US Gymnast Shawn Johnson Got Fat, Shocks Chinese


From Sohu:

Shocked! Olympic champion beauty actually becoming this fat

NBC previously announced that on January 18 they would broadcast a recording of the 2008 Progressive Skating and Gymnastics.  Progressive Skating and Gymnastics Spectacular is America’s famous figure skating and gymnastics pageant. Every year in December, America’s figure skating stars and gymnastic stars all gather together, in order to contribute to spectators a splendid performance.

This years performance was no exception and all of America’s Olympic gymnastic athletes  were present. Amongst them, the most popular were Shawn Johnson Nastia Liukin. In the midst of the performance, people were surprised to discover that, within the short time between returning to America frm Beijing,  Shawn Johnson had already and completely become a little fatty girl.  Shawn Johnson’s balance beam performance, with a red “scarf” draped around her body,  was truly difficult for people to bear watching. In fact, “frog princess” Nastia Liukin also added a layer [of fat], but compared to Shawn Johnson it was a “small witch seeing a big witch” [nothing, pales in comparison].






Comments from Sohu:

Athletes and dancers all get fat once they stop.

[She] became a fat goose!

Fallen over laughing, truly “beyond recognition.”

Too exaggerated.

What did she eat?! This quick?! It seems like our Chinese athletes are all still pretty incredible, so  just let this be a warning!

Don’t crush the balance beam.

Once you have money, you can get fat.

Americans eat too well, and if they don’t lose weight, practically all of them are big fatties.

If she went to the Olympics now, she definitely wouldn’t get the championship.

Comments from Xinhuanet:

Shawn is still cute.

Fat but still cute. Wait until she returns to normal practice and it will be fine [she will return to her normal size].

Look at this guy!


Who did this? Too shocking!

Is this real or fake?

[She] became a pig.

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