating meat then? Be vegetarians, or better yet, don’t eat anything.

腾讯巴彦淖尔市网友 Nina:

Wouldn’t it be too bloody if they’re shot? Are you not worried that it’ll scare the children? Are you not worried the children might learn something negative? Just what kind of person came up with this stuff? So shameless!

腾讯沈阳市网友 じ☆ve小〆…:

Abolish this kind of cruel activity!!!

腾讯网友  原上松:

The media these days is really boring!!! You take the taxpayers’ money, but what are you guys paying attention to [covering, reporting]??? What’s wrong with shooting roosters? Don’t eat meat if you really care, so damn hypocritical!!! When did all of China suddenly become Buddhist? And to call it cruel! Ridiculous! In my opinion, our country should set up more events like this, so those pansies and anti-mainstream men can regain some manliness!!

腾讯武汉市网友 TOM:

Sometimes, humans are even worse than animals.

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  • sam

    ohh, come on. The only problem here is,us humen do not like witness the killing of anther life. There are millions of cows pig chicken killed in private in slughter houses and no one compliend much because we pefer not to know to much detail on where meat come form. Strangely this remind me of episode in docter who…

    • samuella

      The sick thing about this is that those roosters are only killed for entertainment, and those sickos shooting the bows are killing for entertainment and nothing less. weak comparison fuckface

  • the ace of books

    Really, in light of all the other animal-cruelties that go on on a daily basis in China, shooting chickens with arrows ain’t too high on the list. Shooting anything with an arrow is slower than the proverbial “short sharp shock” modern tech uses for killing animals pre-prep (and if you want to get nit-picky, sometimes that doesn’t even work – see also all stories about animals prepped alive in the slaughterhouses), but humans have been shooting animals with arrows for millenia, and frankly it’s a pretty sure way of death. If hypothermia doesn’t get those chickens, blood loss will.

    I feel the need to add, before anyone jumps on my back for animal cruelty, that no, it’s not right to have a game like this as part of the festival. But in comparison to what I’ve seen and heard, it’s really not the worst.

  • maybeabanana

    Mmm…delicious holey chicken but definitely imcomparable to bull riding. China, you should step up your game or join PETA, but don’t be a hyprocrite on eating those chickeng feets.

  • The only way to make this fair is have the chicken respawn in its second form in a giant, golden body.

  • xiaopengyou

    Those cocks are bigger than what you normally see in China. They’re probably foreign.


      You seem like you witness alot of chocks in china ;)

      • xiaopengyou


    • wanna compare? xiaopenyou?

    • Truth Speaker

      Wrong. White males have the smallest dicks in the world, according to medical science.

      • ana101

        erm,, nope. there is a statistical average of south Korean men being the smallest.

  • Cleo

    no one decries when they learn that Japanese and Germans used us for target practice but over an animal that we eat, everyone goes bananas

    Right! Diaoyutai is only about MONEY for the Chinese. Sure it is!

    • If you don’t think there’s anything disgusting and abhorrent about this cruel, vile practice, then what makes you think YOU’RE so morally entitled to anyone else’s sympathy?

      Give zero sympathy—receive zero sympathy.

      • YahLey

        “Give me privilege first! Then I’ll give you some!!”

        Game theory has taught me that such a strategy means inferior utility for both parties. Human nature has showed me we’re probably all fucked. 99% Chimpanzee. Human after all

    • 白鬼子看不懂

      Apparently Diaoyu is the new Godwin’s Law.


      Hi Cleo, by any chance are you on any medication? Still worried that Prince Akihito is using toclafane satellities to spy on you just like he spies on Queen Elizabeth? You sound like another Iris Chang, hopefully for your sake you don’t end up like her. You need to get out more, there’s more to life than ranting on the internet about the actions the Japanese did 70 years ago.

      • YahLey

        Apparently for you the new thing to do is imply Chinese inferiority on a tabloid website.

        Japanese intentions to forget events like NanJing has ironically marred itself with the Streisand Effect. Imagine it being US POLICY, European POLICY to state the Holocaust never happened. Imagine a 70 year battle to make sure people knew about it. Who would accept such unreserved delusion?

        Also how can you hate on Iris Chang? She was a woman with thin-skin that was seriously depressed from her research on the NanJing Massacre.


          Please see my above post to xstarsky. No offense was intended to anyone. I just think Cleo, while amusing, is plain nuts. BTW I agree with you about Nanjing. I have issues with Iris Chang but I also meant no disrespect to her.

        • Alex
      • xstarsky

        kamikaz while i sympathize with japanese american arguments for asian solidarity in the face of negros and australians threat to asia. i also must insist you put WW2 aside unless we want to see j-10 cluster bombing coming to an island near you


          NO, NO, NO, you got my post all wrong. My post to “Cleo” was directed just at him (yes I think it’s a guy). I don’t even want to talk about WWII but Cleo brought it up. I honestly believe he has a legit mental illness as I’ve seen his posts on another website (Goldsea). Look at what I wrote again, can you honestly tell me I wrote a serious post. It was all in jest. It’s Cleo who’s sanity I question. He’s not even a troll, but he has mental health issues. Check out the Goldsea website, you’ll see what I mean. Some of his posts are ridiculous.

    • Germandude

      Yes Cleo. When did Germans use Chinese as target practice? Any sources?

      I am not denying that the German army comitted horrific war crimes and the country comitted the holocaust. German using Chinese as target practice however is only existing in your sick brain.

      Everybody knows that you have an inferiority complex towards Japan and Germany and you just make shit up in your sick mind.

      AND, nobody nowadays things that the shooting of Chinese civilians was “okay”. EVERYBODY decries the war athrocities. Get out of your imaginary world and “welcome to the 21st century”. Troll

    • TSCHAIneece

      The Japs went really hard in Nanking, fucking everything and stuffing the vaginas up with some bottles and then trampled the bellies. spearing babies and shit. King Adolf fucked up less people amountwise though. Anyway, shit happens and it happend. The People who did this are dead now, and the younger Generation not guilty of these crimes. Unlike the people that are inhuman these days.

      what has happend when the kleptocracy became history?

      oh by the way, nowadays chinese “business men” steal kids from hong kong for organ harvesting, because the tainted milk has eroded lots of rich unruly children in the mainland.

      long live the party, party everyday, all I do is party. Party animals.

  • Paraihc

    In the US and I guess elsewhere some love cock-fights. Barbarism and blood lust are universal repulsive human traits. One day perhaps the karma of the human race will elevate.

    • Nick in Beijing

      Difference is that things like cock fights and dog fights are illegal in places such as the U.S., and when discovered are cracked down on both by police, and by society.

      It’s not perfect, and you are right that it is a part of human nature. The important thing to remember though is that another part of human nature is the ability to overcome the animal side. Choosing not to do so is what makes something inhuman. Especially when it relates to inflicting suffering on another life.

    • exink

      The way things are going, I’m sure these animals will outlive the human race (as long as the earth survives) in the end

  • Gay Azn Boi
    • Nick in Beijing

      Find the video on youku, you are posting youtube videos on a website where half the commenters are in China, and can’t watch youtube without a proxy.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        Can’t read Chinese…


          You know today I saw a lady with a large rainbow colored umbrella and I immediately thought of you. It’s a little disturbing how that rainbow flag of yours is influencing my thoughts.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Glad to know you’ve been thinking about me :p

  • mr.wiener

    As a matter of form I’d call it pretty poor, I’ve hunted stuff before , but this strips away any pretense of what is “sport”.


      Many Chinese (not all) like easy sport, it makes them feel tough and accomplished.

      • YahLey

        You mistyped “All People.”

        Some people prefer physical problems to be easy, most prefer mental problems to be easy.

        Remember the Japanese of the massacre of Nanking? Japan doesn’t.

        • donscarletti

          You can look at the computer games market for a counter-example to your point.

          Chinese computer games generally rely heavily on automatic fighting (挂机), automatic navigation (自动寻路) and completely random events such as success/failure rates for adding stars to a piece of equipment. For gameplay is usually enough to click on hypertext in your current quest (任务追踪) interface and your character will do the rest by themselves.

          I have been told constantly by the 100% Chinese marketing department that games of skill, be they reflex or tactical simply cannot succeed in the Chinese markets because the vast majority of the players will not accept a game that is too challenging.

          It is generally accepted, in this industry at least, that the majority Chinese people do not derive a sense of pleasure from being challenged but simply by being rewarded. The Western, Japanese and Korean markets however are not like that, challenge is seen as something having intrinsic value. For me, this is a major point of culture shock and difficult adjustment in China.

          • YahLey

            Again, I feel like this is all people.

            I don’t know how much you know about gaming but here is my take.

            Firstly, the tools you’re talking about sound a lot like they’re meant for “farming” and “grinding.” This is essentially doing the same thing over and over again until you reach a high level then actually play Player vs Player. This is common in basically every MMORPG. It’s like in WoW where you kill the same monster over and over again to level up. This is non-challenging to any player. Auto-Navigation is most likely an “auto-run” function. Navigation is not challenging. To most gamers this is tedium. They use “trainers” or automated scripts to level themselves up and gather resources.

            Secondly, any game company (especially the marketing department) is going to strategize to maximize their market share. This is why you’re seeing the “casual gamer” industry booming worldwide. This is why Diablo 3 is such a terrible follow up to D2, why Angry Birds was a huge hit, etc. Have you played SNES? Super Nintendo? Those games were fucking HARD. Gaming used to be hardcore.

            If you’re going to use gaming as an example then Chinese gamers are some of the most competitive internationally. What games do you consider a challenge? Counter Strike? SC2? DOTA? Chinese gamers are at the highest level for essentially every major international game.

          • donscarletti

            I am talking games like 征途,完美时空,梦幻西游,天龙八部, 天下3,you know, Chinese games you would encounter in any Chinese net cafe. Game consoles like SNES and Wii are not permitted by the Ministry of Culture.

            I am not talking about gold farming, which is a western stereotype of Chinese gamers based on the limited contact they have with them being on foreign servers where they largely farm for gold.

            And you’re confusing Chinese with Koreans, Koreans are good at CS and Starcraft, Chinese are almost as bad as westerners.

          • YahLey

            Look back at the lengths you go to cover up your shoddy argument.

            First of all I gave you the benefit of assuming this argument is valid in encompassing all Chinese people as “passive” and only “hawkish in presence of known dove.” Unfortunately for my temperament I have to allow you the current buildup of prejudice you have accumulated over the years.

            You do realize the premise entirely is dumb out of this fucking world? I’m going to entertain it anyway.

            To address your points:

            Paragraph 1 – Doesn’t refute my point that it’s because of the trend of game developers going for the casual gaming market (easy games). This is evidenced by A) In the US casual gaming is booming. I use the Wii and dumbing down of Diablo 2 as support for this. B) In China casual gaming in the form of mobile games is booming.

            Paragraph 2 – Doesn’t refute my point that the automation you point out is indeed challenging or not. Do you truly believe auto-fighting mobs, navigating generic terrains, and the UBIQUITOUS use of random number generators in games is challenging? You’re a game developer for god’s sake. The lengths you go. Again, old games like Tetris are more challenging than most casual games today.

            Paragraph 3 – You take 2/4 examples and don’t address the other two which I know are true. Chinese people play a ton of CS and DOTA and a Chinese team won the most DOTA international championship.

            Addendum: How many Chinese have access to computers. Of this how many are playing computer games? Is this sample good for defining the population as a whole? If casual consoles like Wii were indeed readily available (price wise, distribution wise) would the population eat it up?

            I’m just a hobbyist gamer, you’re a game dev.

            This conversation is moot if you’re not going to address my points, particularly those in my first response to you.

          • donscarletti

            I’m not talking about hawks and doves. I am just sharing some experience I have gained in my years of professionally providing entertainment to Chinese people.

            Chinese like to win, first and foremost. This maxim has served me well, take it as you will.

          • YahLey

            Okay forget hawks and doves completely. My mistake for getting so off topic!!

            Simply respond to ANYTHING else I’ve said.

            Edit: You shared your experience TO PROVE A PREJUDICED POINT and I called you out on it.

            I don’t care about your personal maxims.


          IMO, and I stress MY OPINION, Chinese (from China), do not like anything too challenging, they’d rather take a safer route. Ex. less risk, less reward. Actually I think a lot of Asian nationals are like this, it’s just part of the culture. In the US, where I live, people (including Chinese-Americans) seem less afraid to risk it all on the chance of great rewards. I admit I only have ancedotal evidence as there are no scientific studies on this that I’m aware of. Take it easy will you, I’m not anti-chinese. I’m just pointing out things that seem to warrant criticism. Criticism can be used constructively. It just so happens this is Chinasmack, so naturally we’ll be talking about China.

          • YahLey

            I try my best to address those who are outright racists.

            I understand you have an opinion. I have mine as well and when ours ostensibly differ too much I offer my two cents.

            I might have been sensitive on the wording.

            Risk Averse vs. “Not like anything challenging.” These are very different to me.

            Risk Averse is something I agree with. This can be seen in National Savings Rate statistics for Asia. This is a consequence of the low amount of social safety nets provided in China.

            “Not like anything challenging” on the other hand is a broad sweeping term that’s one step above “lol they’re scum.”

            Chinese shoot roosters.
            Chinese don’t respect animals like we do.
            Chinese are scum.
            Chinese do it because they don’t like anything challenging. what? huh?

          • YahLey

            These things all do warrant criticism. Most Chinese would and do agree.

            I’m just actively interacting with supremacists of all types that’s all


            Actually to me almost everyone except mentally challenged people are racist to some extent. I define racism as treating someone differently, for better or worse, because of their race. After all, it’s human nature to look at people differently based on their physical appearance, culture, and preconceptions. But I see your point about “outright racists” as I also despise them.

            I respect your opinion and am glad you’re offering it, as it’s good to hear other people’s opinions, especially if they’re different than mine, as long as they’re logical, constructive and don’t involve personal attacks.

            Interestingly I just read an article about the national savings rate of several countries and Japan and I believe S. Korea now have some of the lowest savings rates in the world (less than 5%), after having the highest a few years ago. But China’s savings rate is currently very high, so high that it might slow down the economy.

            Okay I could have worded my response better to say “preferring an easier path”. However, you have to admit, which it looks like you do in your post below, that this killing of helpless roosters doesn’t look good on the surface. But then again I realize it’s not like they’re killing a human being or abusing a child, so I don’t think it’s really a big deal.

          • YahLey

            I agree it’s human nature.

            However, little children aren’t born with stereotyping. It’s learned. This is why older people score higher for implicit racism. This is why every black thug you see on TV builds up your bias. When someone tells you you’re better because of your genetic lottery, we eat it up.

            Chinese savings is so high because people have no confidence in the government to provide benefits (social safety net). This is why most value resources.

            Check out this hierarchy of needs. This is a theory but outlines relevant human needs.

            Living in the US I am extremely lucky to have many categories insured. Most poor Chinese do not. This is why there is such a broad disparity between rural and urban Chinese.

            In terms of the savings rates this is why Japan and South Korea, having both with great success transitioned into capitalism, are spending a lot more. Going into debt is not a life-ending event there so it makes sense. I hope China will expedite the process to reaching such a point.


            Thanks for the Harvard link. I actually took the test. It was interesting. I understood what they were trying to prove and their logic but when you’re working fast it’s hard to always make the right choice. I agree 100% with your bit about racism being learned. What I meant by “human nature” is that during the natural course of our life, humans will invaribly learn racist tendencies.

            I agree with the hierarchy of needs in general. It’ll be a little different for each individual as each person is different. I also live in the US and understand what you mean about having insurance. Without it, I’m pretty sure life would be more stressful.

            I also hope China, and the rest of the world, will reach a point where the vast majority of it’s citizens can live comfortable lives and not have to worry about basic necessities.

  • The Enlightened One

    This is just weird. I mean at least hunt them in the wild and give them a fighting chance to escape. This seems very sadistic. I mean they can’t move… where is the thrill of the hunt?

    Instead shooting arrows at them and watching them suffer, possibly very slowly is pleasing to these people?

    This is lame.

    • therearenochinesemen

      Welcome to China. In Chinese the word for animal isn’t just by accident literaly translated “moving object”. There was never respect for non-human life in this godless place, and this mentality has also crossed the border to treat human life without value. See how they poison each other for a quick buck. Nothing is holy, children get sacrificed for money. BOOM

      • YahLey

        BOOM takes me back to the era of yo momma jokes. “I banged ur mum.” “BOOM LLEWLLLL ROFL.”

        “Never respect for non-human life…” is pretty absolute first of all, second of all it’s way morally superior for us to eat KFC chickens nicely wrapped up in foil isn’t it. I personally always pray to the good Lord before I dig into my ‘humanely’ killed chicken sandwich.

        “Godless place.” – assumes Christian moral idealist high ground AND then that all non-Christians are morally inferior. a.k.a A joke

        And you wrap these crude arguments ultimately to argue (ostensibly from you username) that there are no Chinese men.

        I’m Chinese. If you think you’re a better man than me hit me up.

        • TaiLeyLe

          BOOM Chinese Man still doesn’t get the difference of killing for entertainment and killing for providing food. BOOM it’s time for arguing with someone who is wrong on the internet, God refers to a level of spirit in this case, a spirit of sensual community, respect for each other and all this stuff, ya know bro? Btw, there are no Chinese men. Men in regard of the nostalgic righteous gentlemen term. BOOM BOOM BOOM

          • YahLey

            Child takes the monkey bait hook line and sinker and when I call him out for being childish and goes full retard. What you’re saying is high school level “I banged ur mum. BOOM!” clown.

            This is a case of killing a bird with two stones. Provide some cheap thrills for local populace while of course eating it afterward. You can’t tell me Americans derive zero pleasure from hunting?

            They sure do under the guise of “hunting for food.” Whatever makes you happy. As far as I’m concerned Americans are far more willing to suspend their disbelief to feel special about themselves, take Christianity for the strongest example.

            Pick your favorite Bible quote. I’d love to share mine.

            Also with regard to this “nostalgic righteous gentlemen (vague vague vague)” what are you trying to say? We’re going to have to decide on a foundation for basis.

            Oh. You’re not saying anything.

          • Jahar

            There’s also the matter of the inhumane treatment. It’s not the killing that shows the lack of respect, it’s hanging them upside down and using them as a living dartboard to suffer, untill a handful of arrows kill it, or someone goes and cuts it’s throat.

          • YahLey

            This is quite an embellishment. You should write a book with germandude.

            No one disagrees it’s inhumane. Did you read the Chinese blog response?

          • jamesgang

            just because american do stupid stuff it’s no excuse for other to follow.

        • Jahar

          Ethnic han, a citizen of the PRC, or both? As for a “godless place”, Christians aren’t the only people who believe in god, and godless peoples are generally morally inferior.

          • YahLey

            “Ethnic han, a citizen of the PRC, or both?” In reference to what? please be more specific there is a lot of material you could be referencing.

            “Christians aren’t the only people who believe in god, and godless peoples are generally morally inferior.”

            Please evidence this. Secular morality is pretty developed.

            Or would you prefer we limit this conversation to the knowledge available in your head?

          • Jahar

            In reference to you. What else would I be talking about? I’m responding to you, and your comment where you said “I’m Chinese.” But your response answers my question.

            How moral people are is a rather subjective point. It can’t really be proven. Also, Most morals developed from religious beliefs, whether or not we continue to believe in the religion or not.

          • YahLey

            You: “godless peoples are generally morally inferior.”

            You: “How moral people are is a rather subjective point. It can’t really be proven.”

            See how you contradict yourself? You retreat to a more defensible position after I point out you’re wrong.

            It shows your lack of knowledge on secular morality. I’ve already mentioned it. I’ll make it simple and provide a link.


          • Jahar

            It still can’t be proven which is more “moral”. Like trying to prove taht secular ethics didn’t come from a previous set of ethics derived from religious beliefs. Now, I know I’m just giving you another chance to say “see mom? im better than the white guy”, but this entertains me

          • YahLey


            Now you call me a racist when I never once mentioned race. You’re an idiot. I grew up in the US, most of my friends are white.

          • Jahar

            It’s not completely independent. That’s not possible. The people who developed it had their moral beliefs shaped by religion.

          • YahLey

            Read the article. You are willfully ignorant.

            “Secular ethics comprises any ethical system that does not draw on the supernatural, such as humanism, secularism and freethinking.”


          • Jahar

            I read it. But our whole basis for morality came from relious beiefs and I don’t believe that the development of a completely independent set of morals is possible, coming from people raised in a society to accept these morals. Regardless of whether they are religious or not.

          • YahLey

            Let’s use an example. By standards of the 1000 A.D. crusades were morally mandatory for men. Now what changed this? Is it POSSIBLE there is an innate moral compass that tells us not to kill? Why does christianity suddenly decide to change its morals?

          • Jahar

            sure, modern valuse changes it, but we cant get away from the origins. it’s innately wrong, but we are so shaped by the regious views of society i don’t think that there is a point where the 2 can be separated.

          • YahLey

            Look I’m not going to argue with someone who isn’t going to learn the material. I’m not your tutor and get no more utility from this. This shit is argued by people far more intelligent than I am and it is widely available. I’m happy to leave this where it is. We walk away and live our objective lives.

          • Jahar

            Just got a shower. was thinking. You’re right. I’m wrong. I don’t rmemeber where I was going with it. I just don’t think we can be free of religion-based ethics at the same time.

          • Jahar

            But in any case, hanging chickens from a wall to shoot is not moral, by any standards, I would think.

          • YahLey

            Secular ethics aside, ultimately I understand and agree with you that religious IDEALS have throughout history been a moral guide. The ten commandments have survived this long after all. However, how close humanity has followed these guidelines is a whole other story neither of us want to get into.

            Without talking about whether religion is beneficial or not for a nation…
            Going on a tangent in the context of China, this is a reason why I feel Chinese are currently in a moral vacuum in terms of the nation as a whole. There is no national spiritual identity. I personally believe this started with Mao’s death. At least under Mao people worshipped (willingly or not) as a whole. Now everyone is scrambling to find themselves WHILE the Chinese government is censoring communication. This is why you get propaganda with moral messages. This is not good and I have not the slightest idea where Chinese morality as a whole is going.

          • YahLey

            What religion are you?
            Let’s argue a premise together rather than all of this bullshit.

            Do you believe Christianity (choose any religion) is the basis for modern morality?

          • Jahar

            i think that is pretty clear, haha

          • Truth Speaker

            Modern religions didn’t exist when the first moral codes were being set in place. You’re sounding incredibly dumb.

          • Jahar

            First, no one said anything about modern religion, or the first moral code. Religion has been around as long as civilization has been.

            Second, if you think western morals and ethics haven’t been shaped by the church, where do you think it all came from? There’s a reason everyone has heard of the ten commandments.

            You’re sounding incredibly dumb.

          • Jahar

            If you grew up in the west, why are you so defensive of China? Have you spent much time in Chinese society?

          • YahLey

            Stop changing the subject

          • YahLey

            As for “I’m Chinese.” You forget the context.

            I was RESPONDING to someone who said “there are no Chinese men.” The onus is on him to specify whether “PRC, ethnic han, american born.

            Ultimately, who gives a shit? Again, try to reference something that actually matters. All you’re doing is trying to find a singular “offensive sentence” I make and try to discredit everything I say.

            Read it you pussy and stop running away.

          • Jahar

            I was RESPONDING to YOU, Not HIM. Ultimately who gives a shit about any of this. none of us are referenceing anything that matters. I’m not trying to find a singular “offensive sentence”. You are waaaay tooo defensive here. I was actually just trying to figure out where you are coming from. I’m generally more interested in why people say things than what they actually say. I’ve figured that out already though and I’ve lost interest.

            Here comes the name calling. next is my mother’s cunt, right?

          • YahLey

            You’re first response to me: “chinese people that argue remind me of 13 year old girls.”

            The above post: “I was actually just trying to figure out where you are coming from.”

            You’re an idiot.

      • Truth Speaker

        Too bad they don’t kill children for petrodollars

      • Windy wo

        Welcome to China , its a very cruel place to live , i must say , Australians don’t need to come down to there standard , i hope

        • ScottLoar

          I correct your English grammar:

          Welcome to China. It’s a very cruel place to live, I must say. Australians don’t need to come down to their standard (I hope).

          Now it is made intelligible. Note the differences between “its” and “it’s”, “there” and “their”, and the value of periods.

          I ask, is everyone now so goddamned dumbed-down by text messaging that they don’t know these differences?

      • MA

        yeah, and the term brain washing originated here too, I suppose

    • linette lee

      Why can’t they just use a target board? Or piece of dead meat or animal if they want to blood. So crazy. I hope they eat those chickens and don’t waste them. At least they were meant for food and not for entertainment.

      • Rick in China

        Can you imagine a circumstance where they are NOT eaten? Definitely are.

        I don’t get why people want to shoot them either, but whatever – what I don’t like is the high horse fuckheads who immediately slam into China because a chicken gets shot on a board when far worse shit happens to animals every day in _every_ country, including this one, and this one actually made it into some sort of talked about story for some stupid reason. There are plenty of reasons to dig into China or modern society, but this isn’t one.

        • linette lee

          True, this story is nothing special. Not chinese slam worthy.

          Speaking about disgusting, I was just watching this video on youtube, some american likes piranha(which is illegal to keep as pet) and bought a whole fish tank of pirahnas. Then he is like feeding the fishes with live mouse. He just throws the poor thing into a tank full of pirahnas and in minute the poor mouse was shredded into pieces. yuk………and he was laughing.

          My father has a fish tank of red parrot fishes. They are very calm and beautiful. Nothing like the piranhas.

      • guest

        because it’s Chinese tourists??

  • Super Bunny


    when i was a kid, i killed a lot of fish because my mother likes to eat fish…

    after that,i always dream of fish, and all fish in my dream is super scary…either super big one wanna eat me, or dying in dark water…or pure with with some scary eight diagrams marks on…sigh!

    but funny thing was, one CNY, my father was not home, my mother tried to kill chicken but after failed several times, she got mad, so she cut its head off directly,blood leaked out and…the body even jumped up high,we were all scared a lot…funny!

    • Super Funny

      …funny! Next CNY I cut off your boobs, lets see how high you can jump.

      • Gay Azn Boi


      • Super Bunny

        you should cut off your dick first…you do not deserve to be a human being first.

        • Pooper Funny

          quick to assume I have one. Obviously men are your prefered bogeyman. Badly treated by some “Chinese Men”? Ha I know, they are non-existend. … funny!

      • Germandude

        A pair of tweezers might come in handy.

    • Anonymal

      are you retarded?

  • Rick in China

    On first glance the feeling is “that’s barbaric” – but really, is there a significant difference between this and say, bull fighting? Where a bull is slowly worn down and slaughtered via swords stuck into its neck? You can say “well there’s sport in it where the bull can win” – but there really isn’t much, the bulls die in the end anyways.

    It’s not surprising this is available. It’s surprising people actually want to shoot the arrows, as customers.. I don’t see any sort of entertainment in being the shooter. I don’t think of it as any more inhumane than keeping KFC chickens debeaked and bunched up in extremely tiny cages for the entirety of their life before they’re executed and sold as nuggets. Wait – it’s a little more humane, at least they likely lived their lives a little better than those kfc chickens – with their beaks.

    • Observer

      “but really, is there a significant difference between this and say, bull fighting?”
      Who here said that Bullfighting isn’t barbaric?

      Also, you can’t claim these chickens lived a better life than the chickens in KFC because we have no idea how these chickens lived before this event. If you’re going to compare 2 things, you need knowledge about both things your comparing.

      • YahLey


        Rick: Bro this happens everywhere. We humans are fucked… Look at bullfighting!

        Observer: Fuck you don’t bring me into the mix, we’re only talking about China. I’m too lazy to google it but fuck it the HONUS IS ON YOU TO PROVE MY IGNORANCE WRONG. I have my privilege!!


        Edit: For those of you who are uncomfortable experiencing cognitive dissonance, do not click.

        • Rick in China

          Accurate summary, thanks :D

      • Rick in China

        Look at them. They’re healthy looking birds. Watch this:

        Can it *possibly* be any worse? Your reply has no information in it whatsoever, just a ridiculous nonsense reply – and your “presumption” about my knowledge about both things I’m comparing is ridiculous, perhaps YOU have no knowledge, don’t presume everyone else does also.

        To end, go fuck yourself, and add something valuable to the conversation next time.

        • exink

          lol. Dude calm down and have a nice cup of tea.

          Observer didn’t claim he/she has any knowledge, just pointed out your post didn’t have any info to back up your “lived their lives a little better” comment. Are you just trolling (since unlike other people on this board, you go straight to personal insults and swearing)?

    • linette lee

      Bull fighting is barbaric. The bull don’t stand a chance.

      • exink

        Too true. putting an animal at a huge disadvantage and then watch people taunt it as it slowly dies is in no way fun!

    • Xiu

      KFC chickens aren’t debeaked, it’s a myth

    • Justin

      Yeah, agreed. In Spain, most Saint’s holidays are marked with some kind of ritualistic torture of animals, including chickens.

      What a lot of people don’t know is that bull-fighting is a team sport. Before the matador does his thing, there is a group of men called picadores who stab the bull in its hind quarters to slow it down, and the matador or “killer” in Spanish does a little dance and delivers the final blow. So bull-fighting is actually quite a bit more savage than this despite the fact that it is so romanticized.

      And you’re right about KFC and factory farms. The conditions there are much worse. Target shooting some roosters is a little fucked, but it’s no more inhumane than if you were to hunt them in the wild. It’s just not very sportsmanlike.

    • exink

      I was talking about this at work with a co-worker today (about the bullfighting). My co-workers said that there’s bullfighting going on here in parts of korea as well as Spain. Anyone know if it also happens somewhere in China or Japan?

  • Do not see anything “wrong” with it. At least not in China. A bit hypocrisy there though. I remember in the Safari-Zoo near Badaling you could buy a living chicken for 10 RMB just to feed the tigers while driving besides them.
    If its for food purpose, then I think the Zookeepers should do it and the chicken does not need to be eaten alive by the tigers…

    But it was just for the amusement of the Chinese. Laughing while they gave the chicken to the Tiger. Here is the picture of it. I wish I could have made a picture of the people laughing while they did it. Click on the URL on your own risk. Not everyone would like to see something like this, I guess:

    I was really disgusted by the behavior of the Chinese as well as my gf. She really was embarrassed about her “own” people.


      For me it doesn’t really matter if the chicken is alive or dead when they feed it to the tigers, after all in the wild don’t animals eat this way? I went to an alligator park (in the US) and there were chickens (albeit dead) strung up on a line with the gators jumping to eat them. This was all purely for the entertainment of the visitors. Does it really make a big difference if they’re dead or alive? They have to die somehow. I guess the difference with China is that no one was laughing but instead seem to appreciate the agility and power of the alligators to snatch the chicken from the line.

      Being disgusted at the behavior of your “own” people shows insecurity as best, self-hatred at worst. People need to be confident in themselves as individuals, although that’s almost impossible in China. Most Chinese overcompensate for their absense of individual pride/respect with delusional national/racial pride

  • thmswhnr

    And no one bathed in or drank the fresh blood of the roosters? That’s not very brutal.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Anyone care to actually read this post? Its a Korean tradition, one must wonder what they actually do in Korea!

    • thmswhnr

      朝鲜 exports all its chickens to China, so it can afford to feed its people. Oh, wait.

  • *sigh*

    They are being cruel – they should be using hunting tip broadhead arrowheads, that would kill the chicken in one hit. They’re using target arrowheads which is like punching little holes through them, making it a lot worse.

  • China Newz

    That is a little cruel don’t you think. They should at least be dead. What is the purpose of such cruelty?

    • Nick in Beijing

      Simple. If they were dead, less people would pay money to come and shoot arrows.

      So many people in China will only act against those they perceive as being weaker than them. No matter how much YahLey might want to rant against me for saying so, I honestly think this is why there are so many extreme cases of animal abuse in China.

      Also one point that a lot of people haven’t seemed to pick up on with regards to the “people do this in slaughterhouses” argument is that these are common people paying money to come and pincushion a live animal just for laughs, not large companies and private farmers motivated by financial gain used to provide for families by creating jobs and to feed the human populations that purchase their goods. Not to mention the people working in the slaughterhouses are just doing a job and not necessarily taking pleasure from it.

      Not the same as zhou blow city-peasant coming off the street to pay 20 kuai to kill something weaker than him to show off to his malnourished girlfriend how manly he is while she plays around on her shanzhai iphone.

      • Germandude

        I totally understand and agree with your saying. However, I don’t think it’s surprising. All life long, Chinese follow (or not) an authority, or at least know and feel that there is one “on top of them”. Chinese usually receive the results of power. Animals are weak, won’t defend themselves and suddenly, “average Wang” is in charge. He is the mighty person that decides if that chicken lives or not. The faith of the chicken is in “Wang’s” hands. Finally being at the delivering end, not the receiving end. No more swallowing of shit, now “Wang” will shit on the chicken, just like another “Wang” shitted on “Wang” the whole time. Take an arrow and a bow, kill that chicken, and there it was: Being in charge. FOR ONCE.

        • YahLey

          Plot Twist: Wang actually is just an average dude living his childhood fantasy of hunting a rooster with a bow and arrow.

          Yes they’re uneducated. Yes the education system over-emphasizes directly applicable knowledge. Yes there is an implicit social hierarchy. Yes these guys don’t empathize with animals the west do.

          The lengths you guys go to paint a picture of this sinister Wang is ludicrous. My grandpa would love this shit. My uncle would love this shit. Yes they were both extremely uneducated and worked on farms but the paradigm you try to portray treads into the absurd.

          • Germandude

            God damnit man. I wrote it provocative out of the perspective of “Mr. Wang”, in the hope that readers (including you), would reflect upon themselves and ask “Could it also happen in my home (country)?”
            After all, “Mr. Wang” is not much different than “John Doe”, or “Herr Mueller”. For fuck sake…
            To make it simple: Give a person power and you’ll see his true character. Anywhere!

          • YahLey

            Unfortunately the reader base is all too ready to consume your post as anti-Chinese. Apologies for any personal offense. I addressed the idea as a whole, including Nick and yourself and everything similar I’ve read on CS so far.

            You are right about power.

            Reminds me of:



    I really don’t see the joy in shooting animals that are tied up unless you know they’re going to be eaten later and if you don’t kill them, they will die anyway. Even though I still wouldn’t take any pleasure in shooting the roosters. It’s kind of funny, Chinese in general are less prone to confrontations with people considered stronger than them (ex. foreigners) but when it comes to defenseless animals they have a grand old time. Not a good trait. Although in fairness, most Chinese disapprove of this behavior as well.

    • YahLey

      China is flexing its muscles in Asia territorially these days. By your reasoning I guess China now considers Japan, India, etc. weaker and has decided to seek confrontation and own them.

      You really are a piecemeal artist. You and so many others flex your minds in such ways I can’t even fathom. I wish I had your talents in mental gymnastics

      • Nick in Beijing

        Stop being such a butthurt China apologist, get over your ethnic indignity and it might be easier for you to understand why people rave against China.

        Not saying that everything you say is wrong, but please, telling people you are Chinese, and if they are man enough to go and see you? What a stupid way to show your objectivity.

        Hard to care about what someone says when they display a bias either for, or against something.

        • YahLey

          China apologist? Ethnic indignity? Butthurt? Please provide some references. I have a lot of material to pull from. This particular one is very out of context with everything else I’ve said. Not a good post to respond to for an analysis of my character.

          Trust me educated conversation is not what I seek here, it is not expected. I come here to temper myself and wallow within the average man’s vitriol. I come here to know the mind of the passerby that calls me chink. To weather my mind against others in the gym who doubted I could ever get to my size because of my race.

          As for the “man enough to come see me” you didn’t see the context. Both called me out as a Chinese man. I happily obliged.

          It’s hard to care for anything that doesn’t make one feel good about themselves. This is a side effect of what I say. Too bad bros.

          Luckily I doubt I’ll be around long on these forums. I’m sure the points will be recycled ad nauseum very soon

          • Germandude

            That pretty much fits the description of being a troll. No problem with that, but we might call it out by the name.
            No harm done, go ahead.

          • YahLey

            More name calling.

            “Chinese are the scum of the Earth” +37 | 0

            No, these are trolls. You do far more to address “trolls” like me than these veritable trolls? (You are the representative of “we” are you not?)

            Call me whatever you want to disregard my ideas and keep on trucking’ on with yourself. I’m glad my recent contributions has affected enough of you to try and single me out. You do so to get your ideas out, I do to get mine out. Please feel free to actually contribute rather than analyze my character. I have yet to have an interesting conversation.

            Expected I guess. I am only responding to outright racists after all.

          • Germandude

            Sir, you might have misunderstood me completely. A troll post is a post that creates the need for others to reply. I found your post very good and agree with you. I thought you would understand the message since I ended my comment with “No harm done, go ahead”. Sorry if it wasn’t clear to you.

            You wrote:
            “Chinese are the scum of the Earth” +37 | 0 No, these are trolls.”

            I wouldn’t call them trolls. I would call them ignorant fools with the tendancy for racism, if not even racists.

          • YahLey

            I go by wiki’s definition usually, these contributors say it better than I ever can:

            with emphasis on “off-topic,” because I do enjoy being inflammatory

          • Germandude

            Out of the wikipedia link:

            The noun troll may also refer to the provocative message itself, as in: “That was an excellent troll you posted.”

            I was refering to your post. It was excellent.

          • YahLey

            That’s awesome. I don’t have mentally burden myself with the stigmas of identifying as troll, but can still write trolls. Thanks for the enlightenment

          • Looktatthemlol

            I think both of you guys are homos!

          • mr.wiener

            …..He said hopefully.

          • YourSupremeCommander

            GAB would be jealous.

          • YahLey

            ur a phaggot. I hope you never ever change. You’re perfect the way you are

          • YahLey

            And yes… I do keep my guard up. I am wading through a minefield here

          • Nick in Beijing

            Don’t really care who you are, where you’re from, or what race you are. What I care about is WHAT you say, not just HOW you said it.

            I’d provide the references asked for, but I have the biting suspicion that even if I did so you still wouldn’t view it as sounding very apologetic and defensive for no other reason than you being Chinese.

            As for your comment about me being one of the only people you won’t have dialogue with I should say I don’t really care who has dialogue with me. I agreed in part with your point, but you chose to home in on my calling you out for how I think you behave, took it as a personal insult and ran with it. Way to reinforce negative stereotypes about your ethnicity in a forum full of people bitter towards China by the way. Saying you’re not butthurt while at the same time stating that you have to weather yourself against people who doubt you can get to your size due to your ethnicity. Sounds pretty bitter to me.

          • YahLey

            You: “I’d provide references, but I’d rather stay in my castle in the sky and look down at you. It is comfortable up here.” Another clown

            Again like my response to most people I have only what you say via text. You’ve obviously read a lot of my recent work and felt uncomfortable enough to respond.

            Ultimately you didn’t hear me, average man. I’m here to wallow in YOUR vitriol. Some are reluctant to provide me some. It is ample here in the boards.

            Okay. Perhaps I should have just said “we’re never going to have a real conversation” rather than just the word dialogue. You’re still going to be calling me names I see.

            Once AGAIN, addressing my personal chest thumping, the other curmudgeon called me out on being a Chinese man. One in particular said to me “There are NO CHINESE MEN.” You can imagine the smirk that sprung into my lips at the joke. I exist after all. If this man is underserving of my “bitter” wrath who is? Roosters? You would relish in that wouldn’t you. Talk about confirmation bias.

            Again you’re becoming an essentialist on me. You pick and choose without context.

            Now if this particular man thinks he’s better than myself I’d like to know in what way, for posterity of course. And still I have no one coming to address the issue, not particularly YOURSELF. Please feel free to contribute or initiate authentic conversation. Again, I have a lot of material.

            I will take back that you’re not concerned with what I say. I now think you’re only concerned because you can’t happily hoard your confirmation bias into your head.

          • DrHungLow

            “Now if this particular man thinks he’s better than myself I’d like to know in what way”

            I would say he probably bathes, brushes his teeth, doesnt pick his nose in public or spits everywhere without concern for the rest of the public for starters

          • YahLey

            How’s the view from your castle? Can you see Nick’s from yours?
            Yours seems little more crudely built unfortunately. Sturdy castles require sturdy rationalizing.

            Yours are all too presumptuous. I did use the word “myself” didn’t I?

            Disappear back into your plebeian ranks. I’m out of your league son. Stop bringing this child play in here it’s a bore

            Edit: I see you used the word “probably.” Good enough for you right? Point made. Cognitive dissonance averted. Fantasy and reality are aligned. Carry on then sophomore

          • Jahar

            You seem to have missed the point, what with your supreme arguing skills and impressive vocabulary.

          • YahLey

            You didn’t even feel the breeze of it as it whooshed over your insignificant head. Elaborate at your pleasure. I doubt you’re capable.

            You’re right being able to use big werds and argue gud is stooped and nerdy.

          • Jahar

            Again, no real point.

          • YahLey

            I’ll make it simple. Point out exactly how I do not make a point.

          • Jahar

            point out how you’re not saying anything? You are just arguing that you’re arguments are better. but that in itself isn’t saying anything.

          • YahLey

            Look man I’m weary of this.
            I’m not going to put any more effort into trying to dumb everything down for you anymore. If you can’t understand it then ignorance is bliss and I’m envious of you.

        • YahLey

          Also I forgot to mention if at any point you find the motivation to actually contribute to any conversation just click my name. As far as I’m concerned you’re just mad at HOW I speak and not WHAT I’m saying.

          Or disappear into your fantasy world. Go back to the days when I was a nobody stranger. You might be the second CS member I will never have dialogue with again.

          -Her name was “Elizabeth…”

          • Jahar

            You remind me of a 13 year old girl when you argue(and every other chinese person)

          • YahLey

            A mentally handicapped person called me a retard yesterday. The irony was lost on him, not on me. We walk away and live our objective lives.

            Paint whatever delusion you want of me. Ad Hominem. Please learn what it is

          • Jahar

            my point is, “go back to your fantasy world” is a compelling argument”. almost as good as calling people names.

          • YahLey

            Somehow your brain filtered out everything else I’ve said. Why are you playing dumb?


        I do think China thinks Japan, India, SE Asian countries are weaker and therefore is asserting it’s growing strength. I’m not saying China is wrong or right, just that they’re asserting themselves.

        What do you disagree with about my post? Is it that I’m insinuating that only Chinese act this way? While generalizing a whole country can be dangerous, I do feel that certain populations have certain traits both good and bad. I would also criticize other countries if the story was about them. I just can’t imagine this happening in America without anyone speaking up and chastizing the offending party. I also noticed that most Chinese disapprove of this behavior based on the translated posts, which is a good trait.

        • YahLey

          What I disagree with is the fact that you say this:

          Chinese in general are less prone to confrontations with people considered stronger than them (ex. foreigners) but when it comes to defenseless animals they have a grand old time. Not a good trait.

          Then this:
          Although in fairness, most Chinese disapprove of this behavior as well.

          So Chinese HAVE this trait, but “in fairness” most Chinese DISAPPROVE? You make an attack then defend it to feign sympathy and understanding.

          The former is your intent. The latter is your aversion for cognitive dissonance.


            You are partially right. The former is my main point, but the latter is an attempt to bring some balance to my criticism. I’m not backing down from my argument but I don’t see any problem in bringing balance to an argument. I mean would it be better if I said that ALL Chinese were scum because of this one incident?

            Everything is relative. Wouldn’t you agree with me that this behavior is more prevalent in China than in the US? For example, in a hypothetical situation, if 30% of the Chinese population either engages in this behavior or condones it then a majority will still be against it. Compare that to the US where 3% of the population either participates or condones these actions. While a majority will condem this action, China would still have a bigger “problem” than the US relatively speaking.

            A not-so-perfect analogy is something like this: America has by far the highest incidence of gun violence in the developed world. This indicates a serious problem with American society. But looking at the bright side, gun violence has gone down tremendously since the 1980s. Nothing wrong with putting a little perspective on a situation.

          • YahLey

            Look man ultimately what you’re arguing is still:
            Most Chinese people are “passive and avoid confrontation against people stronger than them, ex. foreigners. This is evidenced by this case study of rooster shooting in bumfuk nowhere.”

            I’m still saying I don’t agree or at least don’t understand.
            What does this even mean? I offered one particular context in economic behavior, risk-averse savings habits. Chinese “avoid RISK (vs. confrontation?)” by saving for the future.

            When in this Chinese dude’s daily life is he going to have to CONFRONT somebody he knows is stronger? A fight with a stranger? Random arguments? What exactly makes this Chinese person passive and weak?

            I imagine this almost like a jock walking down the street and anyone who doesn’t meet his eyes while he stares them down is a faggot pussy.


            I’ll try one more time to explain myself. Your first paragraph is correct. This little incident is just a very small piece of evidence to back my point. Granted it isn’t very strong evidence but I don’t think this would happen in the US, at least not as an activity for tourists to do. Don’t you agree with me on that?

            I’m not talking about any particular Chinese person, I’m talking about Chinese society as a whole. I’m not the only one who has these conceptions. Ex. in the US we have a culture of the “rooting for the underdog”, in China this idea hasn’t really taken hold. In the US I see a lot more peope stand up to those considered stronger than themselves than in CHina. Ex. questioning your boss at work, arguing your point when everyone else disagrees with you, standing up to the bully at school. It’s just my perception that Americans more prone to challenge authority or those stronger than themselves than Chinese citizens.

            Again this situation was just a very tiny piece of evidence (or maybe to some people not evidence at all) and I also think you’re overanalyzing what I say way too much.

      • Jahar

        You didn’t make a point. Seems your mental gymnastics are pretty good.

  • Alexander

    Farm animals, what do you expect….. they’re cocks are clucked…..

  • noxipapa

    The horrible thing are culture, religion and customs which allow people to act cruel without having to think about it. They just empower the greater good of how things have to be done. There is no difference if they shoot at living animals or if they kill their daughter because she humiliated the honor of the family by sleeping with a man she loves.
    Their are only two things that should replace all that cultural and religious staff:
    1: You have to do anything possible to become more aware of what you think and what you do – one must be very very unconscious to enjoy being cruel to animals or kill ones own daughter
    2.) You must do anything possible to open your heart and be a loving being – if you love yourselves and everything else it becomes impossible to do harm to anyone or anything
    That is all I have to say about that.

  • 平凡人

    Shooting at a tied up Chicken, cheap thrill.

  • Blah blah blah

    Here’s another travel tip. U can shoot them with AKs n GPMG or even AA guns somewhere close to down town in a resort island somewhere in the south. This ain’t progress….

  • Alex

    Seems from now on on Chinasmack we will all have to explain in every single comment we make about our point of view on chinese society that we are not blatant racists to the user called Yahley.

    • Oh, yeah yeah yeah, our Chinese blah blah blah tell us everything you know alex you are so much smarter than stupid Chinese. RACIST.

      That about sum it up?

    • YahLey

      I come to see you flip flop like a fish out water. It’s a personal social experiment to see you rationalize your being. I’m nearly done here with you guys on Chinasmack. The turnover rate of ideas is getting to the threshold of tedious.

  • dim mak

    Clearly a Korean thing, thus I blame this cruelty on Korean culture.


  • Will Gerrard

    china is a barbaric country..

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  • xiaohouzi

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” –Ghandi.

  • B*tches, Leave

    Let’s turn that frown upside down :)

  • mr.wiener

    More of the same.

    This is why we can’t have nice things

  • Andy

    Stay classy China.

  • A J

    Chinese are fucked up in their head

    • Piece of Shina

      Haha, I wish Japanese would do the same with the chonglets.

  • ana101

    strangelyim ok with this one.

  • Belinha Beagle Scofano

    Vergonha!Vocês são uma afronta à dignidade da vida tida como civilizada. Pura crueldade. Absoluta covardia! Apenas para divertir grupos de insanos e psicopatas que não conseguem se manter pacatamente nesta época, século XXI,que tanto quer evoluir e abolir a violência. Roupas, acessórios, celulares chiques são compatíveis com comportamento medieval, com a babárie? Humilhar e sacrificar seres totalmente indefesos em troca de dinheiro e diversão hedionda deveria ser punido severamente pela polícia, pelo governo, caso haja um que seja idôneo e sério, assim como por toda a comunidade tida decente. Liberdade, já, para todos que sofrem com o cárcere injusto e truculento, que sofrem a agonia da tortura, sucedida de morte odiosa, seja quem for, animal humano ou animal não humano. Justiça!

  • Nikki Luu

    This is beyond cruel!!Why do they have to resort to torture and kill for sports? China has ceased to amaze me with so many horrible horrible cruelties done to the poor innocent animals!! Just naming a few the fur industry, the consumption of dogs and cats and now this! China will not get any support from me or my family and friends!

  • Maria Helena

    This does not bruncadeira. This is not culture. This is demonstration of cruelty and ignorance

  • Bandes de débiles…Qu’on leur en fasse autant…

  • animal activist

    Most Asian countries abuse anything that resembles animal form…they have never learnt the word respect or compassion…The are the lowest form sewer cockroaches and they call themselves honourable.. people..they invade our countries with all the chinese crap products…they use cheap child labour to line their pockets….hate the bastards…I wish them the worst in life ..and they must remember GOd doesnt sleep

  • Françoise Collaud

    VICIOUS! SHAME ! SHAME ! SHAME ¨!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m definitely NOT visiting China, dog and cat slaughters, bear bile farms, wild animal poaching, and now this. Enough is enough.

  • MA

    fuck these bastards with all their friends who use weapons of any kind, they have to be used as the live target for the real humans to shoot at….

  • loki

    MMMMmmmmmmmmmmm Chicken………………………………..

  • If you guys do not respect animal, you’ll never respect human….. If that is tradition, it’s really a stupid tradition…. poor chicks !

  • Brazen

    What’s even more shocking than their disturbing behavior is that all these people involved don’t find anything wrong with their actions. They are completely desensitized and callous towards the suffering of living beings. This is extremely dangerous! “If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.” ~Leo Tolstoy

  • 4q4

    Should hang chinaman on the wall and shoot them.

  • What a barbaric event! I hope someone will do something to put an end to this cruelty!

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