US Rescues Captain From Somali Pirates, Chinese Reactions


From NetEase:

Summary: American Captain Phillips, held hostage by Somali pirates hostage, was freed on the 12th. American FBI succeeded in persuading the pirates to come closer to the American warship. On Saturday night when negotiations broke down, SEAL assault team snipers that were placed in advance swiftly killed 3 pirates, captured 1 person, and the hostage was not hurt in the exchange of fire. However, the American military’s successful rescue will possibly result in retaliations, leading to an escalation of violence in the region.



I receive this email from a chinaSMACK reader a few days ago:


Recently ive been following up on the pirate escapade with america and how they shot the pirates. since china is also patrolling the seas I thought perhaps it might be worthwhile for your team to discuss this on what is currently being stated or discussed around the bbs in china.

all i can provide you so far are these two links

maybe if it is worthwhile to your consideration you could do this piece on your website which I view on a daily basis.




Comments from NetEase:


NB or not NB, still need to see the real battle!


This would be a good reason for people to love their country.


Americans’ future and hope!


For one ship’s captain, America can disregard all cost. This is America!!!


To the ship’s captain, I salute! Your altruistic lofty spirit is worth learning by the entire world’s good people. Under the risk of death, you thought of your crew’s safety, gladly and willingly facing death being the pirates’ hostage. Your bravery will always shine brightly!


Great America, glorious electorate.


This is where Americans’ national pride comes from…in contrast, I feel we are like a fart.


I am studying abroad in the United States. Seeing your guys’ comments I feel very upset. The reason China is not strong and powerful is because you guys are not united, worshiping foreigners like this, truly embarrassing. Let me tell you, America’s problems are many, and there are also many dark things. Running a country is not as easy as you guys say it is. Do not always demand, think of what you can contribute to your country. I hope my home country can become strong and powerful. I hope there are still patriotic and conscientious Chinese people to support me.


An American general said: “Chinese are normally a sheet of loose sand [state of disunity], but when something big happens they can become a steel plate [united and become strong]”. I hope that before something big happens, we too can become a steel plate.


Using long-distance snipers on the sea, the difficulty is not just a little bit high. I marvel at American’s motherland, taking such good care of their citizens!!!


I just tell the first guy. You don’t understand the true America.


Our ships are sunk, our planes are collided into the sea, our embassies are flattened.
In the past I would yell at those who flatter America. Now I finally understand why America is strong and powerful, and why the United States has the world’s most advanced technology and military.


American democracy my ass, everything monitored by people. Even inside your own home having sex you will be monitored by people. Helicopters spy and patrol. Those saying America is good can go ahead and go there. The day you get shot by several peanuts [bullets], you will not even know how you vanished/died. Even little kids can take your little life. In America, 12-year-olds can carry guns.


This ship’s captain definitely is not a corrupt official.


Everyone loving America this much should hurry and go emigrate. Each that goes is one, two that go is a couple, what are you guys still wasting your time in China for? Stop publishing your opinions here, hurry and learn English, I am begging you guys, hurry and go. Here each one that goes is one less competitor and one more for America, so for a more developed America you guys go please, I’m begging you guys. Those of us who feel China is good, you guys can think we are SB or are fenqing, it is fine, we will stay here. When you guys go over, you should make babies like here in China, and eventually turn American into a yellow-skinned country. We will depend on you guys. It would be best if 1 billion can go over, we would rather be on China’s deserted and desolate land starving to death, and we will definitely support you guys emigrating.



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