Training The Chinese Army For The National Day Parade


Here are some photographs of the Chinese military training for the upcoming October 1st National Day parade. This holiday will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the new China. As you can see, they are using string to create lines that will help make sure that the troop formations are uniform. The five lines are: head, chest, gun, hand, and foot.

















Comments from KDS:


Waste of human and material resources.


Formalism will be the death of man~~ however, the leaders will be happy.


All ruined by formalism. Chinese love to talk about regulation/rules, making so many regulations/rules, so if we were really to go to battle, we would still be arranged in rows as cannon fodder. Just look at the Wenchuan airborne rescue [during 2008 Sichuan Earthquake] and you will know just how bad our country’s troops really are in combat situations.





Does the female army require all cup sizes be the same?


Look at the ugly small men above groaning, [complaining] this is not good, that is not good. The best would be the country giving money and food without requiring them to work.

China’s army’s appearance/bearing is in the top two of the world, this is known by the whole world. The army is supposed to have this uniform gait/march, otherwise how are they going to fight a war? No matter whose army, there is always something of merit. Even Nazi Germany’s army and generals can all be used to find a strong point/learn a lesson, much less the army that first entered the disaster area after the [Sichuan] earthquake?

As men, your minds cannot be narrow to this degree.


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If they have this ability and money, they should use it to go parade the South China Seas, Southern Tibet, and Diaoyu Islands.
Don’t parade in front of Tiananmen Square.


I truly do not understand what qualifications you guys have to make fun of them. What have you guys done for the country?
Would them sluggishly walking in front of Tiananmen as if they were going to the market make you guys happy?
Or, according to some people’s thinking, never having military parades?

As a developing country, military parades are a must, to promote the people’s confidence domestically, and to improve the country’s influence abroad.

Since there is going to be a military parade, then we must bring out our best mental outlook and condition.

Those who only know how to use abusive language all day have no right to make irresponsible remarks towards the people who protect your life, assets, and safety.

Forget standing an entire day under such a a large sun, even standing 10 minutes in an air-conditioned room would be too much for you.


I just want to say, who should we truly pay attention to, what truly is army spirit? You can go online and search for the treatment of the old soldiers of the Sino-Vietnam War. This year is the 30th anniversary of the Sino-Vietnam War and the Vietnamese media is wantonly reporting that we invaded them, but where is our media?


Soldiers marching uniformly, even if superficial, I think is still pretty good.

Who remembers Macau being returned to China in 1999, when the Portuguese came and marched, like monkeys.


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I can’t believe there is no domestic media truly remembering that war 30 years ago that people have forgotten, yet our Hong Kong compatriots have remembered.



China still has a lot of red-blooded men, dedicated to the country, able to pull forth to fight tough battles.

What they are able to do cannot be done by those in this topic making sarcastic remarks.

Seeing such moving scenes, are your guys’ hearts not the least bit stirred up? Is that not lamentable?


Troops are the symbol of a country. There is nothing wrong with a military parade. Any country must raise/display its national prestige.


I only have two questions.

Does this group of people, aside from normally training parading, have anything else to do?

Can walking so uniformly scare the enemy to death?


How come we do not see our great chengguan!?


The sarcastic remarks are going a little too far.
This kind of scene can still move most people.
No matter what system runs society, there will always be some people who are unsatisfied with the current situation. With people like those in China, there will be a bit more of them.
I hope society can continuously advance, as contradictions/problems will be resolved through these advancements.


It is not easy to be a soldier, they’re all from the impoverished common people.
We should feel lucky, only totalitarian river crab countries can witness military parades.


In the end, armies under different systems also have very different requirements for their poses and appearance, there is no need to boast or belittle. It just makes you look immature/naive. The Communist Army was cultivated under the Soviet style, so naturally it follows the Soviet [style]. Western systems are comparably more liberal, individualistic. Just as their soldiers can have tattoos and watch AV [adult videos], our’s must be like prisoners. It’s an issue of systems.

Here is a photo of a recent rehearsal in Beijing:

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You can see more photos at CNReviews.

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  • blue water

    Correct me if I’m wrong but, this army belongs to the Chinese Communist Party?
    This is not a national army.

    • the great yellow master race

      well.. that is true.
      from other side PRC is not a national state and CCP’s idiology is the only the factor wich give chinese goverment the politicaly right to rule this country.

      btw. dear moderator. this parade is not “national day parade”. its “the celebration of the anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China”.. peace!

      • whichone

        I don’t know what you are talking about, the PRC is a nation state by any measure, its political authority is derived from the Constitution of China. That the CCP is the founding and controlling party in China and its non-democratic practices does not erode the authority of the central government which is recognized both internally by its citizens and abroad by other countries and international institutions.

        The national Day IS the celebration of anniversary founding and independence of modern China.

        • the great yellow master race

          modern china was never in depence, you loser. MAO declarated PRC on this day. it is a multi-nation(or multi-national) state. this day is a celebration of this declaration. not a “national day”.

    • whichone

      Actually you are wrong, sort of. The people’s liberation army was communist party army until the founding of modern China in 1949, since that time it has been the army of the state.

      While technically the military is under control of the state central military commission, functionally they are controlled by the party central military commission. However this division becomes less distinct when you consider that both commissions are made up of identical members, essentially one institution with two names.

      The issue of who the military ‘belongs’ is less relevant when you consider that at the top level, political leadership of the state also leads the party. Hu Jintao became the President of China, as well as General Secretary of the party at the same time.

  • Michael

    The key point here is that is it worthy of such a gorgeous activity, especially at the time of financial crisis? People are all concerning about the price of their dinner, the house,the car and education fee. But government puts so much effort on the parade. Yes, i agree that it can raise people’s love and passion to country and show a stronger nation to the world. But in my opinion, I would choose to decrease the price of house as a gift to the holiday, to let people really benefit from government. If so, I would feel proud of the country even without any fucking parade.

    • the great yellow master race

      wow dude! chinese are living in such economical crisis for more than century. PLA is the core of “inner stabilisation and coexistence policy” of actualy chinese goverment.

      ..and for “People are all concerning about the price of their dinner, the house,the car and education fee.” i give you the “this parade marks a begin of the golden week in the great yellow master race teritorries”.

    • Developing China

      Whatever Michael. I’d like to see the greedy fat cat governments in developed countries do the same thing. Shouldn’t they be setting an example as a developed advanced economy instead of throwing billions of taxpayers money (MY FUCKING MONEY)and hoping the economy keeps going?

      Pleeeeease your opinion is as unrealistic as your girlfriend.

  • Soldier

    Chinese special operation members participated in the International Military Competition held in July, 2009.
    Guess what the outcome is?
    Check it out:

    • the great yellow master race

      lol. that was so “very random”…….

    • Phil

      Look at the top, “Sponsored by PLA Daily of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army”

      • Wang Er

        Well, the website is, not the competition.

        “It is said that the “Antropoid” competition is an annual military competition held by the NATO for airborne troops and special operation troops of the conventional military force. “

    • blue water

      Chinese always score high on tests.

    • chabuduoxiansheng

      hahaha That annual event is a joke. Send those yahoos over to the states to face the Ranger challenge and see how many would make it through. Peace! Besides, US and UK special op forces have combat experience.

    • too yellow

      that’s isn’t too surprising as Chinese always stressed inf. But the real test would be some thing like PLAAF participation Red Flag (similar to India to participation in 2008 with their Su-30MKIs)*, but present political climate make it impossible.

      *detail here:

  • Such a demonstration of pointless control. Simplistic order of human beings mimicking robots thanks to strings. And look at the chaos that China is in real life. All I see here is a display of submitted (submissive?) pawns / toy soldiers perfectly laid out by a disturbed grown-up who has a massive OCD. Nothing else. Apart from plain stupidity.

  • chengdude

    Sign me up for commander of the short skirt, go-go boot brigade.

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  • Alan

    Military training has been going on DAILY for endless HOURS for college student freshmen, who probably won’t even join the ARMY!!!!!!!!!!

    Group mentality at work here. And it has more to do with nationalism, than anything. A combined CIS force would really make China wake up quick smart.

  • Michael

    Like one of the Chinese commenters, I too was wondering about the uniform cup sizes of the ladies.

  • Michael

    And North “Home of the Mass Games” is probably laughing at this pitiful display.

    Every country has its own way to waste money–this is China’s. God knows the US has plenty of ways, with diversity workshop training etc.

    • Michael

      typo. North is North Korea

    • ton

      “diversity workshop training” LOL

  • Jay K

    whats the original chinese link

  • Alikese

    “This year is the 30th anniversary of the Sino-Vietnam War and the Vietnamese media is wantonly reporting that we invaded them, but where is our media?”

    Now, why would the Vietnamese media be reporting that China invaded them, and the Chinese media not be denying it? Hmmm… No idea.

    • Miako Tamatsue

      I am sure China wants to forget that part of history, Alikese. It goes to show that you can show off all your military might, but what really counts is in the battle field and the will of the people. Vietnam defeated China in that war and this was right after defeating the Americans and the French in the U.S./Vietnam War.

      • Francis Conway

        China wasn’t defeated at all,all they did was a punitive strike(incomplete invasion).They invaded a small part and did little damage to their military and left.All that because of Vietnam invading Cambodia.

  • Guai Lou

    What on Earth is it about a woman in uniform – specifically, a woman in a foreign uniform – that turns me on?

    Probably just that I can’t resist a challenge.

    • Mike Fish

      and those powerful thighs in mini-power suits … yum.

    • Many years ago, I was staying in a hotel belonging to the PLA in Qufu, the city of Confucius. All the female employees at the reception desk were wearing green skirt uniforms with leather boots. Oh my god, I spent a night full of fantasies…

  • china fan

    Those white go go boots are turning me on!

    • lostinsz

      These white go go boot are made for walking as per Nancy Sinatra


    If big, fancy military parades show how great a country is then why aren’t people lining up to immigrate to the DPRK?

    • whichone

      Military parade only speaks to the military of a country, only a retard would look at groups of marching men and think hmm I want to live there. It’s also an accepted norm in almost every country to hold military parades periodically, even countries with large, foreign armies stationed on their soil have them to celebrate anniversary of their armed forces, however pathetic it may seem.


        Yes whichone, most countries have military parades but this is different. Only two types of countries do millions of dollars damage to one of the busiest streets in the country with 50 ton tanks and long range missiles

        Third world autocracies and the French

        • whichone

          oh yes, let’s laugh at the french, because they are the ones to have a foreign armed forces permanently stationed on their soil, dictate their security policy, and cannot prosecute foreign soldiers who commit crimes on their soil, ha ha ha hilarious.

        • Sam

          By what definition is China a third world country?

  • shenyang

    So how many of them are real troops and how many are models?

  • notdavidpaulbuckley

    wankmunition for white chix huh

    how cud u forget the valienbt struggle of the ‘war to counter-attack Vietmanese aggression’?

  • Wang Er

    National Day Parade Rehearsal in Beijing, 09/06/2009

    • Somethin Somethin

      thank you for reminding me again that Youtube has been blocked or slowed to a crawl in the land of the ‘river crab’ since march

  • ton

    Are these real troops or full time honor guards? If the latter,then it really shows the discipline of these ceremonial ‘actors’ rather than that of the country’s military force – a feel good exercise about as useful as jerking off.

    • HH

      These are specially selected from all sections of the army. They have to be similar height and weight. Also they have to look similar. But they are real troops who are picked out from their regular divisions to go through special marching training.

    • Come on man, every country likes to show off their military, especially a country where the serious regimentation and discipline of the military are revered in common society as well. China’s got a big ass military and they’re gonna put on a big ass show. Every country loves putting on patriotic displays to their strengths- USA’s got their flyovers, China’s got their numbers.


    China and North Korea can both stage incredible performances but that’s about all they can do effectively. The only thing China’s military has going for it is numbers.

    • bob

      You got a point there. USA military have certainly been very effective in Iraq and Afghanistan. And the US military was certainly effective against the Chinese military in Korea and Vietnam.

    • Developing China

      Oh and let’s not forget the wonderful voting system that you have in place that allowed George Bush to be in power for 8 wonderful years.

      Oh and as for Sarah Palin being so close to becoming President. Well…… what a great system.

      • bb

        sure, but when was the last time that system led to the mass starvation of millions of its own citizens?

        • Developing China

          1930s Great Depression and a lot of that was due to greed as well. Oh the irony.

          As for the the 1960s starvation in China, alot of that was due to poor weather conditions not just the system.

          By the way, while we’re nit picking each system. How many times has each system invaded countries or engaged in war? I’m sure there’s one clear winner there.

          • PUSAN PLAYA

            India and other poor democracies have never had a famine despite natural disasters. Democracies NEVER have major famines even if they’re backwards, poor and socialist like India.

            Like most Chinese you just worship Mao because he cleansed China of religious belief and you need something to fill the void.

          • Developing China

            @ PUSAN PLAYA,
            You’re saying there was never famine in India?


          • PUSAN PLAYA

            Not since they became a democracy you dumb fuck, read your own link

          • J


            Do you know why there hasn’t been a famine? It’s because the US and other world power democratic nations swoops in and fuckin’ feeds any and all starved Democractic country. Just like how the US saved S. Korea from being fucked in the ass by your own people.

            At the same time, even if there isn’t a famine, a lot of Indians are starving. Isn’t that in itself a famine or do you consider that just the norm?

            Natural disasters doesn’t necessarily = famine.

          • whichone

            Actually in this case I agree with Pusan Playa. I don’t know if democracies NEVER have famines but a government accountable to the people seems less likely to implement unrealistic, ideologically-driven-disastrous policies like the Great Leap Forward which coupled with poor weather resulted in the widespread famine in China.

            You mention that India only avoided famine due to extensive aid from western countries, so what? There is no shame in accepting international aid when people are suffering. Compare this to Tangshan earthquake, where international aid was rejected because the government wanted to avoid embarrassment and/or foolishly believed self-reliance is more important.

            That said, I think people should recognize democracy isn’t some panacea of bureaucratic incompetence. Recent governmental response to hurricane Katrina, typhoon Morakot compared to Sichuan earthquake should be enough to alert people from making sweeping statements that always associate authoritarian government with mismanaged crisis.

          • bb

            actually the Great Depression had an IMMENSE amount to do with weather conditions, “The Great Dustbowl?”

  • Developing China

    btw just to add on that. I personally think there is no such thing as one “perfect” system. There are systems that work and sytems that don’t. And even for the ones that do work will have it’s own gains and losses towards society.

    • bb

      that I will agree with.

  • ST

    My wife (大陆人) thinks these preparations look like something North Korea would do and finds it embarrassing. The loud nationalists in the comments are really like the right-wingers in the U.S. (all bark, no bite and not the sharpest tools in the shed).

    • bob

      You got a point there, but I and probably many other people in China find it extremely embarrassing that a mainland woman would marry a foreigner. Get smart woman! The USA ain’t what it used to be. Now you are stuck in a country in permanent reverse gear (thanks to the right-wingers).

      • whichone

        I am Chinese and find it somewhat embarrassing that a lot of people still discriminates against any woman who “marries a foreigner”.

  • Kevin

    Event of the year. Can’t wait

  • lostinsz

    Im not so sure about the formation in board shorts with their red Y fronts around their ankles….probably the pink room patrol. 1979 was an international embarrassment for the PLA. Totally hammered by the Vietnamese forces. The PLA retreated after 3 weeks with 30,000 dead. Quite naturally the media declared a Chinese victory.

    • bob

      I don’t know where you pulled 30,000 dead, because the casualties were never disclosed by both sides. Deng did not intend to occupy Vietnam, only to teach Vietnam a lesson on its invasion of Cambodia. This is the reason China retreated after a short time, just like the Sino-Indian War of 1962. By this measure, the Chinese campaign WAS a success.

      The war between China and Vietnam was really a war by proxy between China and USSR. Vietnam for it part, totally forgot the generous support it received from China just a few short years ago that ended the war against USA.

      • Somethin Somethin

        Actually dear friend it was tentative help at best they recieved and was completely financed by the USSR. Mao would have loved to back out of the deal due to his adverse reactions to anything he didn’t think of first. Mao and Ho were philosophically opposed. Complete ballocks to put the laurels on a chinese head for that fight.

        A raid that didnt reach Hanoi, couldn’t force a lopsided peace and is disavowed by the Chinese 30 years later is probably not a “success” anyone would put up on the fridge for mom to see.

        • Robinbeijng

          So per you logic, did Hanoi manage to send any troops to Beijing or manage to annex chulks of Chinese territory if they were so victorious? Granted China did not manage a sacking of Hanoi, but that was never the stated goal anyway. The goal was really to show Vietnam that China was indeed prepared to act in the face of provocation and burst its dream of becoming a regional hegemon. I don’t think not sacking the capital meant China lost the war, why?

          And China is publicising the war because it does not want to send out the wrong signal to the Southeast Asian nations, they are already ever fearful of the growing economic might of China. There is really no need give amunition to the China threat theory advocates.

          • Robinbeijng

            typo, I meant, China is NOT publicising the war

  • Peye

    The ladies are all so good looking (where do they find them) and the uniforms very becoming. I must give them a 10/10. The string thing seems a bit overdone. Makes it to mechanical, takes the human touch away. After all it is a peoples army.

  • Cool Matt

    Such a large and impressive display meant to show off to all possible dissenters and protesters that should they try to resist and go against the will of the CCP, that soldiers just like these are coming for them.

    Not only is this the world’s largest military, but it is also the world’s largest police force.

  • hoklodude

    PUSAN PLAYA – South Korea relies on the US for defence. South Korea won’t even stand against the nukes of the North.

    At least China takes care of its defence and doesn’t need to rely on anybody.

    • the great yellow master race

      South Korea won’t even stand against the nukes of the North.–

      so does the North Korea itself.

      • bleah

        > “so does the North Korea itself.”

        Well, at least the DPRK has a protector state neighbouring in the north and it’s not Russia.

        • the great yellow master race

          you mean a protector state wich let the starve decades and send north koreans back into the hell?

          • Robinbeijng

            who said a protector state is about protect the people there, it’s to protect the ruling class of that country.

          • too yellow


            actually the protector state don’t a damn about the Kim dynasty there, just so NATO would build a base on the other side of yalu.

  • bb

    All these soldiers, tanks, and missiles…yet the government quivers at the thought of Youtube.
    When information is your biggest enemy, it’s a hard battle to fight.


    LOL at everyone who thinks I’m jealous of the Chinese military, the Koreans are two generations ahead of you. We have robots that automatically kill humans, they detect and target human heat signitures and fire a machinegun at them automatically. We already have hundreds of these things on the DMZ and by the time you steal and reverse engineer that technology at great expense (as usual), we’ll have vast robot armies marching down our street every October 1st.

    Check out this video if you don’t believe me

    • whichone

      Congratulations, sir. It is very impressive and will surely become an useful weapon to kill other Koreans to the north. I hope, however, that it is not too efficient, because then North Korea regime might get desperate and drop one of their nuclear bombs on you.

      However, take comfort in the knowledge that even in the unfortunate event that you are nuked, these killer robots you created will wipe out the remaining North Koreans. The glorious Korean culture will still live on through the distant memories of Korean ethnic minorities in China.

      • Robinbeijng

        So are you going to use them to colonise Mars after killing all the stick soldiers of the North, and then spread the name of the Kimchi nation throughout the universe.

    • C&N

      haven’t you watched star wars? killer robots get wiped out. we will create the grand republic…

    • Tony

      Are these robots of yours ripped off from the Japanese? Let me guess, they’re called Kimchi Gundam?? lol!!!

  • bleah

    Do they have pixel patterns on their helmets?

    • bleah

      The manoeuvres clearly demonstrate the firm determination of the servicemen of the unit to wipe out the aggressors at a single blow should they intrude the country.

      The armed forced which started from scratch after the liberation of the country have grown strong to be powerful revolutionary armed forces having both modern offensive and defensive means for beating back any enemy’s invasion in time.

      The socialist motherland will always remain an invulnerable fortress and eternally prosper as the matchless great army is standing guard over the nation’s defence line as an iron wall.

      • bleah


      • best comment I ever read ! Longlife to Chairman Mao and the Motherland ! We look forward to the next war !

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  • specter

    That shit’s intense. Impressive, my son.

  • 三鹿奶粉

    our army is no longer used to fight for national profits, but for the regime and the face project of the party.

  • Tony

    All this attention focused on looking good and neat, if only the same attention is placed on fighting ability. All the time and effort these ‘soldiers’ are being made to look like models is time wasted from real military training.
    Safe to say these ‘soldiers’ can’t fight for crap.

    • 404namenotfound

      why don’t you go say that in their face?

  • vamm

    i so want mass dance parties…

    the anniversary is of a military victory, so i guess it’s natural for military strength to be showcased on such a day.

  • Wan

    Nationalism and patriotism is silly. It seems the CCP is skilled in using patriotism to manipulate the masses. Patriotism is China’s religion.

    Reminds me of how George W Bush used patriotism post 9/11 to rush through all sorts of stupid laws like “Patriot Act” and Iraq invasion.

  • It does a look a little robotic.

    No support for warfare.

  • too yellow
    • Hornymoon

      This is definitely different thing. The American troops merely presented a static demonstration, that’s much easier.

  • jack

    soooo many yellow soldiers !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FYIADragoon

    Its too bad for all the size of their army, its so weak compared to modern armies. Taiwan is still capable of beating back an invasion from them…I mean come on…

  • Tuấn Nguyễn

    Folks, I’d like to update you guys with the very fact that Vietnam did not do anything to celebrate the 30th Sino-Vietnam war, so there wasn’t the boasting of China’s invasion like one of the guys says above. Our government banned books about the topic, closed a publisher who published the book, and more. I think they wanted everyone to forget the war, seems just like your government did.

    Saying that, still many people couldn’t forget that because their sons, husbands, wives, daughters,… were killed, their properties were destroyed during the war. Note that since China attacked Vietnam, the war was on Vietnam land and the victims were not only Vietnamese soldiers but many civilians.

    • Gaad!

      Hmmmm, yes and who exactly were the boat people the Vietnamese government forced out of Vietnam? I guess they weren’t “civilians” either then eh? Another dunce without perspective.

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  • Ear Muff

    I am truly sick of the white supremacist attitude published everywhere over this parade. Nothing but negative comments.

    Well, lets look at the facts. The great American military machine was comprehensively beaten by men wearing black pajamas in Vietnam, with no air force, no artillery, no nothing!

    Then there’s Iraq. Have we won the war yet?? In anyone’s language, if it’s a retreat, it’s a lost. Just less dramatic than the fall of Saigon. Americans should get George W back in the White House so the country can, stay the course. Know your own limitations.

    Dedication of armed forces is shown by the willingness to do anything no matter how trivial it seems, proudly. Dedication means these soldiers will not whine and cry wanting to go home to mommy. If you think these Chinese soldiers don’t have the dedication and will in the battlefield to win a war for their beloved country, it’s time to pull your head out of the sand.

    And Tony, anyone with a gun is dangerous.

  • Wayne Vanderaar

    I’m a retired Sergeant Major, US Army Reserve and attended the Virginia Military Institute as a youth. I know something of what constitutes a military formation. Uniformity of dress, precision of movement, simplicity and efficiency in drill, strict adherence to cadence and, above all, esprit–all these are indicative of the schooled soldier. These Chinese troops show it all in the most outstanding parade I’ve seen.

  • Hal Mandel

    The videos of the parading youth are a beauty in themselves.
    If anyone has ever participated in Parade Drill, you know how difficult it is to chroreograph for a battalion-sized group of people.
    This is better than athletics, which is for the select few. Here, everyone participates. These men and women may be proud of their athletic achievement! Everything is precise, even the rifle drill from Present Arms to Advance Arms.

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