Training The Chinese Army For The National Day Parade


Here are some photographs of the Chinese military training for the upcoming October 1st National Day parade. This holiday will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the new China. As you can see, they are using string to create lines that will help make sure that the troop formations are uniform. The five lines are: head, chest, gun, hand, and foot.

















Comments from KDS:


Waste of human and material resources.


Formalism will be the death of man~~ however, the leaders will be happy.


All ruined by formalism. Chinese love to talk about regulation/rules, making so many regulations/rules, so if we were really to go to battle, we would still be arranged in rows as cannon fodder. Just look at the Wenchuan airborne rescue [during 2008 Sichuan Earthquake] and you will know just how bad our country’s troops really are in combat situations.





Does the female army require all cup sizes be the same?


Look at the ugly small men above groaning, [complaining] this is not good, that is not good. The best would be the country giving money and food without requiring them to work.

China’s army’s appearance/bearing is in the top two of the world, this is known by the whole world. The army is supposed to have this uniform gait/march, otherwise how are they going to fight a war? No matter whose army, there is always something of merit. Even Nazi Germany’s army and generals can all be used to find a strong point/learn a lesson, much less the army that first entered the disaster area after the [Sichuan] earthquake?

As men, your minds cannot be narrow to this degree.


If they have this ability and money, they should use it to go parade the South China Seas, Southern Tibet, and Diaoyu Islands.
Don’t parade in front of Tiananmen Square.


I truly do not understand what qualifications you guys have to make fun of them. What have you guys done for the country?
Would them sluggishly walking in front of Tiananmen as if they were going to the market make you guys happy?
Or, according to some people’s thinking, never having military parades?

As a developing country, military parades are a must, to promote the people’s confidence domestically, and to improve the country’s influence abroad.

Since there is going to be a military parade, then we must bring out our best mental outlook and condition.

Those who only know how to use abusive language all day have no right to make irresponsible remarks towards the people who protect your life, assets, and safety.

Forget standing an entire day under such a a large sun, even standing 10 minutes in an air-conditioned room would be too much for you.


I just want to say, who should we truly pay attention to, what truly is army spirit? You can go online and search for the treatment of the old soldiers of the Sino-Vietnam War. This year is the 30th anniversary of the Sino-Vietnam War and the Vietnamese media is wantonly reporting that we invaded them, but where is our media?


Soldiers marching uniformly, even if superficial, I think is still pretty good.

Who remembers Macau being returned to China in 1999, when the Portuguese came and marched, like monkeys.


I can’t believe there is no domestic media truly remembering that war 30 years ago that people have forgotten, yet our Hong Kong compatriots have remembered.



China still has a lot of red-blooded men, dedicated to the country, able to pull forth to fight tough battles.

What they are able to do cannot be done by those in this topic making sarcastic remarks.

Seeing such moving scenes, are your guys’ hearts not the least bit stirred up? Is that not lamentable?


Troops are the symbol of a country. There is nothing wrong with a military parade. Any country must raise/display its national prestige.


I only have two questions.

Does this group of people, aside from normally training parading, have anything else to do?

Can walking so uniformly scare the enemy to death?


How come we do not see our great chengguan!?


The sarcastic remarks are going a little too far.
This kind of scene can still move most people.
No matter what system runs society, there will always be some people who are unsatisfied with the current situation. With people like those in China, there will be a bit more of them.
I hope society can continuously advance, as contradictions/problems will be resolved through these advancements.


It is not easy to be a soldier, they’re all from the impoverished common people.
We should feel lucky, only totalitarian river crab countries can witness military parades.


In the end, armies under different systems also have very different requirements for their poses and appearance, there is no need to boast or belittle. It just makes you look immature/naive. The Communist Army was cultivated under the Soviet style, so naturally it follows the Soviet [style]. Western systems are comparably more liberal, individualistic. Just as their soldiers can have tattoos and watch AV [adult videos], our’s must be like prisoners. It’s an issue of systems.

Here is a photo of a recent rehearsal in Beijing:


You can see more photos at CNReviews.


Written by Fauna

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