Urban Chinese Protest Rural Land & Housing Policies Unfair

rural-china-farmlandThis is a very hot post on Tianya. The original poster, called “美奴bj”, is a Chinese urban resident and is “protesting” the national policies that he/she considers unfair to urban residents:

Protest! There is severe discrimination against urban citizens in rural areas. Urban people are not allocated fields in rural areas, or allowed to buy houses in rural areas.

This is a very unfair policy. We are all Chinese, so how can the rural people have fields to grow food and build houses?

Why do metropolitan citizens have to spend millions to buy the housing in cities? Why can we not have a homestead in the rural areas to build our own affordable houses?

Why can we not have a field in a village to grow our own crops?

Why is there so much government welfare given to people in rural areas? On what basis? Are rural people born superior?

What great rural people? They are all taking advantages of national policies! The policies are favorable to rural people! Rural people steal, rape, kidnap, and counterfeit in cities. Rural people are all illegals and use crime in order to make money. How dare they call themselves “vulnerable groups”? Rural people are covering up their own misdeeds by shifting the blame on to others! Shameless rural people!

Some rural Chinese with their rural houses. Of course, not all rural houses are like this.

Comments from Tianya:


If you have the ability, change the national policy, [instead of talking] so much bullshit.


Go to hell, lou zhu.

You can give up your urban hukou [household registration, urban hukous are more valued because cities usually have better public services, such as education] if you think it is unfair. Come and settle in rural areas. Ah, you do not dare leave the city and live in the countryside. You are a shameless whore trying to pass yourself off as a lady! Why don’t you tell people that the wages of city people are many times higher than rural people? All you can see is the fields in the rural areas. Can’t you see that farmers can no longer rely on farming to feed their families? Can’t you see the inflation, yet crops are still so cheap… You are enjoying the benefits of living in a city, but you still want to take advantage of the rural people.  You are absolute scum. I very much despise scum like you…


China’s economy is based on the urban-rural dual structure. The urban annual income per capita is more than three times higher than the rural areas, which is the reason for China’s high Gini number. Although there is cheap housing in rural areas, most earnings are from urban areas. Many rural people have to go to cities and live in crowded tenements even though they have nice houses in the countryside. The houses and fields are the last thing they can rely on.

In fact, the rural people do not have the right to sell their houses. Rural people only have the right to use the house sites. Individuals do not have ownership of the houses and fields. The ownership belongs to the village, which means the government. The houses can only be traded in the village, and can not be sold to outsiders.


There are reasons why the LZ is talking about discrimination… But the rural brothers can’t be blamed! It’s the national policy’s fault! Actually we are all victims…


From my personal experience, what Beijing people ate 20 years ago was actually much worse than the food in the northeast, the Yangtze River basin or Sichuan province.


Then you go and buy fields in rural areas. My great-aunt has a big piece of land in a village. There is an open-air toilet. You can keep the toilet for free. You may want to live with maggots and flies…


We can see that those who curse in comments are basically rural people.  These people always feel that society is not fair to them, but they also can not say anything in an argument. Their comments betray their nature.


I agree with the LZ.

Urban people can’t get a registered residence. Otherwise I would apply for one.


Haha, the post only shows that you don’t make enough money.
Can’t you buy land and build houses in villages if you have enough money???
Have you ever surveyed the countryside???


Shameless thing! Do you fucking know how hard life is in rural areas? Have urban people showed respect to rural people??? You NNB!!! Whore!!!


On what basis??? When urban people looked down on rural people, you said nothing? A piece of land and a house site is everything a rural citizen has, and you think rural people are enjoying a higher living standard? You looked down on rural people, so on what grounds shall rural people think highly of you? All rural people must unite and not give you food to eat. Let you have money but have no place to go. Starve to death all you shallow city people!!!


In fact, most of the preferential policies are in the city. Most of the rural areas are not as good as the LZ thinks.  If you are settled in some backwater village, I think you will certainly curse God’s injustice, and you would have to work in a city. When you come back to the village, as a rural person, you only have a little money, but city people have a proper job and much more money. The high prices makes food in the rural area as expensive as it is in cities. City people have labor security by law, but how about rural people? If the rural workers are protected under the law, then why do they pay with their lives just by asking for wages! City people just need to buy a house in the city, but if a rural person wants to settle down in a city, he has to put in much more effort than you city people. LZ envies the rural areas which are close to major cities. They are well-off. Yes, we all want to have the life as they have. But it is only a small number of rural people that are so lucky. Besides, it also depends on how good the local government is.

I really don’t want to say this, but you are really stupid.


Cities are slowly eroding rural areas, especially in the Yangtze River Delta.

Each family is assigned to a resettlement housing which is of similar size to the old house.
Everything seems very cost-effective, and each family gets at least 2 – 3 apartments. They are millionaires now.
But what we lost is the permanent homestead residence in the rural areas, which the ZF didn’t pay for for us farmers.
In exchange, what we get is the so-called 70-year property rights of the apartments.


When the policy was better for cities, you city people didn’t consider us rural people. Now things are being better in rural areas, but here comes the complaints of city people. You are a lump of selfishness.



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