Two-Year-Old Boy Crushed By Car While Mother Plays With Phone

Two-Year-Old Boy Crushed By Car While Mother Plays With Phone

A two-year-old boy died after his head was crushed by a car as his mother was attending to her phone. The boy was holding a toy and walking behind his mom outside Zhengzhou New World Shopping Mall when a white Hyundai SUV pulled away from its parking space, causing the tragedy. Medical personnel rushed to the scene but the boy had already passed away. Mall management have refused to show CCTV footage to reporters. The driver has been arrested and police are determining the cause of the accident. Many netizens defended the driver who probably didn’t see the kid.


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  • jin

    Can’t blame anyone except the mother, you’re a terrible mother if you play with your phone instead of holding your TWO year child.

  • kid is too tiny and short, driver did not see!

    • Bman

      When you are driving a car, your main responsibility is to NOT hit someone. You look everywhere and take care. To defend the driver before knowing is just wrong.
      Look at Jin’s comment. That comment is written by someone with empathy and life experience.

      • what i wrote is so wrong to you?
        i ever blame anyone here? i just try to figure out the reason!

    • Mihel

      Yeah, two year old kids are pretty short, it’s totally possible the driver did not see him.

      • James

        1 year old kids are even shorter

  • KamikaziPilot

    People really need to put their phones down. This goes for everybody. Is there something so important that it can’t wait? You have to finish your Candy Crush right this very moment? Or access your Facebook or Weibo account right this very second? I don’t know if the driver backed up too fast or whatever, but I can only blame the mother right now. One moment of stupidity cost her her child. She doesn’t get a second chance. Human stupidity is the biggest threat to my safety at this stage in my life.

  • garbo

    Where’s the parenting ? She should put phone down, silly woman.

  • Jahar

    I’m pretty sure the mom is the one who would be charged in the west.

  • Muhammad Nabil

    No way…Henan,yet again. :(

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    I’ve driven through ZhengZhou a few times and pedestrians and parents act as if cars don’t exist, it’s terrifying… Complete lack of awareness. The trend seems to be to diagonally walk into the road without looking at all, with your back towards the traffic… Kids run out from between parked cars playing, while parents sit by and say nothing. A woman shoved a pram out from between parked vans and i could just stop, maybe an inch from the pram. She then scolded me for not paying attention. I told her she was a dumb…… and if I hadn’t been paying attention her kid would be dead now and that she needed to get her head checked…