Tsinghua Professor: Postpone Retirement Pensions 15 Years

Tsinghua University professor Yang Yansui.

Yang Yansui.

Tsinghua University professor Yang Yansui suggests postponing the retirement pension eligibility age to 65.

From Sohu:

Tsinghua University Professor Implores Delaying the Collecting of Pensions for 15 Years: First Do Volunteer Work After Retiring

According to a news report by Shanghai News General Channel, one of the main participants in the Tsinghua University Pension System Reform Scheme and director of the Tsinghua University Employment and Social Insurance Research Center, Yang Yansui, recently raised a suggestion that the age of retirement not be changed, remaining at 50 as before, but that the age for collecting pension payments be postponed to 65. This comment of hers incited huge controversy. Yang Yansui has now suggested that after the age [for eligibility to receive pension payments] is postponed, the form of employment should also be divided into stages.

Reporter: if someone retires at the age of 50 and only receive their pension at the age of 65, how does he/she spend the 15 years in between?

Yang Yansui, professor of Public Administration at Tsinghua University: ”I think we are currently writing a policy suggestion on this, to have them come out of manufacturing enterprises and with training, have them participate in community service near their homes. Male between the age of 50 to 65 can work as gardeners or gardening volunteers at some nursing homes, whereas females between the age of 50 to 65 can cook, wash clothes, or weave for the elderly. How nice that would be!”

Related opinion:

Tsinghua University professor: Postponing the receiving of pension money doesn’t mean postponing the retirement age

The “Tsinghua Scheme” suggests starting in 2015 and gradually pushing back the age for receiving pension payments starting until 2013 when the pension-receiving age has been pushed back to 65, but this doesn’t mean postponing the retirement age. Yang Yansui explained that the pension-receiving age and retirement age are not the same thing but rather two concepts. “Although it was the same in the past, treated as the same, but with the aging of society, this problem has separated.”

Professor Yang gave an example that the average life expectancy of Americans is 78.9 years old and the pension-receiving age is 65 years old. But before collecting your pensions, you can arrange to withdraw from the labor market ahead of time.

Related comment:

Retirement Reform Cheats the People, Civil Servants Don’t Pay Into Social Security But Get The Highest Pensions

Tsinghua University professor Yang Yansui.

Comments from Sohu:

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滴水成冰55968828 [搜狐广东省佛山市网友]:

What this Tsinghua professor means is having people under nongovernmental employment become baby-sitters and sanitation workers to specifically service those who work in governmental organizations. This suggestion is very good, and there are 3 huge benefits: 1. Postponing retirement 15 years means most of us common people won’t have the chance to collect retirement pensions, and the pension we’ve paid into can all go towards supporting the country, fully reflecting our selfless noble character and integrity. 2. It solves the common people’s living issues, and makes everyone healthy (those who are incapable of being baby-sitters and cleaners can just die off). 3. Providing a huge number of baby-sitters and cleaners for those who work in the governmental organizations greatly improves their living standards. It’s simply killing three birds with one stone. Well played, so well played!

此刻无语l [搜狐辽宁省沈阳市网友]:

No wonder people call you beasts,
you’re indeed completely without conscience,
a mouth filled with poison and cruelty,
your heart that of a beast.

You feast and dress all fine,
While the people are in distress.
Their life-long savings are food for the powerful,
But when did the powerful ever give back?
Xi Jiang Yue

梁发芾 [历史时政作家]:

I see many comments saying it should start with her [she should volunteer to abide by this scheme]. Seems many people don’t know that the salaries and pensions of Tsinghua University professors are all paid by the Treasury, and they don’t receive money from the social security [fund] after retirement, which is to say that whenever she retires is whenever she starts receiving her pension from the Treasury. Postponing the [age when one begins] collecting their pension doesn’t affect her at at all. So naturally, it can’t start with her. A bunch of people who don’t collect pensions but are supported in their old age by the government making pension policies for others is absolutely cold-blooded.

梁发芾 [历史时政作家]:

When this professor herself retires, she’ll collect retirement pay from the Treasury that is about as much as what she’s getting while employed, yet she wants the common people to be volunteer workers. This person’s intention is so wicked!

独孤伊人 TA的微博[搜狐福建省莆田市网友]:

Then let’s ask Yang Yansui to cook, wash clothes, and do a little weaving without getting any pension. How nice that would be!

百尺竿头 TA的微博[搜狐吉林省四平市网友]:

I think it can be determined by professions, those who work in private enterprises can retire at the age of 50, and start to receive pensions right away; and civil servants and professors can retire at the age of 65, and start to receive pensions when they are 85 years old.

风萧水寒qazxswcdr [搜狐江西省赣州市网友]:

The clamor to postpone the retirement age is getting louder, a raging fire burns in my heart;
I’m already a laid-off worker part of a vulnerable social group, nearing 50 years old where it is hard to find a job;
When private enterprises see that I’m almost 50, they’ll turn me away without a second word;
I have to beg half a day to get hired, and I have to do all the heavy and dirty work;
My salary is meager and the price of goods keep rising, I can’t make ends meet and my eyes filled with tears;
Above me is an old mother I must care for, and below me is my son’s shockingly high school tuition;
The financial strain is like a mountain, day and night I long for my retirement pension;
To postpone officials’ retirement age, I’ve nothing to say as it’s not my business;
But if it’s about postponing the retirement age for laid-off workers, I’m 100% against it;
I’m already in deep, how can I make it to sixty-five?
No matter how the scheme changes, I’ll vote against it if my benefit is touched!
I’ll reason for survival, dare they to let me starve?


It not strange at all that Tsinghua has this kind of stupid cunt.

岁月更迭51146588 [搜狐北京市网友]:

I really don’t want to swear, but I just can’t stand it. 4 words, you are a stupid cunt!

精彩语录51616536 [搜狐北京市网友]:

Has this stupid cunt not passed menopause yet? Lock her up in a nut house for 15 years, and when she comes out, she can collect her pension without having to wash clothes.

Comments from NetEase:

网易山东省临沂市网友 ip:112.234.*.*:

Suggest having this 2B professor be the first to go wash clothes, canceling all of her welfare/social security benefits, medical benefits, insurance benefit, and retirement pension.

西部渔夫 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Tsinghua University truly has raised a bunch of garbage professors.

网易澳大利亚网友 ip:124.168.*.*: (responding to above)

This Tsinghua professor sure knows how to focus attention on one thing while ignoring the larger picture. Yes, people in foreign countries do receive their pensions at the ages of 65 or 67, but they can apply to receive all of their retirement pay when they are unemployed for more than 6 months. When they have spent all of their retirement pay, they can apply for unemployment relief, and when they get old, they can receive elderly pensions.

内阁总理大臣李鸿章 [网易山东省济南市网友]: (responding to above)

Developed countries all have democracy, why don’t you learn from that?
Workers in developed countries have their own unions, why don’t you learn from that?
Developed countries allow protests and demonstrations without exception, why don’t you learn from that?
In developed countries, everybody gets the vote, why don’t you learn from that?
In developed countries, the assets of civil servants are made public, why don’t you learn from that?
Students in developed countries have school buses, and lunches are free, why don’t you learn from that?
In developed countries, professors like you would’ve gotten lost [been fired] long ago, why don’t you get lost as well?

Grass mud horse! But [of all these things] you’ve learned postponing retirement!

chenboyo3 [网易福建省厦门市网友]: (responding to above)

When it comes to the government policies of foreign countries, any parts that are unfavorable to the people are uniformly adopted [by our government], saying it is “following international convention”; Any parts that are favorable to the people are uniformly rejected [by our government], saying it is “taking the path of Chinese characteristics”. So, in the past, we learned English to get to know about the world, and now we learn English to get to know about China.

网易陕西省榆林市网友 ip:117.36.*.*:

2B professor, why don’t you first go become a baby-sitter and demonstrate…

网易广东省深圳市手机网友 ip:119.147.*.*:

Fuck your mother, it’d be better if went and became a man whore.

What do you think of Yang Yansui’s proposal? Should the age of eligibility for collecting pension benefits be extended from 50 to 65?

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Nick in Beijing

    Truly retirement with Chinese characteristics.

  • Thor

    Postponing retirement pensions ? That’s exactly what our governments in the West are doing for the last 20 years or so, year after year it gets worse. Now the youngsters don’t even believe anymore that such things as retirement policies will ever exist when they get old. Experts keep pretending it’s a matter of demographics. Of course they lie, to cover It’s in fact only a matter of unemployment. Those who are on the dole don’t collect pensions.

    • MrT

      dont forget to mention those who had all there pension plans stolen by the banks. You can thank The UK and US governments for helping that along.
      Best to keep it under the bed or in a Chinese bank.

      • Nathan

        A Chinese bank? No thanks, those non-performing loans will be a problem… better off keeping it under the matress.

  • Nicola Collina

    my father is university teacher in italy and for get max retirement need work up to 72 years old in 2015.. and he started in 1969……. china cannot handle so low retirement age: too many old people that aren’t working. Same problem happen in italy before when people could retire after 13 years of working…

    • boop

      italy is europe’s china

      • Nicola Collina

        Few aspects the same, but basically not.. For example Italy has the most restrictive regulation about food frauds..and about technology is one of the top nation in the world about many business.

        Unfortunately we are not able to industrialize that (Germans are the best ones for example..) and we have several problems that depends on our history (totally different from China).

        • boo

          i mean the bureaucracy and corruption of government

          • Zappa Frank

            really? what do you know about it…? did you experienced some or you just read some news?..

          • boo

            one doesn’t need to be berlusca himself to know about it. didn’t nicola the italian agree with me ‘100%’ on this point? are you italian?

          • Zappa Frank

            yes i am. but don’t get me wrong, it’s not that i wanted to say you’re wrong. i just wanted to know if you have some experience about it. Altough i agree that itay is indeed corrupeted, it’s still far from Greece or east europe, i think about the same level of Spain.

          • boo

            i get you now. I don’t know where I get it. it’s like common sense to me. you are right about east europe and ‘pigs’ countries. but usually when I say europe I mean ‘west europe’ the developed part of europe.

          • mr.wiener

            China doesn’t have “Bunga Bunga” parties [unfortunately]
            Getting groped by the local underchairman for party ethics in a KTV just isn’t the same.

          • Nicola Collina

            agree 100% on this point..

        • Germandude

          Yeah, I agree. What would really interest me are some numbers regarding the damages caused to the Italian economy by

          a. corruption
          b. the mafia

          The discrepancy in economical power between Northern Italy and the Southern part is astonishing…

  • Fanduril

    She’s gonna get run out of town with this. Never take away the dream of retiring at 50, sitting on the sofa all day smoking and shitting, and making your daughters go work in KTVs so you can keep up picking your nose in comfort.

  • boo

    she looks like she’s done too much sucking

  • The Enlightened One

    Wow, those Tsinghua professors seem really dumb!

    I guess that university is all about presentation over quality of eduation to have educators like this lady and that other frog face guy that defended the little shit rapist.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Along with that hostesses deserve to be raped professor idiot, you are right.

    • Wololoo

      Social faculties are not strong here and really “patriotic”. The professor would never suggest this thing without higher powers telling her.
      The technical and science faculties are among the best in asia though (in China of course #1) and allow a lot of freedom in research.

      • Nathan

        Unless they conduct research on overpopulation, soil erosion, deforestation, desertification, air quality, water quality, sustainable development, green GDP, or anything that might make the party look bad; ithen the natural sciences faculty are told to STFU.

    • bprichard

      I never get tired of seeing the idiotic bullshit that seeps from the ranks of the Chinese academia. I would think their university’s would just want to put gag orders on them at this point.

    • weierstrass

      FYI, in the 60s a lot of people from the “working class” were randomly nominated to study or become faculty at Tsinghua.
      Today there are still a few faculty that date from the cultural revolution, just saying.

    • Guang Xiang

      I studied my Master’s Degree at Tsinghua. Let me just say that the majority of professors really are not worth writing home about. Though the students themselves really are hardworking and quite intelligent, it’s a real shame that they are not given a better environment to tap into their potential.

      Saying Tsinghua is on par with Yale and Harvard is a real joke.

    • Bear

      Says the idiot who doesn’t have a college degree.
      Welfare entitlements will be the death of all western countries.

      Good that chinese academics acknowledge this problem

      • The Enlightened One

        Way off Yogi bear…Got a degree. Got my own biz and nice bucks. You keep hating though…

        Sounds like you are the star pupil of these two retarded teachers.

  • mr.wiener

    They’re probably going to have to do this sooner or later anyway. Isn’t there a looming aging bubble coming in the future because of the one child policy? I seem to remember reading about it somewhere.
    I’m not planning on retiring anyway, it kills more people than cancer, traffic accidents and heart disease combined.

    • Bravo sir!! Legends never retire, Christopher Lee, still going strong.

    • David

      When I hit 45 I sold my company and retired, it was the worst 3 months in many years (for me and my wife). Went back to school and got a second degree and teaching certifications. Working with a purpose is much much better.

      • mr.wiener

        It beats hanging out on the street and eating icecream in public :)

  • Rou Bin Hu

    Yeah, steal from the poor and give to the rich, Chinese style!

  • Refractions_of_Error

    Here it goes as predicted. Chine back pedaling its way to obscurity. Throwing out foreigners, under whatever pretext, clamping down on what little freedoms they gained, and making everyone work for nothing.

    Not surprising they want foreigners out, locals had begun to gain a sense of identity, began thinking for themselves and that is the last thing china wants.

    Oh well, give them a few years to isolate themselves. Meanwhile their economy is about to burst what with all the local government debts to the central bank, running to the tune of at least 25 trillion US dollars.

    Have fun.

    • Germandude

      “Oh well, give them a few years to isolate themselves. Meanwhile their economy is about to burst what with all the local government debts to the central bank, running to the tune of at least 25 trillion US dollars.”

      Huh? Why do you throw the US into this?

      • RickyBeijing

        ….He didn’t…..

      • David

        He was simply giving a monetary figure in U.S. dollars.

        • Germandude

          David and RickyBeijing.I am fully aware that RoE (that’s Refractions_of_Error), simply gave a monetary figure.

          My comment was not serious.

          The number 25 trillion US dollars of debts however also represents America’s debts (well, give or take a bit more or less, who cares). Actually, I thought it’s interesting to see that, in this case RoE is pointing at China while the same issue can be transfered to the US or any other given developed nation.
          And here is the thing: Considering the US debts are as high as the Chinese debts, my question of “Why do you throw the US into this?” was targeting on making readers think.

          Because all I know is: With the same amount of debts, the living standard in the US is how many times higher than China? And eventhough I rather dislike the US (government and its policy, not country and its people!), I must admit that if I had to chose where to settle down out of Europe, I would take the US any time over China.

          • David

            I understand what you were saying now. Let me try to shed a little light. Standard of living is a composite of many things (including the governments ability to pay for social services, education and building/repairing infrastructure, which it does with public tax money). However, as one small sample while the public debt of the U,S, (owed to people who bought treasury bonds, which is for the most part U.S. citizens) is 17 Trillion, its GDP is also about 17 Trillion (not good but not quite catastrophic yet). China’s GDP is about 4.5 Trillion (second largest in the world). If China does have public dept of 25 Trillion (which seems more of an exaggeration) it would represent 5X its GDP and would put it well into Greece level bankruptcy. (actually even much worse than Greece, think Mexico or Brazil before they defaulted).

    • donscarletti

      OOOOH, someone got deported did they?

    • Bear

      You’re an uneducated buffoon.

      Go preach your garbage on msnbc.

  • TJDubs

    So basically, they want people who are between 50 and 65 to work for free. Y’know, as slaves. Otherwise they can’t collect their pensions. Sorta like blackmail. Seems legit.

  • MidniteOwl

    I can’t imagine this happening without pitch forks and molotov cocktails. but then again… this China ruled by the CCP.

  • biggj

    So the retirement age in china is 50 as of right now?? That’s pretty sweet. That pretty young too.

  • stevelaudig

    Unless she is willing to do this, she has no moral standing to even be heard….

    “Male between the age of 50 to 65 can work as gardeners or gardening volunteers at some nursing homes, whereas females between the age of 50 to 65 can cook, wash clothes, or weave for the elderly. How nice that would be!” I have some washing and cooking that needs doing. “Weave” is probably a mistranslation for ‘sewing’… How nice. Perhaps the ‘retired’ bureaucrats and administrators can become ‘sent down elderly’…

  • JesusFuckingChrist

    Work for free for 15 years? Not gonna happen unless they put a gun to my head. How absurd does that sound? Has it occurred to her that people would just continue working until 65?

  • xiaode

    How old is this woman…? Looks > 50.. or not? Why isn´t she doing some volunteer jobs… cleaning some shit from the street would def. fit to her… at least better then what she is doing now…

    • MrT

      she very busy still looking for a husband.

  • Freddi BuBu

    She’s sexy – is she single?

    • MrT

      single forever she

  • RickyBeijing

    People don’t seem to understand these articles I think the way they are meant to be understood. Here in China a person can buy or sell anything or anyone they want as long as they have enough money, and even that is debatable.

    In the States when a new diet or piece of government reform is on the cards for change, it’s common for the publicity to have the opinion of a person educated in this field. It’s similar in other countries but I think I’ve seen it more stateside than anywhere else.

    This is an example of a silly fucking puppet being bribed to give her opinion on a subject she most likely knows nothing about and couldn’t give a shit about. But the government needs a figurehead to promote their new idea.

    It’s the same when recently the States decided to invade Syria, and Obama was in the promo videos saying those people need our help, then the people blame Obama for his war-mongering. In reality he has hundreds of people all around him making decisions and telling him what’s best to do or say. Very little is his own personal decision.

    The real question to these cases is who is the man behind the curtain, who is set to profit form this? Obama knows a war is not in the countries best interests yet it was put to a vote, which is, historically, a new type of democracy for Americans.

    But in the case of this woman, she probably got paid quite a bit, or perhaps had her job threatened or another possible scenario, to say let’s cut the pensions!

    I wouldn’t be worried at all about her opinions, nor the opinions of the guy who said Hostesses can be raped with less prejudice than other ladies. I’d be more worried about who profits from what he says. No academic is so fucking retarded as to exclaim something like this by themselves for no other reason than to just say it. Someone stands to gain.

  • donscarletti

    Chinese often ask me, my father is 54, has he retired?

    My answer to them is thus:
    Fuck off! My father is a good man, worthy of the respect I give him and more! If he were retired at 50, sponging money off me to buy on cheap erguotou, losing at majiang and whores, then I would have less respect for him than you have for your pathetic fathers that you despise so fully while nurturing like newborn babies.

    No, I do not answer in this way, for my tact is too great. But as I describe my father, his merits, his hard work, his continued study (he just finished his PhD, part time a year ago) and his multiple jobs, reflecting his ethic that hard work is a part of life and a part of manhood and my pure, unwavering respect and admiration for him and how I find him and my equally awesome grandfather (who retired at 82 and is still active around the community at 87) sources of inspiration in everything I do, my Chinese peers cannot feel slightly helpless and embarrassed by their own hard drinking, hard whoring fathers and their long dead grandfathers.

    You know what? You want to be doing fuck all apart from delegating work as some kind of elder by 35? You want to be retired by 45? Fuck you! Just because your parents humiliated themselves by thumping red books and beating those who they were supposed to learn from, being passed on by history so soon because they refused to learn the basis of wisdom during youth does not give you the god given right to do the same.

    You’re 32? You’re tired? You’ve been working for a whole 10 years? Get back to your desk because there’s a whole 4 more decades where that one came from!

    Thank you Qinghua for once!

  • linette lee

    In China the legal retiring age is at 50??? wow..that is young.
    But I can imagine most of the China folks work in the slave like factory and by the time they reach 50 they look 65 and worn out. It will be hard to work in those slave factory until 65. Even in the Chinese supermarket the Chinese workers work very hard and long hours and you will not see any cashier really old. It’s a hard job standing the whole day dealing with thousands customers. So I do see why they can’t work until 65 like that.

    I think if they want to postpone the age for eligible to collect pension they need to have better labor laws and standards to protect the workers. Create safe reasonable working environment requirement and number of hours restriction law for them. And enforce it with inspection and fine, make sure it is being followed across the whole nation.

    Then they can talk about postpone age for pension collection.

  • “life expectancy of Americans is 78.9 years old and the pension-receiving age is 65 years old”

    “The life expectancy of Chinese people is now 73 years and is expected to rise to 74 during the next five years” http://www.china.org.cn/china/2011-03/22/content_22190715.htm

    So all this TCM and ridiculous dancing in the park doesn’t beat american overweight sedation in promoting a long life? I’m going to McDonald’s right now!!!!

    Seriously though, “Yang Yansui explained that the pension-receiving age and retirement age are not the same thing but rather two concepts. “Although it was the same in the past, treated as the same, but with the aging of society, this problem has separated.”” Come the f*ck on! Obviously Tsinghua University cannot afford dictionaries! ”
    A regular payment made during a person’s retirement from an investment fund to which that person and/or their employer has contributed…”

    Bunch of stupid apes!

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  • SuvinderR


    At least she’s better than the kooky western academics who advocate for “No Work” and are constantly bitching about traditional work ethics.