Vandals Destroy 90% of Poor Family’s Watermelon Crop

Vandals Destroy 90 percent of Poor Family’s Watermelon Crop

A farming family of a village in Hebei met with a disastrous financial setback after a seemingly unprovoked attack on over 90% of their estimated 3500 watermelon crops. Wang Hanglun was alerted to the incident after a neighbor spotted the damage at 4am as she was about to irrigate her field. Villagers say Wang is a very honest person who never caused trouble or gambled. The damage, which was thought to be caused by a sickle, has set the family back 50,000 RMB. With their running costs at 18,000/year, and their 3 children costing 20,000/year, the loss is quite considerable.

Source: Tencent

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