TV Show Host Du Haitao Justifies Spring Festival Weight Gain

Food made of or with chickens, ducks, fishes, and pigs for the Chinese New Year.
”Happy Family" on Happy Camp
“Happy Family” (the hosts of Happy Camp): (From left to right) Wu Xin, Li Weijia, He Jiong, Xie Nam, and Du Haitao.

杜海涛 Du Haitao is one of the hosts on Hunan Satellite TV’s variety show 快乐大本营 Happy Camp, and is often teased by the other four hosts Xie Na, He Jiong, Li Weijia, and Wu Xin) for being on the heavy side.

However, on a February 18th Weibo post, it was Du Haitao’s turn to tease people, for not gaining weight over the Chinese New Year (aka Spring Festival) holiday. His Weibo post received 5,168 likes, 41,854 re-shares, and 16,527 comments.

@杜海涛HitoThose people who don’t get fat even over Spring Festival, have you done right [are you worthy of] by the chickens, ducks, fishes, and pigs that died for Spring Festival?

Food made of or with chickens, ducks, fishes, and pigs for the Chinese New Year.

Replies on Sina Weibo:


Sorry, pigs, ducks, fishes, and chickens. Nose-picking emoticon


My weight is a testament to my respect to those chickens, ducks, and fishes that died.


Ugh…my facial features have started to feel a little cramped recently when I smile/laugh~~


I did right by them.


So happy emoticon That’s why I shot up 5kg without a second thought. Sweat emoticonBlack lines emoticonThinking emoticon~


Candle emoticon Let these souls rest in peace, because I was super worthy of them [totally did right by them]. Shy emoticon


Haitao is so insightful!


Thumb up emoticon Are you happy? If you are happy, you should watch Happy Camp. If you are not happy, you should watch Happy Camp even more! Jia you! I support you and Happy Camp forever!


Gained 2.5kg. I’m proud.


[Someone who] lost 2.5kg floats by.


I feel the same! Fiercely ding‘ing.


Likewise it is unfair for us girls who can get fat even by drinking water! Tears emoticonTears emoticon


[Are you] jealous, envious, and hateful?


Haitao, stop trying to conceal the crimes you’ve committed.


[I] know you definitely did right by [were worthy of] them. Sigh.


This is you looking for an excuse for your fatness.


[I’m] sincerely unworthy, [I got] skinnier.


Suddenly feel like all the weight again was worth it!!


I’ve never had to worry about this problem.


Sorry, but I happen to be one of those who can eat and never get fat, no matter how much I eat I don’t get fat, no matter what I can’t get fat by eating. Taotao [referring to Du Haitao] tongxue, do you envy me? Haha @杜海涛Hito

[Note: 同学 tongxue literally means “fellow student” but is often used as a casual way to address someone considered a peer.]


Tao [referrign to Du Haitao], you should stop eating. You are fat enough.


Well what can I do…the fat all grew on your body [so it’s not my fault I didn’t get fat over Spring Festival].


Brother Tao! I’m more than worthy of them! Because after this one Spring Festival, I’ve lost 5 kg!


Wuwuwu [crying]…I’ve gotten fatter…


1.5kg fatter every holiday!

[Note: The original Chinese here is adapted from a poem by ancient Tang Dynasty poet 王维 Wang Wei.]


Wow, I now feel hungry.


Poor food!


During Spring Festival, I ate six meals a day. I slept after eating, ate after sleeping, and I was too lazy to exercise. You tell me how could I not get fat?


Promote a vegetarian diet, which is conducive to good health and longevity.


So true! [Those who] didn’t get fat aren’t human!!

Do you gain weight after holidays? Or are you one of those people who can never put on weight no matter how much you eat?

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