US Gymnast Shawn Johnson Got Fat, Shocks Chinese


From Sohu:

Shocked! Olympic champion beauty actually becoming this fat

NBC previously announced that on January 18 they would broadcast a recording of the 2008 Progressive Skating and Gymnastics.  Progressive Skating and Gymnastics Spectacular is America’s famous figure skating and gymnastics pageant. Every year in December, America’s figure skating stars and gymnastic stars all gather together, in order to contribute to spectators a splendid performance.

This years performance was no exception and all of America’s Olympic gymnastic athletes  were present. Amongst them, the most popular were Shawn Johnson Nastia Liukin. In the midst of the performance, people were surprised to discover that, within the short time between returning to America frm Beijing,  Shawn Johnson had already and completely become a little fatty girl.  Shawn Johnson’s balance beam performance, with a red “scarf” draped around her body,  was truly difficult for people to bear watching. In fact, “frog princess” Nastia Liukin also added a layer [of fat], but compared to Shawn Johnson it was a “small witch seeing a big witch” [nothing, pales in comparison].






Comments from Sohu:

Athletes and dancers all get fat once they stop.

[She] became a fat goose!

Fallen over laughing, truly “beyond recognition.”

Too exaggerated.

What did she eat?! This quick?! It seems like our Chinese athletes are all still pretty incredible, so  just let this be a warning!

Don’t crush the balance beam.

Once you have money, you can get fat.

Americans eat too well, and if they don’t lose weight, practically all of them are big fatties.

If she went to the Olympics now, she definitely wouldn’t get the championship.

Comments from Xinhuanet:

Shawn is still cute.

Fat but still cute. Wait until she returns to normal practice and it will be fine [she will return to her normal size].

Look at this guy!


Who did this? Too shocking!

Is this real or fake?

[She] became a pig.

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  • Samael

    eww fat chics


    • breanna

      stop being such a bitch

      • breanna

        everyone stop being bitches actually… shes not fat

  • Peteryang

    thats what happens to the slow metabolism type, as soon as they stop diet or exercise they will enlarge cubically.

    • breanna

      shut the fuck up bitch

      • Catherine

        AGREED. Couldn’t have said it better, Breanna. So what? She still probably has a lower BMI then all you hypocrits out there.

  • blkaznluver

    Ain’t nothin’ wrong with havin’ more cushion…

  • chinabounder

    wots surprising? white girls r fat? no

    asian male with his arm around a saltine?………

    • breanna

      shut up idiot

      shes not fat

      i am her biggest fan and honestly if she saw the she would be really upset

      everyone is being such a b-otch she is not fat bitch

  • chinabounder

    when push comes to shove, more of them to love

  • fireworks

    Well America is the richest country in the world, therefore they are entitled to eat as they please. They are as rich in the waistline as their hip pockets :P

    • Megan

      Umm, I don’t mean to throw ants on your picnic, but…America is in DEBT to China.

      Where do you think G.W Bush got all the money for the american stimulus checks.

  • Sushi

    I don’t think she qualifies as fat. But I’m an American man that likes T&A. I guess that’s why I am not attracted to what are considered ‘attractive’ Chinese women. There’s something about a Chinese women that’s wrapped up in being skinny, having double eyelids, pale, and looking like a westerner that isn’t a turn-on. I’ll take a chubby, single-eyelided, dark Chinese women any day. I like something to hold on to.

  • Timmy in Kunming

    She is very fat, but that makes no difference to me as I am gay.

  • Samael

    frog princess? does that mean if i kiss her she will be skinny and hot again?

    • Michael

      no..more than likely she’ll just eat you

  • She is cute, I like her. I dont like that taller one

  • Glad to see that ChinaSMACK is already becoming a website where people want to post “FIRST!!” *rolls eyes*

    *curses self for not getting here earlier to post “first!”*

  • Peteryang


  • enlighted

    Chinese youth have too much free time

  • Matt

    Science has proven that girls tend to gain weight more easily when they reach the age of 16. The Chinese girls gymnastics team will see this too in about 5 years when they turn 16.

    • Karen

      I think science has also proven that Asians tend to be smaller, and younger looking? But that doesn’t support your point so you’re probably going to ignore that, aren’t you?

      • LC

        Actually, science has proven that Asians age the fastest. Caucasians age average, and African Americans age the slowest.

        • Karen

          When they’re older, they age fast. But look at some Japanese and Chinese 20-year olds, they look very young to me. I know a 13 year old kid who managed to sneak into a zoo as a toddler! He was that short and looked that young.

          P.S. African-Americans? I think you just mean plain Africans.

        • Jake

          That’s rich. Btw, africans have the least life expectancy, with asians average, and caucasians the greatest. What does aging matter if you die at age 20?

          • Karen

            Well, not all Africans actually live in Africa.

            And the person was trying to make a point that Asians age the fastest.

        • Jake

          She is NOT FAT AT ALL. She is pure muscle. It may look unusual to have that much muscle on a short person, but that’s what it is. Don’t put her down just to make yourselves feel better, because none of you have what it takes to win an olympic gold medal and she can probably beat the cr*p out of anyone commenting on this blog. I’ve never heard such a ridiculous topic for discussion and cannot believe the amount of cretins who actually agree with it.

          • Karen

            I don’t put her down to make myself feel better. Dunno about you, but I actually try to make my life better when I want to feel better. Why is that cheap excuse always used? And DON’T tell me it’s a reason and/or true- it’s not.

            And EVERYONE knows gymnasts gain weight when they take a break/retire from gymnastics. Shawn’s no different.

            I don’t care if I do or do not have what it takes to win and Olympic medal. Being in the Olympics is not something I’m interested in.

    • lauren

      lol i love you matt

    • JD

      too true!!!! :)

  • PackMan

    Most of these are just typical Chinese responses. Anything bigger than a stick is considered fat in China. What most Chinese don’t understand is that people in developed countries are larger in all aspects because of better diet from an early age. i.e. more protein and dairy products. Bottom-line — Chinese are smaller because of poor diet.

  • rat sass

    yeah, or she could just be off her training “diet”, training “supplements” and assorted just-legal chemicals and be stuffing her face with twinkies for the first time in her life now that she’s finally cashed in.

  • Joe #2

    Does that really qualify as “fat”? Maybe it’s because I live in America, but she’s at the _very_ low end of that. Most likely, she stopped having to live under a strict training diet and doesn’t want to live with being half-starved all the time, so she ate a bit extra.

    I don’t think anyone should blame her for that. Maybe we should ask for pictures from all the people calling her “fat.”

    For the record, I’m 6′ tall and weigh about 140 lbs.

  • Sean

    I’d hit it so hard

  • K

    “Shawn Johnson had already and completely become a little fatty girl. ”

    Haha, I love the Chinese language.

  • Veer Left

    Haha, wait till some of these Chinese gymnasts go through puberty. At least Shawn is still cute.

  • Is that really what you consider fat? She is muscular and thick but there is not a single roll of fat on her, look at the pic of her in the white and the one on the bottom.

  • Kai

    @ Sushi:

    LoL, judging by these pictures, I can’t tell if she has the A but I am certain she doesn’t have the T.

    @ Matt:

    LOL! That made my day.

    @ Veer Left:

    IF they ever go through puberty. I’m sure their training has somehow stunted their natural growth in one way or another, as it tends to happen to a lot of gymnasts.

    @ mojo:

    There’s no doubt that she’s got more muscles than most of us, but she definitely has fattened up a bit even if there are far more worrisome examples in the American population. Either way, I never thought gymnast bodies and their awkward proportions were attractive. But hey, everyone has different tastes.

  • ziziyo

    lol at people saying she’s not fat

    even by american standards it would be a stretch to call her chubby

    if you compare her to women from countries that don’t have obesity problems then it would be pretty safe to call her fat to the point of being obese

  • Luther

    “The thicker the cushion, the sweeter the pushin’.”

    “The tighter the waistband, the deeper the quicksand.”

    But not really. She’s puffed up like a balloon and looks… yuck.

  • Rick in China

    This is excellent news – very important and interesting, everyone cares how fat a gymnast has become.

  • Finz

    I think its more interesting that she represents the Olympics and her coach is Chinese myself – – — – Timmy’s comment, “it doesn’t matter if shes fat cause I’m gay” is also morbidly entertaining

  • inteLLectuaL

    Skinny women always attack interesting, voluptuous women who are put more efforts into intellecutalism or creativity.

    Virginia Woolfe says that the female artist requires 2-3 meals a day to accomplish her goals.

    Beauty fades, shallow is forever.

    Childbirth changes a woman’s body! Perhaps she had a secret love child!
    People need to broaden their view of beauty to look for the beauty in everything.

  • Samael


    oh, and of course, no skinny women can be interesting/intellectual/creative. any women who put any effort into how they look (ie, keep their figure) is an airhead. all ugly women automatically has a brain by the virtual of them being unattractive.


  • inteLLectuaL

    I’ve met too many women, this is all they had to offer.

    I’m a fan of the William Blake model, myself.

    (A combination of athletic and reubenesque.)

    I exercise daily for pleasure. I love the outdoors and nature.

    Sure, some small women are creative and intellectual. But the ones who shout down the more voluptuous are the one’s I’m critisizing.
    Beauty is found in everyone.

    I knew you were a dicktard hiding with a holy name.

    May the gods forgive your wicked soul.

  • blkaznluver


    Oh yay! Samael has some new view to bring to the table. Oops; my bad. That couldn’t possibly happen! inteLLectual said voluptuous women. You said ugly. How narrow-minded you are. Bring some original content for once.

  • inteLLectuaL

    I might add, I used to find too skinny women to be unattractive. “Gangly,” was the world I used. It’s easier to lose weight than add curves.

    Yet I broadened my view in aesethetics to look for beauty in them.

  • inteLLectuaL

    Anne of Green Gables spent her life wishing to be pretty rather than smart.

    I am more clever than beautiful and revel in all it’s glory!

    So there! P

    When in love, the person you are in love with suddenly becomes more beautiful to you than any other.

    Perhaps some are right. You know only lust.

  • Buddha_at_25

    Leave the woman alone!

  • inteLLectuaL

    I tend to think I channeled him…

  • Buddha_at_25

    This prideful man be prejudice. Maybe I send woman to teach him lesson!
    Jfemmefatale be available?

  • Jfemmefatale

    I know exactly how to wipe damn smirk off face!

  • Samael

    : ( blkaznlover is still peeved at me

  • Jfemmefatale

    God himself would spit.

  • Jfemmefatale

    nice to have known you, fuckher.

  • Kai

    Did chinaSMACK just get hit by a spam bot or something? The above few comments look pretty random and odd, eh?

  • Bah! It’s only puppy fat poor girl, female gymnasts tend to be physically late developers it’s probably just a growth spurt. She only looks about 10 y/o in the photo from the olympics, she was bound to start developing at some point.

  • as a former fat bitch with child

    I think men going through mid life crisis in UK have too much spare time on hands. Being busy all day long only profitable if work is important. Quit fluffling around.

    I hate the hypocrisy of society. Men be as fat pigs. Women supposed to be half starved.

    “men roar like bull when hurt their finger; women muffle pain of childbirth lest they disturb them”
    be gone, with the wind.

  • standwomanc

    womEn with child be easy to piss off, KAI.

  • jesus

    she should take it easy because as a champion she have to be N shape! omg what a error!…but i dont care i still love her she always is gonna be shawn! so…you rock shawn! love u…good luck

  • Buddha_at_25

    Oh f*** someone try to steal my job! He pose as fat, yet sexy.

    Perhaps we should do a buddhist tard scan before he join the club.

  • Guest

    I don’t think Shawn is a thin girl anytime.
    Also, I consider her body is muscular rather than fatty.

  • pandafan

    from USCTer: ….being cut doesn’t guarantee a gold medal in gymnastics, our pandas have proven it …
    LMAO. Chinese people are so funny, hahaha…yeah, Shawn is indeed as cute as panda. no worry, shawn, you are a treasure to US just like panda to China :-p

  • Guest

    frog princess? does that mean if i kiss her she will be skinny and hot again?
    It means Chinese netizens laugh that Liukin’s tumbling has a big leg separation like frog’s leg, but still get high execution score. You can see this picture.

  • Guest

    Also you can see this tread that why Liukin is named as “Frog Princess” by Chinese netizens.

  • pug_ster

    Oh dang, Liukin also got fat. I guess that both of them will be out of the 2012 Olympics.

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