Unlicensed Porsche Driver Hits Pregnant Woman, Kills Husband

Porsche Cayenne driver without license hits couple in Hangzhou, knocks down pregnant wife and kills her husband.


From NetEase:

Post-90s Generation Driving Porsche Causes Trouble: Hits Pregnant Woman, Kills Her Husband

ChinaNews Hangzhou January 18 report — On the night of the 18th, police in Zhejiang Hangzhou released information stating that the driver who maliciously hit a person with his motor vehicle near Hangzhou’s West Lake has already been lawfully arrested by local public security organs. That day, this reporter confirmed with the traffic police department that this post-90s generation offender Sun X was driving without a license.

As it is understood, at around 11:48pm on January 16th, 22-year-old Zhejiang Zhoushan male Sun X was driving a Porsche Cayenne with Zhejiang Ningbo plates. While reversing near the intersection of Baochu Road and Baoshi Lane in Hangzhou’s West Lake area, he collided with a duck neck late-night snack vendor stand on the side of the road.

Afterward, 37-year-old Jiangxi natives and the vendor sand operators Wang X and his wife went forward to speak with him. During this time, the two sides had a heated argument. Unexpectedly, Sun X attempted to forcible drive away from the scene, and instead knocked Wang X and his 8-month pregnant wife onto the ground.

Location of accident
Location of accident

What more, instead of getting out to help Wang X and his wife at this time, Sun X instead persisted in fleeing. Wang X angrily went forward to block Sun X’s car demanding the matter be resolved. Both sides again were caught up in an argument.

Suddenly, an even more unbelievable scene happened: Sun X ignored Wang X who was blocking his car, slammed the gas, sent him flying, and then proceeded to leave as if nothing had happened.

Early morning on the 17th, Wang X and his wife were sent to the nearby Hangzhou City Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital for emergency treatment.

According to medical personnel at the hospital, Wang X’s wife showed signs of miscarriage and after emergency efforts, both mother and unborn child remain in unstable condition. Regrettably, Wang X died despite emergency efforts.


After being called, the local public security organs quickly tracked down the offending Porsche and driver who had fled. Around 2am on the 17th, Sun X was arrested on Qingchun Road in Hangzhou’s Xiacheng district.

Through investigation, Sun X was driving without a license, and police initially placed him on administrative detention for 15 days.

A tragedy that never should have happened, but because of Sun X’s ignorance and impulsiveness, two families have now been ruined. On the evening of the 18th, after preliminary hearings, Sun X was lawfully arrested as a criminal suspect by public security organs. The case is currently undergoing further investigation and prosecution.

(Original title: Follow-Up to Zhejiang Post-90s Generation Second-Generation Rich [child of rich parents] Hitting Pregnant Woman with Porsche: Already Arrested By Police)

Pregnant woman receiving medical care
Pregnant woman receiving medical care

Comments from NetEase:

网易湖南省长沙市手机网友 ip:118.252.*.*:

Jointly sign to demand this person be executed by firing squad! Those in agreement, click ding [over 13k upvotes at time of translation]! Human scum, beast!

伏龙尊者 [网易四川省网友]:

This kind of post-90s retard without humanity, should just be arrested and immediately shot within 10 minutes!!!

网易安徽省网友 ip:36.62.*.*:

The result of being spoiled by one’s parents. The faults of the son is the fault of the father is completely correct!!!

This little bastard, to be frank, if he had to use his own money, he wouldn’t even be able to afford a TT, hehe!

Without his parents, he’s nothing!

指那拆那 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Being arrogant just because of having some money, other than second generation apes, it can only be second-generation rich. No wonder all of society hates on government officials and the rich.

网易中国网友 ip:103.19.*.*:

“Through investigation, Sun X was driving without a license, and police initially placed him on administrative detention for 15 days.” This sentence is revealing.

oaipiqnehc [网易广西钦州市网友]:

If this person is not executed, the people’s anger will not be satisfied! Those rich second generation rich and ** [official] second generation criminals who would do the same and disregard the lives of others will not be deterred!!

指那拆那 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Crime of intentional homicide, immediately execute!

网易广东省惠州市网友 ip:112.92.*.*:

Yet another “second generation” type causing trouble. This type of thing truly deserves to die.

受天下之垢 [网易山东省淄博市网友]:

These sort of incidents are occurring so often that I’m already tired of reading about them…


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