Tourists Taking Photo with Stranded Dolphin Angers Netizens

Some lifeguards are lifting the dolphin up for the tourists to take pictures with.

Some lifeguards are lifting the dolphin up for the tourists to take pictures with.

From NetEase:

Tourists in Sanya Take Photos with Stranded Dolphin

Some lifeguards are lifting the dolphin up for the tourists to take pictures with.

On the afternoon of June 16, at about 6pm, some city residents discovered a stranded dolphin in the waters of Hainan Province Sanya City Dadong Sea. While waiting for the rescue team to arrive, some tourists and city residents who were swimming at the sea rushed over to take photo of the dolphin upon hearing the news. Quite a few tourists kept asking the lifeguards to lift the dying dolphin out of the water so that they could take pictures with it. To this, an old fisherman passing by said that what they were doing was very inappropriate, and that it could easily cause the dolphin to choke on the water and die.

The lifeguards are taking pictures with the dolphin.

The lifeguards are taking pictures with the dolphin.

The lifeguards are taking pictures with the dolphin.

Some lifeguards are lifting the dolphin up for the tourists to take pictures with.

On the evening of June 16, in Hainan Province Sanyan City, on the surface of the Big East China Sea, people lifting the dying dolphin out of the water to take pictures with it.

Comments from NetEase:

nancyfox0 [网易广东省佛山市顺德区网友]:

Just couldn’t spare the dolphin, could you guys?

loisirs_yang [网易福建省厦门市网友]:

This is Chinese people, normal. As for the future of this nation? He he…

梦里甘苦皆都空 [网易江苏省苏州市网友]: (responding to above)

By the time they’re done taking pictures, the dolphin will pretty much be dead.

roren [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Just by their looks they don’t look like good people~

网易广西柳州市网友 ip:116.253.*.*:

A bunch of morons.

网易江苏省泰州市网友 ip:112.83.*.*:

Look at them being 213 in the third picture.

Comments from Sina:

瑞丽柏克 [北京朝阳]:

A nation without the most basic common sense at all!

一一滴粑粑 [上海]:

Seeing how the comments are almost completely one-sided in criticism/condemnation, I think our nation still has hope!

yzlibin520 [湖南永州]:

With characters like these, no matter how powerful your economy gets, your nation will still be looked down upon by others. The Ugly Chinese, what will the future of our nation be? So worried.

黄德喜 [广东广州]:

How can they do this?! So inhumane. Dolphins are human’s best friends, they’d even protect us when we are under attack by sharks. Is this how we repay them?!! Strongly condemn this kind of inhumane behavior.

放弃所有2010 [江苏淮安]:

Rather than immediately thinking of saving a life, they selfishly took photos. I feel ashamed for the characters of my compatriots.

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯网友 Hui:

Just one look at these SBs and you can tell they aren’t good people.

腾讯江苏省网友 C´estbon:

That’s a friend of humankind, even saver of lives! How But you guys, you’re fucking taking pictures?! Why not go take funeral pictures with your dying fathers?! Motherfuckers! A bunch of beasts… Are you the only people who have cell phones [and thus must show off the ability to take photos with them]?! What were you waiting for?! Hurry and save the dolphin!

腾讯网友 О〇兜兜裤O:

When they’re about to die, I hope a dolphin comes and drowns them in the water.

腾讯龙岩市网友 -:

I suggest using a rope to hoist these people taking group photos [with the dolphin] for us to take pictures with them.

腾讯网友 不羁的念想、:

I suggest a human flesh search, they are all beasts. String them up and death by a thousand cuts.

腾讯网友 今生有缘:

A bunch of of nao can bunch, evaluation complete. If it was a shark, then it might be forgiven, but that’s a dolphin, our good friend.

腾讯网友 羽声:

When will our compatriots improve their characters?! I’m no longer able to put my feelings in words.

腾讯网友 Somnusヽ:

Even taking a self photo? What were you thinking, dude?

腾讯网友 洺□愺□嘸炷:

Damn, a bunch of scumbags who have no love for animals.

腾讯网友 行云流水:

Since they are so into taking pictures of themselves, so narcissistic, might as well just show them on Xinwen Liaobo. Such disgusting men.

An update from Sina Weibo:

@新浪视频: Stranded Dolphin in Sanya Died from Inhaling Water[泪]: On the 16th, some city residents discovered a stranded dolphin, and some tourists lifted it up [out of the water] to take pictures with it. According to a report on the 17th by Dragon TV: The divers were trying to help the dolphin by lifting it up, because dolphins breathe with their backs, and leaving it in the seawater would be dangerous, so they lifted it up, and only during the time that some tourists were taking pictures. After the dolphin was taken to the hospital, it died last night [June 16] at 12 midnight due to having inhaled too much water.[蜡烛]

The lifeguards are taking pictures with the dolphin.

According to another report, the dolphin died from loss of blood.

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Rick in China

    You know every one of these angry netizens would be rushing to take a photo with the dolphin had they been in the same situation… every single one. Just some peasants who like to bitch and complain about anything they can find on the net, even though they would be doing the exact same thing. Hope the dolphin survived…….but ‘choked’, well, not likely – it’d drown if it was held under water..but not held out of it.

    • TBL

      Those “angry netnizens” probably sound and act like a bunch of folk who troll this website and complain a lot as well…. hmmm…..

      • ewg

        no, the ones who troll the website are the one who oppose the useless sharing and commenting

    • willie miller

      Most of us are ‘just some peasants’, doesn’t devalue what we say or do.

    • Such is the easy condemnation of social media. The best example of this is the special ed worker who was mass condemned for jokingly giving the finger at Arlington cemetery.

      Different from what you say of “everyone else would do it”, but the easy condemnation comes anyways.

  • diverdude7

    mmmmm… dinner.

  • Jeff

    Too bad the dying dolphin has more sense than any of those Chinese

  • Californiaz

    Obama lies, dolphins die.

  • 剑胆琴心

    i wanna take a photo too if it does not hurt dolphin.
    i like cute and smart i begin to miss my little puppy.i regret a little bit that gave it out.

    • Boris

      Your dog, however, is overjoyed.

      • 剑胆琴心

        mind your own business.maybe,it’s true.
        i gave it to a good local family with a garden,i am sure i did a right thing.but how i miss that feeling.when i locked it outside he stayed quiet for several mins then began to scream.and i just wiped his poop on the roof once next time he already walked onto roof and made it there.even pissed outside far away from my door.
        i never knew a tiny puppy could be so smart.

        • Lord_Helmet

          If the puppy was smart he would have shit on you.

          • 剑胆琴心

            i am sure he should shit in your mouth because you only can bullshit.
            that puppy is rottweiler,super smart type of dog among all dogs.people sell it around 2000.

          • Nick in Beijing

            Is that the only way you can value the dog? By it’s RMB value?

        • Boris

          Better to post a Rottweiler than to post vile rot. It must be Lent.

  • Harold Janson

    I just turned off adblock on accident and holy shit, this place is horrible. I had no idea how bad it is.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Those dark men look like Filipinos.

    • Mighty

      Just how you like them, dark meat.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        I save the twinkie white meat for you, bro.

        • Mighty

          Oh bro, you first. Please, I insist.

          • Cooltoad81

            Get a room, you two.

    • Zappa Frank

      they finnaly found out the western fashion for being tanned.. by the way i’ve never seen chinese in such good body shape..

  • Narcassistic much? /*¤*/noooo! Taking photos that ultimately mean peanuts in the end is a natural reaction. This clearly shows their concern for any but themselves. /common minded turds.

  • Middle_Kingdum

    If only dolphin is smart enough to wear fake hairy-leg stocking, the pervert Chinese men will leave it alone in the sea.

    • carmouflagger


    • Boris

      Why, oh why couldn’t it have been a shark?

      • Boris

        Christ! I didn’t mean a campy, roller-blading, ‘I’ve got every Village People record in my collection’ kind-of shark. I meant a gargantuan beast… the daddy of the wing… the Isaac Hayes of the shark world.

  • Jahar

    Million dollar question. Any idea if the dolphin lived?

    • wafflestomp


      • wafflestomp

        UPDATE, 1:25 pm: The dolphin is dead. Via People’s Daily:

        The air-breathing mammal died around midnight at a local marine park due to excessive bleeding from the tail, reported Hainan’s news portal Experts said the dolphin might have collided with a fishing boat before it was stranded.

        Instead of trying to help the distressed animal, a crowd gathered to line up for pictures. Several men lifted the dolphin, as long as a man is tall, above the water and one of them flexed his muscles for the camera. Online pictures do not show anyone trying to stop the abuse.

        • mr.wiener

          So now what? Human flesh search or are the authorities prepared to offer official condemnation?

        • The Enlightened One

          It isn’t really surprising…

          What surprises me is they didn’t take it to the beach side and start slicing up for BBQ afterward.

        • Nefarious Laowei

          And served up as Kung Pao Dolphin at local dim sum.

          • Dr Sun

            and a delicious meal it was too


          There probably wasn’t anything that could have been done to save the dolphin but it still disgusts me to see the total disregard for life here. I bet at least some of those bastards saw the wound and just didn’t care as long as they got their photo op. Everything is “ME ME ME, look how special I am, I took a picture with a dolphin, my friends will be jealous”

    • Kai

      It’s said at the end of the post that the dolphin died.

  • Ana Belen Ruiz

    It’s funny how chinese always think they are the worst people…If they only knew the people from where I live in

    • Chinese

      It’s reverse-nationalism (some of them are), that they despise their own nation. I think it is better than nationalism.

      • Chinese

        Some can be as blind as ultra-nationalism, which can be worrying as well.

        • Chinese

          It dates back to the downfall of Qing dynasty and the disillusion of Chinese civilization of many Chinese intellectuals, then they tried to seek salvation of the nation from the West, regarding the West as the Right and the prodigy, Chinese the inferior and wrong.

          This sentiment is still prevalent today despite the economic advancement.

          • Ana Belen Ruiz

            the West, where no great empire ever survived that long…It’s the invasive geste what once intimidated. Not sure if it longer does.

          • Dr Sun

            The Qing Dynasty ??? you know of course they, the (Emperor, mandarins etc, were Man Minority don”t you ?
            The Qing dynasty was probably the weakest, poorest and most corrupt dynasty ever (next to the current one that is).

            I think you are confusing the headlong pursuit by a few for wealth , by any means, as chasing culture.
            The Chinese, certainly those in power have never wanted to adopt Western culture at all, wealth yes, technology yes, culture no. To be honest I don’t think most Chinese have any desire let alone interest in western culture beyond it being a mildly amusing curiosity (like a stranded dolphin).

            The Chinese as a Nation and a people have really no interest in adopting what they believe is inferior – western culture, they do like our clothes, cars and hand bags though.

        • Ana Belen Ruiz

          that’s what happen in my country haha half have plenty hope, the other half doesn’t have a positive thinking at all.

          • Mighty

            What country are you from?

          • Ana Belen Ruiz

            Argentina…no east, no west…just the south

          • Mighty

            Only football and protests against Fernandez.

          • Zappa Frank

            in do not think El Puma will agree with you

          • Paul Schoe

            Nice description “no east, no west … just the south

          • Zappa Frank

            nica but false.. argentia is considered the most european country in south america, so much that almost all argentinians (biggest part by far) are basically europeans

          • Mighty

            I thought the students are quite proactive in making known of their displeasure on the political scenes. That require positive thinking.

      • Ana Belen Ruiz

        Indeed. Of course self criticism is good, but they sometimes overreact. Anyways, I think deep inside they have more hope for their nation than any other country.

        • maja

          yes, they love their country. they’d better do it because they can’t really get out.

      • markus peg

        reverse-nationalism…. That’s the UK all over… always complaining about our own country…

    • spo

      it’s not that only Chinese think that, it’s just that those days people decided that China out of all countries should be in the world’s spotlight, while noone translates your countries’ forums for the world to see, i am sure there are people desperate for their country to change too on Argentinian forums

      • Ana Belen Ruiz

        of course, what I say is that this situation for example, idk most people would leave comments like ‘look at those douchebags’ or ‘people have no concience’ or ‘nothing better to do, ha?’ maybe a couple would start a speech of animal rights… but definitively nobody would think of insulting the entire nation behaviour. Perhaps we don’t have a colective thinking.

        • spo

          it’s probably more related to the feeling of deja-vu…
          a topic about an american 10 year-old shooting his parents with the dad’s rifle wouldn’t be news to anyone… like drugs in columbia, hostage situations in afghanistan, bombs in syria subway agressions in france, tax fraud in switzerland…
          rural chinese are not sensitive to other’s suffering, this isn’t news, and this explains the “what can we do” comments…

          • Nick in Beijing

            In addition to what spo said, China is now the worlds number 2 economy, and on it’s way to possibly being the number 1.This being so it is reasonable to expect a certain degree of social development.

            Development is taking place in China, but at an incredibly slow rate, all things considered.

            The people being so negative towards their own country should indicate a populace willing to mobilize for change, however no one has the will to put their words into actions.


      I totally understand what you’re saying. Most of them don’t know the worst of what happens on foreign soil. Most of what they know about life outside China is fed to them through their state-controlled media and filtered internet stories and small little anecdotal stories they hear from other Chinese who’ve been abroad or who’ve had interactions with foreigners in China. Here’s their basic thinking:

      Western countries: safe, clean, rich, most people are nice
      Africa/Middle East: dangerous, poor, nothing interesting to see, to be avoided at all costs
      Russia: friendly with China, most don’t know about the rampant racial hate crimes there
      South America: Where’s that?

      I’d feel much safer walking at night in the worst neighborhood in any of China’s cities than I would in the average rough neighborhood of any big American city.

      • Paul Schoe

        Coroect. in every city where I come, I get on a bike to explore the city. It gets you in all kind of neighbourhoods and China is one of the places, where no matter where I am, I feel comfortable getting off my bike for a drink or a chat. This country doesn’t seem to have the violence or violent threats that are so easily experienced in other places (such as big cities in the US).

        • Alphy

          Yeah, agreed. The thing is not that there are no thugs, or thieves in China, there are plenty of them around that will give no thought before stealing from you, but because of guns, US is just not very safe even if you go around loaded.

          • Paul Schoe

            There is certainly theft, but I have the impression that there is a lot less robbery. A lot less violence on street level.

          • Nick in Beijing

            I have been robbed before.

            Not at gun point or knife point to be sure, but it does happen. It happens differently, that’s all.

          • Paul Schoe

            sorry to hear that. Must be an awful experience.
            Thanks for sharing. I do not read/hear a lot about robberies here (but maybe that is also because newspapers here don’t publish much negative news)

          • Repatriated

            That’s exactly the case. There are a lot of crimes in the bigger cities in China, but they just aren’t reported. Gotta keep the harmony after all.

      • Mingtb

        Would you feel safer in a Chinese court or an American court?

        • Boris

          Point taken.

        • Dr Sun

          In Family law matters, as a man, without a doubt I’d go with a Chinese court


          Depends on the details of the case. If I was a defendant, as a foreigner I’d probably be screwed, if what I hear about how the Chinese legal system treats foreigners are true. But I’d feel safer in an average Chinese prison than your average American prison, just based on what I’ve heard since I’ve never been to prison.

    • It’s clear that these opinions are for Chinese only; the common thought is that whenever Chinese is spoken, only ethnic Chinese are able to understand.

      So. Chinese don’t think they are the worst people — only when speaking Chinese to each other in the safety and security of a homogeneous society.

    • Cooltoad81

      Always a good point, however, the main criticism is coming from Chinese online commenters, NOT foreign judgmental folks.

  • mr.wiener

    Look I’m honestly not trying to be like those Sino-chauvaunists who post shit about about how the rest of the world is more fucked than China, Deflect, deflect ad infinitum, ad nauseum.


    To be fair, some people are just shit tubes.
    I’d like to think I’d be the type of person who’d scream abuse at these fucktards……I hope I would…..Please don’t let me be the same as them, or the people who said nothing. …I’m not particularly religious, but I pray i could find the strength.

    • The Enlightened One

      I am starting to think the elites are on to something with VERY aggressive population control. Retards out and about like these people really start to worry me. We need a purging!

      • Pickle

        Some of the biggest retards are the “elites”. And they’re only elite because they have $$$!!

        • The Enlightened One

          True, kill them and take their money!

      • oh yes they are. Don’t have to be an extremist like Alex jones so see it. But he talks about it.

    • Mighty

      The major difference is we first express regret lamentable actions by our fellow countrymen before we deflect.

    • Nathan

      I think the difference here is that the government of Wisconsin is offering a reward and if those people are found they will be prosecuted because animal cruelty is against the law. In China, nothing will come of this but some pretend online soul searching by people who would probably do the same thing given the opportunity.

      • Nick in Beijing

        I was about to say something very similar. Good observation.

      • mr.wiener

        Well in the case of these micro-brained budgey-smuggler wearing retards I don’t think they actually broke any laws. they were just insensitive arsehats is all.
        They’ll probably get human flesh searched.

        • laduzi

          You are right they broke no laws, since in China there are absolutely no laws to protect animals from human cruelty (with the exception of certain govt protected animals like Pandas and some Tigers of course.) Like the laws to protect children from abuse, they simply do not exist. So no way to break non-existent laws.

      • slob

        Theres a huge fine in my hometown for fucking around with dolphins as they often come right onto the beach and swim through the waves with the surfers. You’re not even allowed to touch them if they get close because if you’re wearing something sharp like a ring or watch it can puncture their skin very easily. We’ve had a few problems with tourists in our area harrassing dolphins over the last few years.

        • vincent_t

          Honestly, I would touch them if they get close enough. It is not animal cruelty or what, it is just lack of knowledge that dolphin could be so vulnerable. So I understand the tourists problem cause i myself might be one too if there is no sign put up. Of cause, the lifting of the dolphin for picture taking is a different story.

          • slob

            Oh, don’t get me wrong, the locals would probably do it too but it is extremely rare for dolphins to come that close to the beach and if you are fortunate enough to have it happen, by all means gracefully pat them and let them be on their way. But due to idiot tourists coming up (mostly the uptight city queers) and harrassing dolphins, they’ve changed the rules. They come up and throw shit at the dolphins when they get close or deliberately try to curve their stupid longboards (longboards are for complete twats imo) into the path of the dolphins trying to hit them. So now, you can’t even touch them and locals will abuse anyone trying to go near them.

    • If they were doing this in the US, they would be in violation of the Marine Mammals Protection Act and would get into quite a bit of trouble. If it happened to be an endangered species of dolphin, there’s always the Endangered Species Act. Killing the turtle like that would get them in trouble for several things, such as animal cruelty/abuse, possibly some kind of poaching charge, etc. Animal laws/Game Wardens/Wildlife Officers/Game and Fish Commission aren’t anything to mess with over here.

      Does China have an wildlife management/protection organization other than whoever organizes the official government banquets?

      • Mighty

        Being on the coast we get to see beached whales often. Volunteers would be out there working non-stop to keep the whales alive in hope of sending them back out to sea. Occasionally it fails and everyone involved would be in tears. It’s always a very touching and heart warming situation between man and nature.

        • I remember going over the issues of endangered animal protection back in class…the biggest problem being everyone caring about the cute and cuddly ones, or the giant, cool ones like whales…and no one, except a few weirdos, caring about the others…namely creepy crawlies and slimy reptiles

          • Mighty

            Human nature has an extreme prejudice against crawling bugs and slimy slithering creatures. As kids, we’ll look for garden slugs and sprinkle salt on them just because they were ‘yucky’. Most people will kill a snake whenever they encounter one, even if it isn’t threatening them. Yeah, it’s really not fair to those that aren’t cute looking.

      • Dr Sun

        lol, ate dolphin at a restaurant with some wildlife officers in the keys, the BBQ alligator and turtle soup was their favourite though.

        • The “dolphin soup” you’re talking about is not from actual mammalian dolphins. The term also is used for a prized saltwater game fish, popular for being quite tasty. Here’s a photo:
          If you’ve ever eaten Mahi-Mahi, for example, you’ve eaten “dolphin”.

          Turtle soup isn’t common, but common enough that it’s not a shock or anything. Yeah, it’s more common around the southern coastal areas (from what I understand). I’ve had alligator, too. It’s pretty good.

          So yeah, it would not be strange for a wildlife officer to eat this. Do you go to different parts of the US and befriend/have dinner with wildlife officers or what?

          • Dr Sun

            used to, when I lived there, now no, like the rat I am I fled the USS America once its bow got underwater.

            Yes the dolphin we ate in the U.S was real mammalian dolphin , served up for the widlifelife rangers , its tasty too.

            Whiskers you really believe those people give a shit about the job their supposed to do ? they eat endangered species every day and are happy about it.
            btw you the tax payers are paying for their delicious dishes.

          • Dr. Sun, don’t be ridiculous. Dolphinfish, like the Mahi-Mahi pictured above, are a pretty common seafood dish in the US. They did not serve up a mammalian dolphin. Either you’re mistaken, or you’re outright lying. Wildlife officers don’t sit around, every day, eating endangered species. There’s probably a more believable claim you could make up if you want to try and troll.

    • tomoe723

      animal cruelty is a given in any “modern industrialized” society. eating meat without the thought of how it was acquired in the first place is considered passive animal cruelty.

      • mr.wiener

        Not arguing that, for most folk it’s out of sight out of mind. For me, I was bought up on a farm and it was considered very bad form to let an animal suffer. If we killed any thing we were expected to eat it, unless it was a nuisance animal like foxes or snakes.
        If we’d have acted this way as kids we’d have answered to my dad, and he’d not have been merciful.

        • And just to set an example, when he accidentally killed Weiner’s brother (he kept torturing and killing the chickens without eating them), he ate him. “I am a man of principal!”

          • mr.wiener

            We tried to say he was a nuisance, but dad wouldn’t have it. Very tough and gamey he was too.

        • tomoe723

          wow, that’s a good rule your father has impressed on you–If we killed any thing we were expected to eat it…

          • mr.wiener

            Is that sarcasm I’m detecting?
            If so go eat some dirt oh holier than thou wanker.

  • The Enlightened One

    It looks like the poor things got into a collision and died due to blood loss.

    I guess the awesome tourists were so absorbed with themselves they didn’t notice it spewing out blood.

    “Hey honey, let’s take a picture with the bleeding, dying dolphin! *flex*” – such a Kodak moment.


      Even if they did notice the blood, do you really think it would stop them from getting their photo op to show their friends? As for me I may take a photo or two of the dolphin in the water but I wouldn’t be hoisting it up like a trophy. I’d try to stay with it until help arrived.

      • The Enlightened One

        I don’t know. It’s hard to speak for other people, especially people like this.

        I may snap a photo or two if the dolphin seems playful and came to see me out of its own free will but I am not going to grab and it hoist it to take pictures. If I saw it was bleeding, I would want to help it immediately and would feel guilty trying to take pictures of it while it a dying.

  • Beijinger in Beijing

    Gas all chinks.

    • Mighty

      Being in Beijing must be miserable for you but there’s no reason for such hate.

    • No

      lol isnt that whats going on in beijing right now?

      • erh

        yes too much foreigners trying to transform it to their taste rather than going back home where everything has its place already

    • zeg

      Hey Kai, explain again the logic behind translating for the laowai? Don’t you feel at all offensed by a laowai IN CHINA saying “gas all chinks”? Not that I support at all the people who hurt the dolphin, but it takes quite a unmodest / psychotic mind to say tomething that violent ON THE INTERNET.
      Or is that that you Shanghai people believe you are the superior Chinese and try to look like the open HK ? Are you and Fauna dreaming to be foreigners?

      • BiggJ

        It makes money from advertisements….. It’s a business. I don’t think they care what comments are said on here unless people complain about them. Just don’t let it both you, like you said it’s just on the internet. The internet is full of bullshit. You can see 2 midgets fucking a donkey on the internet, don’t mean you have to like it or even look at it. The internet is just bullshit man.

      • Kai

        What’s the logic behind translating for the non-laowai?

        Of course I feel offended when a laowai in China says “gas all chinks”. I’d feel offended when a laowai not in China says it as well.

        I’m intrigued by this story, especially the update at the end where the people holding the dolphin claim they were trying to help the dolphin by bringing it up for air, which is not illogical at all as long as you keep the dolphin wet. They are mammals after all. What if they really were trying to help and as they’re there holding the dolphin, these tourists came by to snap photos. The photos don’t seem to show the ones holding the dolphins as decidedly just having fun taking photos, but the people that subsequently came. What if they were wrongly maligned by other people’s actions? See what I did there?

        Keep an open mind to what a rational and reasonable person might say, but don’t live your life in fear of what some unrepentant idiot on the internet will say regardless of what you do. See what I did there?

        In my opinion, your belief that increasing accessibility to modern Chinese internet society and discourse is undesirable simply because some foreigners will be critical strikes me as narrow-minded. I don’t believe showing humanity for what it is and allowing other humans to show their own humanity is inherently a bad thing. I idealistically believe it might motivate us to improve our humanity. It won’t necessarily happen, and it might not motivate everyone uniformly, or at all, but I’m not sure how unreasonable that idealistic belief of mine is.

        Fauna is Shanghainese, but I’m not. I do believe being open and transparent generally is more desirable than being closed and not transparent.

        • Mighty

          I can’t agree more on keeping an open mind. As a matter of fact, my first reaction to a news article is to cast doubt and look for inconsistency that may cast the story in a different light. I find so many such ‘stories’ on Yahoo video news that I’ve come to enjoy spotting the truth for fun.

          The same goes here. I study the available photos and make my on conclusion rather than what was written. It appears that there are three men (perhaps lifeguards), judging by their facial expressions, were attempting to keep the dolphin from drowning (Yes, mammals risk drowning). Then a real dickhead comes along and asks to pose for some pictures. That caught the attention of others nearby and prompted them to join.

          The report also says the dickhead was ‘flexing his muscle’ for the pose but he was only raising his phone/cam to take the shot, which made him look more like an a-hole than he really was.

        • bd

          It is written that the website was started for personal training purposes. But her English is fine now. So, the reason CS is still here would that along the way, it has found supporters and that you now feel like you have the responsibility to make China accessible to laowai and transparent? Then why shouldn’t people wear transparent clothes?
          It’s funny how the contrary of “open minded” is “narrow minded”, as if believing some opacity that I will name “mystery”, “decency” or “respect” had to be an negative idea.
          If you really believe CS has a real purpose other than being cultural porn, please, teach me!

          • Kai

            Wait, so just because you think Fauna’s English is fine now, she should stop doing what she wants to do?

            So just because someone started doing something for one reason, they can’t continue doing something for another reason?

            She had a number of reasons for why she started the site and she has never been anything but upfront about it. Her initial primary motivation was to practice her English, but that wasn’t her only reason.

            I don’t think any of us feel any sort of “responsibility” to make the Chinese internet accessible to foreigners. We do it because we ourselves have an interest in it and believe there is a net benefit in making it more accessible to more people. For example, we think there is value in what a Chinese netizen says versus what some foreign correspondent interprets. It is personally and intellectually satisfying to us to use our skills to provide another facet of modern China and Chinese society that had for a long time been underrepresented to foreign audiences.

            We don’t equate what Chinese netizens say online with being some sort of shameful nakedness. What Chinese netizens say online confound whatever prejudicial preconceptions and biases foreigners have against them as much as they validate them. That’s how it is with every other nation and society. That’s something to be celebrated, we think.

            In fact, the way you equate what Chinese netizens have to say online as being some sort of shame that can’t be revealed to others is incredibly disheartening. What a low opinion you have of Chinese netizens. For all their collective faults, there is still so much intelligence, rationality, compassion, and genuine endearing humanity amongst them all. Yeah, some of them are idiots, maybe even many of them. Yeah, they say things we regret for them, but how insecure must you be to want to hide them all away to present some false facade to others?

            cS can be cultural porn too. We totally recognize that. We don’t see it as a problem. We consume the cultural porn of other nations, so why not China? Some people will interpret things one way, but that doesn’t mean that thing cannot be interpreted another way by others. Each person will find their own value. You want to deprive others of any possible value from something because you arrogantly believe you have a monopoly on interpretation.

            I understand the desire to only put a good face forward. I understand the desire to hide one’s ugliness, to avoid feelings of shame. However, I think trying to control how others see you is often a fool’s errand.

          • ef

            cs is full cultural porn, the way to analyse that is that the reason why people come here is very similar to the way a guy will turn on porn, plain and simple

            and as for your excuse of being a consumer of other countries’ cultural porn, i will stop you right there, the only reason such sharing webstes exist is because your little friend fauna created them to “complete” cs, with all the shameless greed that she has

            and to finish, you misunderstand me, i have a high opinion of chinese culture an chinese netizens opinions, which you serve to those vultures to consume, comment and laugh at

            and again, if fauna knew without the shadow of a doubt what she was doing was right, she wouldn’t be in need to be the only (pretend) journalist in the world to be forced into hiding her identity
            you are a shame

      • Mighty

        zeg, you seem to be tormented by this site and blame Fauna for it. How about seeing things from a different perspective (as me). Similar news stories happen everywhere in the world. To me, it’s not what happens in China that matters but the ‘popular’ reactions Fauna translates are more important as they reflect most what the general Chinese netizen feels. To be honest, I find most of the netizens’ comments put China in a positive light. As for me I just enjoy poking fun of ultra nationalists for their overreaction. So don’t be one.

    • Lord_Helmet

      Your comment is in poor taste. If you really think about it though all of us who live in China are being gassed with deadly air pollution. Where I live in China the last 3 days pmi has been above 320(Severely Polluted). Disgusting. Last year here!

      • willie miller

        Thats high AQI, I’m guessing Hebei or western Shandong?

        • Lord_Helmet


      • qwf

        have a nice trip back home

  • BiggJ

    I’m surprised chinese are not saying that Japanese do worse things to dolphins.

    • Chinese

      It depends on which news portal you go to.

    • they go for the bigger fish, the whale

      • 剑胆琴心

        no,idiot.japan does that more often.
        we do not kill whale either.

        • You did not understand what I wrote.

          Also you are uncivilized and lack class. You will prove me right with your next response.

          • wef

            people are not uncivilized fo calling you an idiot
            and don’t lack class for doing it without further explanation
            and no matter what the insult he has for you next, you will not be proven right.

          • moody

            you too fail to understand what he wrote

          • wef

            believe what you want

    • filabusta

      They do. Just watch the documentary “The Cove”.

  • Mighty

    The best thing I can say about this is they didn’t turn it into dolphin sashimi.

  • Calles

    Sometimes I really don’t understand what does some Chinese have in their brain. Like yesterday I was so pissed off, because I saw on weibo this stupid guy was was dragging with his motorbike a dog down the street, the dog most likely died after that, the pictures showed the dog was just lying on the pavement covered with blood. Just thinking about that again makes my blood boil. aggh!

    • qwg

      Happens in every country. But Fauna wants China to shine.

      • Calles

        I know it’s not only about Chinese, but in weibo you can find so many weird things more than the ones I find on twitter… anyway, it might be just my TL.

        • qfq

          Weibo and Twitter are not comparable other than in functionality. If you want to learn about the world’s misery, take a look at “Liveleak” for example.

          • Calles

            I’m not trying to find out misery in my weibo or twitter TL, and I know both of them are different, anyway, that’s why I only referred to my TL…

          • slob

            liveleak? Try theync.

      • Zappa Frank

        not exactly.. besides other countries have laws to protect animals against such kind of behavior.. but more than law do civil consience. a thing like that would likely makes people be lynched in another country.

        • wef

          it happens in every country no matter what the law says

          child molestation is forbidden everywhere, yet it happens even in churches, carried out by servants of God

          • Zappa Frank

            it may happen everywhere.. but the difference is the frequency it happens and the reaction of people around. The lack of emphaty with everything that chinese have make these things pretty common in china..nowhere else animals (and people also) are treated worst.. In europe if you do something like that you’re a dumbass and you get stopped immediatly by people around, in china people around are indifferent and after they may imitate you.. like Eatto wanted to do.

          • qwd

            only seems common to you because Fauna want laowai like you to know about it, but in China like abroad, there are good and bad stories, good and bad people

      • Alex

        Everything bad can happen in every single country. No exceptions.

        Now, which country will at least try to avoid it? Which country will take measures and apply punishments against it?

        Which country has a lot of retarded people just look and laugh instead of saying “what the fuck are you doing, retard?”

        • fidjs

          Every one of them.

          Like I said, each comment containing a joke or a wordsplay has been made by someone with enough brain damage to have had a similar behavior in a similar situation, same goes for the “people” who “upvoted” the comments.

      • Boris

        I’m astounded that a group actually encircled the guy.

        • From the pictures, it doesn’t seem that way (as the text says) but he did stop.

          It’s a terrible case of animal cruelty that was reported on and stopped by a Chinese person. Which angered a lot of other Chinese. Which tries to show that good can come from bad.

  • Lao Tu

    Those are Chinese mainland, subculture nation.

  • ge

    All the people joking in the CS comment section, are the people who would not have acted different should they have found the dolphin first.

  • lasolitaria

    Why do the Chinese always have to make everything about patriotism? If that happened in the West, people would be like “what a sorry bunch of morons those guys…” but never like “Woe are we, for this is the quality of the character of our fellow countrymen!”.

    • Zappa Frank

      because in west would be a bunch of morons, in china is a common behavior to do not respect animals as well as humans.. even they admid it

    • maja

      because every chinese person in the spotlight supposedly have prevailed on a bunch of other chinese people to get there, THUS that person is an hero and the best the nation has to offer, if those dudes are assholes it means everyone else is supposed to be worse then assholes.

      • maja

        it doesn’ really make sense because they just happened to be there and
        everything, but the same thing happens in the western world. it’s just
        somewhat less pronounced because people is used to deal with identity
        issues in a different way and at different times in life.

    • * group responsibility and pride over individualism and personal freedom
      * zero sum mentality of morals and values; “face”
      * traditional culture that is feudal, conservative at heart

    • Gordon Gogodancer

      pissing contest sir…because through their patriotic education and a mix of admiration and hate for the Western world and a good dose of ignorance and insecurity they feel the need to justify everything that happens in their country…even though you don’t blame them for anything.

  • charles

    those are some sexy tourists… nice asses boys

    • Mighty

      Jin is posting as Charles.

  • nothing compared to what some Danish people do every year as a tradition.

    • Mighty

      That makes me want to join the Sea Shepard.


    At least the girl in the picture has a good boobs.

    • Marcus Black

      and how do you know its real mate? yea i thought so. take a sit friendo.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      She nice! But I think the girls in the pink is nicer!!

      • Mighty

        I was thinking that too. But that inflatable tube is a big turn off.

  • Washington Bullets

    I feel like this same kind of thing would happen at any beach anywhere in the world, unless there happened to be a marine biologist in the immediate vicinity.

    I know it looks dumb that they were standing there taking photos, but I feel like some Americans would wind up doing the exact same thing. It’s not like anyone there at the time knew how to treat dolphin wounds.

    It’d be really bad if the photo taking chowderheads were preventing the rescue team from administering porpoise-style first-aid, but that didn’t seem to be the case.


      I’d think this would be less likely to happen in the West, simply because the culture teaches you to be kind to animals and help them if needed. I doubt the dolphin could be saved by an ordinary citizen but I don’t think you’d have people lifting the dolphin out of the water for a photo when its obvious that it’s in distress. I mean it could happen but i think there would be a high likelihood of someone chastising those taking the photos.

      • Kai

        I’m interested in seeing if the people lifting it out of the water were really trying to help a drowning dolphin as mentioned at the end of the translation. Or if they are indeed guilty of first appearances. I’m not sure we have enough information.

        If the dolphin’s tail was injured, it could indeed have trouble coming up for air and lifting it out of the water would indeed be logical. It would also be somewhat unfair to castigate the guys lifting it out for the actions of others who come by to gawk and take photos.

        • Nick in Beijing

          Don’t be naive kai. Lifting it out of the water to take muscle-man posed shots… That is really an expression of trying to help.

          • Kai

            He’s not the one lifting it out of the water. From the progression of shots, that’s one of the people who subsequently came by. Learn to observe before judging.

            Notice how the guy who is doing most of the lifting has the most serious expression of all of them in the photos.

          • Boris

            One of the guys with the biggest muscles is posing the most. I’ll assume from his physique he’s one of the life guards.

          • Kai

            We don’t know for sure. I think the one you’re referring to, the “flexer” is obviously guilty of what people are accusing. I don’t think there’s enough evidence to damn some of the others if they’re saying they weren’t doing what the flexer and others were doing. It’s not as if this is the first time anyone has been caught in a situation that could be misinterpreted. Absent hard evidence, people willing to be so certain begin revealing their own prejudices. Whatever happened to the virtue of reserving judgment?

        • mr.wiener

          They were taking “selfies”.

          • Kai

            Right, that’s what many people are assuming. I very likely would’ve assumed the same thing had I not seen subsequent reports and claims that the people directly involved in lifting the dolphin were not themselves doing so to take selfies. I don’t think I’m giving the benefit of the doubt foolishly here.

        • I would like to believe that helping the dolphin was first and foremost in their mind…but knowing the fear of negative attention and the quick ability to try and justify ourselves when we get caught being dicks, I have a feeling that these budding veterinarians were really there for the photos. I didn’t really see anyone scrambling out of the water to call any relevant marine mammal experts/authorities.

          • Kai

            Hainan News:

            Intro paragraph says this dolphin died due blood loss from its tail. I think the confusion over how this dolphin died traces back to an image caption on this page. The caption is under a photo of this incident, but it actually references another recently stranded dolphin incident in late May where that dolphin died due to “choking” on the water that entered its lungs (basically drowning).

            Most reports I’ve seen domestic and foreign are based off of this piece.

            The earlier report also says the relevant departments were called after the dolphin was discovered, whereas the NetEase reprint above simply goes with “while waiting for the rescue team to arrive”. So I don’t think the implication in your last sentence is quite fair.

            There is no denial that people were coming around taking photos because they thought it’d be cool to have a photo with a dolphin and were insensitive to the situation of the dolphin.

            I am however willing to give the benefit of the doubt that not everyone in that photo, especially the one guy with a fairly serious and rather helpless looking face in all the photos, wasn’t doing what he was doing just for shits and giggles. If he was smiling and flexing his muscles like the fucker next to him, I’d be less inclined to give him that benefit of the doubt. I don’t think it’s unlikely that divers wouldn’t know a thing about dolphins, especially if they were locals. Fuck, I hate the ocean and even I know enough that dolphins are mammals and can drown when they’re injured.

            If you understand Chinese, watch (or rather listen to) the news report in the Sina Weibo link of the post.

          • Haha there are those who don’t smile in photos, even in outlandish “check out this strange event I’ve found myself in” photos. I rarely really smile in mine because I foolishly think I am more handsome without my goofy-looking grin. That may be pushing it, but you know when we have a chance to look manly (hulking out while lifting a sea beast out of the ocean) we don’t like to negate it with the dumbest looking forced-smiling face we can muster. I think if I were lifting a dolphin out of the water, I would probably actually do this angry-looking Norse warrior god face (super intense) because that would be my first reaction to beast-mastery.

            Anyway, if they were indeed trying to assist this dolphin, I wish they would have moved it to shallower water, enough to keep the thing wet but still able to have the blowhole out of the water. Handling injured animals is pretty dangerous for both the people and the animal.

          • Kai

            Heh, Norse warrior god face. You’ll have to show it to us sometime.

            True, there are people who don’t smile in photos. We’re both throwing out what we consider to be reasonable possibilities.

            If you listened to the news report in that Sina Weibo link, the reporter explicitly says they were carrying the dolphin towards the shore and that’s when tourists noticed them and came by (~1:15 in the video) to take photos.

            Just as how these large marine animals are often transported, you don’t generally keep them in the waves (unless they’re like massive whales who are taller than the average wave) but you do make sure you keep their skin moist with water.

            Yeah, it can be dangerous handling injured animals, just like it might be dangerous handling injured humans. Fortunately, animals aren’t likely to sue their Good Samaritan for their efforts! ;)

            As the report linked above reads, the experts were already called but they had to come from another city because Sanya itself doesn’t have a marine animal rescue center. They ended up taking the dolphin to the next best thing as they continued to wait for the specialized expert. To me, the more I look into this story, the more I think some of the people were unjustly villified along with those who were indeed guilty of ignorant selfish behavior.


          Ah, Kai good catch. I guess reading negative stories on how Chinese treat animals clouds our views when we see a story like this. Try to replace the Chinese in the photos with another race of people and you may get a different reaction. Another thought is that the tourists could have been confused as to what to do, they may have been trying to help and also using the opportunity to take photos at the same time. After all, it’s not like we’re all trained on what to do when we come across a stranded dolphin. Bottom line is that we can guess and hypothesize, but unless we were there, we don’t know for 100% sure what their intentions were.

  • Greg in Xiamen

    Yeah, low class dogs. Come over boys,we’ll sort this out.

    • al in china

      Would be nice to teach them a lesson……Oh we can. We can! Don’t buy Chinese goods! Don’t come to work in China! Don’t open a factory in China.


    Those people taking the pictures have the mentality of “must be sure to take a picture so I can show everyone back home and make them jealous of me”

  • Claude

    I’ll play devils advocate here. This sort of thing happens everywhere it just seems like it occurs more often in China because China is so vast and populace.

    First example. When I was living in Japan a dying whale washed up on the coast and the locals flocked to take a look. Poor thing wasn’t yet dead when the locales started to carve into and eat it on the beach. It was still breathing! A camera crew showed up looking for the money shot and found a little boy eating his whale sashimi and asked him “is it delicious” and the little boy replied with an adorable smile “delicious!” Don’t get me on started on the annual dolphin slaughter in Japan; see the documentary The Cove.

    In post Olympics Whistler British Columbia Canada, a business owner of a dog sled company that provided dog sled rides to tourist in Whistler could no longer afford to maintain food and lodging for the pack of sled dogs due to the decrease in tourism in the town so he decided to cull 56 dogs by cutting their throats, I said cut their throats!!… and throwing them in a mass grave. The country was up in arms over this and wound up costing the tax payers over $225,000 dollars in investigations. Obviously he could of adopted out the animals clear across North America much like track greyhounds are but instead opted to cut their throats. This in Canada, a country where people think we do all the right things.

    There are stupid ignorant cunts everywhere.

    • al in china


    • Alex

      In Spain hunters get dogs for a hunting season, and when they’re done they tie them to a tree, and leave them there, to die a painful and slow death.

  • death_by_ivory

    I was about to say how nice bodies and all but after I realized what they are doing,nooooooo thanks.

  • moop

    no one is suprised by this news are they? i really hope you guys put up stories about the chinese soccer team’s loss to thailand, that is all i hear people talking about lately

  • iLL

    This is just a lack of education and only done for personal gain. Its pure stupidity. Almost everywhere else in the world, people would come to the aid to the dolphin out of care for the animal. While these people aren’t doing this for food because there starving, they aren’t doing this for any other reason then…”this would be a cool picture to put on my weibo” This is how selfish they are.

  • Stu

    Am I missing something, or is this story completely unclear? One report seems to say tourists are lifting it up to take photos, another one says they are (trained?) divers lifting it up to keep it alive… if it needs to stay out of the water until medical help arrives, what harm will taking photos do? Why would it cause the dolphin to swallow more water?

    It’s also worth adding that apparently vets were actually on the way- sounds like this creature was already getting more care and attention than many of the injured human beings in Chinasmack stories…

    • al in china


    • Kai

      It’s not unclear, it’s just different reports. How a story is reported influences the reactions it gets. Initially, people thought these people were lifting the dolphin out just to take pictures. Subsequently, it was claimed that the people lifting him out were doing it to help the animal and they couldn’t help that other people came by and took photos. Unless you were there and know the people involved, it ends up being about what story you read and what you choose to believe.

      • Stu

        Agreed, and sadly most people are choosing to believe the most negative interpretation.

  • pissedoff#embarrased!

    Uncivilised! Animals are more advanced than these pathetic inbreed idiots! (the sad thing is that 98% of the population fits into this category) – CHINA you need to start thinking of the Dragon will begin to sleep again – Or move to India!

  • MrT

    These are lifeguards?
    I think some justice needs handing out to them.
    Zero responsibility in China.

  • The greatest crime I see here is breaking the Speedo limit.

    That said, these people sure have balls to treat an animal like that.

    • Boris

      Being immortalised on the internet in nothing but a pair of budgie-smugglers is a kind of karma. At least in the West.

      • Nick in Beijing

        They likely think they are demi-gods with those ROCK HARD ABS! The speedo is just showing off.

        • lonetrey / Dan

          I was actually just thinking about that. They kind of fit the douche-y “Jersey Shore” image I had conjured up.

          Idk. They’re by the ocean, they’re doing something that seems to be asshole-ish, they have the stereotypical physique to match their behavior…

          But I think I’ll hold off on assumptions til I hear more about this dolphin and what was actually happening.

  • Nathan

    and you know they did haha!

  • lin

    YES, taking a MARINE animal out of WATER would sure save his LIFE!

    • Kai

      A dolphin is a mammal. They can dry out and die when removed from the water, so you keep them wet, but if it doesn’t come out of the water to breathe, it can drown.

      • lin

        It needs to breathe but it also needs the water…remember? you said so yourself, they would dry out. And to keep in mind, the dolphin was already stranded, he may have suffered from a disease or injuries and pulling it out if the water would definitely not help.

        I dont know why you replied to me, we’re on the same page. Did you not get my sarcasm?

        • Kai

          I replied to you because it wasn’t apparent to me that we were on the same page. Your comment looks like one of the many Chinese netizen comments that scoff at the idea of a “fish drowning”. You called these people stupid and inhumane for taking the dolphin out of water so it could breathe, when that’s what experts advise. Not sure what sarcasm was hinted in the original that I should’ve picked up on.

          • lin

            What I meant was they should have left the dolphin alone…instead of taking pictures and taking it out of water. And what expert? No expert was mentioned in this article.

            By the way, you really don’t get my sarcasm? I was obviously stating the opposite of what I truly think, hence the caps, I’m putting emphasis on those words. I am mocking those people because apparently they think it’s fine to take a dolphin out of water

          • Kai

            I think I see the point of confusion now about sarcasm. You think I didn’t understand the sarcasm in your first comment’s first sentence. No, I understood you were actually saying that taking the dolphin out of the water would NOT save its life, the opposite of the literal words. I also correctly understood that’s the reason you think these people are stupid and inhumane.

            I replied to you because these people and what they did was actually NOT stupid and inhumane. I tried to communicate why by explaining that a dolphin can drown so taking it out of the water to ensure that it can breathe is actually smart and humane versus leaving it in the water to drown. It’s also what experts would do and advise.

            This NetEase article didn’t mention experts except obliquely through “waiting for the rescue team to arrive.” Another commenter and myself provided this link in the comments which contains more information and expert comments:

            The Sina Weibo link that was provided in the translation says as much, though you can’t be faulted for that if you didn’t click over and especially if you can’t understand Chinese.

            So, it’s likely we were operating on different amounts of information. Based on what I know, it is wrong to accuse the people lifting the dolphin out of the water as stupid and inhumane. They did the right thing. The people who came by to gawk and take photos, they can be called stupid and inhumane. They did the wrong thing. To the extent you may have thought taking the dolphin out of the water was categorically and inexcusably stupid and inhumane, I believe you were wrong. Now that you know why the dolphin was taken out of the water, I hope you understand my initial reply to you.

          • lin

            Taking it out of the water and leaving it alone may help, but they were fooling around and lifting it up to take pictures, that can not possibly be helping. Thats All I wanted to say. Thanks for the link :)

          • Kai

            I agree with you, and what I’m trying to say is that it turns out the guys in the photo were in the process of carrying the dolphin to the shore but these asshat tourists were coming by asking to take photos with the dolphin. They were carrying this heavy dolphin trudging through the water and sand and people were stopping them to take photos. It appears they weren’t lifting the dolphin out specifically so people could take photos. That’s just what the person who took these photos from afar and what netizens who weren’t there were speculating. If we can blame the people who were holding the dolphin, it might be that they didn’t shoo off the insensitive photo-taking tourists telling them “get the fuck out of here, the dolphin is hurt your insensitive selfish jackasses”. Other than that, they were more or less judged guilty by association.

          • If it wasn’t funny at all before, it is hilarious at this point.

            For performance imagery, it is best if one of you was tall and the other short, one fat one thin, that sort of thing.

            You guys work it out, but be sure to wear matching suits. And hats. Hats are good.

  • judgeoflife

    This chinese people are wild and morons….I hope this criminals and ignorant family are arrested. Fuck you

  • Peeeeeeter

    Am I the only one to notice that these guys are ripped?!?

    • death_by_ivory

      Nope,I noticed too but because they are doing something so heinous all the beauty just went down the toilet.

    • wafflestomp

      They’re not ripped. Flexing for photos and being skinny is not ripped.

  • hujintao_nima

    UPDATE: Turns out these comrades are “temporary tourists”, had no formal tourist training before being thrust into their Hainan vacation. Thus comrades shall not be held accountable.

    • TJLka

      That’s hilarious.

  • al in china

    Look world China is full…….really full …….super full……..over full…….Of F**king Retards! Look World! See………Don’t buy Chinese goods! Don’t come to work in China! Don’t open a factory in China. The workers F**king sleep at lunch. Look World. Don’t sell oil to China! Don’t sell anything to China!

  • Nick in Beijing

    Why is it that the only way Chinese measure value is by how much money they could get for it?

    I have two cats. One was a gift from a friend, the other was one that I adopted.

    adopted one is a mixed breed. He is a handsome cat, very smart and
    usually kind to people (His name is Pancake). The other is a purebred
    American Shorthair (her name is Luna). Luna is the gift, Pancake was the
    adopted one. I love both of my cats, and the reciprocate with affection
    and playfulness.
    The purebred is dumb as a brick (as purebred cats
    are wont to be), although she is very friendly and pretty. The mixed
    breed is the better cat in general because he is smart, friendly, and
    playful in addition to being a handsome cat.

    When Chinese people
    meet my cats, they always go crazy over the short hair because she is
    an expensive breed. Regardless of whether or not she is a good cat.

    Westerners (and some less simple minded Chinese) meet my cats they
    always love Pancake because he has a more balanced mix of desirable
    traits in a pet. Only after playing with both cats for a while do
    Chinese guests in my home come to prefer pancake,when the novelty of
    Luna being a pretty cat wears off.

    To be sure, i love both of my
    cats equally, and I give them equal attention. It is just that Luna
    requires more effort to enjoy if you want more in your pet than just a
    pretty thing to look at. She is too dumb to be a “friend”, but she loves
    to get pet, and likes to meet new people. Pancake however makes a
    better “friend” because he is perceptive enough (for a cat) to know when
    his human is upset, and reacts in a comforting way (he comes to stay
    near people he likes when they are upset, “talks” to you, things like
    that) among other behaviors that are nice to have in a pet. He is just
    not a famous “brand” of cat, so people don’t pay attention to him until
    he demonstrates his qualities.

    The point of all this story is
    that Chinese people have very strange habits when assigning value to
    animals. They only like pets that can give them face (‘this cat cost
    6000 rmb!’ compared to ‘I adopted this pet because he was rejected by
    his mother’). This way of valuing animals translates into how Chinese
    society as a whole regards animals.

    I can say with certainty
    that if I were at that beach, I would have been appalled at the scene,
    and at least attempted to do something.

    The dolphin could well
    have survived if people weren’t lifting it up and moving it about.
    Perhaps if they weren’t doing so, then the bleeding might have slowed on
    it’s own enough that it could have been successfully rescued.

    the people in this article were really “trying to help” then they
    should have done so by taking the dolphin to a place where it was
    shallow enough that it wouldn’t drown (they obviously knew that as a
    mammal, the dolphin needed air to breath) and interfering to discourage
    others from disturbing the wounded animal.

    • Nick in Beijing

      Ok… That post came out weirdly formatted for some reason.

    • 剑胆琴心

      in fact,chinese cats are quite smart,those expensive ones are very dumb and always unhappy.
      i dislike those expensive ones,always fat face as garfield.and very lazy and fat.always unhappy looks.dumb and.
      chinese cats are quite smart and much slimmer.
      but i dislike cats that much,they are not close to people.

      • Alex

        “chinese cats are quite smart”

        You got to cat racism now? Damn. Well more correct, “cat nationalism”

        • lonetrey / Dan

          From what I’ve read on Chinasmack, some people will get stand up for Chinese trash and dirt to claim it’s better than other countries’ -_-+

          • 剑胆琴心

            fuck off!

          • lonetrey / Dan


            I could say something stupid, like “fuck off!”, but I like to show others that I’m a bit better than you.

            (admittedly, I had to tinker with Google Translate to write that. The pain of having an English keyboard. Even then I couldn’t quite get it the way I wanted it to sound.)

          • wf

            you are not better than that.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            Well, then I suppose I’ll just say you’re right, and you can assume what I’m saying to you right now then.

        • Boris

          Chinese dogs, on the other hand, are thick as fuck. Pugs, Chows, Shar Peis, Tibetan Mastiffs (cough)… the list goes on. Name me a Chinese pedigree which is smart?

          • 剑胆琴心

            i admit,we do not have famous dogs let alone smart…tibetan mastiffs is very dumb…but same as what i mentioned,i just tell the truth.
            not about any racism.

          • Boris

            Actually, it’s bizarre when you think about it. Why should breeds from China all be stupid? Why should so many ass-whooping dogs come from Germany?

          • Lord_Helmet

            剑胆琴心 appears to be the stupidest breed of human. I like to think of he/she/it as part cro-magnum, part neanderthal, and 100% inbred.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      I get what you’re saying, but I think I’d end up loving both cats anyways :/

      I love caaaats <3

    • The Enlightened One

      I love cats too. I got a strange story right back at you.

      I adopted two cats because I just love cats and wanted to help them out while they were kittens. One of my Chinese relatives (little two-year old boy) tried stomping one and I knew I had to get them out of there.

      So I kept them for about a year until they grew up and I saw they were starting to go stir-crazy in a small apartment. I felt really bad and said we should let my other Chinese relative (lived out in the country and had experience with pets, most importantly liked them) take care of them.

      It was really hard, but I knew it was for the best because they were getting ready to have babies (male and female cat) and needed more room.

      The WEIRD thing is that AFTER I took care of the cats and expressed so much interest in them. All of the Chinese relatives started looking at the cats like they were royalty. I mean all they treated the other cats (the entire family) like they weren’t a big deal… fed them bred and water… sometimes meat. But MY cats, even after I gave them to the family relative continued to eat Cat food and got very special treatment. It is like because the cats came from me, they moved up in class on the kitty hierarchy scale.

      I have never seen anything like that before. It’s like I gave them an expensive gift simply because they knew the cats meant more to me. But what they don’t realize is that I just really like all cats and would prefer all of them to be treated that way.

      • wafflestomp

        You should of had them fixed.

        • The Enlightened One

          I live in a smaller city in China. “Getting them fixed” would probably be a dude with a rusty steak knife and a blow torch… besides like I said, being stuck in an apartment was driving them crazy.

  • Alicia

    I was very disturbed when I first saw this in the news. Even shed a tear.
    I take a little comfort they are receiving scorn from their own countrymen.
    Even if just online.

  • Raminess

    You know, it’s one thing to take a picture of a wild animal as its swimming around you. It’s quite another to grab at it, haul it out of the water, pose with it and pass it over to your friends. That’s just dickish behavior.

  • Beelzebub

    a holes the lot of them, especially the guy flexing his bicep must need tweezers to pull his dick out for a piss or a wank. It seems they need to be flogged and imprisoned for at least 10 years hard labour.

  • Beelzebub

    also, just saying, speedos are so 1980s, chinese guys need to get with boardshots and chinese chicks need sexier bikinis….just saying, it’s damn obvious hainan will never be hawaii or ibiza.

    • TJLka

      I’m in Vancouver… and we still wear speedos here.

      • Beelzebub

        But board shots are more comfortable, now am I right or am I right?

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  • Beelzebub

    from what I have heard, it is not that great, not if you like swimming or diving so much. Also, much like macau, noone seems to have a good time, everyone just gambles, but doesn’t drink. Hainan is Ibiza or Bali, but without the party people.

    • Boris

      Hainan looks like a shit-heap. When you get away from Kuta and Seminyak, Bali truly is a paradise. Ubud’s an awesome place, and tropical rainforest is just a taxi ride away.

  • Hank

    To be fair, if I ever came across a baby dolphin in the ocean you can fucking count on me aggressively playing with the thing

  • Alex Brendel

    “an old fisherman passing by said….”

    China, in your rush to modernize, to westernize, don’t forget the wisdom of your long history; Don’t forget the wisdom of the old fisherman. Take care of the planet, take care of the fishes in the sea.

  • Yali

    What is it with chinese people and speedos? I mean, really?