Truckload of Dogs To Be Slaughtered Rescued By Netizens

This picture shows the cages that contain the dogs are very small.

This picture shows the cages that contain the dogs are very small.

From QQ:

Kunming Netizens Stop a Truck Transporting Dogs in the Middle of the Night, Dog Lover Spends 60,000 RMB to Buy 500 Dogs

On April 20th, 2012, in Yunnan Kunming, volunteers intercepted a legal dog-carrying truck, where a dog lover then paid 60,000 RMB to buy all the dogs. Some of the dogs had not had food or drink in a long time, and were very weak, and it could not be ruled out that some of the dogs would continue to die. This picture [above] shows the dogs’ cages are very small.

This picture shows a volunteer is cutting loose the wire which ties up the dog.

A volunteer cuts an electrical wire tied to the dog.

This picture shows a stray dog.

A stray dog.

This picture shows a netizen is petting the dog.

A netizen petting a dog.

This picture shows enraged netizens are requiring the dogs to be saved.

Upset netizens demanding that the dogs be saved.

This picture shows the dogs that are saved from the truck.

The rescued dogs.

This picture shows netizens are donating money to save the dogs.

Netizens donating money to save the dogs.

This picture shows dogs are contained in crowed cages.

Dogs placed in crowded cages.

This picture shows dogs are lifting down from the truck.

Dogs being lifted down from the truck.

This picture shows the bloodstain that has been left by the dogs in the cage.

A bloodstain left by the dog in the cage.

On April 20th, at Kunming Wuhua District Sub-Bureau of Public Security Wangjia Qiao Local Police Station, it was extremely lively in the yard: 156 cages with 505 dogs were temporarily being held there, a big dog-carrying truck parked near, and dozens of dog-loving Kunming netizens from far and near having rushed over to feed the dogs food and water. It was because of reports by netizens that these dogs were intercepted near the Fumin-Kunming Puji toll station by local police the day before yesterday at around 11pm.

Compassionate netizens worried these dogs were being illegally transported and traded, so they called the police to intercept. But according to the police investigation, this dog-carrying truck had all the papers required, and was transporting the dogs legally.

Unable to bear the dogs being transported away like this, one compassionate person paid 60,000 yuan to buy all the dogs, so that people could adopt them. However, one netizen said: Everything they did is to appeal to the administrative department to regulate the dog meat market, to put an end to dog dealers stealing, snatching, picking, and using other improper methods for profit, jeopardizing consumers’ health and evading tax and supervision.


Netziens and Police Stopped the Dog-Carrying Truck in the Night

At night on the 19th, some dog-loving netizens in Kunming forwarded a message on Weibo and cell phones: “Stray dog rescue volunteers, a large red cargo truck with Guangxi license plates packed with dogs has been discovered on the road from Fumin to Kunming and will reach Puji toll station in about half an hour. The situation is urgent, everybody please think of ways to find out whether the source of these dogs and this transportation are legal.” With the spread of this message, many netizens from Kunming rushed to Puji toll station from various directions.

At about 11pm that night, after Wangjia Qiao Police Station received the report, and according to the information provided by the netizens, this dog-dealing truck was intercepted near the Puji toll station, and both the men and the truck were taken back to the police station for investigation.


Feeding Food and Water, Unable to Bear to See the Dogs Suffering

On the morning of the 20th, over 40 netizens from the Angel Home Kunming Stray Animal Rescue Volunteer Team, Top Philanthropist Volunteering Center, Million Hearts Homeless Babies, Society’s Loving Hearts, and other dog-loving websites came to the station one after another visit these dogs.

Seeing the dogs crammed in cages, unable to stand or turn their bodies, their movements restricted, with some hurt or even dead, the netizens’ were heartbroken. They brought buckets, bought bottled water, approached the dog cages, climbed onto the truck, gave the dogs water, and even bought sausages that dogs love eating. But for the poor dogs in the middle of the packing cages, the netizens were unable to feed them.

After the sun came out, it became hotter and hotter, and the dogs’ conditions were getting worse and worse. The policemen agreed to a netizen suggestion, and decided to carry the dogs down from the truck. Some cages contained only one large dog, while others contained six to seven small dogs each. Every dog cage weighted around 100kg. Male netizens and the policemen worked together. As soon as the cages were placed on the ground, female netizens rushed to give the dogs water. As the cages were removed from them the truck, dog hair and dust flew all over the place, the small unpleasant, but nobody minded. The police station even bought and distributed face masks and gloves to everybody.


There Were Even Pure-bred Dogs, Were They Stolen?

“Most of the dogs were Chinese rural dogs [mutts], but there are also Samoyed, Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, and other pure-bred dogs. Some of the dogs still had collars or other decorative items and don’t seem to be stray dogs at all. No matter how you look at them, they look like dogs with loving owners. We’re afraid they were stolen.” Netizens were suspicious about whether the origin of these dogs was legal. Netizens said: “If the dog dealers can prove they’re legal, no matter how much we care for the dogs, we would have no right to hold the truck, and would have to let it go. But as to whether or not they can they provide the evidence, that depends on the investigations of the police and related departments, because everything must follow the legal process.”

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By the time this reporter finished this article, 13 dogs had already died because of dehydration or other causes. And some began exhibiting running nose, watering eyes, diarrhea, and other illness symtoms. Netizens spoke with concern: “Will these dead dogs appear on dining tables, endangering consumers?”


Paperwork Complete, It Was Legal Transportation

According to preliminary investigation by the police, the dog-transporting vehicle was a Jianghuai brand truck with a license plate with a “桂K” prefix and these dogs were being transported from Sichuan Xichang, by way of Kunming, intended to be transported to Guangxi Yulin. The owner of the cargo wasn’t with the truck. There were only two long distance drivers who were in charge of transportation only. Though this reporter besieged them for an interview, the drivers didn’t reveal the cargo owner’s phone number.

Afterwards, people from the Wuhua district Bureau of Agriculture and Forestry Policy and Regulation Department and Animal Inspection Department came to the police station. First they checked the dogs for disease based on clinical experience. They also investigated the origins of the dogs, and whether their capture and transportation were legal, and at the same time disinfected the dogs and the police station. Through the combined efforts of the two departments, it was determined: These dogs were transported here from Sichuan Xichang Mianning County, possessing the inspection and quarantine certificate presented by the Mianning County Animal Inspection Agency, the formalities for transportation were complete, they’re transportation legal, with the destination being Guangxi Yulin.


Saving Dogs For the Regulation of the Dog Meat Market

At first, netizens suspected these dogs were being illegally transported, and hurried to discuss how to find a place for them. Netizens wouldn’t agree to the dogs being sent to the Bureau of Dog Keeping and Inspection, wanting to adopt them themselves, but the police station and the Animal Inspection Department did not have the authority to approve this. However, after the source of the dogs and whether their paperwork was complete had been investigated and determined, the police station decided to let the dog-carrying truck go.

But thinking of once the dogs possibly being butchered after being transported to Guangxi Yulin, many dog lovers shed tears of sadness. One netizen said: “As long as there isn’t an animal welfare law, we can’t stop people from eating dog meat. But we hope that supervisory departments can strengthen their oversight, and prevent unscrupulous dog dealers from trafficking dogs illegaly.”

Another netizen expressed: Dog rescuers should seriously consider this appeal, which is that everything everybody has done is to call on the supervisory departments to strictly manage the dog meat market in accordance with the relevant cultivation, slaughter, and processing legal legislation. Put an end to dog traffickers using stealing, snatching, picking, and other inappropriate methods for profit, endangering consumers’ health and evading taxes and supervision.

Latest Developments

A Dog Lover Purchased the Entire Truck-Load of Dogs

The sky gradually got darker, but the enthusiasm of dog lovers was still high. The police asked them to leave the police station, but instead of dispersing, more and more dog lovers gathered outside the metal gates of the police station, the streets parked full of private cars. Inside the police station, several workers were putting the dog cages on the ground back onto the truck. Afraid the police would let the truck go, some car owners directly parked their cars blocking the police station driveway. There were also people constantly posting their opinions and the latest developments of the ongoing event on the Internet.

At 8 pm, the Wuhua Sub-Bureau of Public Security police were trying on one side to calm the dog protectors, and on the other side communicating at length with Guo Xin, the person responsible of a charity organization called the Million Hearts Stray Dogs Rescue Center, discussing solutions to this problem. Guo Xin expressed his willingness to buy the dogs on the truck.

After discussion, the cargo owner finally agreed to sell the dogs valued at 120,000 yuan to Guo Xin for 60,000 yuan. Once the money is transferred, Guo Xin will transport the dogs to an appointed place, so that dog lovers can voluntarily adopt them, with the rest of the dogs to be looked after by his rescue center. Meanwhile, he also proposed to the people present that they make donations, and many of them opened their purses and wallets to offer up their compassion. However, some people did not want to offer money to buy the dogs, believing that doing so would only encourage the dog trade, producing exactly the opposite result of what is desired.

At 10:20pm, as this reporter was preparing to leave, many dog lovers were still gathered outside the police station, but their mood was relatively calm. It is expected that around 12 midnight, the entire truck of dogs will be able to be transported away from Wangjia Bridge Police Station, taken away by dog lovers.

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯沧州市网友 心灵:

What qualification do humans have to deprive other creatures’ of their right to life! Every living thing has a soul. if humans continue to be so cruel, nothing good will come out of it!

腾讯宁波市网友 目如狼:

Yet another bunch of empty-brained people with nothing better to do! As long as there are people in China who eat dog meat, can you save them all? Spending 60,000 to save dogs, why not use this money and energy to help people in need? Wouldn’t it be more meaningful?

腾讯大理州网友 谜:

Not going to say much, except my support for those netizens! They dare to think, and take actual action.

腾讯南京市网友 ANDY:

[These people are] Truly ball-achingly bored with nothing better to do! Are these people all vegetarians? They’re just particularly fond of dogs, why don’t they save chickens, ducks, and pigs? There are so many poor people who can’t feed themselves in China, why not save them instead of wasting their compassion on dogs? Speechless.

腾讯网友 烛九阴:

It’s a matter of personal preference, you can’t stop people from loving dogs, just like you can’t stop people from eating dog. As for those who compare the history of dogs with the history of men… it’s just that dogs are better suited for being pets than pigs and cows. As for contributions to mankind, the biggest are animals like pigs and farm cattle, not dogs. However, using violent or other means to obstruct people who make a living transporting dogs simply because you love dogs, that’s shameful. You don’t have the right to stop other people’s normal business activities. Actually, those in the cargo transportation business all have some small problems, so if you want to stop them, you can actually use any sort of reason and stop other people’s trucks. As for the person in the report that bought the dogs, that’s actually the only bit of slightly normal behavior [in this story].

腾讯丽水市网友 阿标:

I bet there’s going to be a lot of bored people again arguing and criticizing. Animal protection associations, save the dogs, netizens can’t save that many.

腾讯网友 瑶瑶妈:

As someone from Kunming, I’m very proud. But as a human being, I feel very ashamed. The abandoning of dogs and the eating of dogs are both things we are responsible for.

腾讯北京市 爱猫的小鱼:

Just saw a piece of news about a rope bridge [a recent story about some poor village kids who have to cross a rope bridge between two cliffs to get to school every day.] and now I see this, I feel I have no reasons to feel sympathy for the society. When human lives are less valuable than the lives of dogs, what good can sympathy do? Some people can spend 60,000 RMB to buy 500 dogs and some people can spend a million RMB to buy a Tibetan Mastiff, while some people drop out of school because they can’t even afford tuition and some people wait to die because they can’t even afford medical care. Some people fashion themselves as animal protectionists doing the things foreigners do, on one hand typing while nibbling on a Jiujiu duck neck [a brand of salted duck necks], eating hamburgers, and thinking about what meat to go buy for dinner after work. I’ve only one thing to say: Motherfuckers, what did pigs, cows, and sheep do to bother you? What did chickens, ducks, and fish do to bother you? How come you don’t go to Carrefour and ban the live fish counter? How come you don’t go to the wet markets and buy out all the poultry and then set them free? If you’re so niubi, stop eating BBQ. If eating dog meat is cruel, motherfuckers, are those bitches who eat stillbirth eggs [fertilized chicken eggs containing developing but unhatched chicks, which recently became a popular food item among some Chinese people] not cruel????

腾讯北京市网友 void:

College students’ thinking, absolutely despise it, truly TM bored with nothing better to do.

腾讯网友 曹少波红杏:

Hypocritical! Despise! Indifferent to humans, passionate about dogs, are you guys humans or dogs?

腾讯温州市网友 欧阳廷尉:

About 120 yuan on average per dog, uh, so expensive, you can go and eat steak for that amount.

腾讯上海市网友 rainy:

Humans are the most horrible, capable of doing anything!! Without demand, there wouldn’t be slaughter!! People should accumulate some karma for themselves!!

腾讯北京市网友 ≯雪无痕:

I suspect that it is a scheme to manipulate dog meat prices, disguising himself as a dog-lover to monopolize the dog meat industry, and tomorrow dog meat prices will increase several fold! No one is against loving dogs, but there’s nothing wrong with other people dealing in dogs for a living, but dog lovers preventing others from making a living is going too far!

腾讯葫芦岛市网友 ヾ愛笑啲﹎Bo:

We are all tiny living things of nature, why do we keep killing each other? Is dog meat supposed to be shared with humans? Screw the TM food chain, I’ll be a dog in the next life, and just TM eat humans… Those stupid humans who disregard and disrespect life, you just wait and see!

腾讯上海市网友 紫儿:

Support, support, for those dogs that have been saved, you are the angels in their dark world. Good people will have their just rewards.

腾讯芜湖市网友 星尘的回忆:

Reading all these hot-blooded replies just make me sigh. In China, there’s no harmony between the people and the , there’s no harmony between people and people, there’s no harmony between people and animals, there’s no harmony between commenters. Almost on every topic, regardless of how big or small, there can be a life and death struggle in commenting, making an utmost effort to prove others are idiots. Don’t know whether it is because Chinese people know too much, or nothing at all…

腾讯上海市网友 消逝的流年、:

Dogs are our most loyal friends, why hurt them?

腾讯海口市网友 镜子Jude:

Will this, in a way, encourage those dog dealers, making them transport more and more dogs? Because they know the dog lovers will come out and buy them?

腾讯沈阳市网友 沈阳二手车:

How to keep them, so many dogs, who would become stray dogs again when they run away, and then money will be spent to buy them again, sigh~~~

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Sly Cooder

    Sofa for the dogs.

  • RAWR

    As a dog owner and lover, this is awesome!

    • senior chink

      same here! haert touched, will invite whoever payed for the dogs to a vacation!

  • whichone

    I like dogs, and I think it’s cool that these were rescued, but I have no moral standing to condemn people who eat dogs because I also eat meat. I think vegetarianism is a nice idea, but alas the allure of a fatburger…

    And isn’t ¥60,000 a strong signal to catcher and dealers there is profit to be made?

    • all this fuss over dogs?? why not care about all the thousands of white girls caged and enslaved by the UYGURS and Turkestan??,wait they’re considered the same level :(

      • whichone

        I find problems with this line of thinking, just because there are more heinous evils in the world, doesn’t mean people should stop tackling the little problems within their local community. What can the average Chinese netizen do about sex trade in Eastern Europe?

      • andywattbulb

        watcha saying? We should stop caring about dogs and soley focus on this problem? I could say that we should stop focussing on white sex slaves and focus on all the black babies dying over in Africa.

    • typingfromwork

      It’s nice to see them rescued and all, but where are these compassionate netizens going to take them afterwards? How are they going to get this many dogs to be adopted? Sure they’re going to be taken to a shelter- is it going to be like one of those PETA shelters where they euthanize most of the animals because they simply got no space? People should think things through before attempting something like this.

      I have no problems with people eating dogs, but it is evident that they should be treated as humanely as possible during their lifetime, not stuffed in cages like these.

  • Jeff

    Fucking Chinese…

    • pada

      C’mon! Doggies are for throwing into the river just like sheep are for laughter and Muslim for eating pork. I’d not call them as “Fuckin Americunts” and leave you to tell what they are after watching this:

      Oh yeah yanks’d pay $10,000 saving dogs too, if they were not debt-ridden.

      • Bruce Tutty

        Do you ever make any sense?

  • Steve

    In France, all dogs have tatoo inside the hear with the registration number.
    this way if the dog is lost or stolen it is very easy to find the owner.
    I think they should do same in China

  • coala banana

    hypocrites ! where is the fucking uprising when cows, pigs, chickens and all other animals are transported to the slaughterhouse !!!

    My philosophy is simple: either you value all lifeforms or none !! period !

    you hypocrites choose certain lifeforms cause they look cute and you consider them house animals, you give them more rights and privileges then other lifeforms, which torture and slaughtering you don’t seem to have any problems with ??!!

    You differ between house animals and frame animals. Does that make you feel better ? Its kinda the difference between the house negroes and field negroes in the times of slavery !

    There is NO difference between living creatures and all lifeforms should be considered equal and treated equal with dignity.

    Its not just disgusting how this dogs are treated, what is more disgusting are this people which saved them, but an hour later gain together to eat a baby pig which was slaughtered under horrible conditions. But hey ! You saved a bunch of dogs ! Saved from a cage on a truck and put later in another cage on the ground ! Great fucking deal !

    Care about how dogs are treated ??, go to fucking south Korea ?? chinese don’t have shit on south korea ! thought chinese are cruel to animals ? :-)))….take a look into the “civilized” society of south korea !

    • Alan


      Or those rodeos in the US?

      Factory farming? KFC?

      It’s always easy to point fingers at China, but other countries do the same and more.

      • coala banana

        Rodeos ! What a great activity !! I ask myself why this self righteous americans don’t clean up in front of their doorstep first ??

        Must be something cool and more civilized about to torture cows, bulls and horses to entertain the masses of humans !

        Ever asked yourself how they make bulls and horses buck ??? yeah why not do the same with this chinese dogs…tie a rope tightly around their genitals and hold it up while you are riding on their back. But its of course not as cruel as putting them in cages and transporting them on a truck like this evil chinese bastards do !

        • Alan

          I see what you are getting at. Crushing these dogs into cages is barbaric and cruel in my humble opinion. What pisses me off more is when some arrogant fucks order it thinking it will impress foreigners, when it does not. I was at a dinner where there was an Iranian guy who followed the Bah’ai faith which means only vegetarian food, and no booze. Of course the table is laden with dog, pig parts and booze, all of which he will not touch…..still the idiots insist eat, drink….deaf ears and all that.

    • “My philosophy is simple: either you value all lifeforms or none !! period !”

      Every time you wash your dirty hands you kill a lifeform. Everytime you jizz in your sock you kill a lifeform. Plants are also lifeforms; shall we stop eating them too?

      Why should the lives of all lifeforms be valued equally? There is a difference between domesticated dogs and farm animals. They all have been bred for differing specific purposes. Livestock for food, dogs for companionship/work/protection/helping the blind, etc. No other breed of animals comes closer to human companionship than a dog. Abusing a dog goes against the very reason these animals were bred by humans in the first place. They are bred with an innate closeness to humans. That’s why abusing a dog is just fucked up.

      If this makes me guilty of animal “racism” or more accurately “speciesism” as you seem to think, then OK. I can live with that. To be fair I think livestock do deserve a level of respect and should not be abused physically. They should be properly fed, cleaned, given proper space to live (I agree Tyson/KFC chicken cells are fucked up) and killed in the most humane way possible.

      • coala banana

        “My philosophy is simple: either you value all lifeforms or none !! period !”

        see, i think differently my friend. The coin has 2 sides, while it cam mean that we shouldn’t treat other species bad, it can also mean that i think that dogs and cats have the same “right” to suffer, then other animals.

        Since we can not stop eating flesh over night, we should give dogs and cats the same rights to be cooked and eaten by human animals, same like the cows, chicken and pigs of this world…..who are we to condemn chinese and koreans that they eat dogs ? They have the right to do so ! It can be argued about the way animals should be killed and not senselessly tortured, but its to a high degree hypocritical to use the “companionship” excuse, while at the same time tolerating the abuse and torture of other species !

        I eat meat, on a daily basis ! I don’t eat cats or dogs, but i have to tolerate it when someone does ! BTW, i would to rather be dead then to spend the rest of my life in a cage, cause some liberal dumb fuck think i should have the right to live with dignity ! Great dignity it is living in a small fucking cage, just kept alive. I would rather prefer some minutes of torture !

        BTW, same goes for people which have to spend their life in prison, but death penalty is considered the bigger punishment ??? Fuck, i would claim that the contrary is the case !

        • Obviously some Chinese/Koreans will eat whatever they damn well please; no one is going to stop them. Eating dog/cats is still uncivilized, in my opinion. If they choose to eat like peasants, then fine. At least treat the dogs with respect before killing them. And no, dogs don’t deserve to be kept in small cages no matter the reason, that goes for any animal.

        • pervertt

          Now why can’t we have more posts like this one, Coala. Concise, logical, persuasively argued, and no shit flinging to get your point across. But go easy on the exclamation marks. It makes everything you say sound so dramatic!!!

          • coala banana

            to hear that from you makes me feel a bit fuzzy around my little heart:-)

            I wouldn’t call some posts necessarily shit flinging, I would call them a “try to bring out the best in everyone at their worst” ! Its about bypassing the mumbo jumbo, kind like a shortcut to true intentions. Since body language is not really possible over the internet and can’t be observed face to face like in real life, makes a direct approach the only reasonable option. We can never know if someone is telling the truth or just makes things up.

            As we know, even the unimportant see themselves as important within their own unimportance. While i don’t see myself as important, there are not much options left except naked honesty. Its like a matter of understanding, when people don’t know each other personally and don’t see each others, that where one is coming from and his/her “true” intentions, becomes secondary cause physical symptoms are not visible and mental and emotional assumptions lead to nowhere close enough to come to a reasonable conclusion.

            Effective communications is none of my goals and neither i am interested in any form of over polite virtual society. But weaknesses MUST be identified ! And sabotage, putdowns, and creating gossips are not necessarily evil tools when someone likes to come as soon as possible to root causes of problems and learn about true intentions. The fact that one or the other ego is being hurt during this process is unpreventable, and since the ego was already not developed enough out of his own inferiority, makes the collateral damage acceptable and controllable ! A couple of virtual scars one ones virtual heart and a few scratches on ones virtual soul, doesn’t result in sleepless nights…at least not for me !

        • Cal

          Can eating meat give you forever happiness that you will be unforgettable memories in your life times ? Is the compassion and saving life’s will be your true happiness and saving life either human or animal are as important . If you will about to die only good deeds will remember and not how many meats you eaten. Be a compassionate person

      • mouse

        Dogs are only nice obedient companions to humans when they are trained to be. Ever been around a vicious little shit of a dog, or mean strays?

        I against eating dog only because Im against eating meat. And dogs being crammed in cages is only as bad as chickens or whatever else crammed in cages. Veal calves whom are not allowed to move an inch their entire lives arn’t even illegal in the West… Americans/Europeans have no business even trying to talk to Asians on this issue

        • Alan

          Americans/Europeans have no business even trying to talk to Asians on this issue

          Like comparing apples and oranges. I don’t buy into the 5,000 years nonsense anymore…..

    • Little Wolf

      Yes coala, thanks for reminding us that since none of us are, or ever will be perfect, we shouldn’t bother to try and improve ourselves.

      As a youth, I often participated in the local rodeo that was held every Sunday in my town, some state-level and was even a fill-in for a world champion team of wild horse racing(the regular guy had busted his arm in a preliminary event) and I can tell you those animals were treated fairly well Not saying there is never any abuse going on but most cowboys have high regard for horses, even the ones were bred to be truly evil and would not hesitate to kill you if given half a chance.

      I’ve seen these dog thieves handiwork as they have hit my village several times over the years that I’ve been there including my next door neighbor’s dog that was her companion for 7 years. When you’re 80-something and lose your dog like that is like losing a child and I watched her mourn until she got a new pup which is now wandering outside on the street all day long and I get scolded by her whenever I put the dog in my courtyard to keep her from losing her new best friend.

    • elizabeth

      “There is NO difference between living creatures and all lifeforms should be considered equal and treated equal with dignity.”

      I have a problem with this, coming from you, who treat people according to how you perceive them.

      If all are equal, there should be no privileges, just right to equality and dignity.

      If all are equal, would you allow your mother or sisters be treated the way you treat the women you sleep with, like disposables?

      • coala banana

        ALL women ARE equal, and i say it again, ALL are at least POTENTIAL sluts, bitches and whores. Some put it into practice others are hiding their inner whore, slut and bitch (deep) inside. So yes, I am just interested in the release of 1 or more of them out of a women’s mind and body. I found that exciting.

        I can’t find anything exciting about REAL sluts and bitches and whores, cause of their way (often a very simple and cheap way) how they developed into one is often very primitive, it resulted out of their own weakness, no one has really formed them and no valuable circumstances has led them the way. Its disgusting ! Its no challenge ! It might be satisfying for some with low requirements (and i was one of them at one point in time), but not for the banana man ! I like to not just see the transition, fuck it ! I like to play a major part in that transition ! This unforgettable experience for a women, which can just grow when she learns the secret about herself. The path might include some emotional damage and one or the other tear will drop during the process, but most make it out stronger then they were before !

        Its not up to me to decide how my mother or sister are and will be treated. I hope well, but again, it would be hypocritical to exclude them from my theory solely based on the fact that they are my mother and sister. Its kinda like some man which claim that ALL women are whores except their own mother ! I would add, yes, that might be true, but : “mother aren’t you a women too ??”

        • elizabeth

          You are skirting the issue. It’s not whether they are equal, but whether you will treat them equally. Or are you saying that you wouldn’t mind your mother or sister being treated like a slut?

          Back to your black and white world and your all-lifeforms-are-equal philosophy. That would also mean that you deserve to be murdered and killed. And you still have not addressed your self-contradictory stance of treating people based on how you deem them deserving of ‘privileges’.

          On one hand, it’s privileges and no rights, on the other, it’s all living things are equal.

          It’s being circumstantially selective to suit your arguments at best, and, yes, self-contradictory and insincere at worse.

          • coala banana

            i said, either one respect all life or none. That could mean that i treat them equally good, but it can also mean that i treat them equally bad. I can not expect from an animal to know the difference, and i also can’t judge if the animal has some self respect, which again is the pre requirement i set for respect given from me. I do respect some women more then others, but then again, I can just do that based how and if they respect themselves.

            I think i treat people equally good/normal from the beginning, just time and their actions can show if they deserve further good treatment or not. I don’t leave much room and time for bad treatment, since it requires too much energy and its negative, and that would mean that this particular person has wasted my valuable limited time on this planet, which is not good. So i prefer to not invest more time then necessary into people which in my opinion could be, based on their negative actions, treated in the same negative way by me later on. I try to prevent senseless fights, and prefer to separate from them, which means that in the job i just fire them, and in my private life we go separate ways. And i don’t make exceptions for anyone, including my own family members and friends. My own brother can turn out one day to my worst enemy, and someone i despised can turn out to be my late savior. So yes, I don’t favor anyone, since i don’t believe in nations, flags, anthems, family. Love and friends are cool too, as long as love comes fast and goes fast, and friends act like friends. BUT either one should still be kept on a healthy distance !!

            Yes, i do think that education is not a right, its a privilege. We like to think that all people are equal, but truth is THEY ARE NOT ! not when they live, AND i would claim that even they die, they are not equal ! I think the germans have a nice expression/rhyme which goes:

            Menschen sind nicht alle gleich, nicht lebendig und nicht als leich !

            I think that ” all things are equal” is something which must apply sooner or later IF we as the human species want to make the necessary transition to a higher level of civilization, which IS necessary for our own survival. From the 3 civilization levels which might exist in the universe we are not even number 1. We still operate as a 0 civilization. The transition to 1 will most likely occur in the next 50 years, BUT its also the most dangerous transition of all, cause along the why we can overlook something and get extinct, like 99,9% of ALL life forms which ever existed on this planet.

            This as some background info about how i come to the conclusion of rights vs privileges. While one is taken as granted and NOT appreciated by many and not set by pre requirements, the later can just be fruitful and grow under people with rational though and common sense. Privileges are given but claimed as rights by the poor dumb masses of people and the ones which sell them as such, so they can all feel better about themselves. Someone who realizes the rational idea of given and earned privileges, is more likely to become successful and be a contributing member to society and humanity.

            Rights are a nice idea, but its misused by so many. I can also claim that ALL children should have the right to food and living a healthy life, but fact is this right is not given, so another 16 thousand will die of hunger before this day is over. They don’t fall in either one of this 2 categories, since they have at no point of their lives given any choices about rights, privileges and to live a life in dignity. But, hey ! I am sure all this religious folks will keep them in their prayers and HOPE that things will get better !?

            I for one don’t make a big deal about life and death. My life is most of the time very well and exciting, and i like it ! But i do know that when my time is up its up. I will for sure NOT live my fucking life in fear about what comes afterwards. We are born, live a particular amount of time, get sick or not, then die, thats it. Why make a big fucking deal out of it ? Its what happens, and you can do, in between being born and die, what makes life worth living or not !

          • elizabeth

            Now I understand where you are coming from.

            Not that I fully agree with your perspective, but you’ve probably been through much to arrive at such a state of mind about life…and ‘religious’ people.

          • coala banana

            i must give the buddhist right…life IS suffering….i just figured out a way out of it, to make the suffering worth the pain…accepting things how they are, not to forget, but to learn to live with certain truths….learn from bad experiences and turn them into positive energy…stand up again and again….not expecting too much from people, fuck, not expect anything from anyone ! and most important not to expect from everyone that they know what the fuck i am talking about….judging people by their actions alone !

            Most people “overcome” truths and suffering by simply ignoring them/it. I think as hard as i would try, i could never accomplish the status of ignorance. I accepted all the bad shit and took it how it is and not how i want it to be, and must say it feels fucking great when one reach the level that nothing can hurt him or shock him anymore, but still be a positive human being, with one or the other “unusual” sexual habit, but apart from that very much likable !

          • elizabeth

            Lol! Unusual sexual habit. At least you know it’s unusual. Yup, beginning to see that you are actually quite funny…

        • Alan

          I’d agree, a lady in the street, and a freak in the bed.

          That is really true overall.

    • Bruce Tutty

      Wrong…People value life forms depending on how they effect their lives.

      Dogs and cats are more protected outside the East due to them being working animals, as well as pets. I come off a dairy farm, and we had three dogs for working.

      Beef cows and pigs and chickens are all food animals.

      If ‘My philosophy is simple: either you value all lifeforms or none !! period’, then perhaps you should be nicer to humans…as they are unlikely to change just because you yell at them.

      Hypocrite?…good word…i think you should be staying inside a sealed house, least you accidentally hurt a living creature.

      And if you feel all animals should be considered and treated euqally, then you will need to tell the animals this first…especially the predators.

  • Notorious

    Another example of human cruelty being the reason that the inhabitants of this planet are all doomed. And yet, human kindness, in contributing time, money and energy to help these abandoned pets, is yet another example of hope.

  • [email protected]

    Developing nation. What a load of garbage. fuck.

    • pada

      You know I love “load of garbage” from developed nation more than you do.

      • Nyancat

        yeah we know you love garbage, open wide, here comes the choo choo train.

        • pada

          “choo choo train”? Nothing compareable to my laying pipe to you like following. You know what? I always wear black rubber behind your redneck in memory of your wasted buddies:

          Just tell me straight if Oliver wants more.

      • [email protected]

        Hey Pada, since you posted that link and this comment as a direct response to my original post, I would like to take this time to reply.

        I watched the video. Thank you for posting it. It was sad and somewhat thought provoking. I believe the officer who shot the dog probably regrets what he/she did now, retrospectively, and yet in the whole scale of the situation itself I think their actions were justifiable, if in fact he/she believed, as was stated in the video; that the dog was going to attack. Such training these men and woman have undergone conditions the mind and muscular responses to react accordingly in the case of imminent threat. It is unfortunate the dog was perhaps not dangerous, and perhaps too, actually a harmless pet of a man who would later be sickened to lose his animal in this manner, but that is “war”. Don’t expect me to challenge you on whether the conflict in Iraq is/was a war of necessity or a completely unfounded campaign waged purely for the pursuit of oil, because I would agree with the latter, as would you, but, this video has NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS ARTICLE AND BY POSTING THE LINK HERE YOU ARE FLAMING AND DOING NOTHING CONSTRUCTIVE AND ONLY PROVING YOURSELF TO BE UNABLE TO CONTRIBUTE TO HEALTHY DEBATE IN A MEANINGFUL FASHION.

        • pada

          –“Their actions were justifiable, ….that the dog was going to attack’?
          See this “attacking dog” you’ll also find the reason for the sucker too, starting from 4’25’ :

          I hope you’re smart enough to see this vid finally has something “TO DO WITH THIS ARTICLE”, though Chinasmack’s no place for a “CONSTRUCTIVE and HEALTHY DEBATE IN A MEANINGFUL FASHION”, first proven by your “Developing nation What a load of garbage”, and a “Fuck”, selectively and democratically.
          Oh, We are developed nation we’ve got moral so we sent thugs to liberate, with or without WMD. What a load of saints! lol!

          • [email protected]

            I will come back and wax lyrically with you another time, perhaps, when, or if you can string something resembling a coherent statement together or generate anything other than bile with your pinhead brain. Really, you are a failure at life.

  • Good job, stand up for what you believe in and if you can make a difference for the better, then do it!

    I already know people are going to get on the high horse of “if you eat any meat, blah blah blah, don’t judge, blah blah blah” and think that justifies a false dichotomy of it’s either all black or all white. Then they can gallop away on their high horse into the sunset feeling mighty spiffy about themselves…

    But honestly there’s already too many animals being killed each day for meat, why add more B the list? Why the need for aomeone else to die so that a human can have some special or exotic meat?

    I’m an omnivore, I eat meat because it’s in my nature to. I don’t begrudge myself or others this, the same way I wouldn’t begrudge a lion eating a zebra. Take what you need and leave the rest. (Ishmael – Daniel Quinn). Humanity as a whole has already taken more meat than it needs for today, tomorrow and next week, time to leave the rest.

    Also the method of raising, transporting and slaughtering raises serious concern about the inhumaneness of the industry, needs major changes.

    • Notorious

      it’s hard for me to look at any picture in which a creature (human or otherwise) is suffering and not feel what they feel. That’s pretty hard to politicize for me.

    • Song of the Article:

      Hound Dog
      Elvis “The King” Presley

      All animals go to Heaven.

      Humans? Jury’s out.

      10 CENTS!!!

      • The Real Song of the Article

        Who Let the Dogs Out
        红军版 style

        • Brett Hunan

          Its most appropriate. Nice try Elijah but Kedafu won this round.

          • Ummmmmmmm… Wtf?

            Comrade, Baha men over Elvis Presley? One hit wonder vs. THE KING???

            Standards, it’s what seperates us from the uncivilized.

            PS. The “Beat It” version is by far the best.

          • Brett Hunan

            Not arguing which song is better or classier, but THEY let the dogs out man.

          • Castro

            ….might I propose~

            Too Much Time on My Hands


          • Alan

            Kedafu kicked the fake canadians ass and then some!!

        • Alan

          Amen, that is a tune!!!!

        • Alan

          As a brit, let’s run with the dogs tonight, in Suburbia….well the beginning is doggy, at least, lol.

    • Duh

      One has to realize that what’s on YOUR list doesn’t necessarily coincide with what’s on other’s list. Instead of adding to your list which no one argues for, what you are demanding is to remove the items from their’s.

  • Dr Hung Low

    if people like eating dogs then so be it, slaughter them, cook them and eat them. What I have a problem with is the inhumane treatment of these dogs (or other animals) while they are alive.

  • yesyes

    “Little Weiner Little Weiner!!!!!”

    “Yes Big Pu.”

    “Have you seen my Little Dou Dou!!??”

    “No Big Pu.”

    “Goddmanit don’t lie to me where’smyLittleDouDou!!!!!????”

    “I don’t know Big Pu. I fed him this morning and took him for a walk and a pee on the neighboor’s tires and a tree and at the gate and on the corner and when he needed to poo he did right beside a mother who was squatting with her little toddler pooing on the street. It was so cute I took a video-clip with my knock-off Apple IPOD camera. Wanna see?”

    “Ok Little Weiner”

    Little Weiner plays the clip.

    “Is that the young mother grunting encouragement for her son to poo?”

    “Yes Big Pu.”

    “But I hear another grunting too.”

    “That’s me Big Pu, I always grunt encouragement for Dou Dou to poo, look!! He’s smiling!”

    “Yesss, my cutsey Little Dou Dou is smiling…” “OK GODDAMNIT!!!! NowwherethehellismyLittleDouDou?”

    “I don’t know Big Pu.”

    “We know the CPI is rising.”

    “Yes Big Pu.”

    “And have you seen that Nip Bastard’s son Stinky Mouth Lee eye my Little Dou Dou? He’s been eyeing my Little Dou Dou more and more, prices go up and he looks at Little Dou Dou like he’s worth one week of pork.”

    “Yes Big Pu.”

    “You’ve seen that?”

    “Yes Big Pu.”

    “You’ve seen Stinky Mouth Lee eye my Little Dou Dou without telling me?”

    Little Weiner’s eyes shift in their sockets. He knows it’s always best to say -Yes Big Pu- but now fears to.

    “Spit it out Goddamnit!!!!!”

    “One time I saw Stinky Mouth Lee pick up Little Dou Dou but it looked like he was being friendly, petting him and rubbing him on his crotch. Little Dou Dou liked it.”


    “How come you’re speaking Cantonese Big Pu?”

    “Stinky Mouth Lee got his rocks off with Little Dou Dou and then tossed him in a wok!!!”

    “Ok Big Pu, what we do now?”

    “We get his cat.”

    “Yes Big Pu. How we cook it?

    “Stir-fried with garlic.”

    • lonetrey

      you’ve got way too much time on your hands, dude.

    • coala banana

      funny indeed !

      keep them coming !

    • mr. wiener

      I’m not buying that in a sausage.

  • Brett Hunan

    They saved one truckload out of thousands… I, personally, dont think they made any difference at all unless this is one of the first steps towards legislation to making the killing and eating of dogs illegal.

    It makes for good news, but unless they can establish a refuge (feed and provide medical care) or find loving homes for each dog, its a waste of money. If they are all in a shelter who will pay to care for them all?

    • coala banana

      i think it makes all the western dog lovers feel fuzzy around their good hearts. Its the same folks which think that “when save one life, then its like you saved the whole world”…..sounds nice, but fact is its not true at all..the whole world is still not saved and the other thousand truckloads of dogs made it today to restaurants which will serve them to hungry people !

      • sick j

        Restaurants that fed poor people who can’t afford to eat like you might do. This is China. People eat dog. Get over it! I love dogs too, but don’t try to impose your cultural norms on other people in their own country. Relax! You might even like it if you tried it…

        • coala banana

          maybe you misunderstood me? i am ok with asians and others eating whatever they wish ! Dogs, cats ? No problem from my side !

          BTW, dog is by no means cheap food in china, as far as i have seen (and i tried it too BTW), its even more expensive then beef or pork ! It has nothing to do with poor people, cantonese love to eat dogs ! I also heard that its very common in the north where the winters can be quite harsh, people say that it keeps them warmer during the cold season. Don’t know if that is true…..i didn’t liked it, found the meat too hard to chew, the soup was also nothing special !

          • donscarletti

            Maybe you could have an animal shelter, but instead of being euthanased if not adopted, could be humanely slaughtered and the meat sold to pay for the shelter. That way there is no cruelty, no waste and nothing shady.

  • Winterbitten

    China would be a much better country if there were was more action and less complaining about the way in which someone helped.

    • Notorious

      Good point, winterbitten.

      It’s easy for people to point their finger (at any thing) and say “oh well it happens in othe countries too”. I guess that’s easy to say when it’s not happening to you.

      Martin Luther King once said, “Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere”. If you can look the other way when some animal or political dissident is being harmed, chances are, others will be looking the way when it’s your turn.

  • crimson

    Dogs have been mans best friend for years and only in Asia do they feel the need to eat them. Such cruelty to animals is intolerable and as for the man paying Y60,000 to save those dogs, truly an act of kindness and love. Yes there are a lot of problems around the world and money is needed to solve them but this act came from one mans heart & pocket. If people keep moaning about other people in China starving or poor then maybe that’s a a national problem that needs to be approached by everyone not a small following like this group of dog lovers.

  • Am an anonymous boy…

    As a person who feels killing animals is not something we should do anymore and who doesn’t eat any, I would point out…even in the US, 3-4 million cats and dogs are euthanized each year…due to pet overpopulation… What exactly does one accomplish by saving these animals (the ones in the article) if no one really wants them?

    …I know maybe some lucky ones get saved and end up back with their owners…and it is nice that people care about them… but in comparison their deaths wouldn’t be much different from everyday cows or chickens… and does provide nourishment for hungry people… and now it seems most will die…and provide nothing, but sadness to some people who cared…

    • Notorious

      I have three wonderful unique little cats, and I could not imagine having them ever experience anything like these pets experience. They have their personalities, desires, and obvious animal traits. But if you think they lack self-realization then you are crazy. To me torturing any kind of dog or cat or even eating them is as bad as doing such things to humans.

      • Am an anonymous boy…


        I have many animals too…and saved many from the street… each one has had their own unique personality and desires regardless if they were dog or cat…

        They are just like us…in that sense…but I can’t say I would know much about how aware they are of themselves…or if that even matters…

        I wouldn’t want any creature to feel torture either.. but the truth is…in the wild death isn’t exactly quick or easy either…but it can be…That is the nature of our world… In the same sense these animals deaths will probably not be that easy…but who knows exactly?

  • Dave

    Dear Chinese,

    Please stay out of the West. You and your “morals” are different to ours and you are just not wanted here. OK?

    • mr. wiener

      You have said this before and pretty much everyone ignored you then.
      Using your logic should we shun anyone in Eastern Europe who likes a bit of horse meat now and then?
      The irony is Chinese think eating rabbit is abhorrant because they are cute.

      • Dave

        Issue isn’t only eating dogs. It isn’t even only the other inhumane treatments of dogs.

        It’s everything combined. You can judge a society by the way it treats its most vulnerable and weak. The way the Chinese treat animals. The way they treat their disabled. The way passers by ignore a toddler that has been run over. The way the unemployed are treated, the way the sick and poor are treated by Chinese society, etc etc etc.

        Is this a warm society or is it a soulless one?

        • mr. wiener

          I’m sure you’ve seen battery hens in vids, but have you ever seen them for real? I dare say you’ve only seen your meat in the supermarket, bloodless and wrapped in cling wrap. In the west we routinely ignore the armies of homeless and drug addled that camp under freeway flyovers and to make us feel better about ourselves we point the finger at nations where they don’t have the hypocrasy to pretend they care about any of this.
          I’m sorry if these pictures shocked you delicate sensibilities, but that is how people live in developing nations.
          Damning their lack of morals is an act of moral smugness. which absolves you from any further dialogue with the people you hold in such contempt.
          Look inside your own soul before you start with criticizing others.
          [Who was it who said that again? Oh yeah some hippy 2000 years ago]

          • Dave

            Sorry, but your simplistic “the West isn’t perfect in the way it treats the weak and helpless so China is no worse” doesn’t wash with me. Yes, the West isn’t perfect by a long shot. But these things are as always matters of degree. In the overall scheme of things, Western countries deal with their weak and helpless (animals or humans) in a much more humane way than China.

          • Notorious

            Hi Dave. I agree with you. At least dogs in the U.S who are euthanized are taken care of and treated humanely. There are often a rare case , and i mean very rare case where some crazy person does something stupid, and while it is sad, at least they aren’t treated badly, beaten, starved and forced into cages that are too small for them.

          • mr. wiener

            Simplistic? I would have thought your ” Your Morals are different to ours and you are not wanted here” shtick was the most simple thing to understand about your argument.
            I dislike chauvanists of every stripe , be they Chinese or Westeners but I’ll try to talk to them rather than give them a blanket “you are not welcome here”.
            The comparison I’d make is some cracker say:”go back to Africa”. Then when confronted ,reeling off a list of criminal studies, brain pan comparisons and so forth.
            In other words you are just using this as an excuse for why you dislike Chinese.

        • Alan

          You can judge a society by the way it treats its most vulnerable and weak. The way the Chinese treat animals. The way they treat their disabled. The way passers by ignore a toddler that has been run over. The way the unemployed are treated, the way the sick and poor are treated by Chinese society, etc etc etc.

          Well said. It’s not just animals, finally someone has the balls to speak truth!

    • pada

      Oh boy, Chinese only wants to “double export in 5 years” by selling living dogs to South Koreans, instead of by selling arms like you know who.
      Of course I agree Chinese should try to catch on with American morals, the high ground of which you just lost as this vid:

    • mystery_man


    • Capt. WED

      I have no idea why I alwatys get dragged into these stupid ass animal stories because I fucking hate animals

      So how much is the West superior in this regard???

      Compared to a fucking developing country with 1.3 billion people?

      I doubt you even know what morality & ethics really means.

      Oh btw, so according to you own line of reasoning then the US is a total fascist imperialist state, leader in violent gun crimes, leader in # of people imprisoned, TOTALLY RACIST country, TOTALLY hypocritical.

      culturally fascist.

    • Tigre

      I am a veterinary student concentrating in animal ethics and international wildlife medicine. Saying a big “eff you, Chinese” will never help animal causes, and it makes other activists look bad. We definitely don’t need anymore help looking bad. (Thanks, PETA.)

      I don’t agree with a lot of the ways Asian countries treat animals, but I do think they have every right to eat dogs and cats as we do chickens and cows, *as long as* they are treated humanely…which clearly these dogs were not, judging by that big blood stain. Then again, some farm animals in America aren’t treated great, either.

      I don’t think of it as showing off for westerners. I think of it as showing off for everyone. It’s only through changes in public opinion that laws can change and things can get better for animals, which clearly this one group is trying to do.

    • Kinglet

      ahaha i’m sorry i’m already here ;D

      btw you shouldn’t be stereotypical to all chinese people.
      Isn’t that the wrong personal you’re taking?
      ex: KKK, japanese concentration camps, other crusades and etc

      hmm i can’t tell whose the troll here, me or you.

  • andywattbulb

    Giving these dog catchers more money only boosts what they do. They have now found a new hole in the market. Emotional blackmail via dogs.

  • eattot

    poor dogs…though i dislike dogs so much…
    i have a dog story here.
    before it’s warm, my neighbour they got a small dog in the street, dog followed him got hom, so they gave it a place to stay at night, then in the morning kicked it out.first this dog wanted to show some useage, dogs are smart, always barking at me, i was very very scared…
    latter neighbours did not want it stay any more, they kicked at it, closed outside door, guess they did not give it food either.i saw this dog in street , it knew me already, followed me got in, waiting them to get back.
    i wanted to give it to a guy i know, because i feel with him this dog can live better.he refused because he travels all the time.
    latter it disappearred. several days latter i saw an ad, one fat ass wants to sell it out for 10k, how i want to just find out this fat ass and beat him up…
    i am sure it’s the same dog because it has a belt on neck….and i’m not lying, i even can find out this link…

    • pervertt

      I clicked. Beautiful dog. He looks delicious.

  • Notorious

    Just to point out, America does not treat is chickens well at all. I watched the Food documentary Food Inc and it showed a bunch of baby chicks being killed one by one on a conveyor belt. They were all happy and hopping around when the worker would grab them and stamp them on the head with something and they were dead in an instant. I wo nder what life is for a person that kills thousands of living creatures everyday? And there was a video on the huffington post showing chicks being thrown into a meat grinder live. I can’t… too much. Here’s the video:


    • mr. wiener

      So you’re not agreeing with Dave now? I’m confused.

      • Notorious

        i remembered this after i posted. I understand more than one point of view.

        I agree with the fact that western countries try to be more humane about transporting animals and even how they are euthanized. I do think that americans in particular, are extremely cruel in their treatment of farm animals, while domestic pets are treated very well.

        As to the other comments Dave made about people not being welcome in America, was just some bullcrap. I don’t know why he even said that because it was both random and unnecessary.

      • Dave

        Mr Wiener,

        I wonder why you are so bothered by my comments? I suspect I hit a raw nerve because you realize that:

        a) A lack of empathy, particularly to the suffering of others, is endemic in the Chinese culture.
        b) Many Westerners are aware of this Chinese characteristic, and consequently dislike the Chinese culture.

        • pervertt

          “Dear Dave,
          Please stay out of ChinaSMACK. You and your “morals” are different to ours and you are just not wanted here. OK?”

          Now, if that sounded a little absurd, it is. And if the words sound more than a little familiar, they should be. You are a bigot and you clearly don’t like Chinese or their culture, so why waste your time on ChinaSMACK? There are many other places on the internet where your bigoted views would be applauded.

          • Dave


            I get it – you don’t like my opinion so you want to stop me from expressing it?

            What do you think you are – the Communist Party or something?

          • pervertt


            It seems the irony of my post was lost on you. I had just paraphrased your earlier post, and simply substituted “ChinaSMACK” for “the West.” And you didn’t like it.

            You want to exclude Chinese from your community because you don’t like their values. At the same time, you seem quite happy to assert your presence in this virtual community, which has many Chinese and those interested in China matters.

            You can’t have it both ways. If you did, it would mean that you have double standards. That would make you a hypocrite (in addition to being a bigot).

          • Dave


            No I am not as dumb as you assert I am. Of course I knew that you had “cleverly” (sarcasm intended) taken my quote and changed a few words.

            There is a big difference between:
            A) excluding some people from a community – something that *all* societies do, though admittedly not necessarily on the basis of cultural background (no countries have unrestricted migration policies)
            B) stopping someone from expressing their views on an online forum – in general, most free societies allow freedom of expression.

            So no, there is no contradiction, despite your assertion to the contrary.

            If you disagree with me, fine, that is your right. Rebut my arguments, forward your case, views, etc. Your suggestion that I not express my view on this forum is wrong on so many levels…I think you can do better than that.

        • mr. wiener

          No I just realize I don’t like idiots who blurt out xenophobic drivel.

          • Dave

            Great comeback Mr Weiner!!

            You sir, are truly a Master of Debaters.

          • mr. wiener

            Well to quote someone earlier. It is useless debating a moron as they’ll drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.
            You are acting butthurt but I think you are missing the point.
            I don’t disagree that Chinese treat animals with indifference and more often with casual cruelty. Despite the out of sight out of mind aproach to to animals in the West I think you and I can agree on this.
            What I strongly disagree with are your “stay out of my country” bunker mentality. It is, at best, unfair and prejudicial to Chinese as a whole. At worst you are just a racist troll [and I hate slinging the word ‘racist” around as it is so overused].
            Lets say for example we let a bunch of Somali refugees come to Australia. We feed and house them, they become useful members of society, pay taxes and send their kids to school. Then they decide to build a mosque [and religious based school], Some people have reservations about this, but by and large people say it is only right and fair for them to have religious freedom…No problem. Then someone says they want the local Iman to perform female circumcisions……Pretty much with one voice everyone says no…fucking..way!
            Some lefty liberal types argue it is part of their culture but these fools are quickly told to shut the fuck up. Grandmothers who do this mutilation to their granddaughters are put in jail and the Somali are told this is illegal and not acceptable in Australia. Some of the Somalis get huffy about it , but in the end they accept it.
            At the same time a bunch of opportunistic racist arsehats start agitating that Somalis are unfit for Australian society and are not welcome here, but they are ignored and eventually they shut up too.
            I’m not debating your argument. I’m debating your logic.

          • Dave

            Mr Weiner,

            You appear believe you are clever – I believe you are of average intelligence at best – with the caveat that I am merely going by the quality of your postings. It is possible that underneath there is the mind of a genius, but I have seen no evidence to support this.

            Your arguments are what are know as arguing against a strawman. What you are saying regarding the Somali example is to a large part correct but not relevant to my point. Yes, Chinese people migrating to the West will to a large part discontinue to eat dogs. Yet their core personality traits which I have discussed above – which result in a culture that treats the weak very poorly – remain and manifest themselves in other manners which are not illegal.

            For the record, I am not asserting that all Chinese are soul-less, lacking empathy etc. Obviously, in a country of 1.3 billion there will be many that do not have such traits. I have met some Chinese that are very high quality people.

            Now if in theory you could allow the Chinese that do not have those ugly traits mentioned above to migrate to the West, I have no problem with that at all. My point is that in practice there is no such filter that will give us this outcome – when you migrate in large numbers from a particular culture you migrate the personality traits that go with that culture.

            To lay it out simplistically for you, lets use arbitrary, hypothetical examples. Nationality X has 80% of people who have a specific negative personality trait. Now Country Y in this hypothetical – only 25% of the population have this negative personality trait. If Country Y allows migration from Nationality X, a large number of those migrants will bring this negative personality trait. Maybe by some kind of screening it wont’ be quite 80% of them, maybe it will only be 70% or 60% of them, but it will still be in higher percentages than those of Country Y.

            Call me any personal insult that makes you feel better that you wish, I say things how I see them.

          • mr. wiener

            You think cruelty to animals is genetic?
            People come to countries like Australia to start new lives. They generally don’t have the stick up their arse of 5000 years of culture and are receptive to the way things are done in their adopted nation. By the second generation their would probably consider eating dog, let alone transporting them in cruel conditions to be barbaric.
            You can wave arbitrary hypothetical examples at me until the cows come home, but your logic boils down to :
            1. Chinese people are cruel to animals.
            2. Mr. Lee is Chinese.
            3.Therefor Mr. Lee is cruel to animals.
            This ignores any other factors that might apply to our hypothetical potential Chinese immigrant.
            If I am a straw man then so be it. I myself think you are made of BS so all our argument is doing is producing a compost heap. I don’t think I am that clever, but I know I’m not a bigoted douche.

          • Dave

            Mr Weiner,

            Your use of attacking the strawman (do you even know what that means???) and personal insults is an attempt to compensate for your very poor debating skills. Why can’t you just accept that you are a poor debater rather than resorting to such lame tactics?

            I see you’ve included another strawman here: I never said cruelty to animals is genetic. But nice try.

          • mr. wiener

            Very well, I’ll steer away from anything you consider to be insulting.
            The main meat of your argument seems to be that Chinese are, by their culture, cruel to animals and unfeeling towards the disadvantaged within their society. We can argue this is a universal human condition ,but the Chinese ,by “virtue”, of their Confuciunistic thinking are particularly blatant in this regard.
            On this point I think we can agree ,with the caveat [look mum I used a new word!] that we cannot definitively say that all Chinese behave this way to the same degree.
            The second part of your argument appears to be the main bone of contention. This is that you assert that because these cultural traits are so incompatable with western culture they should not be allowed to live [or even visit?] your country. [which we will assume for the present is the USA]
            Are we on the same page so far?
            I would reject your second argument as Chinese people have already lived in the western countries that are migrant countries [America, Canada, Australia] for many years and generations without apparently being a source of social irritation because of these perceived cultural “values”. Naturally we cannot screen potential immigrants to these new societies for this , but I would further argue that the culture of these western cultures themselves act as the cultural screen.
            This is to say that 1st generation immigrants , particularly those from authoritarian countries are more likely to have a greater respect for the laws and social mores of their country of adoption.This trend is reflected in the statistics of greater voter turnout by 1st gen immigrants as well as a higher degree of civic mindedness in hopes of “wanting to fit in” to their new countries.
            By the 2nd generation such things become a mute point, as these citizens have to all intents and purposes made the transition culturally to their now home country.
            Naturally there are always exceptions to this and in particular the biased observer will always find evidence of the vestiges of the old countries’ cultural values to support any prejudices they might have against this ethnic group.

            There you are, I personally think your first comments on the matter were posted as a provocative “tar baby” to snare other posters into an argument, as the rest of the time you have very little in the way of opinions or insights. Perhaps this could change? I leave it to your discretion.

          • mr. wiener

            Cat (dog!) got your tongue Dave?

  • Leo

    Spend less than 10k USD to save 500 dogs, excellent.

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  • Li Peng

    Tense diplomatic relations between the PRC and the USA can be eased if China agrees to ship the tastiest dogs to the White House kitchen.

  • Li Peng

    Please ship the tasty ones to President Obungle. Thank you.


    So how many villagers will now have to go hungry……?

    • wendy

      i wish everyone that are involved in this cruelty could suffer the same slow agonising death as these poor animals

  • AJ

    All who payed to rescue those animals are heros in my book

  • Cleo

    And Chinese human beings in desperate straits can all go to hell, right? How absolutely Japanese and foolish of that “savior” to throw money away on animals. The Japanese constantly show animals on the news following news pieces about their indifference to Chinese and Korean pain to emphasize their assertion that they feel that their Asian HUMAN victims are inferior. Now a Chinese is doing the same thing. Shameful.

  • angel

    Thank to those people who save all the dogs. We love dogs they deserve to leave too.

  • Goran

    There are plenty things unfair on this world, concerning human being and animals. In this case why we can not eat each other, no? I help people and animals the best I can, you should all do the same instead of making philosophy. Thank to those people who saved that dogs.

  • jo kelly

    thanks to all the good that humans that can save these poor beautiful animals

  • jo kelly

    Dont take any notice of the bastards writing about are you humna or dogs. It is about helping anyhting or anyone on this planetthat is vulnerable,so to all that thinks different… get stuffed

  • wendy

    it is disgusting the way these animals are skinned and boiled alive,i hate everyone involved in this cruelty and wish everyone of you could suffer the same slow agonising death as these poor animals

  • SG123-DogLover4Lyfe

    I almost didn’t open this page. But I’m glad that I did because I see that they had gotten rescued. So sad (and sick) what people do….

  • Solveig Inga Meyer

    Dogs have evolved over the last 15000 years to protect humans and to be their companions. Pigs, cows, ducks, fish and chickens all havent. Its the same thing with horses, its terrible to eat an animal that lives and breathes to support humans and has evolved for thousands of years alongside us for that reason. Seriously China…

  • jayz

    We might slaughter animals for food in Britain but at least we do it humanly u slowly inflict pain and suffering and watch them die a slow and painful death you sicko . U wouldn’t like to be skinned alive . And don’t give me we have done it since ancient days its the 20th century so give me a break