Truck Drivers Use Horns To Wish China Happy Birthday

The following video posted on QQ was titled: “China’s Most Beautiful Horn Brothers Create A Birthday Song To Celebrate The Motherland’s Birthday”. On Mop, it is: “Horn Brothers Perform Incredible National Day/Anniversary Gift”. On Tianya, it is: “If You Marry, Marry A Horn Brother”.

Chinese netizens suspect this is a “viral advertisement” for a Chinese shipping company named Deppon.

Comments from QQ:


Even if it is an advertisement, I support it. Bless the motherland, bless these drivers!


I don’t care if it is an advertisement or whatever, either way it is very creative and the intention is also very good, support.


Deppon, ding you!


Truly moved me!!!


The country’s great people are truly great.


Different vehicles, different sounds, but the same beautiful birthday song.

I also wish the motherland happy birthday!!!

Comments from Tianya:


Horn Brothers are patriotic. Country is home/family, and men who love their country must also love their families.


Why am I so pathetically crying~~


Just passing by to get soy sauce.


An advertisement like this does not annoy people.


So Horn Brothers are truck driving comrades.


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