Tourists at Jilin Ice Festival Shoot Arrows at Live Roosters

Several roosters are hanging on an ice wall.

Several roosters are hanging on an ice wall.

From QQ:

Jilin Yanji Ice Festival Uses Roosters as Live Targets for Tourists to Shoot

2013 January 14, at the Jilin Province Yanji City Ice Festival, during the traditional Chinese-Korean traditional archery event and in accordance with age-old folk custom, live roosters symbolizing prey were used as targets for tourists to shoot at, causing controversy. Some tourists felt this was a little cruel.

A tourist is shooting at a rooster.

A contestant shooting a rooster.

A shot rooster is struggling.

A shot rooster struggling.

A working stuff is hanging a rooster.

A working staff “hanging a rooster”.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯中山市网友 囧小王:

According to the new year’s tradition here, we slaughter a pig. Is this also very cruel?

腾讯网友 Naruto: (responding to above)

Shooting roosters is completely about having fun at the expense of the chicken’s life!! It’s a method [to attract tourists], OK? Don’t say that I am zhuangbi, but seeing this reminds me of the lyrics to the Beijing Olympics theme song: You and me, heart to heart, from one world… I don’t want to say anything about it… Maybe this is inevitable in the development of humanity, maybe Tao Yuanming’s Land of Idyllic Beauty is just a dream.

腾讯沈阳市网友 维宁: (responding to 囧小王)

You’re disingenuously changing the issue. Although poultry is also used as food, they are all quickly slaughtered, lessening the pain. Them doing this is too cruel.

腾讯沈阳市网友 *^_毛毛桃_^*:

Too cruel, I can only say this is a disrespecting and disregarding of life. Any lifeforms–no matter what their eventual end—-ought to be respected. I see some people saying we normally also kill pigs and chickens as well, but that’s for the survival of us humans higher on the food chain, and then it is done quickly, part of the order of nature, and not this kind of torturing to death. This is toying with life, not for simple survival. Because of the food chain and circle of life, these animals have already become food for our survival, but must we also trample upon their hearts?

腾讯哈尔滨市网友 ゛ King:

If you were to say it was for survival, for nutrition, and you killed the chickens quickly and ate them, then that’s one thing.
But to toy with them alive like this? a href=”” target=”_blank”>Fuck, aren’t you being too monstrous? Too brutal?
How about we hang you up there and shoot at you, would you like it?
Are the organizers willing to consider nothing in the pursuit of making money?

腾讯银川市网友 风雨兼程:

We are not against eating meat. People raising animals to be slaughtered, to provide food for humans, this is a privilege the food chain has given humans. But only when we hold reverence towards life when we slaughter and eat animals can we be called human. When a cat catches a mouse and plays with it, that is an animal, whose brain is simple, training themselves. We are human because we can possess the most basic respect towards life, even to the life that is to be consumed by us as food.

腾讯网友 向前看:

If you’re going to kill, kill swiftly. This gives people the creeps.

腾讯网友 牛雪超:

Killing pigs to eat their meat is for basic human survival, but this is completely treating life as if it were nothing.

腾讯网友 商报社区户外:

This is an act of bullying the small and weak. No one has the right to deprive other animals of their lives. What does this prove? Bravery? Guts? To kill a chicken that is tied up is frankly the crap that spoiled dandies who don’t even have the strength to truss a chicken would do. If you really have balls, take a gun and go kill the devils [Japanese]. I can’t stand people who do things that even women would look down on doing.

腾讯网友 三三:

So fucking not something a human would come up with. Exactly how much money can shooting live roosters possibly make? Perhaps you could make even more money if you tied yourselves there for tourists to shoot at you.

腾讯绍兴市网友 敬畏的静寂:

Always accusing things of being cruel and inhumane, why don’t you guys stop eating meat then? Be vegetarians, or better yet, don’t eat anything.

腾讯巴彦淖尔市网友 Nina:

Wouldn’t it be too bloody if they’re shot? Are you not worried that it’ll scare the children? Are you not worried the children might learn something negative? Just what kind of person came up with this stuff? So shameless!

腾讯沈阳市网友 じ☆ve小〆…:

Abolish this kind of cruel activity!!!

腾讯网友  原上松:

The media these days is really boring!!! You take the taxpayers’ money, but what are you guys paying attention to [covering, reporting]??? What’s wrong with shooting roosters? Don’t eat meat if you really care, so damn hypocritical!!! When did all of China suddenly become Buddhist? And to call it cruel! Ridiculous! In my opinion, our country should set up more events like this, so those pansies and anti-mainstream men can regain some manliness!!

腾讯武汉市网友 TOM:

Sometimes, humans are even worse than animals.


Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.


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