Unhappy Employee Sets Hunan Water Company Managers on Fire

Hunan Shaoyang water company managers killed in fire by disgruntled female employee.

Hunan Shaoyang water company managers killed in fire by disgruntled female employee.

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From NetEase:

3 leaders of a Hunan Shaoyang water company burned to death by gasoline-filled bottle thrown by employee

People.com.cn, Changsha August 27th report. This reporter obtained information from the related government departments that around 10am this morning, as Hunan province Shaoyang city tap water company employees were having a meeting, an employee stormed into the meeting room carrying and throwing a gasoline-filled bottle, burning to death 3 management staff on the spot and injuring many others with burns.

Hunan Shaoyang water company managers killed in fire by disgruntled female employee.

Comments from NetEase:

geniuschina0 [网易江苏省手机网友]:

Just how desperate must a person be to be able to do this kind of thing.

kevinok9001 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

No need to investigate to know that the leadership must’ve been or done something too excessive to have forced a person onto such a desperate path!

游荡的风 [网易上海市网友]:

There’s one thing I still haven’t figured out, why is it that there is so much cheering and rejoicing any time something involves misfortune or harm to a government leader or cadre? Do you all really hate this government and [national] circumstances/situation this much?

小Cay [网易浙江省杭州市网友]: (responding to above)

What do you think? Is it necessary to make it clear?

网易山东省济宁市网友: (also responding to 游荡的风)

Go learn more about real society! It’s not remotely as harmonious as CCAV‘s Xinwen Lianbo says!!!

丶呆子 [网易重庆市网友]:

Revival of the Nation has reached 70%.

[Note: The “Revival of the Chinese Nation” or “Common Mission for the Revival of the Chinese Nation” figure refers to an index created by Yang Yiyong, director of the Institute of Social Development Research at the Academy of Macroeconomic Research under China’s National Development and Reform Commission. It attempts to quantify China’s progress towards becoming a first-world nation through statistical data such as China’s Gross National Income. In 2007, the figure was at 46%. Recently, it amused Chinese netizens when the figure was cited as 62%, which was alluded to on chinaSMACK in a translated microblog post by party newspaper The People’s Daily earlier this month. Yang Yiyong predicts China will join the first-world in 2049.]

hynbv [网易江苏省扬州市网友]: (responding to above)

After waiting so long, we’ve finally reached the 70s.

maryzhang71 [网易上海市网友]:

Too inharmonious, hurry and require real-name registration for gasoline purchases.

wdm1999 [网易广东省珠海市网友]:

So long as the ordinary common people have at least one alternative, they would not do this kind of thing.


It is only because the person had no other option that they did this. I hope the leaders of various industries and companies all use this as a warning.

From NetEase:

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Shaoyang arson suspect set fire because she was unhappy with son’s employment arrangement

According to preliminary investigations, the arsonist was a retired female worker Shaoyang city water company, named Shi Yanfei, who has two sons, with one of the sons have already been arranged to work at this company while the other son’s employment has not been arranged. As a result, this female worker was unhappy and at 10:05 on August 27th charged into the company’s meeting room, poured gasoline on the company Party Committee members who were having a meeting, and lit it on fire. After Shi Yanfei started the fire, she unsuccessfully attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the building, is currently receiving emergency care at a local hospital, and is under police control.

From NetEase:

Hunan Shaoyang arsonist suspect dies from injuries

August 27th morning, a man-made fire occurred at the Hunan province Shaoyang city water company. According microblog information from Hunan province Discipline Inspection Commission Anti-Corruption Unit Deputy Director Lu Qun, the arson suspect Shi X’s attempt to commit suicide by jumping from the building was unsuccessful but ultimately died at the hospital from her injuries.

Lu Qun also stated that the water company victims were the water company’s general manager, the Party Committee Secretary Long Xinmin, Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Deputy Operations Manager Rao Xiaoyang, and another deputy manager.

According to China News Service reports, the person in charge of the Hunan province Shaoyang news center explains that around 10:05 on the morning of the 27th, Hunan province Shaoyang city water company party leadership group members were having a meeting on the 6th floor meeting room of the local Qingquan Building when retired female employee Shi X suddenly splashed gasoline into the meeting room and lit it on fire, causing 3 deaths and 4 injured. When the incident happened, “how many people were in the meeting is still unclear”.

As it is understood, the reason the employee started the fire was related to only one of her her 2 children having been arranged to work at the company and her suspicions that the company management had violated the rules of preferential treatment for family members, and therefore took out her anger on the company leaders, taking advantage of the regular management meetings held on Monday mornings to set them on fire.

From NetEase:

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Shaoyang Arsonist Case Follow-up: Shi Yanfei had caused trouble with the company multiple times over her child’s employment

According to a worker who participated in the firefighting, after Shi Yanfei at the time had charged into the 6th floor meeting room and poured gasoline, he lit a lighter before everyone could react. Owing to the meeting room’s table and chairs all being made of wood, the fire rapidly spread. The company general manager and 3 deputy general managers were surrounded by the flames and smoke and forced out onto the air conditioner outside the window. Afterward, the 4 of them fell after the supports gave out. One deputy general manager survived by jumping to the air conditioner outside the 5th floor window, while the other 3 died on the scene.

Additionally, according to information revealed by an internal employee of the Shaoyang water company, arsonist Shi Yanfei’s temperament is relatively extreme and has previously sought the company and gotten into arguments with the company leadership over the issue of arranging employment for her child.

What do you think?

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Scytheria

    Sofa! Smells of gasoline…

    • Snicker

      Whoever’s on the sofa gets set on fire! ha ha!

    • Nanny Hiccups

      how..the…fuck can you mock someone who was murdered to death by fire? Some of you people are not only despicable but soulless.

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        And you’re stupid. Here I said it. Don’t get all fired up over this though.

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          Nice burn.

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        And I suppose you never mocked a hapless coyote for chasing a roadrunner off a cliff?

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          Why is everyone burning her?

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            You guys are on fire today!

          • Nanny Hiccups

            Not you Brett… i expected better. This is NOT funny, people being burned to death and not a timei for jokes. Please respect the dead and slain. You all cannot hate chinese people this much. It'[s not funny.

          • Winterbitten

            No, but I think a lot of people hate you.

          • Kukuku

            Nanny is a disgusting human being. She interprets everything at face value, her reasoning has no debt to it, and she never once came to China to experience what we know.

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            typical ultra sentimentalist. stfu and gtfo 傻逼黑鬼

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            God is infinite. God exists for infinity. One day during his infinite existence a number sprang froth from his mind. The number was 666. God thought about this number for a very long number of days, actually infinite number of days. Then Jesus sprang forth from God and Jesus said 999! God replied: 666! They went back and forth with God calling out 666 and Jesus replying 999. This also went on for another infinitely number of days! Then suddenly, the Devil sprang forth from during one of the call and replys between God and Jesus, as a creation of God’s 666 and Jesus 999. An infinitely small time passed in God’s infinite existence, The Devil exploded in a burst of light, creating the universe and everything. Thus the universe began.

          • Capt. WED

            The Devil said: that’s how the http://www.bearcanada.com/graphics/china/tam002.jpg universe began I said!

          • Gontraf

            They should totally play “Smoke on the Water” at the funerals.

          • Nanny seems pretty incensed over this and I think the Smackers might be burning her a little too harshly.

            I’m getting out before this becomes a heated discussing and things explode.

            I really hate to see decorum and reason go up in smoke and turn into a flamewar.

            Huh, this article is about a fire. Strange.

          • lonetrey

            -rolleyes- I c wat u did thar, Elijah

      • linette

        China gov’t workers. You need to have connection in order to get a gov’t job. In Chinese it’s called “iron bowl” 鐵飯碗 It’s unbreakable and you will be provided for life time from generations to generations. Only the family can have connection to get those positions. If you want a higher position bribery will help too. This story is simply an arrangement that went “sour” for this woman and his sons. Nothing unusual. She was angry her sons didn’t get better 鐵飯碗 for life.

        • linette

          she should have put more money on bribery to get better positions for her sons instead of setting the managers on fire.

          • MeiDaxia

            gasoline and an empty bottle are cheaper than bribes… And hey, she made a statement alright! I’m honestly surprised this kind of stuff doesn’t happen more often with the level of corruption/dissatisfaction I hear from average Chinese. I just had a conversation yesterday with a 20-something Chinese guy who was asking ME why Youtube, Twitter, Facebook were all blocked in China. Thought control at its finest.

          • jeffli

            I agree with Linette about the bribery, but I think its probably a little more I suspect.

            I would be surprised if there was sex involved with her or her young boys and the managers.

            Its quite common everywhere, but after when the arrangement is not respected then hell can break lose.
            “Hell has no wrath as a woman scorned!”

            Anyway Govt. managers should know better!

            Justice or vengeance?
            that is the question.

            As for the “fire” and “burn” jokes…tasteless.
            but I see where they they are coming from and does not upset me.
            there’ll always be someone dancing on graves.

      • Mercurial

        OMG! Was she actually murdered to death? That is so extreme…

      • rollin wit 9’s

        first of all @ Nanny H. Nobody can be murdered to death. Are you killing them twice or what?

        Now I know what you may be thinking: The bosses were down to their last bit of energy with only one life remaining, the gasoline bottle hit and killed them. They re-spawned with their last life and the arsonist lit them on fire. Once dead, some chinese bystander (a worker of course) put down his camera phone, shook his head and said ‘fatality’ as the arsonist proceeded on to the next floor. BUT IT DIDN’T HAPPEN THAT WAY.

        • Cooljackal

          But did anyone say ‘finish him’?

      • Northerner


        ‘murdered to death by fire’

        Are you really a writer Nanny?

        But to some extent I have to agree. Being murdered to death by water would have been more appropriate and amusing.

        • mr. wiener

          I think we need to look to works of the great Don King for inspiration to top it.
          “Her great angerfication led to the firey conflagration which resulted in their permanent murderfication”.

          • Northerner

            Is that from his great work of crime fiction ‘Death by murder’?

            Looks a bit like he was writing in the style of Donne.

        • Nanny Hiccups

          most people are pissed that i chastised them for their comments because i exposed gtheir lack of compassion and humanity.

          • Northerner

            Yes, of course.

        • Nanny Hiccups

          Yes, I am a writer and I can speak English and not AAVE when inclined to do so. Thank you.

      • Jahar

        Can you be murdered to anything other than death?

      • James

        LOL murdered to death

      • Tengu

        Do you speak English as a first language?

        You write like a Polish immigrant in 1948 trying to pass his US citizenship exam. I think we shall eschew commentary with regard to your punctuation for the time being.

        * I apologize in advance to any polish people here!

        • moop

          no apologies necessary, they wouldnt understand you anyways

        • Nanny Hiccups

          No, English was not my first language, foolio. I have been speaking it my entirely life, however.

          • Tengu

            Your entirely life? Impressive! So you’ve been multi- lingual since birth.

            And to think I thought my mothers ability to speak 8+ languages was cool.

            You’re amazing !

      • tenpainx

        always like all your comment

  • Getrealson

    “What do you do to old ladies Ronald?”

    ” HeHeHe….Burn ’em!”

  • Cooljackal

    You know, the explanation of the motive actually sounds believable…and that’s sad.

  • Jeff

    Wow burning to death Party members! What next a pro-Democracy demonstration in a Square in Beijing?

    Chinese sheeple….Controlled by the government – and for good reason…

    • linette

      protest yes. No violent please. :(

    • grovesman

      In my opinion, if the Chinese people were suddenly given the same freedoms the west now enjoys, it would be utter chaos. Cheng Long (Jackie Chan) said as much in an interview before the Bejing Olympic games.

  • Young Man

    Bunch o’ black car driving scumbags.

    Got exactly what they deserved. I’ve no sympathy for them, their families or their friends.

    ha, and indeed, ha

  • Cleo

    so even at a poverty level, one’s sense of entitlement rears its head – it’s character not income level

  • Dan

    Brutal way to go.

  • Beijinger in Seattle

    I have been interacting with some mainlander people lately, and I have say, some of them, especially the older people, sort of have this evilness with them. They are simply capable of things that we think of as beyond the pale.

    • Cleo

      really? I notice a sense of entitlement in young job seekers that is in some ABCs but not in many of them like my brother – I really think it has to do with how your Chinese parents raised you – even though we’d had dinner with wealthier people, my parents never went home afterwards and discussed it or wondered about their finances. Only in hindsight, do I realize well that means uncle so and so was rich. But I do know that MANY working class Chinese Americans are kind of vicious about why does someone have anything that I don’t have and that seems insane to me because not only my parents but my father’s TRUE friends simply absorbed other people’s better fortunes and my brother is the same way – this kind of Chinese is incapable of understanding that other people wouldn’t like them for having even a tiny bit of comfort so they wouldn’t know to be cautious. I just thought it was immoral until lately when I think about genuine privations that my brother doesn’t realize he has missed out on so much that others take for granted both in America and China. A childhood, carefreeness, so much.

      So seeing more than one perspective, I know for a fact that this firestarter should get the death penalty because you don’t see the girl selling potstickers on the street 365 days a year doing that to someone. She wanted her son to enjoy the same iron rice bowl and job security, I imagine.

      • Beijinger in Seattle

        I was talking about actual mainland people, born and raised in China, not Chinese Americans.

        Most Chinese Americans are pussies and suck in other ways, but they wouldn’t do things like this.

        • Cleo

          Sorry, I meant Mainland young job seekers as profiled on NHK News. Some ABCs despite sounding very American are mean too. I know so many soft people who are vulnerable and nothing like the mean ones but the mean ones really dish it out so the soft ones stay silent.

        • mr. wiener

          So what is better in your view, Evil mainlanders who don’t think like “us”, or pussy ABCs? And which one are you anyway?

          • Beijinger in Seattle

            There is no better or worse. People are largely products of their environment. You just have to take into account that some mainland people are capable of these acts when you are dealing with them.

            “And which one are you anyway?”

            I’m a 1.5 generation breh, so neither, nor.

            Or to borrow the words of Bruce Lee, I think of myself as a human being.

          • James

            @ beijinger in Seattle

            You’re full of shit. You think of yourself as a human being? Oh how noble and fairminded. Yet you blatantly label others in your posts. Fuck off, douchebag.

          • Beijinger in Seattle


            kill yourself, white trash.

          • mr. wiener

            Snappy comeback bro.

    • Snicker

      Well, given what a lot of older folk were forced to do through the early and mid-days of communist times, I would imagine not a small number of them feel disenfranchised and disillusioned with the hand they’ve been dealt. Not all the red guard have been rewarded, not all those who were swept from their homes have been compensated. People want to believe that it was all for a better future, a more fair future. But what did they get? Some jerk-off CPC’s son taking their own son’s job (whether it was right or not).

  • Nanny Hiccups

    what a crazy evil bitch. what does she think is going to happen to her son who has already received a job? He will be terminated and mistreated, if not both of those boys locked away i suppose. this woman was clearly crazy suffering from self entitlement issues. to set someone on fire is the worst way to make a person die, she is absolutely horrible.

    • Middle Kingdum

      Maybe she was a good cook.

    • charles

      Nanny – I think you’ll find little pity for government types and administrators here in China or on the web. They are nearly all corrupt evil bastards who deserve this kind of treatment. Only their lackeys and those who depended on them for corrupt benefit will morn. That said, this lady was obviously out of her fricken’ mind!

      • Nanny Hiccups

        I don’t care how corrupt they are. Two wrongs don’t make a right and anyone who thinks their corrupt behavior entitles them to a horrific death by fire is wicked.

        • charles

          It seems to me that there is no chance of justice coming in any form other than violence… so I really can’t agree with you. I don’t think what she did was right… and I don’t know what these people actually did – or if any of them really deserved this… but so many do. People who take bribes instead of doing their job while the country crumbles around them and countless lives are lost… they deserve worse than this.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            don’t know what these people actually did – or if any of them really deserved this… but so many do.

            What kind of savage believes people should be burned to death as punishment for some civil crime?

            There was a horrendous crime in New York a few days before Christmas where this man cornered this 80 year old elderly woman in an elevator, sprayed her with gasoline from some sort of device, then toss a match in, incinerating her. Why? Because she owed him 2000 USD.

            Or how about the father who went bursting into his ex-wife’s house with some device strapped to his waist, emitted an accelerated, and killed 9 family members on Christmas day, starting with the 9 year old little girl who opened the door, shooting her in the head. Why? Because his ex-wife “wronged” him and he was angry.

            Are you seeing a pattern? This is fucking craziness.

    • Dr SUN

      Maybe she’s just evil Nanny, you know born evil.

      Oops I forgot it’s men that murder and are evil.

  • thunder struck

    women are crazy,got to keep them on a tight leash.

    • MrT

      its true, when a Chinese woman flips you better get well clear of her.

      • grovesman

        Double dat.

  • Dat Ankle

    Talk about over reacting, you dont burn three people and jump out a building because your kid didnt get a job even if some shady ass job hiring went down to not give him it.

    • Gontraf

      Yes. I think we can reasonably assume that this little lady was not quite right in the head.

    • Dawei

      Well we do have going postal in the States. There was a case in the papers just the other day in NYC. Seems here though we have a confusion twist where the parent takes action not the kid.

      I guess a lot of these cases of citizen action against perceived wrong doing spring from the realization that the shoddy judicial process and lack of fair play in society means you have to DIY.

    • womo

      Sons + Co should be ashamed to let their mother control their life to the point where the mother feels like she needs to find THEM a job. Shame on the woman for being so selfish, shame on the sons for pressuring their mother to get them jobs.

  • MrT

    Well if it they followed the American model every one would have a gun which would help the population control, half it in a month I reckon.

    • Cooljackal


    • grovesman

      Yes, I am thankful that guns are not readily available here. People go from 0 to bat-shit crazy in a millisecond here in Sichuan.

      • Cooljackal

        Haha, absolutely! And for some reason it’s always the old ladies that go crazy first.

  • 平凡人

    Too many corrupted people and too many psychopaths in China.

  • moonmickey

    And now the country begins to rip itself to pieces, slowly at first.

    • Cooljackal

      Seems to have started earlier than expected.

  • Poltergeist

    This +1. It’s actually a great example of what can happen if people take that whole “losing face” concept to the extreme.

    • Poltergeist

      The above comment of me was in regards towards “Cooljackal”‘s response:

      “You know, the explanation of the motive actually sounds believable…and that’s sad.”

  • James

    it should be invested clearly for. the dead. we need to take. some. precaution.

  • mr. wiener

    Suggested song of the article:
    “Putting out the fire with gasoline”-Sisters of Mercy.
    Will deffer to any better suggestion.

    • Northerner

      Stone Roses, ‘Made of Stone’ if only for the lines:

      ‘No earth just sky, it’s so serene
      Your pink fat lips let go a scream
      You fry and melt, I love the scene’

      • curl of the burl

        Mastodon – Burning man

        Lyrics are pretty spot on.

        approach the door where i place blame
        take the first step
        cleansing my shame
        awaiting sand
        a burning man

  • curl of the burl

    maybe be they were buddhist?

    or more likely overly enthusiastic fantastic four fans. “Flame on!”

  • B

    I like the fact that in the past when Chinese lost face or wanted to make a protest they put themselves on fire, like many farmers and monks , but now the Chinese have changed that mentality and first take as much of corrupt bastards they can find before burning or jumping off a story building, its encouraging and a sign of optimism that in a near future the long awaited uprising will begin.
    And granny will be in the forefront with a flamethrower.

  • Chines conflict resolution leaves a lot to be desired. will the drama never end…?

    • Dr SUN

      Nope ” retribution” is a core value, always has been always will.

  • Alex

    (•_•) I guess he..

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

    (⌐■_■) Got fired..



  • James

    “Just how desperate must a person be to be able to do this kind of thing.”

    A: Pretty Desperate.

  • moop

    my favorite netizen comment : “Too inharmonious, hurry and require real-name registration for gasoline purchases.”

  • Expatty

    Let me guess: this tragic incident is somehow a foreigner’s fault.

  • kodi

    It is kind of sad, but they bring it upon themselves. People do not just up and do then kinds of things for no reason.

  • Efe the foreigner

    one time a woman in sichuan had the ” i am gonna light you on fire ” look in her eyes. it was because i didnt know the local dialect for airplane ticket. there i was eating some mapo dofu on rice, while this woman killed me in her mind.

    i seen the ” thousand yard ” stare of veterans. chinese have an ” i will murder you slowly for a thousand hours ” stare. cant wait for the peasants revolt!!! gonna get me a motorbike and live in the mountains, come down to pillage and cannibalize every time hunger strikes……

  • mr. mike

    When things like this happen, that usually means society is coming to a breaking point….I have a feeling that in the next two decades we may see the CCP have to fight a civil war, because these sorts of struggles don’t remain apolitical forever.

  • Jin

    Mitt Romney (R-Mass.) – $250 million
    John Kerry (D-Mass.) – $230.98 million
    George Bush and Family -a round $500 million

    The list goes on and on..Politician around the world are corrupt and use their role in office for personal profits to billions not just local Chinese officials.

    • Blah

      What are you talking about? Mitt Romney made his fortune from starting his own Private Equity firm. John Kerry was born into a rich family and so was George W. Chinese officials abuse their position the most for money. In the US, people running for office do not need money; they already have enough of it. They only want power.