Tourists Defecate On Planes Twice In Two Days

Tourists Defecate On Planes Twice In Two Days
Yesterday, a flight on China West Air had tourists that let their children defecate in the aisles while the flight was landing. Today, another flight had tourists who defecated, this time in the back of the plane. Nobody was using the toilet, but the tourists said that the toilet was too small so they couldn’t fit the mother father and child inside. The mother even told her kids not to rush, because they hadn’t yet lifted off. Netizens think that these people should be put on the tourism black list.


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  • ytuque

    If not the black list, then the brown list!

  • lacompacida

    Should be arrested and put in jail, plus paying the airlines and all passengers on the plane compensation for cleaning, suffering, and delay. That should be a few million dollars, sufficient to send the kid through college.

  • Fdom

    People acting like dogs. They should be put in cages and transported with the luggage like the other animals

    • David Fieldman

      @Fdom. You can train dogs and cats more easily than these shitty childtren and their parents.

      • Jie Ming

        Truth. Haha

  • hehehehh

    why not using the damn toilet and just dont close the door then, even that would be more acceptable than this shit.

  • James

    holy shit!

  • hypebeast88

    wait what? mother father and child??? Why would both parents need to be in the toilet together just so the kid can do his business?

  • Vance

    You would think they could use diapers at least for travel if never any other time.

    • Jahar

      Chinese civilization is over 5000 years old. Don’t pretend anything western is superior. Shitting wherever you want is good for healthy.

      • Fdom

        After 5000 years you think people would learn to use a toilet instead of shitting anywhere like a dog

  • David Fieldman

    Name and shame. Have a poop list at all airports to prevent the uncouth and their boorish parents from boarding aircraft, forever. The filthy parents must pay the clean up costs as well as compenation to those who had to suffer through the flight.

  • garbo

    And they wonder why foreign countries think twice about letting them in.

  • WghUk

    Fucking dogs!