Truck Driver Repeatedly Blocks Police Car

From Mop:

Video on Youku.

A niu driver that will go down in history, unbelievably daring to mess with the police this way. The rest I will not say, everyone can see for themselves! As for this driver, I am simply speechless! I admire him!

Comments from Mop:

Angering Uncle JC, <font color=#DC143C>载入史册的牛司机,竟敢这样耍Police</font> he will not escape a good beating.

Truly very 牛B.

Have you ever seen such a 牛B truck driver before?
What happened to the
Heh. I simply will not let you pass.

The “” car was pretty 牛B at first with its siren, but the truck driver simply did not give a shit about that…

Indeed very 牛B, but the consequences will be also be very severe/tragic.

I bet the “” in that “” car had gone crazy, and will settle for nothing less than making the bastard handicapped after they get ahold of him. I was so puzzled as to why there were no toll booths, and the driver blocked [the police] a total of 44 times.

Sigh, being impulse is the devil.
It looks very amusing, but he will eventually be pulled over.
After being pulled over, it will be very tragic and very uncomfortable!!!
Getting beaten up will be inevitable, revoked driver’s license, fine, detained, do you think the police are that easy to mess with? I am truly nervous/worried for this driver.
[The original commenter wrote “波雷死” or “bei lei si” which here means “police” because it sounds a little similar.]

The police car’s driving skill was not good, there were so many opportunities to overtake/pass.

It is not that hard to overtake, but the “” were too scared, and did not have the courage to overtake.

Too awesome.
Hopefully the next thing for this driver will not be too tragic.

At the next toll booth, he’ll be arrested for obstructing the police, and in the end, will die of a sudden illness while in detention. In China, this is the outcome.

Comments from Youku:

I truly feel bad for this driver big brother,
with such great [driving] skills, going against the usual tyrannical police man,
I bet you were really hurt at the next tollbooth…
I absolutely support you in spirit, and hope you have been released by now…

This SB police car, unable to even pass this [the truck], might as well go each shit. 搞笑搞笑搞笑

To be honest, these days it is not easy being a cargo truck driver, often getting fined for no reason. If he has a lot of money, he would not have been like this. What more, some law enforcers these days simply act like big bosses, using their power to bully people.

The driver is very niu, although this is also the very last time he will ever drive. 汗

Did this brother drink too much? The more serious you mess around, the more serious the fine!

The truck driver was eventually stopped by three police cars. His truck was carrying too much and overweight.

See more police in China:

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