UPDATE: Commenting Re-Enabled – See What’s New!


Commenting is now reenabled. We’ve upgraded to a new commenting system with a lot of new features that many of you have suggested or requested. We apologize for the extended downtime of our comments section over the past few days. Migrating nearly 150k comments over 1500 articles proved to be quite difficult, and just when we thought everything was done and ready, we ran into unforeseen problems that had to be overcome.

Below we outline some of the new features that we hope you’ll use and enjoy. Please note that certain features are only available for commenters who register an account or log in through a social network profile like Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. If you don’t want to register an account or log in through an existing account, you can still comment as a guest with a name and email address like before.

Registering a Disqus account will however allow you to claim your old comments, change your display name, and build up your reputation score.

New Features

Disqus commenting features: Star, inserting images, sorting comments.

Star: Show our bloggers and translators some appreciation for their work by clicking this button to give them a star!

Images: You can now upload and insert images into your comments.

Sort Comments: Click on the “Discussion” tab to organize the comments by newest, oldest, or best first.

Mentions: You can address a specific person when typing your comment by typing “@” and their name. A drop-down menu will appear with possible matches. Select the right one and press Enter. When your comment is posted, “@name” will be bolded and linked to that person.

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Disqus commenting features on chinaSMACK: Collapse/flag, voting, editing/replying/sharing

Collapsible threads: You can now collapse (minimize) a conversation thread by moving your mouse to the top-right corner and clicking on the minimize button.

Flag as inappropriate: If you notice a comment that violates our comment policy, please help the community by flagging it as inappropriate for our moderators to review.

Voting: Vote up comments you like and vote down comments you don’t. Votes affect the commenter’s reputation scores.

Edit: Made a typo? Registered Disqus users can edit their comments.

Share: Share a great comment on Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere else with a link directly to the comment.

Moderators Wanted

With the new commenting system, we’ll also be looking to recruit a few additional volunteer moderators to help us manage our community. If you’re interested, we’ll expect you to have been an active commenter with a Disqus account and your old comments claimed and merged, in addition to understanding what our site is about and being able to uphold our comment policy consistently and objectively. We’ll reach out to potential candidates as we identify them but if you want to apply, you can also proactively contact us.

So, without further ado, we hand back to the site to you guys and Fauna and her anxious bloggers who have been fuming and breathing down our necks.

Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy the new features.


Don’t forget, today is the last day for UK chinaSMACK fans to enter to win tickets to see Jolin Tsai in concert at London’s Wembley Arena!

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  • XiaoHei

    Great scott!

    • Indeed!

      • donnachadh

        Hey Mod, as a matter of interest, when a post is removed does the poster’s name remain with a ‘this post has been removed etc. etc.’ type notice underneath or do all signs of the post disappear. And is the poster sent an email telling them that the post has been removed and why?

        • No, a comment that is removed will just show that a comment has been removed, especially if there were comments made in reply to it (see below example).

          No, no email is sent to the user informing them that a comment has been removed and explaining why. Comments will be moderated according to our comment policy.

  • K

    Yay thank you csmack :) Great improvements!!!!

  • GiannaFox


  • Gilles Von

    Finally ! No more stupid / racist comment. Viva youtube comment style !

    • Kukuku

      Give me some of your stuff!

    • donnachadh

      China must be heaven for you. If you have a couple of weeks off try visiting North Korea. They are even more careful of what they say there.

  • Very sexy and slick. I like it.

    • linette

      are we allowed to change our user name? Can I call myself Dark angel? Or maybe cat woman? Or maybe angelababy? Or maybe poison ivy? Or maybe like Linette Lee? kekekee…..

      • You should be able change your display name through your Disqus account.

  • Bingya

    Yay, this looks great!


    Nice job! Finally don’t have to put up with bitter losers and trolls on Chinasmack :)

  • donnachadh

    Seems you can up/downvote more than once. Is this deliberate?

    • Paul Schoe

      @donnachadh: If I test it, you can click many times, but only vote once. Each even click (such as the second), removes your initial vote (so the counter goes 1 down iso 1 up)

      • donnachadh

        Well I was able to upvote (and downvote) by more than one when I tested. Sometimes one click made the counter jump two votes. Isn’t happening now though so hopefully it was a glitch that has been fixed.

  • samort7

    Finally! Thank you so much!

  • narsfweasels

    That’s great, just get rid of those silly “Jokes & Humour” posts and “Song” articles and I’m sold!

    • Don’t be mean, just skip the posts that don’t interest you. Others enjoy them. Quite a few notable internet trends and phenomenon can be found in the jokes and song posts as well if you pay attention to them.

  • snicker

    A few questions:

    1. What are the criteria for moderation? What is to be avoided? What are your expectations, and what should poster expectations be? Are moderators expected to be consistent in their application of rules? Please publicly post policy on this, thanks!

    2. When registering with facebook, etc. will our real names appear as the poster name, or is the facebook registration just a sort of backend “real name” registration? To be frank, no matter what, I’d prefer if my real name was left out of posts…

    • snicker

      Ah, I see the policy in the FAQ page. Well, I hope the mods are fair and consistent!

    • If you login directly through Facebook, instead of through a Disqus account that might have Facebook linked, it will show your name as it appears on Facebook. If you have a Disqus account with Facebook linked, you can dictate your display name through Disqus.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    i hate disqus. I’ve used that on other sites and hated it. Haven’t posted at all. But this looks okay.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    We still can’t delete or edit our comments?

    • Snazzy_Brett

      Members only, sweetheart. Make a disqus account for all the luxuries.

    • You need a Disqus account to delete or edit comments. You may not be able to delete old comments even after claiming and merging them to your Disqus account but you may be able to “anonymize” them.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    This is faster and kind of awesome. Well played, Csmack… well played…

  • Jun

    Let the trolling commence.

    • themig

      for anti-china trolls

  • snicker

    Kind of annoying that we have to click to see newly updated responses…

    • Snazzy_Brett

      …isn’t it easier than refreshing the page?

      • snicker

        I just wish they would instantly appear, and have an indicator to show which ones are new…otherwise, I think I would rather refresh – it will get all the comments updated in one fell swoop.

        • Snazzy_Brett

          I havent had any problems so far, but I really love the reply notifications feature.

        • One of the irritating features of Disqus is that when there are many comments – it sorts them in some very strange order and it is not easy to follow the discussion..

          • @twitter-513405051:disqus Disqus should remember your preferences, so if you set the sort order by Oldest (chronological order) before, you should always see it in that order until you change it.

            The only one that might be confusing would be Best (sorted by votes) and only if people are replying to each other in top level comments.

  • blackflagnation

    wow…really cool changes

  • snicker

    Bummer — I don’t like the upvote/downvote. It keeps changing the order of the posts if you reload the page – how are you supposed to have a conversation like that? And I guess when reading long comment streams, it will get confusing to see what you’ve read already and not read…? Well, this is the only place where I read comments, maybe it’s like this elsewhere as well, but…doesn’t seem very practical to me to keep adjusting the position of posts.

    Also – upvoting will push certain topics to the top — will that limit discussion on other topics? Will it encourage groupthink?

    Maybe I just don’t like my reading experience to be actively controlled by other people in real time…

  • Germandude

    Yes, great improvements. Need to get used to the layout but first impressions are great.

  • Quinon

    Big thumbs up

  • the ace of books

    Dang, cSmack, you really came through! New system looks snazzy, works quickly, and is functional. I approve heartily and applaud you from several thousand miles away!

    OTOH, I predict the peanut gallery to grow exponentially now :D

  • moop

    yeah, i think the new site is an improvement, good job. well worth the wait

  • Adriano Japan

    Just as Japanprobe.com , nice work! :)

  • MoralDrift

    Finally Disqus

  • Nick in Beijing

    This is a great update, and answers some of the concerns in the thread concerning post moderation fairly well I think. Thanks a lot!

  • Christina


  • Guest

    There’s no way to choose your own name with Facebook.

  • Wayne


  • Nilerafter24

    Much better than the old format.

  • Nilerafter24

    Reaction gifs?
    updated:I can see they don’t work. Oh well, images are cool enough.

  • Red

    the new comment section seems to be very similar with tcmag.com. the style, the functionality, and the typography are very much alike. i wonder if the two sites adapt the same commenting program…

  • Gaaad!!!


  • BigJ

    So if a comment is not PC then it will get get shown at all? No chance to be voted off?

  • Massi

    Thx a lots!

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I like it! The only bad thing I can say about the new system is that it seems to load slower, at least for me it does.

    However, it is a good idea.

  • BigJ

    is something wrong with the posting?

  • Liu Yang

    Thanks for the changes. One can see they were long in the making and it needed a letter from the Chinese and foreign friends at cSmack to bring in such sweeping changes in a week. More elbow grease to the team.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I’m not sure if Chinasmack Mod will see this since I’m posting it slightly late, but I just realized that after I’ve claimed all my past comments, as well as verifying my email, my profile still shows the old number of comments.

    That is, my current comments# is still counting from AFTER Disqus was implemented. Does it take a really long time to add the comments from BEFORE Disqus to my Disqus profile?