UPDATE on Recent Malware Warning: Everything is Safe

Recent malware warning on chinaSMACK and koreaBANG

Several days ago, chinaSMACK and its associated sites were blacklisted by Google as suspected of hosting malware. The immediate effect of this was that your browser may have shown you a warning when you tried visiting our sites.

Upon discovery, we immediately investigated. We checked our own server and code but identified no malware or security compromises. We used several third-party scans to check our site as well, which identified nothing suspicious or compromised. Eventually, two separate services of Google cited two advertising networks (AdExcite & BuySellAds) as having suspected malware. One was automatically and immediately disabled by our ad server while we manually removed the other ad network.

After identifying the two possible culprits, we contacted both ad networks for more information. Here is the response from AdExcite:

We received your inquiry regarding the recent malware issue. Here’s an accounting of what occurred:

On Sunday December 30, AdExcite was the target of a network breach from an unauthorized third party. While we resolved this situation in our system within two hours, and there is no evidence that any malware currently exists, a small number of our publisher partners received Malware classification from Google.

We take these events very seriously, and have rigid security protocols in place at AdExcite to detect, diagnose and monitor any potential malicious activity within minutes, working closely with our cloud server partner Rackspace. Unfortunately, this type of malicious attack is a constant risk to publishers and online media companies such as AdExcite, and we are committed to combatting this activity immediately and continually working to minimize the risk of reoccurrence.

To confirm, there is currently no malware risk associated with the AdExcite code on your site.

According to Google, cS and its associated sites are no longer on Google’s blacklists at this point.

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If you’re still seeing a warning from your browser, be sure to click on the link for more information (ie. “Why was this page blocked?”). You should see the latest information from Google directly and it should show: “This site is not currently listed as suspicious.”

You can use the site as usual by ignoring the browser warning if you are still seeing it or, if you want, you can also just wait until your browser updates its own information to no longer show the warning.

cS relies on advertising to continue serving the site to over 40-60k visits each day. Like our advertising partners, we do our best to keep our site not only available to our fans and readers but also safe and secure. While this incident was not a fault of our own, we again apologize for the scare and inconvenience.

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  • David

    IMO, Chinasmack should have a subscription service so people subscribed don’t have to see any Ads at all.

    • patko

      I don’t see any ads.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        As long as the ads don’t see me, I am cool with that.

        • Gay Azn Boi

          In communist China, ad watches you!

          • s3ppo

            you incorrectly spelled corporate America, fucktard

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Language! Why is everyone so mean to me?

          • Germandude

            Correction: you spelled retard incorrectly.

    • HAHAHAHA, as if anyone would actually pay money for this dreck

      it’s called adblocking, my internet is ad-free and it costs nothing.

      • People have paid money for far dreckier things.

        • s3ppo

          people buy apple devices..retards do exist.

          • Damn, what an original comment. You should be a professional writer. You can write scathing critiques of Apple, Justin Bieber, and Twilight. What an iconoclast you’ll be!

    • Chat2Arseholes

      IMO, you should shut up.

    • bprichard

      You’ve finally discovered a way for ChinaSmack to make TENS OF DOLLARS!

  • Yeah the warnings are finally gone for me. Glad yall got it sorted out.

  • Chat2Arseholes

    What do you all do? go on holiday or something? I thought you were in this for the love not the money.

    People are starting to wonder whether the admins have lives outside of this website. There was no new posts for like 2 weeks.

    Chinasmack is starting to suck anyway. I want constant updates and more topics.

    • It was obvious fauna was in it for the money when there were ads from three different ad networks gracing the page. Chinese will be Chinese. It’s all about that money.

  • linette lee

    China smack was on holiday. Happy new year 2013!


  • Jim M.

    This is why I use Adblock. Ad sites are a common vector for malware, and it is unsafe to view them. Disable the ads via Adblock, and you get rid of the risk.

  • elizabeth

    Fyi admin, besides the warning page, every time I clicked to upvote, my vote was doubled. Now, it’s fine but I still get an ‘Unsafe connection’ warning sometimes when I click on a comment to read it.

  • the ace of books

    ~50000 visits per diem? Damn, son! You guys is doing okay!

    And I’m curious, actually, re those ~50k – does that count re-visits? Forex, when I go to your site, then go off and dick around the rest of the internet, then come back and engage in a rap-battle-cum-comment-war and refresh like five times — does that count as one visit (my IP) or as seven visits?

  • Jimmy Chen

    I don’t read ChinaSMACK much anymore, mainly because it’s become a commercial enterprise rather than a blog.

    • dim mak

      wait, what did you think it was before?

  • Chris

    Is koreabang some sort of porn site?

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