Truck Carrying 80 Tons of Gravel Has Blowout and Tips, 3 Dead

Truck Carrying 80 Tons of Gravel Has Blowout and Tips, 3 Dead

Recently a tire blew out on a truck carrying 80 tons of gravel, resulting the the truck flipping, smashing the car it landed on and covering the road in gravel. The car contained a driving instructor and 4 students, of which 3 are currently confirmed dead. In the comments, netizens took the opportunity to debate the economic pressure on truck drivers, who are often forced to dangerously overload their trucks just to make ends meet, often resulting in accidents such as this.

Source: Sina

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  • Amused

    Back when I was a construction contractor I HATED all the bureaucratic bullshit I had to deal with, in particularly with OSHA. Always seemed like a plot to slow my guys down and kick me in the wallet.
    Then this damn woman drug me off to Asia and I got to see this kind of crap. EVERYWHERE. End of the day, I guess there are people in this world who need legislation to inform them of common sense and safety concerns.

  • James


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