Unfaithful Fiancée Gets Pregnant, Publicly Beaten By Man

Man beats unfaithful fiancee (2)

From Mop:

Evil man beats up pregnant fiancée, shocking

According to witnesses, this couple is getting married soon, currently preparing their wedding, have always treated each other with respect, and have never had sex. However, upon “accidentally” finding a pregnancy test result in the fiancée’s purse,  “this evil man”, originally gentle and well-mannered, was consumed with fury and immediately started to hit [his fiancée]. Nearby people said that this evil man has never before yelled at his fiancée, treated her well, and was very caring.

According to the photographer, the man landed several heavy blows, and repeatedly kicked the woman’s belly. As she tried to struggle free, the woman begged him to stop hitting her because she was pregnant, but the man claimed that killing the child was exactly what he wanted to do. The entire incident lasted around ten minutes.

man beats fiancee (2)

Chinese man hits unfaithful finacee

Man beats fiancee 2

Man beats unfaithful fiancee

Chinese man beats fiancee

man hits fiancee

Man beats fiancee

Man beats unfaithful fiancee (2)

man beats unfaithful fiancee (3)

man hits unfaithful fiancee

man hits unfaithful fiancee (2)

man hits unfaithful fiancee (3)

man beats fiancee (4)

man beats fiancee (3)

Note from Fauna: The text on the Mop post was green color.

Comments from Mop:


This kind of bitch deserves it. If it would me, I’d kick her.


Too ruthless.


Very good. The other man must have given the woman an orgasm lasting more than ten minutes.


Doesn’t have anything to do with me, I’m here to get soy sauce.


Just break up, what’s the point?


[She] deserves it.


[He] shouldn’t hit her. Ask her if she wants to marry you, if not, don’t get angry, just let her leave. You’re wrong to hit her. She can’t love you, otherwise she wouldn’t do something like this when you’re about to be married. She’s not yet your wife, only your girlfriend. You don’t have any right to hit her. You should be more composed…I’m just addressing the situation..


The bitch, she deserves to be beaten!!


Those who say she shouldn’t be hit, I hope your wives get impregnated by others too.


The deeper the love, the more powerful the hate. This man shouldn’t be called devilish, he’s just too hot tempered. This kind of woman, too cheap to even be a prostitute.


This kind of women is just cheap.


Break her cheating legs.


100% of men don’t want their wives to be like this. But I want to investigate: do men want to meet this type of women?


You treat her like a person, and she completely slights you! Bitch, say it if you don’t like [him], peaceful breakup. If anybody dared to give me a green hat, I’d hit her until she died.


People’s hearts are just…the man behind them is smiling instead of trying to stop him! BS!


Resolve it peacefully, why hit a woman?


It’s wrong to hit a woman, but it’s even more wrong to not hit this kind of women.

Unfaithful Fiancée Gets Pregnant, Publicly Beaten By Man
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  • Billy Joel

    Are these pictures in chronological order? or reverse chronological order???

    other wise either these two old guys intervene at the begining and give up then intervene again then give up,

    or waited a long time before intervening then gave up then intervened again

    • BIGLoser

      This is fake. It’s obviously a viral ad for pregnancy tests.

      • still a chinese bitch ! hey guy leave her, she’s just a poor whore

        • the man was probably a mean ass bastard like we was in the picture. I say kick his ass!! whatever she did he knows shes pregnant so why not just leave her.why does he have to beat her

    • Kai

      Same, I’m confused about the order of these photos too and the original source doesn’t seem to help much. If they are in chronological order, it would seem odd, but not impossible either. I’m frustrated by the photos of the bystanders not intervening but I can’t deny the photos where they are. I’m guessing they probably walked upon this situation and initially hesitated for all the usual reasons: “what the fuck is going on?” & “uh, I’m not sure I should get involved in this…”

      Probably didn’t help that the guy beating her didn’t say a word explaining what was going on (obviously ignoring everyone else in his single-minded rage), and if she was saying anything, it was probably garbled by her own crying.

      We don’t know why or how the girl got pregnant with another man’s baby, nor do we even know when she found out and if she was planning on telling the guy. Presuming she outright betrayed him and was the consummate bitch about it, of course, that’s not cool. However, as much as we can empathize with the guy’s pain from betrayal, even his impulse to hurt her as she has hurt him, I’d rather he used his mind instead of his hands to get even if he must get even.

    • Wang Er

      The best I can find is an article in rednet’s BBS in 2007-05-14:


      However, the post didn’t mention whether unfaithfulness was the motivation of the beating at all and all stories were “heard” by the photographer from “a passerby in gray cloth” (the left man in the 1st photo?). The story was twisted a lot since then and the authenticity of the story has never been proved.

      I know “doing a little bit research before posting” is not Fauna’s style, but it seems many folks here treat this website as a serious source for Chinese news.

      • Kai

        I’d say chinaSMACK IS a serious source for Chinese news, but its a very specific kind of Chinese news, namely “stuff” that gets a lot of Chinese netizens talking.

        I wouldn’t say “‘doing a little bit of research before posting’ is not Fauna’s style” because, frankly, there have been many posts where she HAS dug deeper and presented to us more information that may not be present in one source but present in another. You’re being a little unfair in that characterization. Moreover, this post wasn’t made by Fauna, but by Tingting, another contributor probably.

        Finally, I don’t think chinaSMACK is aiming to be Snopes or Wikipedia. What you see here is what the responding Chinese netizens saw, just translated. chinaSMACK just helps you glimpse and access what you probably can’t access yourself. It isn’t out to research and determine the truth of each of these stories.

        • Wang Er

          Sorry it’s me that forgot to do the research on who’s the author of this article. Anyway, as a native speaker, popyard.org is THE gossip/news website to RULE THEM ALL though I really enjoy reading some ignorant/trolling comments here (both translated and English ones) XD

  • Jub

    well, good one… bicthes deserve this…

  • 12meeeeeee

    “have always treated each other with respect, and have never had sex.”

    thats a contradiction per se xD

  • 250

    If you live in China, seeing men beat women is not an unusual event, and neither is people just watching it happen. Sad but true.


    It is the man’s fault for not giving the woman the sex she craved. If you don’t like being cheated on then stop being some asexual beta male who goes limp with terror every time your girlfriend hints that she wants to be fucked.

    • Korean Dog Eater (aka K-Dawg)

      Don’t worry PP, we won’t fault you for having erectile dysfunction. We hope someday you’ll meet a girl who won’t mind your micropenis, but in fact find it cute and adorable.

    • tommy

      It could have been me????? it’s been known for young ladies to get pregnant just by being in the same building as me.

      • Kai

        LoL, does mere proximity work or do you have to point your finger at them and say “bang!” at least?

        • tommy

          Nothing that complicated, its “the look”

  • Alan

    well, good one… bicthes deserve this…

    Yes yes, all well and good. And I suppose we should just bind chinese womens feet, and make them wear burqas, and circumcise them and tie chastity belts around their waists like victorian times?

    Do get a grip!

    • Marx

      You might have a point with the circumcision and chastity belts, but many women choose to wear burqas themselves.

      • bleah

        many women choose to wear burqas themselves.

        If they wear it because it’s the norm, then they wear for themselves? Though question…

        • Marx

          Many conservative Muslim women see wearing a burqa as natural as someone else sees wearing jeans. Drawing a comparison between female circumcision and religious clothing is a bit of a stretch.

          • Alan

            Sorry for including burqas in there. That was wrong.

            However this chinese macho male attitude of beating women and fighting in packs is pure predatory behaviour.

            It wasn’t so long ago women were having their feet bound. Now it’s moved on to men beating their women, women working as prostitutes and “entertainers” in ktvs, with the gong an seemingly turning a blind eye.

            The national preference for having boys, speaks volumes about society.

          • Rick in China

            Wait, men beating women, women as prostitutes, ‘guards’ turning a blind eye – we talking about China or Louisiana?

          • Kai

            It wasn’t so long ago women were having their feet bound. Now it’s moved on to men beating their women, women working as prostitutes and “entertainers” in ktvs, with the gong an seemingly turning a blind eye.

            “Moved on?” Uh, dude, men have been beating their women, women have been working as prostitutes and “entertainers”, and police have been turning a blind eye to things since time immemorial. Both in China and beyond. This is what we call the dark side of reality. This is the side of reality we’re supposed to fight.

  • dawo

    My first impulse is:

    Don’t beat the woman.

    Kill her family.

    Then kill her.

    The next time a girl is thinking of doing something similar, her family will realize they should stop her.

    However, on reflection, I’m not going to get married in this lifetime, so why would I go to the effort of killing anyone?

    • whichone

      WTF?! After your reflection perhaps you should speak to a mental health professional.

      • dawo

        Yeah, a *dead* mental health professional.

        • poor thing


          good one

    • Parapraxis

      yeah… let’s keep that a secret between you, me, and the therapists who won’t be able to help you.

      • dawo

        You always keep the secrets that you can’t tell anyone.

        Like women who get killed for cheating, for example. They don’t get up out of their graves and go to the police to tell their side of the story.

        Now, with a ouija board, maybe, they might be able to tell their secrets.

    • your comment is only to have more posts…..
      tssssssssss…dawo means in GERMAN : DUMBASS…how fitting….this name,belong to your comment.


    This guy appears to be strong in beating a pregnant young woman, rather tham giving her orgasms and making her pregnant. And the funny thing is that if he had enough money to afford that, he would probably end up with several concubines as his fellow countrymen do. The only thing who can save this country is foreign men’s semen.

    • river

      you’d better becareful of human flesh. serve your mother with your sterile semen.

      from now on you shut up . never comes to chinasmack

      • BIGLoser

        to river: this was pretty funny


        • Parapraxis

          I think it’s even better the way he said it, grammatical error and all

          ‘never comes to chinasmack”

          sounds like a t-shirt slogan to me!

          • zor

            I would buy that shirt, if it had an equally cool graphic. Maybe a Shepard Fairey style poster of a close crop from fiancee(SIC)-2.


            That’s art. And FTW-FU. At the same time.

            I’ll be here all week.

          • Alan

            Gotta love the angry little fen qings that come out of the woodwork to vent their spleen with the aid of an online translator!?

        • Never been a chinese fan, and never will. O, and about the guy beating up the girl? That’s lower than low my friend. Where I come from, this kind of behaviour will never be tolerated. In my country woman are highly respected, doesn’t matter what. And dare to lift a finger, and you will be locked up or beaten up,maybe killed by other men. Catch a wake up call.Chinese woman must stand up for themselves. Kick the Pissy in the balls, and let him chew on it.

      • river

        so what . one extra S is so funny. thats your western humor!!!!. so fuking funny

      • river

        be interested in your crappy Chinese!!!!

      • DUKE FLEED

        God, another little online red guard

        • river

          what did the red guard do? this is not good metaphore.
          go back school and study more about chinese history. little boy.

          • Ashley Schaffer BMW

            I would assume that the one who needs to go back to school is you. Remembering that your “textbooks” we’re/are heavily censored/propagandized, I think that his witty remark hit the nail on the head. Now please go and drown yourself in a river of bai jiu, Mr. Peasant. It’s “metaphor,” and he would need to “go back ‘to’ school” and “study more chinese history.”

          • Kai

            Dude, you guys are retarded. Apparently it’s time for a recap:

            1. DUKE FLEED takes advantage of this situation to make some retarded comments insulting the Chinese as a whole, including that the only thing that can save this country is foreign men’s semen. SEMEN.

            2. river, likely Chinese (but who knows), seems to take offense and makes a retarded comment threatening DUKE FLEED with a human flesh search. He makes some grammar/spelling errors.

            3. Several of you poke some fun at this, nothing too harsh, maybe a bit immature, but kinda sorta funny in an Engrish sort of way.

            4. river gets a bit touchy, tries to make fun of Westerners for finding his grammar/spelling errors so funny, suggests Westerners Chinese would be equally funny to Chinese. Generally, a fair and true retort.

            5. DUKE FLEED sees river as being Chinese, somewhat against him, and jumps to accusing him of being a Red Guard. Apparently anyone who disagrees with him and may be Chinese risks being labeled a hypernationalist Red Guard, even when that person said nothing to suggest he has the ideology of a Red Guard.

            6. Ashley Schaffer BMW embarrasses self by correcting river’s English grammar/spelling…while writing “we’re” (we are) instead of “were”. Brilliant. Also makes a bunch of retarded comments about what kind of person river is other than that river may be Chinese and, apparently, all Chinese must be peasants brainwashed by their heavily censored/propgandized textbooks and love drinking bai jiu.

            You guys are embarrassing.

          • DUKE FLEED

            telling someone to shut up, never come back to.. and even trying to blackmail him is a red guard attitude

          • lishiming

            tell me what kind of medicine can heel a retard moran like you. you are beng insulted entire of your life. now you are so happy to insult others

          • Kai

            DUKE FLEED,

            telling someone to shut up, never come back to.. and even trying to blackmail him is a red guard attitude

            Uh, no, it’s the attitude of like 95% of the internet comments out there around the world. It has nothing to do with being a Red Guard and everything to do with not having the mental facilities to make a more intelligent comment, like the mental retardation inherent in promoting foreign men’s semen as the only thing that can save China.

        • jack butcher

          Sound like Ashley graduate from chinese school. You go back to school too. go back and play with you mini penis

          • Ashley Schaffer BMW

            You are absolutely right. There is a grammar mistake in there. I’m sorry to have offended your Cal sensibilities. But a bunch is usually more than two. As far as I can read I made two crass generalizations. We could label that a couple or a pair. I would hesitate to say “bunch”, that usually connotes more than two. As far as the generalizations pertaining to all Chinese people, I can not see how you could read that in my statement. I replied to one person, not a whole nation. I guess I will leave the assuming up to you. Please go right ahead, you do so it so well.

          • poor thing

            Yo Ashley, I’m really happy for you and your crass generalizations, Imma let you finish, but duke fleed had one of the most retarded generalizations of all time.

          • Kai

            @ Ashley Schaffer BMW:

            Are you serious? The best you can come up with is a mistaken retort about the word “bunch”? Even if we ignore the fact that I’m making fun of you for your retarded comments, go look up a dictionary and you’ll note that I didn’t use “bunch” incorrectly whatsoever. What it connotes to you is irrelevant to what it connotes to me.

            You replied to one person you don’t know and made assumptions of their nationality by leveling generalizations about that nationality upon that person. That’s how I read generalizations pertaining to Chinese people in your comment. If you have alternative explanations for:

            Remembering that your “textbooks” we’re/are heavily censored/propagandized, I think that his witty remark hit the nail on the head. Now please go and drown yourself in a river of bai jiu, Mr. Peasant.

            …I’m all ears. Until then, Cal sensibilities or not, I’m pretty sure I didn’t misread or misrepresent your comment. You guys are letting your retarded prejudices show, and its embarrassing. You want to do that online, fine, but you’re only kidding yourself if you don’t expect someone or another to call you out on it.

            @ Kany–poor thing:

            LoL! FTMFW!

        • lishiming

          duke fleed is retard moran. he is being taken care by his docotor.

          • Jun

            Get a dictionary to check your spelling.

        • the black

          what kind of attitude is it to insult a nation? take care of our oversize asshole

          • coco

            duke fleed is your boyfriend?

  • wgh

    Although the woman deserved slaps in the face beating her and attempting to “kill the baby” is unacceptable.

    • Kai

      Really? Slaps to the face is okay?

      • Mike Fish

        I think the comments here prove you wrong Kai… many of the commenters on here are not just racists…

        • Kai

          Uh, what are you referring to?

  • bleah


    • BIGLoser

      He should’ve FALCON PUNCHED her instead.

  • Vie

    Ouch, filthy woman but innocent baby…. :| let the woman give birth first, the guy should not hit her… since that not a nice sight at all…. I wont waste my time on that kind.

  • Chris

    Like Mike Tyson once said “I’ll f**k you ’till you love me, fagot!” which is what any man who hits women deserves…

    • whichone

      LOL, absolutely.

  • chabuduoxiansheng

    What I find hard to stomach is the old guys standing aside and letting him land hard shots to this pregnant young girl. Those dudes are too cowardly to step in and prevent this guy from possibly killing the unborn baby. Regardless of whether she’s a cheating whore this kind of behavior, beating up pregnant women, is absolutely unacceptable.

  • Vesper Lynd

    Ten minutes of beating a woman while others look on is just disgusting, I don’t care what the supposed back story is.

    I’ve had Chinese women show me their bruises and swelling from their husbands. Is this how guys here feel manly and proud?

    • Kai

      Is this how guys here feel manly and proud?

      No, its how people who never learned how to control their violent impulses behave. Believe it or not, the vast majority of men, Chinese or otherwise, don’t go around beating women just to feel manly about themselves.

      • Jei

        -and shouldn’t. I don’t care if she cheated on him with his *best friend*, he lost some major control of himself. This sort of emotional incontinence is not manly, and could be a signifier of why she may have cheated in the first place.

        • Is’Ren?

          You can’t really say that she’s innocent either.
          All we can do is play devil advocate for both ends.
          But hell if you really think about it, the guy had treated her like a queen till that moment when all reveals her as a whore. =/

  • Alikese

    “He’s not yet your wife, only your girlfriend. You don’t have any right to hit her.”

    Yeah, but once you guys are married all bets are off; just beat the shit out of her until your knuckles get calloused and you’re too tired to swing.

    • the great yellow master race

      nooo.. the wife is holy in te great master race. we just close them into the golden cage and make babies like rabits.

      • Ashley Schaffer BMW

        Exactly, rabbits that are allowed to have one and only one baby.

        • the great yellow master race

          nooo. rabits are allowed to make so many they want.

  • capt. nullz whatever

    “You bitch choose me.”

    I mean wtf. This is just wrong. I would never lay a hand on my girlfriend ever…even if she decides to go “you bitch choose me” on me. LOL.

    Very sick shit.

    BTW, when I said Chinahosmack website, I meant to say ChinasmackHO website–now there is a difference. would you not agree Fauna. HAHA FUCK YOU! I’m a misogynist but I would not hit you Fauna no matter how much a Chinasmackho you are.

    HAHAHA. I’m just trolling now. Don’t take it personally. I’m playing around.

  • the great yellow master race

    coooooolll! at first he beats the hell and baby out of her then he will cut his long penis off!(yo must know the great yellow master race have longest penisses in the world) yeaaahhhh! the same right! equality for everyone!

    hmm its must be hard to be the superior race and not haveing money for the abort.

  • capt. nullz whatever

    I would say though, that the dudes above looks like a farmer (I mean half naked guy with relatives looking them over…obvious). But I would say China does have a problem with misogynist traditions.

    Still, this shit happens ever where (I don’t care to have a discussion regarding proportions etc) and it’s just sick that woman are still being mistreated.

    With that said, equality goes both ways girls.

  • capt. nullz whatever

    chauvinistic …damnit.

  • a lot of frightening responses on both sides here. you just don’t beat women. even if they cheat on you.

    • gao

      At last! Somebody said the obvious. You just don’t beat anybody, even if they cheat on you.

      • poor thing

        a captain obvious has long been overdue on chinasmack…

      • Is’Ren?

        Couldn’t you just have said it in the first place instead of waiting for someone else to say it. lol

  • Dude just call off the engagement, let her bear the shame of her mistake alone and heartbroken, and jump back in the dating pool. Sucks for everyone, lessons learned, life goes on. No need for blows. Beating a woman is never right no matter how angry she makes you.

    • J

      I disagree with this one. If someone’s going to act to like a bitch, then he/she should be treated like a bitch. I’ve seen a lot of violent/repulsive/neanderthal women that should get an ass beating but they don’t ONLY because they’re a female. Had it been a guy doing the shit, people would of lynched his ass.

      Society has a double standard that I just don’t think is acceptable.

      • Cowboy

        No, had it been a guy, he’d have put the girl up in another apartment, called her a 2nd wife, & gone about his business.

      • Chris

        It’s not acceptable to hit anybody for having sex with someone else, whether they are male or female.

      • Mike Fish

        So, what deserves a beating? Just intercourse? a blow job? a kiss? simple flirting? showing some skin? talking to a guy? wearing tight clothing? having a job? going out in public? talking to any male other than a family member?

  • pimp_war

    Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

    It’d be even better if the guy that got the girl pregnant were there.

    Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

    • J

      And the girl turned out to be a gay hermaphrodite with a sex change operation who was married three times but divorced once.


  • Charlie

    Must of been a real tough man to beat a woman, you think? She was probably only marrying him because of the family, too bad. You noticed the two observers, they showed some help but allowed it to happen. I wonder of it would of been okay to beat the girl if it was the oberver’s daughter?

  • HoruS

    A guy beating a women might be disgusting (whatever the reason is), its happening in everycountry in the world for a reason or another but the weird thing about chinese is that they dont care about doing it outside in front of everyone. I’ve already seen this happenning in front me in a trainstation in beijing…

    • Alan

      Is it just me, or do train stations bring out the worst and dark side of people here? To agree with Horus, I’ve seen fights, outright pushing and shoving, scamming, shouting, disobeying of no smoking signs, thieving etc etc going on at train stations. Isn’t scrapping outside here, considering losing face?

      • Kai

        It’s not that train stations bring out the worse and dark side of people, it’s that a lot of society’s worst and darkest people lurk at train stations, where it’s easy to take advantage of tourists or migrants and fade back into the crowd. The pushing and shoving, shouting, and disobeying of no smoking signs isn’t unique to train stations though.

  • Jimmy

    God damn!!! He is beating the breaks off that girl…did he hit her with the belt in the one pic? Geeez.

    I’ve been cheated on before after being totally loyal and it certainly makes you want to beat some one. I understand his anger, but he went too far.

    He should have just called the marriage off and left her as a single mother.

    • dawo

      A *dead* single mother. With a dead family. And maybe a dead impregnator, too.

      • Jei

        Jesus Christ dawo.

  • Wil

    “Those who say she shouldn’t be hit, I hope your FUTURE/CURRENT wives get impregnated by others too.”


    • Wan

      Agreed +1

      He lose much face. Make her face hurt.

  • pervertt


  • Chris

    A man compensating for his tiny-penis-complex by ruining someone’s life with misguided machismo.

    • Wan

      She ruined her own life by cheating and getting pregnant. A little beating won’t ruin her life.

      • bleah

        A little beating won’t ruin her life.

        What does not kill her, makes her stronger?

      • Teacher in China

        That’s a fucked up thing to say Wan, considering she’s pregnant and all.

  • auldred

    I have two things to say:

    1.) If a girl cheats on you, she deserves a chastising, not a beating. And if you don’t know the difference, why don’t you shove your lunch money up your ass, save it, and go buy a dictionary.

    2.) This dude is Chinese. I don’t know the full context of it, but if I were him, I would go to her hometown and let everybody know that she is a cheating, unfaithful woman, and that her family should bear the brunt of the abuse for raising her. Let her cry her way out of that one. This Is China, after all. Families rise and fall like flicks of a switch over here.

  • jj

    Knee in the a$$…great!

    she deserved it

  • jj

    lol everyone has their hands behind their backs & key chain on their belts….where is this…

    • Alan

      ROFLMAO. I’ve never got the whole looking like a prison officer thing with starched shirt tucked into belt, and key chain dangling on right side.

  • sam

    horrible man indeed treat a bit respect for goodness sake

  • Wang Er

    I’m FURIOUS! The a$$hole beat such a frank woman? Totally unbearable! Unlike spouse of some hypocritical commentators here, at least she told her partner she had sex with a stranger one night. How honest she is!

  • WO AI CHINASMACK. i am going to cape town south africa 09 18 for 10days . FAUNA I WIL MISS YOU>


  • Mike

    The pictures appear to be in reverse order. Watch the red bag.

    Does it say where this took place?

    Very disturbing. More disturbing that people stand by. Even more disturbing that people support what that scumbag did.

  • Anon

    Nothing morte than a bully. Shame on those just watching.


  • Anon

    Scum.. All of them!

  • Josh

    I wonder what the reaction of these netizens would have been were it a man cheating on his wife and his wife found a used condom somewhere or lipstick on his collar.

    I think this one put it best:
    “[He] shouldn’t hit her. Ask her if she wants to marry you, if not, don’t get angry, just let her leave. You’re wrong to hit her. She can’t love you, otherwise she wouldn’t do something like this when you’re about to be married. She’s not yet your wife, only your girlfriend. You don’t have any right to hit her. You should be more composed…I’m just addressing the situation.”

  • Goodness

    LOL!! God how I love this website. Only here can you see a chinese person (Korean Dog Eater (aka K-Dawg)make derisive comments about anyones penis size. It’s about as funny as a chinese person calling someone else a dog eater. But seriously, what that guy was doing was wrong. And you can’t tell me its cultural because I know of alot of other asians who never hit their girlfriends.

    • Robinbeijng

      what on earth is so funny about a Chinese calling someone else a dog eater? Most Chinese have never tasted dog meat and probably will not do it for the rest of their lifes. Dog meat is only food for some small parts of China, mostly in the northeastern or southern area.

      Anyway, hitting someone, women or men, to vent one’s anger is primitive and dumb as it normally does not help one bit in solving a problem.

    • Mercator

      Goodness, I’ll agree that the penis cliché is one of the most annoying things about chinaSMACK comments. However in this case you have to bear in mind that K-Dawg isn’t making derisive comment about just anyone’s penis size, he’s making derisive comments about PUSAN PLAYA.

      You may not be aware that PP gained infamy on chinaSMACK in the thread “Shanghai Michael Jackson 1 Minute Memorial Event – 7/12
      ” at http://www.chinasmack.com/stories/shanghai-michael-jackson-memorial-event-flash/, go on read it now – it’s hilarious. I’ll still be here when you get back.

      As you can see PP tried to hit on Fauna for chrissakes and he did it REALLY BADLY. The funniest part being that he bragged about having a “party-sized” cock. Unfortunately he didn’t realise that “party-sized” means miniature chocolates bars in the US/UK. Maybe K-Dawg hadn’t read that thread – but mocking PP’s pee-pee can be considered a running joke on chinaSMACK. Considering the alpha-male/PUA image he tries to project and his endless stream on misogynistic/racist comments, I think he deserves it.

      If chinaSMACK were a village, then PUSAN PLAYA would be its idiot.

  • Couldn’t stop laughing at some of the Chinasmack comments here but the original Chinese website comments are disturbingly all in the same direction. I can understand the guy hitting her out of anger but not the kicking and stuff.

  • 水溶C100

    I can’t believe how fucked up all of the comments are…

    Let’s see a story where some baijiu swilling 大款 gets his mistress pregnant and then gets to beat to death by his enraged wife. Would anyone care?

    This guy should do jail time, you can’t beat the shit out of someone because they’re a fucking dumbass.

    Otherwise half the people on Chinasmack would be getting the boots right now. BURN!

  • Miako Tamatsue

    If someone cheats on you, then it was never meant to be. Be intelligent about it and leave the relationship. The trust is gone. Do you think you can beat or kill someone into being loyal and in loving you?

    And what kind of society do men stand around and watch a woman being beaten?

    • Kai

      Miako, I really don’t think the guy thinks he can beat or kill her into being loyal and loving him. He’s most likely beating her because he’s hurt and pissed off, seeking some sort of retribution.

      The same kind of society where anyone sees something out of the ordinary happen and not know what they should do. Some get involved after some hesitation, others turn their kids around and walk off preferring not to get involved. It’s not just men beating women but also racists beating minorities, bullies beating weaklings, countries oppressing their people, etc. We all talk a good talk about what’s right or wrong, what should be done or shouldn’t be done, but we only need to look in the news to see that a lot of really horrible shit happens everyday and most of the time, those around didn’t do anything when they could.

      None of you are going to really know what you’re made of until you run into a similar situation. For most of you, you might get involved in some but you’ll stay uninvolved in others. You might feel proud of (and remember) when you did, and feel ashamed of (or just forget) when you didn’t.

      • Spectator

        So what are you saying? That most people are cowards and seeing a man beat a woman in public is okay to watch? I don’t care if he’s hurt because she cheated on him. She or any other women don’t deserve a beating, at home or in public, because they cheated on him or didn’t cook his dinner or dress too sexy or what ever reasons you cowards try to justify your violence.

        Learn a lesson from this guy who got beaten to save a woman and her child:


        Society should stand up and stand agaisnt what is wrong. They should put thugs where thugs belong and that is in prison.

        What would you say if the thug above does that to your sister, daughter, or mother? And worse of all, the society that you live in tolerates it?

        • Kai


          No, an observation of society is not a prescription for society. I’m not saying it is “okay” to watch, I’m just saying that’s what happens the vast majority of the time and there are understandable (not necessarily excusable) reasons for that. Like you, I’m strongly for society standing up against what is wrong. I’d appreciate if you didn’t put words in my mouth and call me a coward without paying attention to what I stand for, especially given the comments I’ve already made on this thread.

          Violence against women is a deeper problem than whether or not society “tolerates” it. Why do you think violence against women still persists in societies like America or Europe? Society is one part of the equation, a big part, but don’t cheapen this problem by forgetting the rest of the equation and falling into the trap of thinking “this is a problem of their society, not mine”. Condemn the violence, focus on it, figure out why it happens, why it happens so often and in so many places, in so many different circumstances, environments, and societies. Then figure out how you can fight it.

  • J

    I don’t understand all this shit about Chinese wife beating. Wife beating occurs far more frequently according to statistics in the US. The only difference is that it happens more often in public here in China.

    I still STRONGLY disagree with women being untouchable. Needs to act like a lady to be treated like one.

    Should a man attack a woman for the same reasons that two guys would get into it? No. But should a guy slap, NOT BEAT, a woman if she COMPLETELY crosses the line. In my opinion, YES. And should a man beat a woman if his reasons are truly justified enough? I think so.

    Sometimes violence is needed to subdue those who are completely unreasonable.

    • Josh

      “according to statistics”

      There’s your logical flaw right there.

      It’s difficult to tell what you’re arguing for here. Even if I did agree with you that it’s okay to hit a woman (I don’t), that’s a far cry from beating the hell out of her and attempting to kill her unborn child.

      • J

        Read my argument again. Maybe you’ll get it.

        • too yellow

          sometime people’s reading comprehension level will frighten you.

    • Teacher in China

      So J, what are your examples of a time when a woman “COMPLETELY crosses the line” thus resulting in a face slap; and what reasons “are truly justified enough” for a man to beat a woman? You can’t just go ahead and say something like that without examples.

      • J

        Say . . . she tries to come at you with a bottle and take your fuckin’ life.

        • Teacher in China

          Ok, agreed. Self-defense in a “kill or be killed” moment is understandable.

    • Chris

      And who decides what is reasonable and what is unreasonable?

      I’m guessing that you wear jeans sometimes. Well, I think that’s unreasonable, so I’m going to come round your house and stone you.

      The woman in the story had an affair, just like a very large percentage of everybody does. She had sex. She shouldn’t be beaten up because she had sex.

      Self-defence is acceptable, but everything else is thuggery.

  • bossman

    Miako, a society where the men are just complete losers today. They are weak and shit,

    Sort of why you see SO many white women dating Chinese men, the white wmoen are crazy about the chinese men, becasue the chinese men are so cool, basically a few western men beat women too, but the MOST of Chinese men would like to get a hit in if they could, and if they lose their stupid fucking face. You cannot say Chinese and men in same sentence. its acontradiction.

  • 美國冒險樂園



    but seriously, shame on her, shame on him. If you’re going to beat her, don’t do it in public. If you’re going to cheat, don’t get pregnant, use protection. But i guess if one was in his situation depending on his loyalty and love to her the fact that he freaked out like that is understandable.

    • Rick in China

      I am a fan of the falcon punch, not sure if your link is the ice skating “solves teen pregnancy” one but I send that out occasionally ;)

      Beating women is never “acceptable” as many above post – public or private, but neither is it acceptable for a girl to let another guy fill her up with cum when she’s committed to get married, with or without a condom.

      The guy should be stopped by others, maybe it’s _better_ he did this in public, or who knows how it would have ended. The fact his emotional pain took over when he discovered the ‘woman he loved’ was fucking other guys raw dog is definitely understandable. Some guys may crumble and cry, some guys may lash out in anger, some guys may harden up and toss the bitch’s shit out their house – everyone can sit and say what is right and wrong, but the fact is he’s human and he fucked up. She fucked up worse, in my opinion.

      He didn’t beat her ass closed fist, she didn’t fight back – she knew she was wrong. He could have done _a lot worse_ than slaps and weaksauce kicks, you see any blood in these photos? She got off lucky, if he was a bit bigger and truly had the intention to fuck her up, I’m sure it would be the case. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t condone any abuse against women, and would step up if I was there, but the bottom line is – I understand.

      • Kai

        Don’t get me wrong – I don’t condone any abuse against women, and would step up if I was there, but the bottom line is – I understand.

        BINGO. If you can understand the Guangzhou wife cutting off her cheating husband’s penis you can understand this.

        • Rick in China

          I can understand it.

          Although it’s a much more extreme ‘reprimand’.

          Getting angry because of their very immoral action and getting abusive with slaps vs. getting angry because of their very immoral action and getting sneaky with attacks that mutilate your partners organs…..erm, while both on the same line, one is far, far down it.

          • Wan

            Do you feel? Seems you have no emotions.

  • Hitman

    If the man is MAN enough, go find the bitch’s lover and beat that guy up, instead of beating the woman.. typical chinese men…

  • She deserves it! If it were in the older days, she would be put inside a pig cage and drowned!

    • Miako Tamatsue

      I would love to date your daughter or mother because if they ever cheated on me, I will beat her to death and send her home to your family in coffin.

      • A coffin? You are a real gentleman. Most would be satified with a body bag.

        • Miako Tamatsue

          I have been called a gentle man once or twice before.

          • “I have been called a gentle man once or twice before.”

            …before stuffing them into a coffin? I’m confused, is this a first date kind of thing, or should you wait until the two of you are going steady?

    • Ah, the good ol’ days! Man, without feudalism and complete totalitarian oppression our society isn’t the same anymore! We should bring back slavery too according to that frame of mind, you know, just to help the economy..


    what a loser she had the right to cheat on him hahaha !

  • ShanghaiSteve

    Rape in China occurs more frequently than many people are aware. It’s my understanding that social services designed to help women cope with this trauma are rare or non-existent in China. Filing a police report will often result in the woman’s family learning of the crime and cause a potential loss of status for the family. Such news would quickly find it’s way to the husband’s family and would likely cause his family to reconsider the marriage. It’s very sad to think that the young woman was raped and had no one to turn to for help. Even more sad that the man she loves beats her instead of trying to help.

    • Josh

      It doesn’t say anything in the story about rape.

      Unless I missed something?

      • ShanghaiSteve

        True. The article doesn’t say anything about being unfaithful either.

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