Unfaithful Fiancée Gets Pregnant, Publicly Beaten By Man

Man beats unfaithful fiancee (2)

From Mop:

Evil man beats up pregnant fiancée, shocking

According to witnesses, this couple is getting married soon, currently preparing their wedding, have always treated each other with respect, and have never had sex. However, upon “accidentally” finding a pregnancy test result in the fiancée’s purse,  “this evil man”, originally gentle and well-mannered, was consumed with fury and immediately started to hit [his fiancée]. Nearby people said that this evil man has never before yelled at his fiancée, treated her well, and was very caring.

According to the photographer, the man landed several heavy blows, and repeatedly kicked the woman’s belly. As she tried to struggle free, the woman begged him to stop hitting her because she was pregnant, but the man claimed that killing the child was exactly what he wanted to do. The entire incident lasted around ten minutes.

man beats fiancee (2)

Chinese man hits unfaithful finacee

Man beats fiancee 2

Man beats unfaithful fiancee

Chinese man beats fiancee

man hits fiancee

Man beats fiancee

Man beats unfaithful fiancee (2)

man beats unfaithful fiancee (3)

man hits unfaithful fiancee

man hits unfaithful fiancee (2)

man hits unfaithful fiancee (3)

man beats fiancee (4)

man beats fiancee (3)

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Comments from Mop:


This kind of bitch deserves it. If it would me, I’d kick her.


Too ruthless.


Very good. The other man must have given the woman an orgasm lasting more than ten minutes.


Doesn’t have anything to do with me, I’m here to get soy sauce.


Just break up, what’s the point?


[She] deserves it.


[He] shouldn’t hit her. Ask her if she wants to marry you, if not, don’t get angry, just let her leave. You’re wrong to hit her. She can’t love you, otherwise she wouldn’t do something like this when you’re about to be married. She’s not yet your wife, only your girlfriend. You don’t have any right to hit her. You should be more composed…I’m just addressing the situation..


The bitch, she deserves to be beaten!!


Those who say she shouldn’t be hit, I hope your wives get impregnated by others too.


The deeper the love, the more powerful the hate. This man shouldn’t be called devilish, he’s just too hot tempered. This kind of woman, too cheap to even be a prostitute.


This kind of women is just cheap.


Break her cheating legs.


100% of men don’t want their wives to be like this. But I want to investigate: do men want to meet this type of women?


You treat her like a person, and she completely slights you! Bitch, say it if you don’t like [him], peaceful breakup. If anybody dared to give me a green hat, I’d hit her until she died.


People’s hearts are just…the man behind them is smiling instead of trying to stop him! BS!


Resolve it peacefully, why hit a woman?


It’s wrong to hit a woman, but it’s even more wrong to not hit this kind of women.

Unfaithful Fiancée Gets Pregnant, Publicly Beaten By Man


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