University Freshman Girl With Limo & 19 Pieces of Luggage

chinese-girl-rmb-cash-moneyFrom Tianya:

Really overdone: Most niu university new student enrolls, arrives in stretched Lincoln [limousine] carrying 19 boxes of luggage reports on September 4: Accompanied by parents, delivered in a stretched Lincoln limousine, carrying 19 boxes of luggage, and provided with 2 full-time tour guides. Yesterday, when a “rich girl” enrolled at a certain Wuhan college, new incoming students were dumbstruck with the possessions of this amazing girl.

Worse, these parents requested that an independent [private] bathroom be added to the school’s dorm room [for their daughter]. This news spread quickly and became a hot topic of discussion at the school, with student all calling her “niu“.

Note: This picture is not the girl in the above news story.

Comments from Tianya:


What she is attending is not school, but luxury.


A bathroom really should be added in every dorm room with the universities collecting so much money, all fucking fed to dogs.


Seeing this makes me want to vomit, don’t expect these rich kids to repay/serve the country, just having them street-race less on the streets will be good enough.


How did they register to live in a school with such lousy dorms?
No matter what is said, not having independent/private bathrooms in this day and age is too backwards.




With this kind of money, why not go to a foreign prostitute university? Don’t stay here affecting other people. China is only able to produce this kinds of new rich [crass, uncultured], unable to produce aristocrats [sophisticated, cultured].


Did they occupy something of your’s or sit in something of your’s? With so many good cars on America’s roads, would you die of anger [from seeing them]? This kind of thinking of your’s needs to be eradicated.


Honestly, very envious.
If I had 1/10 of her family’s wealth or power/influence, I would not have to worry about my mortgage.


Actually, this is very normal. Her family circumstances are good and her lifestyle is more comfortable, what is wrong with that?
An independent/private bathroom is also a very basic request. When you are out living in a hotel, even the cheapest 100+ [RMB] a day ones have private bathrooms.
Is the school unable to build a few better dorms? Having taken that much money, they don’t even have the money to build a dorm?


People these days, all having so much hate when seeing people with money, truly ridiculous.
Just like how some people say, all condemning public servants [government officials], yet more and more people registering to become public servants, all condemning the rich, yet actually all wanting to be rich.
The goal of development is what but to allow everyone’s standard of living become higher and higher. 10 years ago, it was four people per room. 10 years later it is still the same way, what are schools doing?
And then there are people who see others eating big pieces of meat and then condemn them. Did you save, donate?


Too much love is harm. Going to university is actually meant to train one to be self-reliant and self-discipline. If one does not want their own child to experience this kind of training, why bother coming [to university]?~~ Despise! To this day I still remember that first year of university. My dormmate rode a train alone for two and a half days to get to the campus. She said there was happy chatter the entire way. Her first time going away to school and she was this independent, truly admirable!

As you can see from above, it is again the time for the university school year to begin and many students are returning to campus and their dorms. For many first year freshman students, their parents are coming with them to help them move in, make sure everything is prepared, and say goodbye. Here is a popular video on Youku that has already been watched over 2 million times.

From Youku:

Again the start of school, the most touching and sorrowful scene


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