Truck Drivers Use Horns To Wish China Happy Birthday

The following video posted on QQ was titled: “China’s Most Beautiful Horn Brothers Create A Birthday Song To Celebrate The Motherland’s Birthday”. On Mop, it is: “Horn Brothers Perform Incredible National Day/Anniversary Gift”. On Tianya, it is: “If You Marry, Marry A Horn Brother”.

Chinese netizens suspect this is a “viral advertisement” for a Chinese shipping company named Deppon.

Comments from QQ:


Even if it is an advertisement, I support it. Bless the motherland, bless these drivers!


I don’t care if it is an advertisement or whatever, either way it is very creative and the intention is also very good, support.


Deppon, ding you!


Truly moved me!!!


The country’s great people are truly great.


Different vehicles, different sounds, but the same beautiful birthday song.

I also wish the motherland happy birthday!!!

Comments from Tianya:


Horn Brothers are patriotic. Country is home/family, and men who love their country must also love their families.


Why am I so pathetically crying~~


Just passing by to get soy sauce.


An advertisement like this does not annoy people.


So Horn Brothers are truck driving comrades.


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Written by Fauna

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    That video was a perfect representation of China, it captured both their passion for blind Communist party worship and honking.

    • ShanghaiSteve

      Your posts are normally quite irritating, but I have to agree with you this time.

    • Kage Musha

      Passion for blind Communist party worship?
      I think it’s passion for THEIR country.

      ….and honking of course :o


        China’s a lot older than the terrible tragedy that took play sixty years ago

        • Billy Joe

          Korea’s a lot older than…. wait… actually Korea isn’t that old.

      • I honestly hope honking is not equated with nationalism. From my window, honking of car horns are the way people celebrate the culturally acceptable way of being an @sshole.

        Folks, wave those tiny flags! Don’t honk your horn one second before the light changes at the intersection to gently inform the car in front of you (and because he’s the first in line, he’s obviously sleeping). Flags are much quieter!

    • Korean Dog Eater (aka K-Dawg)

      In Korea we honk to celebrate our passion for dog eating and American military dick sucking, that’s why we offer a few choice Korean girls every year to be raped by a big black GI Joe.

    • good~~~~~very goog~~~~

    • That video was a perfect representation of China, it captured both their passion for blind Communist party worship and honking.

    • That video was a perfect representation of China, it captured both their passion for blind Communist party worship and honking.

  • C&N

    patriotism can be a beautiful or ugly thing. in this case, it’s simply nice

    • Wan

      Name one good thing that has happened as a result of patriotism. It doesn’t matter what country it is. It always leads to mind control and violence.

      • Truck drivers horn happy birthday version doesn’t count for 1 ?
        — Woods

  • The video is a set up. There’s no way that all those trucks are all perfectly in the key of F (the original happy b-day song key). This is on par with the slightly more entertaining “Jingle Cats”.

    Sure, there’s a good and bad side to nationalism, but we shouldn’t expect any less at the PRC’s diamond anniversary. What do you honestly expect, Chinese to walk around saying, “I dunno, we’ve had a good run at it, maybe we should quit while we’re ahead?” It’s like the Olympics, let the Chinese enjoy themselves and quit enabling your schadenfreude complex.

    • dave

      Who said for them to “quit while their ahead”? They just don’t be such pandering dorks to the single party. If they had two (or more) parties starting 60 years ago this wouldn’t be such a bad commercial (silly yes) but since they have a single party that is communist and controls the media, and the advertisers have no choice but to pander to it, then it becomes idiotic and people will not look at anything but the fact that this is celebrating a party’s control of a nation state not a nation’s birthday. This is why they ALWAYS have to say NEW China.

      They’ve had many years of a bad run too.

  • chengdude

    “Chinese netizens suspect this is a “viral advertisement” for a Chinese shipping company named Deppon.”

    With the same company logo prominently featured on every truck, who would have ever guessed?

    • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

      You know, I don’t mind if you love your country, but what I can’t stand is the constant “we are so much better than foreigners” I was just back in the states and honestly, I can appreciate the best of both sides. That being said as soon as I hear the “oh we are so great” crap I really appreciate America’s systems, creativity, and general rules. I tire of hearing the excuses why China has so many problems while at the same time someone telling me how they are better than me.

      Anyway, my rant for the day. I hope this place gets better and there can be some middle ground instead of we are the best/worst.

  • FYIADragoon

    I guess its ok. God they have such a pathetic web though. Seriously is this the best they can do when they need to create original content?

  • the great yellow master race

    hmmm. the last loser who used horns in our quater was beaten very hard by our grandma squadron..

  • dave

    This is the problem. Are they celebrating their, uhhg “motherland” (which is supposed to have a 500000000000000001.2 year history) or a simple celebration of a party taking over the reigns? So when does the word “country” begin with these guys?

  • dave

    I just watched the video. So stupid, “horn brothers” what incredible retard thought up that name?

    The last one should have been a truck going over a guard rail on some Anhui remote road honking while flying over the edge. A most beautiful sacrificial horn honking brother!

  • Somethin Somethin

    Yeah Im all about some horn honking martyrs, Like how about half of Shanghai’s I’ve got a car so you’re dogshit pedestrian honking fucknuts!!!(pet peeve yi dian)

  • Joe

    Anyone who refers to ‘the Communist Part of China’ as ‘their Motherland’ is a cunt.

  • pho king4

    I hate how people love honking their horns so much out here. I’d like to see these guys try this crap in front of President’ Hu’s place at 5 or 6 in the morning.

    Same goes for the jerks that are setting off fireworks so damn early in the morning.

  • hoklodude

    Well, good for truck drivers to be patriotic. I thought Chinese New Year was always more important.