Tsinghua Professor Defends Her Retirment Pension Reform Plan

Tsinghua University professor Yang Yansui suggests postponing the retirement pension eligibility age to 65.

Tsinghua University professor Yang Yansui suggests postponing the retirement pension eligibility age to 65.

From Sina Weibo:

#Postponing Retirement Age#

On August 12, Tsinghua University’s elderly pension reform scheme came out. The scheme suggests that retirement be postponed step-by-step, starting from 2015 until 2030 when the goal of having male and female employees as well as residents begin collecting their pensions at the age of 65 is achieved. In the upcoming decade, our nation will enter an advanced stage of aging, with more and more severe employment problems for the young. Regarding this, do you support or oppose postponing retirement?

This plan has caused a huge dispute between the Chinese Human Resource Department and Chinese Academy of Social Science as well as heated discussion among netizens. The responses Tsinghua University professor Yang Yansui, one of the principal contributors in developing the plan, gave during a television interview sparked a public outcry.

From Sina:

Public Management College of Tsinghua University professor Yang Yansui said in the 1/7 program: “It’s not postponing the retirement age, it’s postponing the age for when one can collect their retirement pension.” She suggests making 65 the age when people can collect their pensions, that all developed countries are like this. The reporter asked, “If people retire at the age of 50 and get their pensions at 65, then what do they do during those 15 years in between?” The professor said, “men can go to nursing homes and work as gardeners, and women can wash clothes for the elderly.”

Yang Yansui.

“Men between the age of 50 to 65…”

Yang Yansui.

“…can be gardeners at nursing homes.”

Yang Yansui.

“Women between the age of 50 to 65…”

Yang Yansui.

“…can cook and wash clothes for old people.”

From Sina:

Tsinghua University Professor Responds to “Men Can Be Gardeners and Women Can Wash Clothes After Retirement”: That’s Correct.

China Economic Net Beijing September 13 report (reporter Liu Yanji) — There is no doubt that the postponement of retirement and collecting of pension benefits is one of the hottest topics currently. Tsinghua University female professor Yang Yansui is well-known among netizens as a result of being a main participant of the Tsinghua Retirement Postponement Scheme, especially when she relied to “what should people do in the 15 years between retiring at 50 and [being eligible for] collecting their pensions at 65” by saying: “After they retire from manufacturing enterprises, train them to participate in community service. Men can be gardeners at nursing homes and women can wash clothes for old people, how nice that would be!” This stirs even more waves of heated discussion. Netizens comments of “unbelievable” and “my little buddies and I were all stupefied” were constantly heard.

On September 12, while Yang Yansui was being interviewed by media, she still insisted there was nothing wrong about her previous “men can be gardeners and women can wash clothes after retirement” response: “That’s what I said, but only the most eye-catching part was highlighted on the internet. It’s not wrong for people in their 40s to 50s to wash clothes or be gardeners, and asking those in their 50s to 60s to take care of old people in their 70s to 80s, this is simply a necessary result of social transformation.” These words yet again immediately stirred debate among netizens. A netizen felt very speechless: “She is not a professor, she is no less than a Abbess Miejue [a character in the novel The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, whose name ‘Miejue’ literally means “to destroy and make extinct”.]

A netizen named “皇子拉面” sees professor Yang’s opinion as a result of sitting in the office for too long, “Professor, before you influence other people’s living with your opinion, would you please live as those people who would be influenced by your opinion live?” A netizen of China Economic Net named “情商” also thinks that the professor’s opinion is not practical, “you have gained enough money to live to 65 before you were 50, of course you don’t have to worry about it! But we ordinary people have to work until 65, so how are we supposed to survive?”

Different from the majority of netizens who “complained”, the comment by netizen “周光真” appears to be very constructive: “The biggest problem of professor Yang’s scheme is imperfection. People should be allowed to retire early, only that they can collect part of their pension. I suggest China’s pension implement an incremental method: Get 50% of the pension when people retire at the age of 50; 60% at the age of 60; 70% at the age of 70; 100% at the age of 100.”

Comments from Sina:

人民领袖毛润之 [上海]:

[I’m] Against the postpone of the retirement age. Please ding me if you support abolishing the dual track pension system [staff of government departments and public institutions get their pensions paid by the state, and staff of private enterprises get their pensions according to a certain standard]!

林中的小鸟1689 [四川自贡]:

[生气][生气][生气]This Yang Yansui person is a beast “without blood” [heartless, cold-blooded]!!! [She’s] Still quibbling — shameless!!!

用户3597896805 [新疆伊犁]:

That Tsinghua University now has such a lousy professor and doesn’t immediately expel her, can it still be called Tsinghua University? [Arguing that the university’s actions make it undeserving of the prestige associated with the name.]

51淘女装 [安徽合肥]:

China is the most populous country in the world and it’s still a developing country! Question No.1: Can the retirement policy which has lasted for 35 years be changed so easily? Question No.2: Why always refer to foreign countries when making policies that hurt people but forget their advanced experience when making policies that benefit people?? Question No.3: That professors have turned “actuarial science” into a “tool to meticulously make calculations with the ordinary common people”, don’t you think it’s very shameless???

手机用户 [广东广州]:

Professor Yang XX, you are worse than pigs and dogs. People wouldn’t even allow you to lick their toes when you retire.

手机用户 [广东珠海]:

I’m bewildered, is she a professor?

手机用户 [广东湛江]:

Let her use herself to set an example! Let her experience it and learn how nao can the idea is!

爱心链 [湖南长沙]:

It’s easier said than done. Let them experience it [living under such a scheme] themselves first and see. [扣鼻屎]

手机用户 [西藏林芝]:

Another dogshit professor.

中国小老百姓 [上海]:

I baidu’d Ms. Yang Yansui’s personal information, excerpts below. I am not responsible for the accuracy of the information about Ms. Yang. Chinese name: 杨燕绥. Nationality: People’s Republic of China. Ethnicity: Hui. Place of birth: Beijing. Year of birth: 1953. Profession: Tsinghua University Employment and Social Security Research Center Director. Graduated from: Inner Mongolia Normal University, University of Ghent in Belgium. Yang Yansui, female, was born in 1953, Doctor of Law from University of Ghent in Belgium, professor of Public Management College of Tsinghua University, doctoral supervisor, director of social policy research institution, director of employment and social security research center. She has successively published 14 treatises and translations and over 100 papers in national publications like “Social Sciences in China”, “Management World”, etc., and is is amongst the well-known figures and authorities in the field of social security. According to Baidu data, Ms. Yang was born in 1953 and is 60 years of age. According to the scheme she proposed, she is already 10 years over the retirement age and has not retired. Likewise, in accordance with her scheme, the should immediately retire and return all of her wages from 2003 to 2013. At the same time, because Yang Yansui has not followed her own scheme in “spending time with the elderly cooking meals, washing clothes and doing some weaving”, and has not done so for as long as 10 years. According to the newest policy, Yang Yansui can be judged as seriously unfilial, and she didn’t do volunteer work as well. Recommend that Ms. Yang Yansui make up all the years of volunteer work she missed, namely Ms. Yang can begin collecting her pension at the age of 75.

719孤舟蓑笠翁 [北京]:

I want to go to Tsinghua University to pull out a banner, recommending Tsinghua University fire this nao can Abbess Miejue animal, [because] this is obviously bringing shame on Tsinghua University!!! Everyone willing to do this together?

719孤舟蓑笠翁 [北京]:

Those who want to curse Yang Yansui’s entire family to death, please click on “support” [upvote]!!

伤心爱国 [北京]:

Yang Yansui, this person has a baby’s face, yet she is much more malevolent and shameless than Meng X [mother of Li Tianyi]. This is a professor who takes the entire nation’s people as fools, a professor who completely disregards the country’s interests. The retirement/elderly problem is extremely urgent, so this person takes advantage of the government’s urgency as well as the famous name of Tsinghua University in recommending a retirement scheme that completely ignores the people’s interests and only considers her own individual interests. Question No.1: Nowadays, the biggest problem is the dual track pension system, but she didn’t mention it at all. Question No.2: The 15-year gap between retirement and the age in which they could begin collecting their pensions would force the salaried class to retire later. It also gives corrupt officials who want to stay in their positions of leadership like her a reason to not retire. Question No.3: The vast salaried class who pay taxes into the basic pension can only get the minimum pension benefits while leaders [government employees], as a result of having a larger base salary and being able to retire later, they get to collect a pension that is many times higher when the time comes. How can you be so shameless! With regard to question No.2, the answer she gave was “if you retire early, it means you have the ability to support yourself, and don’t need to collect retirement pension benefits”. Allow me to ask, how is someone who had to retire because they couldn’t work survive during these 10 years? And just how many people are able to work to 65 years old? This person has proposed even more absurd retirement schemes on television int he past, saying “the elderly have money, the young have strength, so we can have the elderly give money to the young, and thus have the young care for the elderly.” May I ask, if the elderly have money, would they still need her to spout bullshit here? She thinks ordinary people are like her and have already made enough money. This person was born in 1953, will be exactly 60 years old this year, and acts as if the sky will fall if retirement is not postponed. This person is truly anxious to push this policy.

gzwby [广东广州]:

Should human flesh search her, to see if she is the corrupt kind!

刘文鹏jeff [北京]:

The nation gives you funding, to do research, and this is what you’ve come up with? This is utter nonsense, disturbing the country’s stability and unity.

yzxxha [四川成都]:

Auntie [referring to Yang Yansui]: How about you first pay into social security before talking?

手机用户 [天津]:

Professors who don’t know the hardship of the people.

手机用户 [山东济南]:


林中的小鸟1689 [四川自贡]:

A person “without blood” [heartless, cold-blooded]!!!


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