Unconscious man taken to bank to withdraw money for his treatment

Unconscious man taken to bank to withdraw money for his treatment

A 70-year-old man suddenly suffered a stroke and went unconscious while riding a pedicab. Faced with more than 100,000 RMB in medical costs, the man’s wife suddenly remembered that he had deposited 150,000 RMB earlier this year. Because his family did not know the password to his bank account, they could not obtain the money to pay for medical expenses. In desperation, the family carried the unconscious man to the bank. Only after completing paperwork to prove their kinship were they able to successfully withdraw his savings.

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    They’re just all heart aren’t they?

    • James

      well i’d rather this than i pay for it

    • mr.wiener

      At least they cared enough to do this I guess…. This cash up front bizo sux though.

  • Jahar

    If only there was some sort of system here to help. a system of laws, maybe, designed to help society function in a better way. a “legal system,” if you will.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    China loves all it’s citizens unless they have no money readily available. Then dieing is the preferred option. That this completely contradicts the priciple of socialism doesn’t seem to bother anyone….

    • Alex Dương

      They haven’t tried to be socialist since 1978.

      • Vance

        They are kind of like the preacher’s kids that went to college and no longer are supervised by their strict father. Having been set free to practice wealth acquisition, they are wildly pursuing what was once off limits.

  • sudon’t

    Wow, China really is becoming like the West. Congratulations, China! Maybe in fifty years you will have something like the Affordable Care Act? It took The US about two-hundred years after industrialization, so be patient.

    • Vance

      Affordable Care Act: crony capitalism of insurance companies accompanied by a sneak tax hike by crony politicians. I wish I could force everyone to buy some product or service I sold also. I would be rich!

      • Kocakola

        You already pay for the Military, Congress, Highways and much more necessities. Arguably your health would be one of the top necessities, so why shouldn’t you have to pay for it along with everything else? Somebody will have to pay for it, unless you are arguing for the Chinese system of dumping people on the street who can’t afford medical care. Though we could have saved a lot of money if the government would have just cut out the insurance companies, sadly most Americans think private companies are like innocent children who do no harm and trust them more than the government they can actually vote for.

        • Vance

          It’s called Medicaid. We already do pay to provide healthcare to the needy. We also pay taxes to provide governmental functions like everyone else. What many object to is being forced to buy a non-governmental service from a private company. Being turned into a criminal just because you didn’t buy some luxury health insurance that costs more than most people would pay in actual healthcare costs anyways (even with the subsidies) is not right. Actually, Americans have the same healthy wariness of private companies that anyone else does, it’s just that other people think that if you take an organization of human beings and call them a “company”, they are the ultimate evil just because they make a living at what they do. Take that same group of people and call it a “government”, then some poeple think that they are the ultimate good and have everyone’s best intentions to heart. The problem is, if a private health insurance company mis-treats you, you can choose another company. If insurance is all run by the government and they mis-treat you, you are screwed.

          • Eurotrash

            Right on, Vance!

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            If the private companies do not mistreat you, why are you having the most expensive health care in the world while its quality is not very good among developed nations.

          • Vance

            The way the health insurance system has developed is stupid. Reform is needed. What we have now has been so messed up by politicians that it really is not a free market health insurance system. That is why it is more expensive and not great quality. But what they did with Obamacare was not about reforming healthcare. It was about gaining power for the politicians that made the law. Giving those same politicians a monopoly on the health insurance industry is not a good idea. Forcing Americans to buy their stupid crap is just plain wrong.

      • sudon’t

        I agree. We should have a so-called single payer system. Unfortunately, the Republicans would never allow it, so we have the ACA.

  • Bruce Wayne

    I guess we can’t have it both ways, or it’s difficult to do so, at least. I’m against the rise of health care costs and premiums due to those putting a burden on the system, but at the same time, I’d like it if our system was more humane.

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