Traffic Accident Rescue Blocked By Other Cars

Traffic Accident Rescue Blocked By Other Cars
A traffic accident occurred today on a highway in Zhejiang Yongtaiwen, one box-style pickup truck was tailgating and ended up hitting the car in front of it. The rescue department hurried to the scene of the accident and was in the middle of helping when they discovered that the highway’s shoulder was entirely stopped up by other cars. After waiting over 10 minutes for the traffic police, this “lifeline” was opened. However, the pickup truck’s driver was proclaimed dead on the scene once medical personnel had arrived. Netizens responded that drivers in the emergency vehicle lane are murderers.

Source: Netease

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  • jin

    These people need to get arrested and get a huge fine, only then will these moronic behaviors stop.

  • LeanatanHannin

    It’s just an obstacle challenge! Don’t need to be so distress! Let’s a go, LET’S A TOLL!

  • Amused

    Another victim of the “no real law enforcement” policies.

  • Huang Jz

    typical selfish impatience chinese ….

  • aimer

    Stupid idiots.

  • jakeinchina

    They are notorious for doing this in Zhejiang, and I’m sure in other parts of China as well. Its what happens when police are untrained and too lazy to actually enforce the law.