The TVXQ Chinese Fan Incident & Internet War

From 21CN:

Above picture: Alleged attacker Shen Changmin

Recently, news appeared on the internet that famous Korean group “TVXQ” member Shen Changmin was beaten by two Chinese middle-aged women, but following netizen’s discussions, it became that Shen Changmin was in the women’s restroom beating two Chinese girls, and one of them was pregnant. After this matter spread on the internet, it immediately caused intense netizen discussion.

News on the internet spreads that TVXQ member attacks Chinese pregnant woman, woman goes to airport next day demanding explanation

November 25 afternoon, a netizen named “Lu Xia Mang Mang” published on the Tianya community the topic “1124 [date] Kimpo, Korea–Changmin was attacked (Chinese fans).”  In the topic, she said that Korean group TVXQ member Shen Changmin was attacked, simultaneously stating in the post that she does not want to make the matter into a big deal. After publishing the post, it immediately attracted the attention of many TVXQ fensi. Following netizen’s discussions and investigations, a netizen acting as someone who knew the facts of the matter said on the internet: The matter happened in Korea, two Chinese female fans came to Korea to see TVXQ perform, and one of them was pregnant. The two female fans hired a car and followed the [TVXQ] group. While a TVXQ member went to the restroom during a break, they also went to the restroom. But at the time, the men’s restroom was under repairs, and Shen Changmin used the women’s restroom, and here two misunderstandings happened. Shen Changmin thought the pregnant fan was trying to take pictures and took her camera, so the pregnant woman cursed at Shen Changmin, there was a dispute, and in the midst of the struggle, the pregnant woman fell down. At this time, the TVXQ staff intervened.

The next day, the Chinese female fans rushed to the airport to block TVXQ demanding a statement/explanation, kicking over TVXQ’s luggage, then used their bags to hit Shen Changmin. Because they were rushing to make the flight, TVXQ ignored them. At the same time, a female fan behind them used Chinese to loudly yell “Shen Changmin, are you crazy?” and “Go to hell!.” At present, there is a video of this incident widely spreading on the internet.

A Chinese fan posts an apology on the TVXQ website

In the midst of the battle between the “TVXQ Group” and “anti-TVXQ Group,” the internet appeared yet another allegation that Chinese fans wrote an apology on the TVXQ official website. In the apology was one sentence: “I feel apart from being a fan, I, as a Chinese person, should also apologize.” This sentence offended numerous netizens.  The arguments then changed from being against the original matter of the pregnant woman to the “being represented” matter [one person saying they represent all Chinese people/China].

There are many many many topics, posts, angry people, and crazy events in this entire incident. The above is a good summary of how everything started, but one of the big thing was when angry Chinese netizens invaded and overrun the Chinese TVXQ fan club’s forum on Baidu’s “Tieba” or “Post Bar” [a service that provides groups with BBS forum].

Below are some of the many things that happened and many Chinese netizen reactions…

Chinese TVXQ fans curse the two women

This image was made by a Chinese netizen who was angry with the comments by the Chinese TVXQ fans blaming the two women. The image is a collection of comments found on TVXQ fan group’s forum. At the top, the netizen wrote:

According to “bangzi” fans, the cause of the incident appears to be the two Chinese people, one of whom is a pregnant woman who in their “bangzi” country attacked (can women beat men?) their strong 欧巴 [“ou ba” = 오빠 = “oppa” = elder brother or male to a younger female], so they…– here is a sample, if you want to see even more violent language, go to the “bangzi ba.” [the TVXQ fan club forum in Baidu’s “Tieba” or “Post Bar,” see later in this post.]

Here are a sample of the comments in the above image:

Those whores, and even pregnant? Beat them to death!

Human flesh, human flesh, human flesh search those idiots out and I will call those idiots to tell them off every day!
Tell her off at her until she miscarries, tell her off until her family is broken.

I really want to kill them! What did he do to you [women], for you to be like this? I curse you!!

They have gone mad, not even sparing the little baby in her belly…
Them doing this did not consider the results of her emotional actions, and also did not think of other Chinese fans,
How can Chinese fans face Little Min [Shen Changmin] in the future, and how are they going to look at Chinese fans?

One slap for each person, and then one kick each, that should be about right.
You 2 women, I beg you two, can you please change your nationality?
Changing nationality is fashionable recently, so you should go with the trend~
[refers to Gong Li recently changing nationality to Singaporean]

Right now I am so angry my body hurts all over.
Chinese people, this is what Chinese people are like! Embarrassing us even outside of our country!
Other people do not care who you are a fan of, they only see that you are Chinese!
These are contemptible women, even able to do this kind of thing, are they not afraid getting their just deserts?
The Chinese fans in Korea have already begun discussing who will meet them at the airport when they return to Korea to collectively apologize. See what you guys have done!

I have never seen such contemptible people in my entire life!!
Changmin was hurt…he even cried…
As a Chinese person, I really feel ashamed!!!

This bitch is pregnant??? Was it from being raped???
I curse you to give birth to lousy children!!!  May you die without sons!!!
Next year when I return to the country, I will also beat you to death!!!

At the right-bottom, the netizen also writes:

If China and Korea had a war, I do not know if they would be this way to their compatriots, sigh!

Two Chinese TVXQ fan comments that angered many Chinese netizens

[translated from above image]

Yes, I do not love my country!! Because I do not have a motherland!! I will not be Chinese!!!

Dammit!! Love your country, love your country!!! Why love my country??? I do not have a motherland!!! So I do not have to love!! What I need to love is only TVXQ!!! What I need to guard is only TVXQ!!!
You think China is so good?? You think I really want to be Chinese!!! I do not care!!! This poor, lousy, uncivilized lousy country!!! If it were possible, I would rather go to Africa than stay here!!! Even if I have to die, I want to be Korean!!!

[translated from above image]

I am really worried!!!
Because of today’s incident…
with the media having so many negative reports…
will SM Entertainment [the agent/producer] be even less willing to let TVXQ come to China!!!???
I am truly afraid to imagine!!!
Friends…what can we do…
what should we do!!!
I hate China!!!
I would rather die than stay in China!!!

Chinese TVXQ fan apologizes to Shen Changmin for all Chinese people

The Chinese fan originally wrote in Korean but another netizen translated the general meaning of the post for others to see. Here is the English translation of the Chinese translation [sorry, I do not know Korean]:

Subject: Genuinely apologizing to you.

General meaning:
I do not know what to say, so first, I am very sorry [for what happened].
I also thought for a long time whether or not to write this post.
I feel apart from being a fan, I, as a Chinese person, should also apologize.
So that is why I wrote this post.
After hearing the news from friends and watching the video, I felt very…
It was already very hard for Chinese fans to see TVXQ just once…
and she actually threw her bag! I am afraid Korean people will think Chinese fans are all like this…
when in reality they are not.
And even telling him to go to hell, and saying her heart was hurt, etc.
Us Chinese fans are not all like this.
Changmin, sorry.

Human flesh search engines later found this girl who wrote this apology. I may post about it later but not now.

A Chinese TVXQ fan suggests using China’s national flag as symbol of their fan club

[translated from above image]

The biggest star is our Zheng group leader [band leader?]~the other four stars will be our lovely four others. And also, the remaining red color will represent us “xian hou” [fan group name]! A sea of red! Surrounding our five! The meaning will be that “xian hou” [fan group name] will forever stand guard by our five’s side~to forever! As long as the five do not say they do not want us, we will absolutely never abandon them! Heehee~of course! Even if the five abandon us (of course this is also impossible), we will not abandon them~

I propose we should use the flag as our China fan group’s symbol/logo~this way no one will continue saying we do not love our country! And what more, it will also let our five cute darlings feel they have gotten the biggest respect!…

A Chinese TVXQ fan insults Zhou Enlai

The TVXQ fans challenged the people who were angry at them to show who they think is more handsome or impressive than TVXQ. One Chinese person posted a picture of Zhou Enlai. A TVXQ fan then said:

[translated from above image]

I thought you guys would find Wong Lee Hom or Jay Chou…
But you guys actually found an old man, I am speechless~~~
It appears that you can tell a person’s class just by looking at their eye for beauty, and your guys’ class truly cannot be flattered.

The reaction by many Chinese on Tianya: “[Angry] A bunch of double-crossing Korea-loving dogs, what makes you think you can insult Zhou Enlai?

Japanese tell Chinese TVXQ fans to respect their own country

A Chinese TVXQ fan went to a Japanese BBS to spread the news and ask for Japanese TVXQ fans‘ support. The above image was made by a Chinese netizen to show two responses by Japanese netizens translated into Chinese:

[translated from above image]

A fan club member apparently went to a Japanese BBS [TVXQ is popular in Japan] to get help, and the version of events given was naturally that kind that TVXQ was attacked. Afterwards, they got the Japanese netizens’ protection/assistance/defense, but in the middle were two it, there were two differences being:

Chinese who like Korea, please respect yourselves, please love your own country.

I do not feel these people are Chinese, what kind of people love Korea more than their own country, it is too strange.

Chinese TVXQ fan club’s BBS invaded and overrun, Baidu forced to intervene

Chinese netizens angry at the TVXQ Chinese fans’ comments/actions organized to go “bao” [explode, invade, overrun] the TVXQ fan club forum on Baidu’s “Tieba”or “Post Bar.” Soon, the forum was useless for the TVXQ fan club members.

A sample post title: “I beg you guys, please stop over-running the forum, my asshole cannot take anymore, it hurts, I am kneeling down before you.”

Then, the TVXQ fan club forum was set so only members of could post topics. The anti-TVXQ fan club Chinese netizens then went to overrun Baidu’s complaint forum to protest.

Then, the TVXQ fan club forum was open to anyone to post again, so everyone went back to overrun their forum.

But then the fan club forum was closed to non-members yet again…and the target was changed to Baidu’s complaint forum again…and then even Baidu’s complaint forum was closed to non-members too.

Baidu banned many IP addresses to try to stop the overrunning. Many netizens remarked that the many banned IP addresses were like the many victims and casualties of war.

Finally, Baidu’s Post Bar issued a public announcement:

[Public Announcement] Post Bar users, please maintain cool-headedness.

Recently, Korean idol group TVXQ” and Chinese fans had a conflict, and numerous Baidu Post Bar netizens are extremely angry, using the Post Bar platform to express their dissatisfaction and opinions toward this matter. However, as a result of a minority’s ulterior motives, many warm-hearted Post Bar users have joined in a few “overruning forum activities.” These actions at the same time have affected the Post Bar’s complaint forum’s normal operations, obstructing numerous Post Bar users’ complaint feedback. Here, we hope numerous Post Bar users can restrain their impulses, calm down, rationally look at this problem, and use normal means and channels to express their views on this incident.

With regards to this incident, Baidu did not side with any side’s interest. We set member-only posting for the TVXQ fan club forum to protect these Post Bar users’ normal communication/exchange operation. Likewise, we also do this for other forums that suffer from forum overruning or abnormal activity. For this incident, we have established a new post bar: TVXQ Incident Post Bar. Numerous Post Bar users, you can express any views you have regarding the incident.

Aside from this, as a result of the Post Bar’s complaint forum receiving continued malicious overrunning, fro this point on, we will temporarily suspend complaint hearing work. When things return to normal, we will again receive post users’ feedback.

More Chinese netizen comments

Comments from Mop:

I also think their forum should be invaded/overrun, because I love China, I am Chinese, and I am proud to be Chinese.  Does does have problems, but they are not unresolvable. Only those people who lose faith in their motherland would be running dogs. From the forum invasion, we can see that there are still many courageous and righteous Chinese, so my dream of China becoming prosperous and powerful was not in vain, and I eagerly await [it coming true].

I am Chinese, I love my motherland. I despise YY “bangzi.”

Do not let your idol’s halo deceive your eyes. It was a pregnant lady fighting with several guys. Are you crazy?
Again, I despise those who curse a pregnant woman for a Korean group that has gone under the cosmetic knife who knows how many times, saying they want to get revenge, like children.
I truly TM do not understand. If TVXQ gang-raped you, you would still kneel on the ground and apologize to TVXQ?

Truly damned…
A bunch of lowly people…
Go die in “bangzi” country then…

Motherfuckers, China’s dignity has been lost by you bunch of Korea-loving dog cunts~~~damn, are you shameless? Others slap you and you still immediately kneel down and lick their assholes? Your father originally should have shot you onto the wall~~~one word: “contemptible”~~~too excited~~~what a waste~~~

I simply do not understand, are those bunch of NB even TM still Chinese? China does not need your kind of trash. How does society still have this kind of “hanjian” [traitor]? I am only 20-years-old [and still young], yet how come I do not understand?

Bangzi fans’ love for Korean cunts has already overcome their love for their own country.
Seeing this pisses me off. You NB bangzi fans!

Japan is deviant, Koreans are shameless—an unchanging timeless truth!

It could be reaping what you sow! This is the result of chasing foreign stars!!!
I truly do not know what today’s youth are thinking…
What is so good about “bangzi” to worship…
In the end that girl even posted messages on Korean BBS forums to apologize!
Truly embarrassing their countrymen too much!!!

Actually, everyone go to the TVXQ group members’ posts and understand just what is called “han jian.” We call Koreans “bangzi,” and some people openly called us “zongzi” [a traditional Chinese food with rice wrapped in palm leaf]. If they were Koreans, it would be okay, but they are Chinese! So sad!

Down with bangzi!!!
Down with bangzi!!!
Down with bangzi!!!
Down with bangzi!!!
Down with bangzi!!!

Chasing stars to this degree…
This world is too crazy!
A moment of silence, for these so-called “Xian Hou” people’s foolish ignorance!
PS: I am not too clear on what is going on, but 5 guys attacking a single pregnant woman! Are they still considered men!!!
Even a 3-year-old child knows that a pregnant woman is weaker, so I do not know what that bunch of inhuman people were thinking!!!

Comments on Tianya:

Men use the men’s restroom, women use the women’s restroom.
If the men’s restroom is not working, then he should hold it and go to some other place.
He cannot just casually go use the women’s restroom next door.
This is common sense, common sense, faint…this is unheard of, really shocking

Poor Changmin,
and those two women really embarrassed China a lot.

A new anti-bangzi craze has begun!
There is an financial crisis right now-simida [pretending to speak like Koreans],
so the bangzi are already suffering.
If we pick on them more, forget about the meat,
even kimchi they will no longer be able to afford to eat!
Be sympathetic…

After reading what those fans wrote,
I really feel their existence in the world is a waste of resources.
Their poor parents, having raised such trash/waste.

I am not interested in this matter, I am just curious, just what kind of remote and backwards place has an airport with only one men’s restroom? Although I have never been outside of the country, but of the airports I have been to within the country, they all seem to have N amount of men and women’s restrooms from the entrance all the way to the gates.

I will not say what those two women are.
No one knows the reality of the situation,
or what really happened in the restroom.
But, those two taking pictures of others in the restroom is not right.
Any Chinese citizen with even a little morals would not do something like that.

Wait until those two lowly people return to China,
and collectively go beat them up.
Do not come back until they are beaten half to death and unable to take care of themselves.

Hitting him was good, a “bangzi” with a head full shit.
Running into the women’s restroom, if you do not hit him, who do you hit?
“Bangzi” fans’ brains are full of piss.
With so many people to like in the world, why choose plastic surgery “bangzi” to like? So those women hit him, what is the big deal? Why make it seem like the sky has fallen and your parents have died, even wanting to apologize?! Are you contemptible or what?!
What is the difference between bangzi language pronunciation and farting? Both are “pu pu.”
Treating them like gods all year, did you all pay for all their plastic surgery or something?

Truly makes people angry.
Are these two whores even human?
I really want to whip them to death, contemptible people losing face for Chinese people, losing face for China’s fans.
Right now China’s human flesh search engines are really niu, right?
Find these people, and sort them out, cao~~~

Many Chinese netizens were talking about this until maybe 1-2 days ago. Maybe people are finally calming down.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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