Two Boys Beat Market Vendor Who Won’t Pay Protection


At the entrance to a marketplace in Wuhan two boys faced towards one vegetable-peddling over 70-year-old man charging him “protection fees”. The old man gave them three RMB, but the boys thought it too little, and wanted five RMB. After being met with refusal the boys pushed him to the ground and stabbed him several times. The injured man was a marketplace supervising staff member, and the situation is currently being investigated by the police. Netizens one after another voice their fury, but the top comment read “The bully receives a 5 RMB protection fee, and they have to give 3 RMB to the government, but the old guy gave them 2 RMB too few, so the bullies would lose 2 RMB, what do you think they should do?” and was given around 73000 likes. The top reply to him was “Did you get taught math by the music teacher?”

Source: qq

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  • Foreign Devil

    stab an old man for 2 kuai? WTF?

  • lacompacida

    Reminds me of the pre-revolution good old days, when underground world runs the country. There is still hope for China yet.