Underground Gambling on When Cancer Patients Will Die Exposed

Shijia East Road in Taichung's East District, where multiple elderly associations were fronts for underground gambling on when terminally ill people would die.

From Yahoo Taiwan:

Betting on when late-stage cancer patients would die, doctors and family members wagered over 1 billion [TWD]

Gambling nature is hard to change, to the point where even one’s basic humanity can disappear, betting even on when late-stage cancer patients will die, with even doctors and family members being involved in “death gambling”!

In a report published today in Next Magazine, an unhealthy gambling trend has appeared on Shijia East Street of Taichung’s East District, where over a hundred businesses under the guise of being elderly associations, and with the agreement of family members, used when the terminally ill would die for gambling, involving over 1 billion yuan. On one street just a short 200 metres long, there were 10 fronts participating in the ‘death gambling’ business, making it ‘death gambling street’!

The article noted that poor family member could because of this forgo emergency treatment [to dying family members] and immoral doctors could place bets to win money, both becoming participants in the gambling. Housewives, local gang leaders, insurance agents, etc. even fought to become group leaders [of the gambling racket].

Shijia East Road in Taichung's East District, where multiple elderly associations were fronts for underground gambling on when terminally ill people would die.

A Next Media Video Report:

Among the details mentioned in the above report, one is the payout. If the patient dies between 1 and 6 months, the bettor is paid 3x their wager. Government officials and family members can also get 10% dividend/share. However, if the patient dies within one month, there is no payout. After 6 months, the payout is decreased and if after a year, the bettor may lose money. “Even more ridiculous” is that doctors provided consultation for bettors on a patient’s condition.

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Comments on Facebook:

Jiunkuei Ko:

Aren’t life insurance companies doing this same exact thing?

Jyun Ying Chen:

Where are these doctors’ medical ethics?


So outrageous~~ Betting on peoples’ lives, truly heartless.

Louis Su:

The key point is that the news said even family members were involved in the gambling. This is the most repulsive part.

Kuotuang Huang:

Why not change it to betting on politicians instead…

莊 家倫:

A repulsive group of people.

Lea Huang :

Life is not this valueless…


Why don’t they bet on when they themselves will die… so immoral.

Evens Wu:

Hasn’t this been happening for a long time now? And only now they’ve been caught/arrested!?

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  • Rick in China

    When Doctors and Family members who make the sort of decisions that contribute to the outcome, it becomes a new sort of disgusting.

    Otherwise….while it’s a little morbid, I don’t think it’s a big deal. If people want to bet on my death, go nuts. Hell, lets make a ChinaSmack poll – with one caveat, any member partaking in the poll found to be contributing to my death in any way forgoes their own life. :D

    • G

      If my doctor would bet for half a million $ that I die tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll die tormorrow.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        Then I would say you go and bet everything you have on it as well, cause the $$ will be good for your family after you die.

      • didi

        buy life insurance first?

  • Chinkicide

    Sofa, my lovely yellow carcinogens :D

  • Chat2Arseholes

    Spreadbetting. Almost like a life expectancy futures market. what an innovative and interesting idea.

  • patko

    China is exploding with goddamn censorship debates and huge things and Chinasmack isn’t even covering it. Stop reporting on goddamn snowball fights in the zoo and get your hands dirty. I wanna know details of what is happening.

    • Irvin

      Fauna left, what’d you expect?

    • kkung

      I guess CS is trying to avoid politically controversial issues so that it can remain unblocked in China.

      • You and @Snazzy_Brett:disqus are correct, thank you. We do not post about very political sensitive topics. It can be dangerous for us because we are Chinese citizens and there are already so many other websites who will report and analyze those things. We want to share some things that are popular on the Chinese internet through translation and allow our readers to make their own conclusion.

    • Brett

      If its not popular on teh Chinese interwebs you wont see it translated on chinaSMACK. This has been the same since the site’s beginning.

  • Roihu

    “Aren’t life insurance companies doing this same exact thing?”

    I like this person.

    But, seriously,that’s kind of disgusting. You know what else is disgusting? The glaring lack of info chinaSMACK has on the actual news China has at the moment.

    • wangwang
      • quake

        those are concentration camps in kasgar for tibetans and uygurs

        • sam

          “kasgar” do not exsist and so are your concentration camps. However I do know a nice place called Kashgar.

    • Yes. Bring back the classic cS as we know it: subway pooping and fights, animal abuse, and black people. Anything basically sex or death.

      What’s there to argue about with “underground gambling on when cancer patients die”? Anyone trolling this topic is going to be so far-fetched that we’ll all enjoy it ironically, like an old Godzilla movie where you can see the suit’s zipper and miniature planes on wires.

      See, we need a topic that isn’t so morally clear cut and which trolls can actively take a stand. Then we’re talking.

      Well, not actually conversing. But you know.

      • linette lee

        …………………Bring back the classic cS as we know it: subway pooping and fights, animal abuse, and black people……………..

        hahaha..you are funny. We can’t be talking about subway pooping animal abuse and racism all the time.

        China is so big. Their journalists need to travel more and be more adventurous. Do more articles writing about life in small villages and small towns outside major cities of china.


        • very pretty traditional costume

        • Nah. I think journalism in China has gone south. I hear they’re taking the weekend off.

          • donscarletti

            Southern Weekly (南方周末) has since its inception been the only thing that resembles journaism in this country. I’d say journaism went south a long time ago.

          • Haha! ;)

          • Note to Fauna:

            I miss your laugh.

      • carmouflagger

        You forgot the ‘Gates’ i miss old China Smack :(

        • Some people miss our reports of silly topics. Other people complain that we do not report serious topics. I think we do both.

      • The Acidic Hasidic

        seriously, how is there no reactions to jackie chans recent comments.

    • YahLey

      What websites do you guys get your real news? CS has been my only source for a long time.

      • Anonymous internet associate,

        I can’t post too many links here, but click around and google these: for news blogs check out beijingcream or shanghaiist, for news and political analysis check out Chinadigittimes, Danwei, chinageeks, and zonaeuropa, for tabloid news portals you’re looking at the biggest one, though ministry of tofu is okay too (I am shocked at how poor some unnamed places have gotten), If that’s not enough, check out haohaoreport for blog ranking, and then the chinablognetwork for a web ring.

        There is lots and lots. There’s even snark and something that resembles humor. It comes from within.

        • YahLey

          thanks anonymous bro

          • moop

            you could also sign up for the Sinocism newsletter that bill bishop puts together.

          • mr.wiener

            Hey moop , long time no post.

          • moop

            yeah, been extra busy lately, that and this site has kinda lost its luster. just been reading sinocism newsletter and counting the loogies on the pavement. i literally couldnt walk 5 steps without seeing one. how goes it?

          • mr.wiener

            Great, getting fit again. Click on Terrior’s name and go to his blog.

          • linette lee

            Hello moop, long time no chat. :)

        • ShuangXi

          Just want to say thank you

  • IL

    I agree that family and doctors should not participate in this…. because it’s just wrong, morally and ethically…

    I actually think people are looking at it from the wrong way.

    If I were the gambling ring leader.

    1. I don’t pay if the patient die within a month. So I want the patient die ASAP.

    2. I have to pay 3X if he dies from month 2 to 6. So I want to keep him alive as long as possible, possibly live past month 6.

    3. If the patient lives longer the less I have to pay.

    So I want the patient die within a month, or I want to take care of the patient well enough, he can live as long as possible.

    I certainly will pay the family to take care of the patient, and make sure he lives as long as possible after that First month……

  • Cleo

    wow, my mother described the caste system of patient care in Hong Kong and it was represented in the Sandra Ng/Simon Yam film “Echoes of the Rainbow.” I think that healthcare is less emotionally cruel to the poor in America but care is based on ability to pay. Doctors are so mean now that I think more people should become doctors just to take care of themselves and their vulnerable family members.

  • China Newz

    What a terrible thing to do. How can people place money on the deaths of terminally ill patients? People will do anything to make money or get a cheap thrill.

  • erguotouplease

    I mean it is already a very terrible thing to gamble on some dying person’s life. but family member ? This is just beyond acception.

    • linette lee

      I don’t know. This is kind of similar to life insurance no? You buy life insurance in case you died or something. Except it should be purchased by the patient himself or his family member. No by stranger. They are using it to gamble. It’s kind of sick I guess.

      • yesway

        But this is more dangerous. If people start betting on exact days, they might help patients along in some way.

  • Germandude

    “chinaSMACK is a daily-updated collection of news and content from the Chinese-language internet. These latest stories, pictures, videos, and topics have become very popular, spreading across China’s major BBS forums, social networking websites, or through email forwards sent between normal Chinese people everyday.”

    Now I am not saying that this “Underground Gambling on when cancer…” topic wasn’t hot on the Chinese internet discussions. However, when I randomly ask my friends and my wife about what they are reading/discussing online, there are currently some other topics mentioned by several people. Nobdoy mentioned this gambling story.

    To be honest, personally, I lose interest in the reports here because I have the feeling certain topics are left out purposely.

    • starsky

      this topic is relevant as Taiwan-independence gamblers are the al-capones of the Chinese world . I can’t wait till the missiles start landing on them

      • mr.wiener

        Thank you for your best wishes. I hope you find a cockroach in your next sticky rice dumpling.

        • Brett

          I love this reply. Hows it goin wiener? We havent talked much recently

          • mr.wiener

            Am well, hows the bub? Have been bathing in the golden shower of prose that is a certain contributor to this sites new blog thingy.You should check it out.
            This message will self destruct in 6 hours.

        • carmouflagger

          Haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahah mr.wiener beaches!!!

    • Brett

      They cant cover everything… this is just one topic. The translators are all volunteers and they are probably busy during the holiday season.

      I like to check a variety of sites. chinaSMACK is one of many that translates Chinese news for English speakers to read and discuss.

      • The other other one I know is Motheroftofu.com. What are some other good Chinese-news translated sites?

        • Brett

          There are tons. I won’t make a long list, and but 2 that I frequent are Ministry of tofu and Beijing cream. Cheers

    • Some topics are indeed left out purposely. The possible reasons are: 1, not very popular and not much netizen discussion on the Chinese internet; 2, too political or sensitive so maybe too risky for us; 3. all of us chose to translate something else so we missed it. :(

      This post was translated by Stuart who joined us to report on what has become popular with Taiwanese netizens on Taiwan’s internet because we received many request to also cover Taiwan (although some people also protest this too). This is not so popular on mainland China internet, similar to many topics that are popular in Hong Kong internet but not in mainland China. Hope you understand.

  • A Lu

    Is there anything chinese people don’t gamble on?

    • Change and reform?

      • BigCAD

        *Gold Star*

      • Many Chinese have but they usually lose very badly if they bet too high. :(

        • I don’t want to get into it, but this is the definition of a “hero” in China.

          For example, for some it’s a day to eat 粽子, but to others it a day to remember some guy who believed in something and bet his life on it.

  • dim mak

    Of all the stuff one could bet on

  • Heath Filmore

    Wow. This is straight out of the pulp novel THE BETTOR’S CLUB, about a group
    of rich bored people who bet on the recovery (or death) of total
    strangers they read about in the hospital. Of course this being a pulp novel a few of the players take out some “assurances” that they will win…

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