Traffic Officer Hit by Absent-Minded Driver Sent Flying

Absent-minded Chinese driver trying to pass other cars while making a left turn accidentally hits traffic officer, sending the man flying.

Absent-minded Chinese driver trying to pass other cars while making a left turn accidentally hits traffic officer, sending the man flying.

From Youku:

Absent-minded driver hits traffic police officer, sending him flying

The above video showing a traffic officer in Nanning city of Guangxi province being “hit and sent flying” by a car making a left turn at an intersection currently has over 1.5 million views on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku. The news report below featuring an interview with the traffic officer who was hit currently has nearly 1 million views.

From Youku:

Follow-up: Driver in a rush, nearly injures traffic officer at intersection

The driver said he was rushing to work, and was trying to pass others on the inside. As a result, he was paying attention the car on his right and failed to notice the police officer on his left. After criticizing the driver, the police let him continue on his way.

Comments from Youku:


Absent-minded driver hits absent-minded traffic officer.


This brother is screwed.


Who told you to stand in the middle of the road…


If I were the traffic police officer, I would’ve immediately fallen on the ground and pretend to be in shock. Scare this bastard to death.


I’ve seen a lot of traffic accidents that were all caused by traffic police!


Although its wrong of the driver to not pay attention, this traffic officer was standing on where vehicles normally drive on a left turn. The traffic police enforcing the law should first protect their own safety.


I want to see what happened after all those traffic officers rushed over.


Standing in the middle of the road, just waiting to be hit.


At the end, count them, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5 traffic police officers surround him. Driver comrade, should I say you deserve it, or should I feel sorry for you?


Why do traffic police have to stand in the middle of the road?

Comments from Sina Weibo & Youku:


Hate people who don’t obey traffic laws, they must be severely punished.


This traffic officer brother’s reaction is relatively fast, and his emergency response is very good, as long as he wasn’t seriously hurt! From the video, the traffic officer at the time only lectured the driver and then let him go, without heavily punishing the driver just because he’s a traffic police officer. This is admirable, because it isn’t as if the driver meant to do it [hit him]! Moreover, whether the traffic officer should be standing in such a dangerous place while on duty is an issue worth discussing.


Both are so niu. The driver for daring to hit a traffic officer, and the traffic officer for seemingly having a shield protecting him and coming out nearly unscathed.


No more driver’s license. ╮(╯_╰)╭


Should’ve been driving faster! Law enforcement are all shameless garbage! Best to have ran him over!


The person talking about law enforcement, what the hell are you talking about? If you don’t break the rules, will traffic police fine you? Don’t be too extreme.


Thank you for your trouble, traffic officer, that’s indeed not fake. However, there are indeed traffic officers who affect traffic with where they stand. I’m not talking about this particular one who was hit, but those I see on the road who stand in the way of traffic and in order to avoid him, I have to borrow the lane on the right. If I scrape anyone, who do I blame? If a new driver were to really hit the traffic officer, then it’d be bad for everyone.


Nanning has this many Miss Huangs…


Is everyone in Nanning surnamed Huang?


There’s a problem with this reporter’s interviews, and there’s also a problem with the broadcast, how can they all be surnamed Huang. Even though I have the same last name, and am also from Nanning, but come on, this is too fake, how can there that coincidental?!


What’s so strange, of those with the Huang last name, the two Guangs (Guangdong and Guangxi) have the most. Let me tell you, I’m also surnamed Huang!


Standing in the middle of the road, of course you’re going to be hit.


How can you say [the driver] caused trouble. With you standing in the middle of the road, if he doesn’t hit you, is he supposed to hit another car??


Who taught this driver, he should have his license revoked and forced to retest, even overtaking while turning at an intersection? Not only does this show that the lives of traffic officers aren’t valuable, it also shows that drivers can do this and not be punished!


This driver should be detained for a week. Then lets see if if he rushes again.


Why do Guangxi people sound like they have Taiwanese accents…


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