Tuzki Emoticons: Real Person Version By Chinese Students

Tuzki (兔斯基, tu si ji) is a popular white rabbit cartoon character that appears on many emoticons used on Chinese QQ, MSN, and BBS forums. Some students at a Chinese university have created a “real person version” of the famous Tuzki emoticons that has recently been spreading again:

On YouTube (faster for visitors outside of China):

Blocked websites in China such as YouTube can only be accessed with a VPN service.

Tuzki has his own official website (English version) and his creator, Wang Momo, also has a personal blog. More videos of Tuzki, on Youku and on YouTube.

Comments on the video from NetEase:


Very niu people, very stupid video, very nauseating performance!


The last one is pretty good, though [the person is] ugly.


Extremely boring! Fuck.


Hehe, [they’re just] amusing themselves, very creative~~


Yeah…this way of release one’s stress is at least better than fighting, breaking, and stealing…


Truly very cute.


It would’ve been better if they found two pretty MM [to be in the video].


These days there are too many mental retards.


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Written by Fauna

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