Tsinghua Professor: Raping a Hostess is Less Harmful

Li Tianyi and his parents.

From QQ:

Tsinghua Professor: Raping Hostesses is Less Harmful than Raping Women of Good Households


July 10, the new attorneys of Li X, who has been charged by prosecutors for suspicion of rape, made a statement on their blog claiming that the press has the obligation to protect minors and old artists. Moreover, the two new lawyers had previously communicated to the press that they were going to plead not guilty for Li X. All of a sudden, this event has once again incited the fermentation of public opinion.


On [July] 16, a certain Yi Yanyou, whose verified weibo account says he’s the head of the Law School Evidence Act Center of Tsinghua University, defended Li Tianyi’s attorneys on his microblog arguing that raping a hostess [women hired by bars and clubs to fill up the venue, dance on the dance floor, drink with customers but rarely anything more] is less harmful than raping a woman from a good family. As soon as he said this, it incited heated netizen discussion. Immediately, in response to questions and criticism from netizens, Yi Yanyou clarified on his microblog that the last sentence should be revised as follows: Raping a woman from a good household is more harmful than raping prostitutes and hostesses who drink, dance, and sleep with customers.

Tsinghua professor Yi Yuanyou.

Tsinghua professor Yi Yuanyou.

The following is the original microblog post [since deleted]:

@易延友: In defense of Li Tianyi’s defense attorneys: 1. To plead innocent is his right. To quote the Haidian district prosecutor: The sky isn’t going to fall down if we let someone plead not guilty. 2. Minors enjoy special protections, there’s nothing inappropriate about his attorneys issuing statements asking people to respect the law. 3. Pointing out that the victim is a hostess doesn’t mean that hostesses can be raped but there’s a greater possibility that a hostess would consent to sexual behavior. Moreover, even if it is rape, raping hostesses is less harmful than raping women of good households.

Heated weibo discussion:

@宦卿世界: As a “man of the law”, this Mr. Yi of the Tsinghua University Law School is clearly defending Li Shuangjiang. The defense attorneys can plead innocent. This case can only be discussed on whether the punishment fits the crime, because there are already regulations in the law concerning juveniles committing crimes. To argue a defense that hostesses are more likely to agree to sex just makes him a legal illiterate. That’s because the law only cares about evidence, not “possibilities”. “Possibilities” are “groundless”, they are not evidence.

@FTD-TT: Hehe, may I ask by what standard is the degree of harm measured?? Rape is rape, the offense is the same as long as it is against a woman’s will. It has nothing to do with her occupation. A character like you can be a doctoral supervisor? Can you even teach your students well?

@一十一为王: It’s over, completely over. How has China’s education been lowered to the level of animals, that their humanity is even worse than that of animals’.

@包炬强: Chairman of Law School Evidence Act Center of Tsinghua University, are people graded and labeled in your mind? How can you say something so discriminatory? Quote Director Yang Heping: A complete legal illiterate, stupid, ignorant. A character like this can make his way into Tsinghua and become a professor? What happened to this country?!

@热情洋溢的老头: You are too lacking in basic moral sense!

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 婲謝依然羙、:

Women of good households are people, hostesses are not? All men are equal before the law. Besides, what evidence do you have to define her as a hostess?

腾讯网友 只要有你:

Worse than a beast, how can you be a professor? I feel ashamed that China has people like you!

腾讯网友 梦逍遥:

I want to ask this professor: what’s the definition of rape? Even if she’s a prostitute, can the circumstance of her being forced to have sex against her will be called rape? Why is it less harmful to rape a hostess while raping a woman from a good family is more harmful? Why are hostesses lower than other people? How did you cheat your way into becoming a professor?

腾讯网友 无聊:

He’s succeeded in his studies, lost his morality, with his head is firmly in his asshole, an animal.

腾讯网友 黑马:

Who gave him his professor’s title? Fang Zhouzi, go and check if he really is a professor. Isn’t it all men are equal before the law?

腾讯网友 夜冭冷:

Does the crime of rape have regulations concerning the identities of the victim? That raping women of good households is rape but raping other women is not? Is killing a bad person without criminal guilt? What kind of logic is this?

腾讯网友 Sherry:

Even if the victim is a professional prostitute, under the circumstances of her being forced to have sex against her will is also defined as a rape offense in western countries! At least one-third of male professors in China are scumbags!

腾讯网友 恋上楠de唇:

Buddha says all earthly beings are equals. Monster, first of all, you are against heaven! Secondly, what proof do you have to say that she’s a hostess? You can’t know for certain that she’s a hostess just by watching the news, right? Is someone leaking or suggesting something to you?

腾讯网友 376815977:

How can Tsinghua have a professor like him? It seems that our country has no talented people left any more.

腾讯网友 676649159:

Hostesses also have mothers, they are people, too. You rape them, you break the law, then you should pay for your mistake.

Comments from NetEase:

网易广东省珠海市香洲区手机网友 ip:183.45.*.*:

I’m just telling you gently… I’m going to fuck your sister on behalf of the netizens! I’ll shout it out to the sky… you’re not a professor, you’re a monster!

网易日本手机网友 ip:126.7.*.*:

Professors of Tsinghua have no morality, no credibility, and also lack human dignity.

网易云南省昆明市手机网友 ip:119.62.*.*:

Your daughter is raped, and your daughter happens to be a hostess. Then you say that those who raped your daughter are not guilty. Therefore, you’re the most rational.

遛遛二楼 [网易河南省开封市手机网友]:

Professor, now that you are famous, you have achieved your goal. Why are you still fucking zhuang b?

网易湖北省手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

So different people are treated differently in this matter? Professor, please give the people of this country a ranking standard!

网易四川省成都市手机网友 ip: 222.211.*.*:

Professor, according to your logic, if you go kill a sick person, is it less harmful? After all, a sick person isn’t normal, and has a greater possibility of dying. The amount of harm is based on the amount of harm suffered by the victim. Is getting beaten, tortured, and gang-raped by 5 men still considered little harm? You say that the internet is not rational? A simple, clear gang-rape case stalled over and over again, just because he is “Tianyi”? He is raping the law, is proving to the ordinary people that the law is their toy. To something like this, we can’t remain rational. We don’t want to be bystanders, because we’re afraid that one day when something like this happen to me, no one will be there to defend me! I don’t want my next generation to live in a environment with high-risk loopholes, even if my power is small!
Are we really going to be the “numb onlookers” Mr. Lu Xun described?

网易四川省成都市手机网友 ip: 222.211.*.*:

Stop saying that he’s underage. Although there’s a Law on the Protection of Minors, as long as someone’s above 14, he/she must bear criminal responsibility! Being underage can’t be an excuse for him to be innocent. Besides, professor, by what authority can you say that the victim is a hostess?

68054272 [网易广东省佛山市手机网友]:

We are just ordinary common people! I’m reminded of the words a great scholar once said many years ago! We are not toys for you to play with as you please.
To fight for the freedom of an individual, is to fight for the freedom of the nation. To fight for the human dignity of an individual, is to fight for the dignity of the nation! A nation of freedom and equality is not something that can be built by a bunch of slaves!

Hu Shi

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  • mr.wiener

    Oh dear…

  • yatiirockstar


  • Guest

    I wonder if he got promoted or just paid to say this nonsense?

  • Guest

    I wonder if he got paid and/or promoted to say this nonsense …

  • Eddie Spaghetti

    “…the press has the obligation to protect minors and old artists.” What the hell? Minors, ok. Old artists!? Oh yeah, fat old singers are third from top of the good societal rape hierarchy. Hostesses though, they’re somewhere near the bottom. The most promising thing about this whole incident is that it seems like other than the scumbag lawyers and this idiot professor, almost all the comments are relatively humane. I only wonder if it’d be the same if it wasn’t such a tool in the dock.

  • firebert5

    I would like to know, “less harmful” to who? And in regards to the first comment noting that “all men are equal before the law,” I can only paraphrase George Orwell by saying, “Some are more equal than others.”

  • filabusta

    Its Todd “legitimate rape” Akin’s Chinese doppelganger!

  • I love Sexy Chinese girls

    Is he really a professor?

    • radbab

      Apparently he’s a law professor. that would explain all the weird laws they have here

  • Hostesses are usually prostitutes.

    • Eddie Spaghetti

      So it’s ok to rape a prostitute?

      • Eddie Spaghetti

        Yeah nice edit there. Just in case anyone missed it and therefore think I’m being unreasonable, Jacqui had previously said, “I kinda agree with him. Hostesses are usually prostitutes.” What about an ex-prostitute? What about a woman forced into prostitution to pay for her dying mother’s cancer treatment? What about a plain ol’ promiscuous woman? Who the hell is he (or you) to judge what constitutes “lesser” rape?

      • It’s their choice to be prostitutes. They should stop crying when something happens.

        • mr.wiener

          Apparently you can also choose to be insensitive and foolish.

          • Apparently you can also choose to be loser who doesn’t like the truth :p

          • mr.wiener

            No hon, I just don’t like your truth.

    • Raminess

      A prostitute engages in consensual intercourse in exchange for money. The key word here is CONSENSUAL.

      Even if the hostess habitually exchanges money for sex, it MUST be her decision to consent to sex. When you force someone into sex against their will, it is rape. Occupation has nothing to do with it.

    • Atlas

      So what you’re saying is: “The Law’s protection shouldn’t apply equally to everyone”. Are you from Mainland China by any chance?

    • You are stupid. Sit back down.

      • Atlas

        She definitely hit a new Low.

        Hur hur hurrr.

    • Germandude

      As if that justifies rape…

    • lonetrey / Dan

      I’m guessing what you meant to say was…. “They put themselves in risky positions, so I’m not surprised that this might’ve happened”, or something along those lines?

      I hope you didn’t agree prostitutes should be allowed to be raped :/

      • I didn’t say they should be raped. But seriously you get what ask for.

        • mr.wiener

          If we can accept your comments about prostitutes as true [I don’t, but humor me anyway] These are people who sell sex. so should we say that rape of a prostitute is breaking and entering and theft as well?

          • Huh? I don’t know they just aren’t that important ;)

          • mr.wiener

            Important enough for you to dismiss them with a comment, but not important enough for you to think about.
            Misogynists like the professor would have you think that women who work in a trade like hostess have no rights and are able to be raped at the whim of any man who wants to. But where does it go from there? Women who work in low class professions? Women who dress provocatively?

            That’s Tailiban thinking hon.

        • lonetrey / Dan

          I know you didn’t say it, but people generally interpret something like this that way… I personally try not to attach my own meanings to such statements, but yeah.

          Well in any case, you have no sympathy for a woman in a risky line of work? Why’s that?

  • xiaode

    With the same logic I could shoot a soldier in China…
    -> Soldiers are more likely killed buy gunfire

    What a shame for human mankind and the Chinese nation!

    • Brett

      LTY (if it was really him) repeatedly refers to the rape victim as “that bitch” yesterday and now this guy says it’s not so bad to rape a hostess… This whole thing is fucked up.

      Tsinghua is a laughing stock overseas. No respectable foreign professor would ever take a job there… Or Beida for that matter.

      • mr.wiener

        Same guy.

        • Brett

          Yea, I just made that connection. What a tool.

      • Animal

        Tsinghua is the most respected chinese university and there are eminent western professors teacher there.

        • Brett

          After you meet some of those “eminent” professors, ask them what they think of Tsinghua. Better yet, ask them if they are there for prestige or the fat paycheck.

          The school is the same as all Chinese universities, just with a lot more money (money they use to attract foreign professors- we know they aren’t there for resume building). A school wracked with scandal after scandal of plagiarism, committed by students and faculty alike. Neither faculty, nor students are allowed to bring up anything on a long list of controversial subjects provided by the party.

    • The Nanjing Massacre was revenge against the Chinese … wrong things they have done in the past. Awesome revenge – and much deserved!

      • xiaode

        no, that´s bullshit!

        …and what has this to do with the topic or my post?

        • mr.wiener

          Absolutely nothing. Just trying to get a reaction from you.

  • So this Tinghua Prof. pigface is a twat AND he confirms a rape case??

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Tsinghua Professor: Sucking a white guy’s dick is less harmful.

    p.s. the milf on the right is not bad, not bad at all.

    • The one singing? Are you sure?

    • lonetrey / Dan

      Eh. She’s got that Bride of Frankenstein thing going on, doesn’t she?

      • Nick in Beijing

        I agree dude. Also, if this is her happy-fun-time-made-for-t.v.-singing-face, then I’d hate to see what her O face looks like.

  • Baphomet

    For some reason I want to make his pig nose even flatter, obnoxious ugly sod. Then I dislike all chinese male professors in China, arrogant and serve no useful purpose the lot of them, even supporting plagiarism.

  • Mighty曹

    WTF?!? Just when I thought this story couldn’t get any worse….

    • Mighty曹

      Fuck this! Give me the story of the woman who got electrocuted when answering her iPhone while it was being charged.

        • Mighty曹

          That looks so cheap and hazardous to use.

          • 剑胆琴心


          • You trying to suggest cheatin?

          • linette lee

            你為什麼罵 mighty bro? 他得罪你了嗎?

          • 剑胆琴心

            i never said anything bad to him then he began to insult me for fun….
            bald donkey!

          • linette lee

            原來如此. 但他不是很壞. 跟他談話很有趣.

          • Mighty曹


          • Mighty曹

            开云笑 Too bad people know you too well to believe you.

          • Lol bald donkey, she’s funny with follies. I tried googling ‘bald donkey’ but you didnt show up. status: debunked.

          • Mighty曹

            I googled ‘Ass-faced Monkey’ and Eatot’s picture popped up.

          • Mighty曹

            I told her she was ugly for saying that the two dead girls in the Asiana crash were ‘ugly’. She then told me to ‘fuck off’.

          • Mighty曹

            Hahaha… good one ‘green hat’.


        Lucky me I just bough an iphone last week.

        • No worries it comes QA inspected.

          • Mighty曹

            But it must be UL approved.

          • UL approves the design and does some safety tests I believe. Main thing is whether it follows standards like IEEE etc.

          • Mighty曹

            I think the IEEE is just an association that does not do lab testing and certification as the UL.

          • yes.

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            haha.. you got it!

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            You hit the Edit again?

          • no.

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          Why the hell would you buy an iPhone?!


            I have a joint plan with my wife and she’s been wanting an iphone 5 for months. Well our contract with T-Mobile ran out so we switched to AT&T to get a better price on the phone. I bought one for her and decided it would be cool to get the same one since I’ve never owned a smartphone before. Well one week later we’re both disappointed with the iphone. T-Mobile has unlimited data download while AT&T limits you to 3 GB/month so we have to be careful what we download. If anything we should have got the iphone 4 for free. It’s starting to look like a $400 mistake.

          • linette lee

            I love my iphone 4. No one pay full price for iphone. It’s should be free with the plan or small payment. I don’t care for iphone 5

          • 剑胆琴心

            i got my chinese smart phone for free. they gave it to company user for fixed phone.
            because its free,so i threw it here and there.drop down often….

          • MrT

            I bet you always drop things.

          • Mighty曹

            Like her panties.

          • linette lee

            Me too. I always get my i phones for free or the most I paid was like usd$50. I am their long term customer so no need to pay too much. The sales person give me good deal.

          • Mighty曹

            Aren’t you too dumb to use a smart phone? Get a dumb phone.

          • MrT

            make sure its on charge when you use it please.

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            Why? You want me to be electrocuted like that crazy woman got killed by charging her phone? You don’t love me?

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            Its not that I dont love you dear milkmaid, its that I dont like Apple Iphones and all that they stand for.

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          • MrT

            Apples are good when they stuck in the mouth of a roasted pig.

          • linette lee


          • Some one is fappling.


            Make sure you don’t answer the phone when you’re soaking wet either, like maybe when you’re competing in a wet t-shirt contest. When are you going to register with Disqus? I want to see a bigger picture of you.


            I really should have got the iphone 4, it would have been free. Do you have the facetime feature on the iphone 4? If yes I can call you and see you up close.

          • linette lee

            hahahah… I don’t do that.

            I chat with many people on internet located in different countries or states. I don’t want to chat online with anyone local in my area cause it’s no fun. It’s internet chat.

            I have my own circle of friends in real life from college, work, and church. I see them and I chat with them on my facebook.

            You still didn’t post your picture on your avatar. You said you will post it wearing Gstring. hahahaha…lol

          • What’s the prize for putting our real photo on our avatar?
            I’ve kept my cat form since the beginning. It would take quite a lot to break the combo.

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            You name the prize. :)

          • Message me in private to discuss prizes


            The prize is my used underwear that I’ve worn for 5 straight days.


            I already posted my G string pic TWICE. Once in JCrush and once in CSmack. Why didn’t you see it? You should register with Disqus since you’ll get an email every time someone replies to your message. That way you don’t miss any messages. I think your brain is malfunctioning again. Did you get shocked when charging your iphone?

          • linette lee

            I got into trouble 3 years ago because something like this. That guy was stalking me showing up at my door. Very scary. I had a hard time getting rid of him. He reminds me of
            shia labeouf acting a bit weird. Are you a stalker? hahhaha…lol.


            So you didn’t give the guy your address or location and he found you? That is scary. You gotta be careful, those phones have GPS so someone may be able to track you. Or maybe he recognized something in the background while you were talking to him. Don’t worry I’m not a stalker, if I talked to you using facetime I would just make funny faces at you.

          • fuckster

            Yeah don’t go for them iphones. Better off just buying the outright and put your own plan on it.

          • Mighty曹

            I went the opposite from AT&T to T-Mobile. As a matter of fact, I paid an ‘early termination’ penalty to leave AT&T. My calculation shows that by switching to T-Mobile I would be saving $$$ in the 2 year period. (AT&T plan I had wasn’t even an ‘Anytime’ minutes and there was a ‘required data plan’ for all smartphones).

            At the moment I’m very very happy with my HTC One but wish I had gotten the Samsung S4 (for a slightly bigger screen).

          • Aleister Crowley

            fair enough, im waiting for an ubuntu touch phone personally

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            That’s going to be the ‘next big thing’.

          • Aleister Crowley

            No doubt. If you have a nexus I do believe you can trial the developer software, but to have a device with it from the get go would be awesome, it will take time, but worth waiting for.


          • Mighty曹

            This is where the States always lack behind.

          • Aleister Crowley

            It will come along mate, no worries. Norway is doing well with adopting open source, do believe their military uses ubuntu.

          • Aleister Crowley


            Yup, I want a norwegian passport, bring on the cold and fur coats and vodka shots!

          • Guest

            That also saves money for the military budget.

          • Mighty曹

            Haha.. I deleted and reposted this but CS says “you’ve already posted this message” but went ahead and posted it as “Guest”.


            The thing is, I’m not even that interested in surfing the internet, playing games, or using any of their apps. I pretty much just want a regular phone for phone calls. I’ve had a flip phone all these years but the guy at the store told me those are slowly being phased out and the trend is towards all smartphones. Next time I’m just getting one of those free phones, that’s really all I need. I was fooled into buying an iphone by the hype.

          • Mighty曹

            Try to eBay or Craiglist the phone. But the catch is this: Unlocked phone commands a higher price and sells faster. The carrier will not unlock the phone unless it’s fully paid off. Even after it’s paid off it will take a few days to have it unlocked. But I will still go ahead and ditch the iPhone if you only need the basic functions of a phone.


            You mean you’re saying I should sell my phone? I paid for my phone in full. But without signing a contract I’m not sure what kind of phone I could get. I’m think of just keeping my phone despite my dissatisfaction and waiting 2 years. It’s an extra $30/month for the required data plan but oh well, I do surf and download music sometimes. I’m going to see if I can return my iphone to the store and get another phone since it’s only been a little while since i bought it.

          • Mighty曹

            Wait, are you on “month-to-month” and not under a contract now? And how much are you paying AT&T per month?


            No, I have a two year contract but what I’m saying is that I thought the phone companies only give out free phones when you initially sign the contract, not if you want another phone in the middle of your contract. If I sell my phone and want another one, I may have to pay for a phone I otherwise could have gotten for free if I got it when I signed the contract. Our plan is about $120/month for 2 lines both with 3GB data download/month.

            Anyways, I think I’m stuck since I already signed a contract. I’ll also probably keep my iphone. If I’m stuck with the contract I might as well have a phone that has fairly fast download speeds.

          • MrT

            yea why! far better Chinese phones now!

          • Aleister Crowley

            qq international for android has just been released before iphone version, hahaha

          • MrT

            where where where, give me link, cant find it

          • Aleister Crowley


            Here you go dear sir, consider it my good deed! You may need to sign in with your qq however.

          • MrT

            excellent, this is so great, it works really well, as good as the Chinese version but better because now I can check all the settings.
            Thank you very much sir!

          • Aleister Crowley

            You are malcolm! I only just checked it on my cheapo phone now, great to have it in english, no?

          • MrT

            yea, far more control, with out having to experiment all the time.

          • Aleister Crowley

            indeed, now if only they could release a version for linux!

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            I don’t think he will need ‘qq’ but still should’ve gone with an Android.

          • Aleister Crowley

            no doubt, to me apple is just as bad as microsoft.

          • Mighty曹

            I started using the iPhone at 3G and then 3GS. After that I got bored already and switched to a Samsung Android. I’m never going back to apple or any other platforms.

          • Aleister Crowley

            kudos. It’s good to see open source paving the way, iphones are just for posers, style, no substance.

          • Mighty曹

            Exactly! But I see two things with an iPhone.
            1) The best invention in the history of mankind
            2) The most overrated gadget in the history of mankind

          • Aleister Crowley

            I’d agree. I did a demo of linux in China, I showed it can do everything for free and without malware, that chinese windows can do. Sadly the mindset is to gravitate towards ms/apple because it is cool:(

          • Mighty曹

            You’re an apps/OS developer? You should’ve put on a black turtleneck to do the demo since they buy into that Steve Jobs stuff.

          • Aleister Crowley

            no just a bit of an open source geek, I do actually fiddle about with laptops a lot, oo-er, that does not sound right, lol

          • Mighty曹

            That depends on what sites you’re on while you ‘fiddle’. LOL!

          • Aleister Crowley

            lol, you got me!

      • MrT

        serves her right.

        • Mighty曹

          She should have tried taking a warm bath while talking on the phone with it charging.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    At first, when you hear what he said it’s a, “No I don’t agree it’s less harmful, and it’s still horribly wrong for the rape to happen at all!!”

    Now, after he rephrases what he said it’s become, “Yes I do agree it’s more harmful, and it’s still horribly wrong for the rape to happen at all!!”

    … Seriously, he’s really not helping this guy’s case. Though I suppose there’s really no helping this guy so maybe he’s intentionally piling on the firewood and gasoline for the public. Get a kick out of creating more trouble for this Li X character!

  • curl of the burl

    I actually agree. Because following that logic, the women of lowest stature in society are of the least concern when being raped. So raping government official’s wives would merely receive a slap on the wrist! Too easy! Start from the bottom boys! In every sense of the phrase!

  • This professor probably is just trying to convince himself that raping hostesses isn’t so bad so he can justify his actions at numerous KTVs, and has no idea he just said all of that out loud.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      He said it because he once raped a hostess himself.

      • Nick in Beijing

        That’s pretty much exactly what our bewhiskered friend just said.

  • Washington Bullets

    What constitutes a good household in China? Morals, or finances?
    If this is the case from a moral standpoint, then the Li household can expect to experience some actions that this lawyer may consider to be “less harmful”.

  • Pigu

    you are a scumbag

  • markus peg

    Im sick of hearing about this li tianyi case… has China stopped to see what happens? nothing else of interest to read about online in China?

  • Karze

    If that women is his wife, mother or sister. Will he stand by his statement. Rape is rape.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      He would be the first one to rape them!

  • Uncle

    Yi Yuanyou your mum is a Hostess, How much did the family pay you? What if that was your sister?

  • Jay K.

    at’s all i got to say about that

    • Mighty曹

      Marcus Peg, is that you?

  • radbab

    *facepalm*… no wait, it’s probably that I’m just a stupid laowai and don’t understand China. Yes, that must be it. It probably makes perfect sense if you’re a Chinese university professor…


      Well you sound stupid with that statement. Weak attempt at trying to play the victim card. Nobody is turning this into a laowai vs. Chinese issue except you. If you actually read the netizens reactions most of them disagree with the professer too.

      • radbab

        Just think about all the other people who heaved this clown into the position as head of Tsinghua’s law school. Despite the netizens’ reaction this guy must have quite some support. Who are those people? Seriously, there’s some academia here where you just shake your head how stupid they appear. And when I think all this over I really wonder if I understand China at all.

        But then again just saying “they’re all idiots” is a too cheap way out. There must be some logic behind this which I’m not quite seeing. And that’s when I feel like a stupid laowai who doesn’t understand a thing. But maybe the Chinese don’t understand either what happens. Who know?

        But this has nothing to do with making anyone a victim or whatever you’re assuming. That’s just me being profoundly confused why such a guy is what he is and can say what he says.

        • fuckster

          In china just look at who his mommy and daddy are or who they know. Simple

          • Oh… you mean its not the corny looking dude and the sexymama on the first picture here?


          I think the Chinese would understand better than you what’s going on in their universities. Yes they may understand the “whys and hows” of the situation but they also disapprove of what’s happening. An example is the bribing and corruption that goes on in the construction industry. How many lives could have been saved in the Sichuan earthquake if construction codes were followed? There’s logic in pretty much everything, it’s just that it’s not always recognizable to everyone.

          Okay maybe I misunderstood your post about the stupid laowai part. I’m also dumbfounded by the things people who are supposed to know better say in public.

  • David S.

    He reportedly deleted his offensive brain turd, apologized and confessed to some reporter that he was sick of this shit and no longer wished to have any part in it.

    The man has probably been saying that sort of crap for a long time to a whole lot of people. Unfortunately he’s a professor and everyone around him feel it may be impolite, as well as unwise, to call him the imbecile that he is.

    As delusions of wisdom and intelligence overwhelmed his petty mind, he took a bold swaggering step out in the wide world wide web and got reality-check-bitch-slapped.

    It’s kind of funny and a little sad, and so it’s a really great lesson in life for everyone.




    “3. Pointing out that the victim is a hostess doesn’t mean that hostesses can be raped but there’s a greater possibility that a hostess would consent to sexual behavior. Moreover, even if it is rape, raping hostesses is less harmful than raping women of good households.”

    I know it’s not the politically correct thing to say but I kind of agree with this statement. I mean can you disagree that there is a greater chance a hostess would consent to sex as compared to your average girl he just met at random. And if you had no choice but to allow a woman to be raped, would you rather chose a hostess or a girl from a “good household”, whatever that means? I know it’s generalizing in an extreme way but still I think a lot of people would agree with me. Of course I’m not condoning what Li did at all and he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. It’s just that I think this professor said what a lot of people think but are afraid to say.

    • I don’t think there is a girl that I would prefer to be raped even if one just absolutely had to be raped…which is ridiculous because why would anyone ever need to be raped?

      Why would that even be a situation? Why would there ever be a choice like the one you mentioned? All that does is detract from the situation by trashing the girl. It serves no purpose to talk about what her profession is.


        The situation is a hypothetical situation. I guess I chose the wrong words to try to explain my point, I’ll try again. I’ll give you an example of two rape cases in the past few years where I live. In the first, a 17 year old HS student who I believe had straight As, was abducted, injected with drugs, and raped repeatedly in the back of a van. I believe her attacker got 20 years. In the second case a man was convicted of raping a prostitute and also received a similar sentence, which surprised me. The thing is, while both victims received public sympathy, who do you think the public sympathized with more? The 17 year old girl, or the prostitute? Who would you sympathize with more? If you say both equally I’d say you’re in the minority. This professor just stated what a lot of people feel but don’t say. I don’t condone any rape, no matter what profession the victim is in, but people in general do judge others by what they do for a living.

        Being Americans, we are brough up to believe that all people are created equally and deserve equal rights. But there is a bias that we all have. Whether it’s racial, gender, occupational, there are just certain victims that people can sympathize more with. I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s a fact.

        • Mighty曹

          I have a hard time believing or agreeing with that.

          Firstly, I definitely feel the two victims you mentioned should be sympathized equally and I’m sure I’m not in the minority.

          Secondly, society has come a long way and there are many advocacy groups assisting them in everything an average woman needs.

          Thirdly, a prostitute’s credibility may take its toll in the courtroom during a trial but the selected jury (or the Judge) will likely look past her profession and see her, first, as a woman then a victim.

          I really can’t imagine this in the courtroom: “Well, she’s a hostess, so she deserved to be rape”.


            If you’re saying a prostitute being raped would generate the same amount of sympathy as a 17 year old straight A student, I disagree totally but have no way of proving you wrong. Maybe they SHOULD be sympathized equally but in reality they aren’t.

            Yes society has come a long way but there’s still a long way to go. Look at the treatment of homeless people. Can you tell me they’re treated the same as everyone else?

            Well you may be right about the jury believing the prostitute. I don’t think any rational jury will say she deserved to be raped for being a hostess. I just want justice to be served. If Li is guilty of rape I want him to serve a lot of time, if the hostess lied about it, she should also serve time.

          • Mighty曹

            Sweet irony if the 17 y/o straight A’s student later start to turn tricks through a chain of events that all began with peer pressure to exceed in school.

        • I understand what you mean now. It’s a shame that the same amount of attention isn’t given to each case. Kind of like this episode of Vice I watched a few days ago about gun violence in Chicago. It’s been going on for so long, and no one really paid much attention to the kids getting killed out there because they’re black kids from poor families living in the ghetto…it took the Sandy Hook shooting to put the world of gun violence in the world of the soccer moms and make the nation really take notice. Unfortunately, though, a lot of the attention it brought was strangely a huge amount of loud, mouth-foaming defense for guns.

          • “I understand what you meow now.” Fixed that for you and hey, don’t call us foamy because I might just foammmmm. :Q

          • hiss hiss spit spit hisssss

            Who needs guns when you’ve got these claws and a tail that puffs up when I’m pissed?

          • Mighty曹

            I like mean feisty cats. Great personality!


            Yeah we’re all biased to some degree, many times without knowing it, it’s a product of the society we live in. I just watched a clip of that stupid show “What Would You Do” hosted by John Quinoness. It was about a group of kids vandalizing a car in a city park. One group was white, one black. In several hours, bystanders called the cops on the black kids 10 times, while only calling the cops once on the white kids. Of course a lot of the people who called the cops on the black kids said they’d do the same if the kids were white. But unless this experiment was a statistical anomaly, they’re lying just trying to be PC.

        • 易延友

          Your first post was clear, logical and to the point. Did you really feel you had to write this second post idiot style for those with shitty levels of reading comprehension? You shouldn’t compromise and work harder to gain the understanding of idiots especially if you didn’t make the comments about the hostess like I did, and have nothing to lose yourself.

          • Nick in Beijing

            You’re getting out of character. Shape up.


            I wrote a second post to clarify my position. Sometimes it’s harder to communicate on the internet as compared to a face to face conversation. I can only type so fast.

          • Oh look, it’s the real Yi Yuanyou. Totally believable.

        • Nick in Beijing

          My question is simple. Why do we even need to know what the girl’s profession was? Whether it is student, prostitute, or even hired killer. It has precisely zero relevance to the case.

          You, or others, may argue that the relevance is that if it’s a prostitute then she is likely in high-risk situations. That shouldn’t matter at all. What if the straight-A student went to a bar, had a few too many drinks, and was feeling flirty? She would then also be in a high-risk situation. Citing the social standing of the victim, citing their attire at the time of the rape, citing the environment they were in. None of that changes the simple fact that she was forced to have sex against her will.

          Our professional impersonator friend might have something interestingly silly to say about that. You yourself may have a witty reply, I have seen your posts and you often make good arguments (even if I disagree with some of them), but nothing that can be said changes the simple and core fact of the matter.


            We don’t need to know anything, but the media wants to give the public as much information as possible. And people just want to know, because people are nosy. I’m not saying being in a high risk situation justifies anything and you’re right, it shouldn’t be a factor in the case. The only exception might be in deciding what kind of character she has. A lot of times the character of the person testifying will be a factor if they are believed or not. This is especially true if physical evidence is minimal. I’m sure you’ve heard of unreliable witnesses in Western court systems right? I’m not saying being a hostess makes her a liar or unreliable but women have been known to falsely accuse men of rape for personal gain.

            So you’re saying it’s a “fact” that she had sex against her will? Everything is all allegations at this point. Nothing is proven. I just hope all the fact come out in trial. That’s the best we can all hope for.

    • If the intent is to look for boogie then its logical for ease of access but this statment doesn’t prove anything. How come theres no DNA proof or use of science of any sort if this is a major case? I starting to think theres no rape but just irrefutable douches all around.


        I’m not saying the statement proves anything but i am saying there is some truth to the statement IMO. I don’t know the details of the case and I haven’t heard of any physical evidence. I’m not sure how they will prove a rape case if there is no physical evidence.

  • Sherry

    Right, if goods are for sale , stealing them is allowed. We should only punish people stealing things that were not offered for sale. I think a sex worker is already a victim of unfairness in society , working in hazardous conditions therefore require more protection than others facing same crimes.

  • 易延友

    Dear Internet Friends,

    My comments on the 李天一 legal case were made for a distinct audience of my peers to read and discuss with me, other college professors, a few doctors, and especially my lawyer friends. Since I posted them they have been disseminated to the “general” public and were understood to be of a different tone than I had originally made them with. In fact, you can say my comments have been misconstrued.

    Please, allow me to explain. And bear with me because I’m going to have to divert and talk about some other things to get to the root of this little problem.

    Let’s say I indeed had only made this comment to my friends at a dinner table, my peers who all sit on roughly the same social strata as myself, my comment would have been understood. It wouldn’t even have been met with so much as a laugh. When I say the same social strata, and I’m going to be quite blunt with my words here, I’m talking about people of higher intelligence.

    We scored in the higher percentile when we were in school, perhaps because we studied harder or didnt need to study that hard due to talent OR due to, dare I say, connections. And in this long and tiring race of life, through high school, college and in whatever other situations we found ourselves in, we found a way. We found a way to achieve our goals, succeed and to get what we wanted and needed. We have an understanding of eachother and our own thought processes. And yes, our thought processes, habits and careers are quite similar due to our having similar cultural and economic backgrounds.

    Our cultural and economic backgrounds are indeed exclusive. By their very nature they are exclusive. They exclude the less intelligent and they exclude the less well off. You may even say they are hereditary in terms of practicality, ie., social and familial connections and in terms of genetics. What am I saying? I’m telling you, like it or not, against everything you’ve been taught in your schools as to what is socially acceptable, that there is an upper class, and that not all men are created or become equal. Now for most of us that’s nothing new, but what may also be new to most of you is that it’s now affecting your lives in very distinct ways.

    Consider the food you eat, your transportation, the place you live, your jobs. Where are they on a social scale? Lower class, middle class? What kind of trash do you eat every day? How many cancer causing chemicals did you just ingest JUST FROM THE RICE in the to-go lunch that the delivery girl just brought up to you? Was your bus ride nice today? Crowded and with the risk of catching the next bird flu? How about your job? Was one of me there to tell you what to do so that you can slave away for more hours with the prospect of earning in your entire life less pay than I have in one of my auxilliary bank accounts?

    I have none of the worries that you do. The rice I have in my home and eat everyday is grown on a farm free of pesticides and pollution. I have a driver that drives me to and from work everyday. And given my job I am in fact my own boss. Being that our lives are completely different, our ways of thinking and expression are by necessity also not the same.

    So, it’s not surprising that my comments were seen in the light that they were. They were being read by people of your class. A class of nobody’s. Yes I’ll say it, an underclass. A class of people who eat poison food, breath poison air, have poisoned work environments and see things in a poisoned light.

    But that’s not right!, you say. It’s not that bad!, some may say. This is not fair!, others say. You curse me and you curse the government and you curse everything and anything for your plight. But what have you done? Why would you ever deserve anything better?

    Well, usually being in the social position that I have I would give you another line of bullshit. I would say something along the lines of “It will all be better in a few years. Our country is in a transitional period and soon enough we won’t need such drastic measure that sacrifice our environment and social stability to develop our industry and economy.”

    But here, right now I’m going to be blunt with you and talk with you for a moment like I was when I posted my comment about the hostess and you all got so upset about. The truth is that it’s always been like this and it always will be like this. There has always been an underclass by birth and you’re a part of it. You have been born to labor, breathe poison air, and die, nothing else, you aren’t on par with me and you never will be. You’re all just workers and servants because you deserve it and you deserve it because you are workers and servants. It is a matter of heredity and birth. It’s nature and it will never change.

    There’s no communism, socialism, or capitalism. They are all ideas unto the same thing, the over and underclasses. And, furthermore they were all just words and ideas created by men like myself, university professors with one thing in mind. To brainwash you poor little fools into thinking there is something, a system and it is taking care of your little worker existence. In ancient times we called them Gods and created them for you. Now we call them systems and likewise you are pacified and continue your daily drudge without end.

    Mao tried to change it, he tried to destroy confucianism, and social hierarchy. He tried his damdest with the great leap forward, the cultural revolution. 60 million starved to death in the great leap forward alone. But what was Mao’s legacy? Nothing more than becoming another emperor. You hang his picture on your rear view mirrors but in the end he’s lying in his jiniantang just like the pauper emperor he was. For all his labors, revolution and ideology he became only what he most despised. Even in his grave there’s a lesson for you in that he requested cremation. But the leaders, people like me decided to embalm him just so you workers would have one more thing to see, one more spectacle to feast your eyes on and not have to think about the plight of your pathetic existence. Even Mao couldn’t win against nature and genetics, he only made everything worse than it could ever have been.

    From that period however, we did learn one thing. We learned the one axiom that has defined our society for the past 60 years at least, or that one could even say could define the real nature of the world over the history of humankind. Many have said the same thing before, but some one, maybe Mao or someone writing for Mao penned it in modern times as “political power sprouts forth from the barrel of a gun.” And if your little proletarian minds haven’t understood anything I’ve written as of yet, you’d better get this. It was made evident during the cultural revolution and galvanized into fact on 6-4 in Tianamen Square. There is no power like real power and real power comes from violence and force of arms. It doesn’t matter how well intentioned you are, it doesn’t matter what ideology you have, there is only power and if you try to usurp the current power structure you’ll die like those students in the street or like the old revolutionaries did to Mao’s red guards. This aspect of human nature not one of you can deny.

    Still feel like cursing us? Writing on your little blogs? By all means, continue. That’s what the internet’s here for. But I hope you understand it changes nothing. It never has and never will. 100 years from now your grandchildren will be posting comments just as you did on their lunch breaks as a mental diversion from their little slave existence.

    So now, back to my comment about this hostess. Clearly meant for associates of mine, but interpreted in all ways negative by semi-intellectuals and proletarian einsteins.

    Let’s first understand what a hostess is. A young lady working in a KTV bar as a hostess has to sing songs and drink with her customers and in most cases this involves sleeping with them too at the discretion of the customer. Basically a hostess is a dressed up word for prostiture or whore. Now a prostitute or a whore we could say is someone who has multiple sex partners over short periods of time, each sex partner being charged a fee. I’m sure you understand that, but I was criticized for saying that if would have been much harmful emotionally for a housewife who has had at the most a few sexual partners in her entire life to be gang-raped than a whore who if working at a KTV parlor can have as many as a different sexual partner every night.

    In this case it is understood that the said hostess was “gang-raped” by 5 men. Under what circumstances or how violent this “gang-rape” was, only the suspects involved really know. Now, many “hostesses” also have worked in or at the same time do work at their employment establishment’s sauna. Police have raided sauna’s and found that most of the women working there have to serve 10-15 customers per day. A normal house wife would never even have ever thought of having sex with 10-15 people in her entire life, or even 5 for that matter.

    So we can see that a female prostiture has a quite different mental composition than your normal housewife.

    I suppose I was so very wrong in stating that it would be much more emotionally harmful for a housewife to be raped than a prostiture just because I didn’t
    carefully consider who would really see my comment. If it was one of my
    peers who saw it, he or she would have understood completely. But I suppose that you with rather “proletarian” minds would have to see it under the lights of your own experiences as either having paid for whores yourselves and having a bit of empathy with them or having yourselves been whores in the past.

    So now that my comments have been subject of such scrutiny and have even been posted on foreign websites, I say in closing that I understand you all, I understand your pain. I understand what you are going through and I want you to know that it all will be better someday and it’s just something we’ll have to work toward together. Everything will be back to normal soon and you do need to go to work tomorrow! So continue your efforts in your daily lives and your work and when you see or hear something you think is wrong then, hey! post something on the internet about it! Let your feelings be heard! It will be better for you and for our society as a whole! Keep policing the internet, and exposing government officials! Because without you we’d be less one precious little snowflake.

    • Mighty曹

      You smoked some good shits!

      • TLDR for me?

        • Mighty曹

          Don’t be lazy. Read it. I’m bored here so I had to read.

          • HOoooo

          • Mighty曹

            Mun mun tai.

          • Haha, I had intended the character of Hodor from Game of Thrones but it turns out differently , but hey I did read it slowly.

          • 易延友

            did your lips move as your brain poured over each word?

          • narsfweasels

            “pored” you ignorant wretch.

          • Mighty曹

            Very likely deleted by the Mod.

          • mr.wiener

            Guilty as charged, the same guy’s stuff again.

          • Your wand should have a dunce hat instead of a star.

          • Mighty曹

            LOL! I thought you were speaking Cantonese. 好多

          • I realized that after you replied. I didn’t realize double entendre came naturally.

      • Should we throw some golden biscuits under the bridge for his munchies? I mean afterall he did get a couple points right about the “elites”(new world order and the control of people). Or just ram it like billy goats?

        • 易延友

          haha! I would expect some one with your level of intelligence to generalize those that you don’t understand as drug addicts and believe in self induced delusions of new world order conspiracies to explain away your own ineptitudes.

        • Don’t know what this was deleted but it was:


          haha! I would expect some one with your level of intelligence to generalize those that you don’t understand as drug addicts and believe in self induced delusions of new world order conspiracies to explain away your own ineptitudes.

          haha! I would expect some one with your level of intelligence to generalize those that you don’t understand as drug addicts and believe in self induced delusions of new world order conspiracies to explain away your own ineptitudes.”

          HUH??? So now it’s a conspiracy after 易延友 tried to say smart men like him makes laws to keep people stupefied??

          Man I love thee trollzzz

    • Just keep digging that hole or better still I have some rope you can have.

      • 易延友

        Hehe, I see our foreign friends aren’t that democratic after all. When feeling threatened by the reality of their own pitiful existence they threaten others with death. Truly proletarian. How’s the working life?

        • I also have a spare shovel.

          • 易延友

            Workers usually do

          • lol

    • Zappa Frank

      such effort typing so long and such a poor conclusion..

      • 易延友

        I know you’re so right! Thanks for the pointer. Next time I’ll conclude with something about the human genitalia and your little proletarian instincts will be satisfied.

    • randy

      This is ALMOST classic. work on it a bit and this could be a classic speech…Really good.

      • 易延友

        If you think so, feel free to plagiarize. I’m going to be working on my chess rating. you said “work” on it a bit. no way.

    • Ladies, gentlemen, cats, dogs, aliens and ‘proletarian others’,may I present to you a classy eloquent fart expelled from the golden rectum of the wealthy chinamen. /cue the troll music.

      • 易延友

        hey! that sounds like something you’d hear in a cartoon! Original and classic for someone on your level! Good job!

        • Meeeowww shorty has got a bite.

          • Nick in Beijing

            It’s time a name change. Meowbeabanana please.

          • lol.. nah.. pic may change..but I gone bananas.

        • Look every body… Francis the talking mule is still talking. okay okay.. here is your gold star and your biscuit mainly because it bemuses me.

          I gave you a biscuit as a welcome gift to the discovery of the human mind WOWWWWW!!!! If people simply put some thoughts into such things, then that is enough to conclude what you so verbosely wanted to say. We aren’t all as ‘proletarian’ and misinformed as you claim nor are we unbeknownst to the idea of the elite. Rothchild said this in the 1800s “Who control the issuance of money, controls the government.”.

          The gold star is for bravo that you think a certain way. Are you a Rockefeller or a Warren Buffet? Certainly not as wealthy, so.. are you a Linus Torvald? Nope last I confirm you are the end section of the human centipede of the well to do group, and no where near any elite nor do you produce anything meaningful besides consuming and milking your way with your chauffeur through the exploits of gullible people.

          The funny thing is that you are no more special than any of us and you claim to be level:hardcore for human intelligence, yet you dwell to explain to us about your gleaming knowledge as if you expect us to understand after you decidedly said we are of not your level.

          I’d say to you: go rub one out and enjoy your smegma from your hands as you may claim they contain minds of their own.

    • narsfweasels

      “We scored in the higher percentile when we were in school”

      And you came last in the human race.


      You can’t expect anyone to actually read all of what you said right? Are you claiming to be Professor Yi? If you want anyone to believe you give us some evidence. How about a photo of you holding up 4 fingers on your right hand and 3 fingers on your left hand and stick your tongue out. If you provide a photo I’ll believe you, otherwise you’re wasting my time.

      • Alphy

        He is a troll, most professor I’ve met in China would not write half the stuff he wrote about class and Mao. They would be too afraid of the repercussion from the public, even if they truly has those elitist thoughts. People who have actual class or have obtain a true education would not be so condescending to those who are less fortunate neither.

        So commenters, what do you do with troll? Don’t feed them.

        • MrT

          I just cooked him a bacon and egg sandwich! what you talking about!

    • loki

      (was going to write some trollish comment but instead…)

      Well put.

    • mr.wiener

      This was actually a very well thought out and interesting devil’s advocate position you have taken here. Even better that the one you did yesterday as Li Tianyi. It is just a shame you spent all this time and creativity for your own trollish ends. I’d actually be interested to know what your real opinions are when you are not just trying to get an angry reaction from people. Maybe we’ll know in the future.

      • Cervello

        I read it twice! before checking the comments.
        Now I want to read what he said as Li Tianyi. LOL

    • MrT

      So great!

    • Brett

      This has got to be the same troll pretending to be LTY yesterday. Same long-winded nothing.

      • Sam I am

        You think? Maybe? I figured it it was really the same guy then he would have just as well wound up this one with the concluding sentence of “if you don’t like what I have to say then suck my 10-inch cock on your way out!”

    • xiaode

      After the 3rd paragraph it was quite clear for me that this guy is not more than a troll! If this guy really think the way he writes… I don´t know if I should be sorry for him or…
      (by the way, his writing is completely different – even after translation this is visible…)

    • Nick

      “100 years from now your grandchildren will be posting comments just as you did on their lunch breaks as a mental diversion from their little slave existence.”

      Your upper class isnt some inescapable thing that has always existed and will exist forever, it was created, and it was created within recent memory.

      100 years ago your entire race toiled building our railroads and making the silk and laquer crap our upper class decorated their houses with, for which we paid you with heroin. And then economic conditions changed and here you are, educated enough to write a million dumb words embarassing yourself on the internet.

      Then economic conditions changed and china went from a country of farmers who couldnt read to a more developed country. They’re still changing and your ephemeral upper class is going to change too, in ways you’re going to hate. Soon it will include women and gays and black people and they will be your equals. This process is rooted in materialism, its called pluralism, and there’s nothing you can do about it ^_^

      • Sam I am

        Dude, you’re a joke. The Han Chinese wont let Tibetans, Uighurs and Mongolians have even a little bit of “autonomy” and you think they’re gonna let blacks and gays get some kind of upper class power? After being invaded and taken over by the mongols and manchus they understand the concept of race alot better than Americans do and aren’t going to let some kind of ism (pluralism or otherwise) interrupt their racial oligarchy like white Americans have to where blacks threaten a race riot in Florida and the government puts zimmerman on trial after letting him go. Can you imagine a Uighur president in China like theres a black president in the states? In your pluralist dreams. it’ll never happen as long as the han communists are in power. They finally got power back after the yuan and qing dynasties and i don’t see them letting it go. China is a different game bro. American ideals and isms aren’t as easily applied as you’d like them to be.

      • Sam I am

        Oh yeah and for every 40 or 50 Chinese railroad workers you can bet your ass there was some upper class Chinese business man who made a killing on their slave labor contracts and middle man fees. You explain history with the purity and simplicity of a sweet American school boy.

      • I think he’s probably one of those gay douches that carry a LV side bag,Gucci glasses and whatnots to cover up his I can’t get some ordeal.

    • Zhegezhege


      Yi Yanyou, technically at least, is a law professor.

      He is attempting to influence an ongoing case. And what he said is totally irrelevant to the law (you know, the thing that lawyers are supposed to stick to 100% of the time, and the only thing they’re supposed to stick to).

      Look how much BS he has written to justify his position; what a craven little shill.

      And one of the many reasons that so international schools in China are so popular and so many PRC parents want their kids to study abroad.

    • fuckster

      With all that high class you have you still can’t cure ugly. You have to be the ugliest chinamen I’ve ever seen…wait not even just chinese….one of the ugliest humans even.At least top 5.

    • fabulous

      You could have just said “I read 1984 recently” and saved yourself the typing.

      Teenagers can be such a bore.

    • nnsense

      Why would you put such a huge text for that little content in here…well i admit that he made a real effort to troll us here :D

      Oh, and that “professor” is sooo fugly xD

    • prototype666


  • MeCampbell30

    Attention: short, witty comments only. Thanks.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      You can pretty much delete all comments below, except for mine.

  • stevelaudig

    I put him on the same ethical plane as Jay Bybee, a US federal judge, and John Yoo, also a law professor who said that they didn’t understand torture and that torture isn’t torture. It is always nice to have people share their thoughts as it tells us so much.

  • When does the lesbian mud wrestling start?

  • Alex

    what an absolute roaring wanker

  • garbo

    Just something else to discredit Tsinghua.

  • Elizabeth Wells

    Isn’t the rule of law is supposed to protect against a justice system being based on a citizen’s social standing? Isn’t the professor here is missing a key foundation concept of rule by law?

    • Atlas

      It’s China mate: No rule of law.It’s rule by law.

  • MrT

    Its like when a Chinese person walks up to you and says “OMG you’re fat!”

    you know it but it just shouldn’t be said!


  • Haha

    Lol frog face syndrome

  • dumbledore

    I,,, what?! How can this piece of shit be a law professor? At Tsinghua even. How can someone in his position completely disregard one of the absolute fundamentals of law: That the law is the same for everyone. It’s embarrassing and he’s definitely not fit to hold such a position. It actually says a lot about the current state of Chinese society and education.

  • sadly i admit that sure in Italy some lawyer-professor (and also common people) would agree about this opinion………. :(

  • B*tches, Leave

    So, basically, if I can lure somehow a “hostess” into my apartment and prove that she wasn’t forced to enter my building/apartment by security cameras, then … I can sexually violate her (share with friends) and then before I let her go I’ll make sure that the security cameras see that I gave her some money … of course she will accept it, which then can be used in court (if she sues me) against her O.O

    • xiaode

      Which basically means that you can assault and rape almost every woman / girl in China… Yeaaahh…
      Prostitutes take money for sex…
      Many many chinese girls / woman – that includes the so called “good housewives” mentioned above – expect expensive gifts / houses / cars / whatever from their boyfriends before / while dating / marriage / whatever…

      If you have a good lawyer I am sure you can rape and assault a nice + shy girl after having an (more or less) expensive dinner = 200 RMB + cinema = 100 RMB. (this bitch expected dinner and cinema as payment for sex…)

  • Chris Granzow XI

    Wow….just, wow.

    • mr.wiener

      China never fails to surprise yeh bro? :)

      • Chris Granzow XI

        I guess you could say that. His justification sounds like something you’d hear in the middle east, not in a relatively educated nation like China..

  • POS

    Chinese “academia” is joke, and has been for decades.

  • Kaeff

    It is shameful to hear a Law professor to utter such ridiculous and shallow statement. Can we say it is less harmful if his mother is being raped since she is old and does not have long to live compared to a younger girl being raped?

    • garbo

      That’s Tsinghua!

  • Jacky

    That fatboy Yi must have feed himself with donations of many corrupt officials who seek fabricated evidence. Now he must repay his dues. Pathectic…

  • Tsinghua Student

    Raping a Tsinghua Professor is less harmful

    • elizabeth

      That is provided anyone is desperate enough to do so.

  • mukanis

    Wow! China finally made something original! Kudos!

  • Krilllove

    Maybe Yi Yanyou needs a good raping up the arsehole, then he might think differently. Rape is mother and dead grandmother in front of him too, that will change his mind.

  • Krilllove

    Most Chinese people are shameless, even the educated ones. This country is full of people like him. Well done China. You’ve proved to the rest of the world why you will always be ‘second-fiddle’ to the more developed,educated and progressive ‘civil’ societies. You people are a joke!

    • tom

      Wait? You must mean the more educated and civilized and
      civil societies who owe the Chinese money right? Really? Them? First fiddle?????

  • Monkeekong

    what he says is kind of true if you think about it

    • mukanis

      Haha. Absolutely. Like raping corrupt officials are less harmful than raping non-corrupt officials. Don’t you think?

  • Claude

    This is why Chinese woman have to do just about anything to get ahead in life. They are second class citizens. Even this so called “educated” man treats them like garbage.

    • This is why /some/ Chinese woman have to do just about anything to get ahead in life. They are second class citizens. Even this so called “educated” man treats them like garbage. ftfy.

      What’s educated by your definition?

      • Claude

        I was being some what sarcastic, hence the quotation marks. A man that holds a Doctorate and teaches at a University should know better.

        Is this where you step in to bash the China’s quality of education? With this clowns nasty case of foot in mouth disease you have a right.

        “Some”: Point taken.


        • lol. I find the idea that you would think educated men would be better when it comes to raw basic human function. Ever heard of highly intellegent people doing some sick shit? ps kittens love chasing feet ;)

    • mukanis

      Well, China is after all still developing. Lets just hope that the future distinguished law representatives in China would despise his words rather than applaud it…

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