Unhappy Employee Sets Hunan Water Company Managers on Fire

Hunan Shaoyang water company managers killed in fire by disgruntled female employee.

Hunan Shaoyang water company managers killed in fire by disgruntled female employee.

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From NetEase:

3 leaders of a Hunan Shaoyang water company burned to death by gasoline-filled bottle thrown by employee, Changsha August 27th report. This reporter obtained information from the related government departments that around 10am this morning, as Hunan province Shaoyang city tap water company employees were having a meeting, an employee stormed into the meeting room carrying and throwing a gasoline-filled bottle, burning to death 3 management staff on the spot and injuring many others with burns.

Hunan Shaoyang water company managers killed in fire by disgruntled female employee.

Comments from NetEase:

geniuschina0 [网易江苏省手机网友]:

Just how desperate must a person be to be able to do this kind of thing.

kevinok9001 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

No need to investigate to know that the leadership must’ve been or done something too excessive to have forced a person onto such a desperate path!

游荡的风 [网易上海市网友]:

There’s one thing I still haven’t figured out, why is it that there is so much cheering and rejoicing any time something involves misfortune or harm to a government leader or cadre? Do you all really hate this government and [national] circumstances/situation this much?

小Cay [网易浙江省杭州市网友]: (responding to above)

What do you think? Is it necessary to make it clear?

网易山东省济宁市网友: (also responding to 游荡的风)

Go learn more about real society! It’s not remotely as harmonious as CCAV‘s Xinwen Lianbo says!!!

丶呆子 [网易重庆市网友]:

Revival of the Nation has reached 70%.

[Note: The “Revival of the Chinese Nation” or “Common Mission for the Revival of the Chinese Nation” figure refers to an index created by Yang Yiyong, director of the Institute of Social Development Research at the Academy of Macroeconomic Research under China’s National Development and Reform Commission. It attempts to quantify China’s progress towards becoming a first-world nation through statistical data such as China’s Gross National Income. In 2007, the figure was at 46%. Recently, it amused Chinese netizens when the figure was cited as 62%, which was alluded to on chinaSMACK in a translated microblog post by party newspaper The People’s Daily earlier this month. Yang Yiyong predicts China will join the first-world in 2049.]

hynbv [网易江苏省扬州市网友]: (responding to above)

After waiting so long, we’ve finally reached the 70s.

maryzhang71 [网易上海市网友]:

Too inharmonious, hurry and require real-name registration for gasoline purchases.

wdm1999 [网易广东省珠海市网友]:

So long as the ordinary common people have at least one alternative, they would not do this kind of thing.


It is only because the person had no other option that they did this. I hope the leaders of various industries and companies all use this as a warning.

From NetEase:

Shaoyang arson suspect set fire because she was unhappy with son’s employment arrangement

According to preliminary investigations, the arsonist was a retired female worker Shaoyang city water company, named Shi Yanfei, who has two sons, with one of the sons have already been arranged to work at this company while the other son’s employment has not been arranged. As a result, this female worker was unhappy and at 10:05 on August 27th charged into the company’s meeting room, poured gasoline on the company Party Committee members who were having a meeting, and lit it on fire. After Shi Yanfei started the fire, she unsuccessfully attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the building, is currently receiving emergency care at a local hospital, and is under police control.

From NetEase:

Hunan Shaoyang arsonist suspect dies from injuries

August 27th morning, a man-made fire occurred at the Hunan province Shaoyang city water company. According microblog information from Hunan province Discipline Inspection Commission Anti-Corruption Unit Deputy Director Lu Qun, the arson suspect Shi X’s attempt to commit suicide by jumping from the building was unsuccessful but ultimately died at the hospital from her injuries.

Lu Qun also stated that the water company victims were the water company’s general manager, the Party Committee Secretary Long Xinmin, Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Deputy Operations Manager Rao Xiaoyang, and another deputy manager.

According to China News Service reports, the person in charge of the Hunan province Shaoyang news center explains that around 10:05 on the morning of the 27th, Hunan province Shaoyang city water company party leadership group members were having a meeting on the 6th floor meeting room of the local Qingquan Building when retired female employee Shi X suddenly splashed gasoline into the meeting room and lit it on fire, causing 3 deaths and 4 injured. When the incident happened, “how many people were in the meeting is still unclear”.

As it is understood, the reason the employee started the fire was related to only one of her her 2 children having been arranged to work at the company and her suspicions that the company management had violated the rules of preferential treatment for family members, and therefore took out her anger on the company leaders, taking advantage of the regular management meetings held on Monday mornings to set them on fire.

From NetEase:

Shaoyang Arsonist Case Follow-up: Shi Yanfei had caused trouble with the company multiple times over her child’s employment

According to a worker who participated in the firefighting, after Shi Yanfei at the time had charged into the 6th floor meeting room and poured gasoline, he lit a lighter before everyone could react. Owing to the meeting room’s table and chairs all being made of wood, the fire rapidly spread. The company general manager and 3 deputy general managers were surrounded by the flames and smoke and forced out onto the air conditioner outside the window. Afterward, the 4 of them fell after the supports gave out. One deputy general manager survived by jumping to the air conditioner outside the 5th floor window, while the other 3 died on the scene.

Additionally, according to information revealed by an internal employee of the Shaoyang water company, arsonist Shi Yanfei’s temperament is relatively extreme and has previously sought the company and gotten into arguments with the company leadership over the issue of arranging employment for her child.

What do you think?


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