Train Attendant Selection Process or Beauty Contest?


From Sina:

Beauty contest or selection of train attendants?

Posted below are several pictures of the selection of attendants for high-speed trains, and the criteria for selecting attendants for high-speed trains is: 20-years old and younger, 1.65m and taller, 50kg and lighter, dignified appearance, high personal character…don’t you think this is a beauty contest? 20-years-old and younger yet you also want them to have high personal character? The standard of evaluation for personal character is basically based on education, and those who are 20-years-old and younger who have graduated from university are all geniuses. As a genius, who would go be a train attendant? Some contradictions here.


After seeing this, I really don’t know what you’re supposed to think.


Do they all have high personal character?








Everyone already says airline stewardesses are pretty. In the future, airline stewardesses will have competition from train attendants. What more, trains are considered relatively safer than airplanes, so in the future let’s all go ride trains.

From Mop:

Look Look! Mainland China’s Ministry of Railways train attendant selection is like a beauty pagent!

20-years-old and younger, 1.65m and taller, 50 kg and lighter, dignified appearance, high personal character…this is not a beauty pageant but rather the requirements for high-speed train conductors/attendants. In addition to service etiquette, the content of their training also requires proper pronunciation of putonghua [Mandarin], even English language training for serving foreign passengers. Since the train’s speed is fast, the training also includes some special requirements for service standards. For example, when pouring water, cups must be held with both hands instead of directly pouring water into cups on tables, and boiling water cannot exceed 2/3 of the container to avoid the boiling water spilling out; when walking, one must hold onto the back of seats to avoid falls.

[Same photos as above.]

Comments from Mop:


With this kind of service, the cost-efficiency is very high. [This comment means that taking the train is a better choice than taking a plane, because it is cheaper and you still get pretty attendants.]


Is some government official going somewhere to do something? I have never received any service when riding the train.


No wonder it is said that train ticket prices are increasing to be as expensive as airplane prices…now I finally understand…


Big bosoms!~~

Train attendants in the past were either middle-aged women or men! Each one worse than the next!!!

[I] support the trains recruiting some beauties, good on the eyes! Men can also YY while on the train, ah, aesthetically pleasing…

Right now the attendants on high speed trains include quite a few young MM with delicate features. The Ministry of Railways definitely should hold more selections of train attendants, select more good seedlings, and raise the overall quality…

However us lowly people must reminder you, don’t TM raise the quality of attendants but not the quality of service! During the vacations and holidays, buying a ticket requires begging people and using connections or spending a lot of money. Trying to buy a ticket during New Year’s is the biggest grief for those of us who work/live away from home!


NND, right when I was looking at the picture with them sticking out their chests, my boss comes in…


What brother is beckoning/recruiting is not a girl, but loneliness!


Just my personal opinion~ if you buy a high speed train ticket

don’t be stingy over 5 kuai and buy a cup of coffee~

because the attendants that walk around making coffee have nice bodies~

especially when they are bending over/stooping.



Where are the pretty girls- -?


Those are just the attendants for high-speed trains, the slow trains are still all old ladies.


Good, everyone will no longer take airplanes, as riding the train is both quick and you can see pretty girls too.


A characteristic of China’s river crab society, using different reasons for beauty contests!

Looking for someone 20-years old and younger, 1.65m and taller, 50kg and lighter, with dignified appearance and high personal character? Try the chinaSMACK personals.


Written by Fauna

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