Two Year Old Girl Missing At Dragon Boat Festival


A two year old girl who had gone missing at a dragon boat festival in Lianyungang was searched for by her entire village and the police. The next afternoon the police confirmed that she had died, in a pond near where she had gone missing. It is currently being confirmed whether it was a homicide or an accident. Chinese netizens believe the murderer was definitely a child trafficker.

Source: Netease

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  • WghUk

    A Chinese festival means lots and lots of people. Why was she, only a 2 year old, not looked after properly?

    • David

      I assume if you ask this, you have never been to China.

      • Vance

        What, you mean they ignore their kids? I’m seriously asking. No I haven’t been to China.

        • David

          ignore would be the wrong term and give the wrong impression. Many Chinese people walk through life like there is nobody else around (Maybe it is a self defense mechanism from always having other people around). They do let their children (even very small ones) wander around without supervision more than most in the west do. Some of this is because the kids are being raised by grandma and grandpa while both parents work, and they can’t keep up with the little ones.

      • Edward Kay

        There are many parents whom are aloof around the globe. However since China has THAT policy, I would presume they should have paid more attention.

        • David

          True, I will not say it is only a Chinese problem, but China does have that problem also. You would think when many (certainly not all) are only allowed to have one child, they would watch them all the time. It seems to me that those who can spoil their kids with material things but not necessarily spend ‘quality time’ watching them.

  • I love Sexy Chinese girls

    Where the F are the parents? Oh yeah they’re probably busy on their smartphones.

    • tomcat

      At last a sensible answer from you.