Traffic Police Help Prevent Boy Locked In Car From Roasting

Traffic Police Help Prevent Boy Locked In Car From Roasting
A three-year-old boy who was left asleep in a car amidst 39℃ weather was saved after a Xiajin traffic cop “came to the rescue”. The policeman was writing out a parking ticket for the illegally parked Jetta when he noticed there was a boy inside, who promptly burst into tears. Comforting the boy, the cop called the father after getting his number from the Vehicle Administration. After rushing to release his sweat soaked son, Mr. Hou explained he had gone to a nearby mall to get razors, but unexpectedly bumped into an old classmate. One netizen said the parking ticket should be increased accordingly.
Source: Netease

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  • mr.wiener

    Some people …should not reproduce.

  • Vance

    If that guy does not want his son, I’ll take the boy.

    • DD Bear!

      you do not have any kid?
      you can take me to be your kid, i only need 500 usd per month, then i will write email to you every day to let you see i am good here!

      • Vance

        I did once.

    • Jahar

      that doesn’t sound as good as you think it does.

      • Vance

        It would never occur to me to leave a child that age in the car while I go into the mall to shop. I would take him shopping with me without thinking twice about it. I’ve seen several stories of children left in hot cars this summer. The real story is that they were left in the cars alone to begin with. We are not talking about children old enough to roll the windows down if they get too hot. I guess I missed your point. I must not think in the same way.

        • Jahar

          I was joking about you offering to take a little boy.

  • Jahar

    “The policeman was writing out a parking ticket…” Sure he was.

  • somchai saichom

    In the US, the child will be in the State’s custody and the parent will be prosecuted.

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