TV Host Pronounced Innocent of Defamation


Beijing court pronounced journalist and TV host Cui Yongyuan innocent of defamation, though as a public figure he ought to have avoided using vulgar language, launching characters attacks, and infringing on the reputation of popular science writer Fang Shimin. The court ruled that Cui was innocent on the basis that public figures have a certain duty to tolerate public criticisms. Cui has written that Fang is a “liar, cheater, thief” and “gang leader for internet hooligans,” while Fang has called Cui a “mad dog” and a “liar anytime he opens his mouth.” The dispute began with disagreements over the consumption and production of GM food in China.

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    Ok…. CS needs to let us know wtf is going on. I’ve been trying my best to keep posting here in the spirit of solidarity and hoping we’d get back to “normal”, but its like things are going from bad to worse to the point that the next step is the total demise of this site. Not even pictures now???
    Just clue us in people. Those of us who are left are pretty understanding.

    • mr.wiener

      I honestly wish I knew..

    • Teacher in China

      Honestly I don’t think there’s much else to tell. This is the new format. The people running it don’t view it as a passion project the way Fauna did, so they don’t really pay attention to the finer detail or probably even read the comment sections. It’s just the reality. So many people have posted in the comments section asking for clarification and they have all been ignored by the new runners of the site. I’d suggest just giving up on the hope of ever getting an answer and just accept the fact that it’s not even half the site it used to be.

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      The site is run by the same people, Fauna and Kai are both still here. We were having some problems with the site but we’re hoping it’s stabilized now. Sorry for temporary lack of pictures.

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        Thanks for the reply :)

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            Used to they had a selection of comments by the Chinese Netizens that went with every story. Their reactions really fleshed out the story and gave a nice insight into their minds. Those of us who have followed the site for years were rather attached to this format.
            The change to a bunch of tidbit synopses of stories and no translated comments really left most of the folks who loved the sight feeling kind of cold(to put it mildly). Now the amount of people who comment was just plummeted.
            If you want suggestions I’m sure some of the regulars would love to bend your ear.

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            (sorry for long response time, in the middle of moving house)
            I’m not sure with what regularity the “featured articles” are being posted, as I’m not in that section of the site, but let me ask Kai about what’s happening because I’m curious myself.

            The tidbit synopses you’re talking about (we call them “digests” but the vocabulary isn’t really important) are a link to the Amanda app, where you can use them to practice Chinese. We do try to include minimum one netizen comment per article at the end of the digest, but you’re right it isn’t really the same thing. Ideally we can have both on the site, because I agree and do like the longer articles as well.

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