Tsinghua University Student Makes 10,000 RMB in 1 Day Selling Blankets

Tsinghua University Student Makes 10,000 RMB in 1 Day Selling Blankets

Long Yi, a third-year student at Beijing’s Tsinghua University saw a business opportunity when he noticed that second-hand blankets being sold by graduating girls sold within minutes of being posted online. Taking advantage of the peculiar phenomenon, Long bought plenty of blankets from girls in the graduating class and posted an advertisement online. Not long after posting the ad, the blankets were sold out, earning long over 10,000 RMB in just a few hours. A popular netizen comment on the article said “He wasn’t selling blankets, he was selling the smell of graduating girls.”

Source: Tencent

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  • Why are Asian men so pathetic? “OMG a random woman I’ll never meet slept in this blanket once! I’m going to relish smelling it for years!”

    • Alex Dương

      There are a lot more Asian men out there than the ones who bought these blankets.

      • What I’m saying is there seems to be a theme, what with Japanese pervs buying used panties from vending machines. I never hear of things like that in the West. Sure, there’s always bullshit in some seedy corner of Craigslist, but it’s never like on the street. “Step right up! All beta males! Get your stuff-a-woman-has-touched right here!” Just doesn’t happen outside of East Asia.

        • Alex Dương

          I don’t hear of these things in the U.S. either. But then, maybe “bullshit” is simply only there “off the street.” Say with online dating.

        • Lucas kor

          I heard that in the West once you get married your wife will blow up into a whale and start bossing the man around while he has his tail tucked between his legs, and he will do anything so that that whale he married will put out once a month. He just doesnt know she has put out for 75 guys before marrying him, and shes just with him because no other capable man would take a run down 30 year old whore. And then, you know whats most beta? In no-fault states, the woman will end up sucking Jeromes cock, and Jerome will leave those balls hanging out, and when hubby finds out and files for divorce, that sloot will end up with half of everything, and the man better pray there arent kids involved… Sniffing used panties is beta… But the whole concept of marriage in the West is beta.

          • David

            You know they have medication that can help your delusions. Unless they make you feel batter about yourself, then just keep doing it.

          • Lucas kor

            Bertstare. Nah man, I aint even mad. Im actually happily married to my teen sweetheart, as much as it might surprise you based on my views. And stop being such a white knight bro. Chicks aint gonna dig you more just cause you protect them and agree with them on everything. God damn feminazis and WKs ruining this world with all their PC shit and putting the puss on a pedestal, I swear…

          • David

            LMAO as I am more than 50 years old nothing I do is so ‘chicks will dig me’. The only one I care to impress I married a long time ago and she does not even read this forum. as for everything else, I am happy for you that you are married to your sweetheart, and the best of luck in life.

          • Bman

            Hahaha, a little over the top, but dam funny :D

          • Lucas kor

            I got ya bro. Us bros gotta look out for each other, amirite? Just trying to aware the populace out there. And I mean, weve all sniffed worse things than a girls blanket… r-r-right guyz?? guyzz??? just k-kidding, hahaha…..

          • hahahahaha!
            that’s your real story ????
            i keep unmarried coz i am a kid inside my heart, i do not wanna any guy or man injure my children’s pure happiness and heart.
            i wish to experience real love as my first love again. but now i am not young any more.
            once think about it, my heart is crying….

          • plus”

            this is my current favorite anima:


          • James

            Me too :'(

          • what you too????
            do not understand!

          • Lucas kor

            Nah Bunny Buns, aint my story. Thank god I aint some thirsty kunt who goes for any dried up ol’ sloot. But good on you for holding out on getting married. Its not for everyone, and if you do decide to get married, I believe people best stay committed, none of this 55% divorce rate bullshit nomsayin? U wan uggs n ipad bby?

          • you wanna give me uggs and ipad?
            so strange!

          • Vance

            Many upvotes! Not every one needs to be a devoted spouse, but if a person is not so inclined to be one, than that person should not become a spouse at all.

      • David

        Yea, there are those who buy school girl panties from vending machines in Japan, for instance.

        • Vance

          I was an the ground in Japan for about 2 hours a few years ago for a layover and was quite impressed with Japan based on that glance, but tey do some weird stuff there that I don’t think occurs anywhere else.

          • David

            I lived there and they have a very different society even by Asian standards. Not judging it but even many Japanese do not know what has happened to their country.

    • KamikaziPilot

      For christ sake what a stupid comment. First I don’t consider this pathetic just kind of silly but even if it is, to group together 100s of millions of men because of the actions of a few of them is beyond retarded. Besides there are plenty of examples everywhere of men doing pathetic things to get attention of women they’ll never sleep with. Nominee for dumbest comment of the week.

    • Vance

      To be fair, That was a comment by some netizens. The article didn’t speculate as to why the blankets sold so quick. Incoming freshmen looking for cheap supplies?

      • Teacher in China

        Actually, that was my first and only thought until I scrolled down to the comments here. Honestly.

    • 250

      Honestly if I had to choose between a man’s used blanket or a woman’s, I’d go woman every time. It’s probably been washed at least once and it won’t be soaked in 10 pints of semen.
      But, even if they only wanted it for the smell, why is that so bad? Men getting off on the smell of unknown women is nothing new. Have you never seen Scent of a woman? What about a knight sniffing the handkerchief of a maiden in old books and movies? God, even in 2 world wars women sent perfumed letters to single men fighting on the front they didn’t even know to boost morale. At the end of the day, they are lonely and not hurting anyone.
      Who are we to judge?
      As Al Pacino would say: Hooah!

      • Vance

        You are assuming that those women never had any men with them in that blanket.

    • mr.wiener

      Smells like teen spirit…..

    • how about if i wanna sleep with you?

    • bujiebuke

      Hmmm… I guess Super Bunny! is rubbing off on you. Pervs are everywhere. The question is, why does it seem that it’s always men that are being the perverts?

    • obviously

      Why are YOU so pathetic? You’re just jealous no one wants to buy your blanket

    • donscarletti

      I think it’s just this stuff is more overt in East Asian cultures. While you will never find a “used pantie vending machine” in the west, you will still encounter more pantie raids than hetrosexual men buying unused female underwear for themselves.

      Many single western men would probably sniff the crotch of a girls used underwear if they could get away with it. It’s just not considered a topic for pop culture. And to be strict, used pantie vending machines were never particularly common in Japan and unknown in China.

      • mr.wiener

        Practically impossible to find..if they were ever popular , that time has passed and it has entered into urban myth in the west.

    • Anon

      Why are western men so pathetic? “OMG I’ll cut my dick off and pretend I’m a woman! Nobody will see that I have deep mental problems!”

      • Alex Dương

        @sophiadalke:disqus I approved this because I think it illustrates why painting in broad strokes is problematic, not because I am anti-LGBT.

        • but you are being politically correct

          • Alex Dương

            I’m libertarian. I have no reason to be anti-LGBT.

          • Vance

            That works for me so long as you have the same considerations for someone who insults straight white Christian American males, the most politically incorrect group in the world!

          • Alex Dương

            No reason to be anti-straight, white Christian American either. I’m two of those four things.

  • oh!
    never for me!
    have the ablity to entrence the best uni, no ablity to buy a new nice sheet or ????

  • Bman

    Chinese business the way it is, I’m betting there’s more than a few male blankies in that bunch.

  • James

    PRepare for the advent of counterfeit maiden blankets soaked in old canton whores sweat and cheap perfume

  • none your business, i do not wanna be what others want me to be, i wanna be a girl forever.

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