Vanity Stone Monuments & Plaques Erected for Chinese Leaders

Where Comrade Hu Jintao Once Stood
“Comrade Hu Jintao Once Stood Here”

The following is a collection of vanity stone monuments and dedications to Chinese leaders presumably built by opportunistic local officials and sycophants. Many of the monuments highlight completely pointless achievements such as “Mao Zedong’s former hiding spot”, and ”Hu Jintao once stood here”.

From Sina Weibo:

@济善园之三慎斋: Comrade Mao Zedong’s Hideout — Located at the “Comrade Mao Zedong Escaped From Danger”  scenic area at Paibu village of Tongu county of Yichun city in Jiangxi Province, this scenic spot explains: Without this hideout, there wouldn’t have been a New China. nose picking

“Comrade Mao Zedong’s Hiding Spot”

Comments on Sina Weibo:


Wouldn’t it be great if he didn’t have a hiding spot!


His [Mao’s] sons were either retarded or dead, this is karma from doing evil.


Blame Old Chiang for not wiping out the [communist] bandits…


Many years ago I visited Changsha First Normal University and saw a “place where Comrade Mao showered” (approximate description of the plaque). Not sure if it is still there or not.


Thank you Peng Dehuai, thank you South African pilot, thank you fried rice.

[Note: First, Peng Dehuai’s failure to move his headquarters after being warned by Mao was the cause of the air strike that killed Mao Anying. Second, it was South African warplanes that bombed and killed Mao Anying. Third, it was rumored that rather than taking shelter, Mao Anying was busy cooking fried rice when he died.

The commenter thanked these three things because many people feared that if Mao’s son Mao Anying had survived the Korean War, China would’ve turned into a hereditary system like North Korea, where Mao’s grandson Mao Xinyu would become China’s leader just like Kim Jong-un.


Read it wrong, I thought it was where he was buried…


Major General Mao’s pants are very high quality, not splitting even in this stance, truly a miracle.


It must be very tiring/difficult to be this fat.


Why does it look like a tombstone?

From Sohu Weibo:

@草根屁民: The Party’s favor is like the ocean, its ass-kissing like thunder.

Top: Where Hu Jintao once stood Bottom: Where Wen Jiabao once sat
Top: “Where Hu Jintao once stood”
Bottom: “Where Wen Jiabao once sat”

Comments on Sohu Weibo:


Erecting a monument even for Hu? Why does this tablet look like a tombstone? This ass-kisser must have a really low IQ.


Traditionally, erecting a stone monument for a living person is to curse him to die, so just what intentions is this ass-kisser harboring? Drag him out to be executed!


Are there any monuments marking the location of where leaders had urinated???


These ass-kissers…


Still missing two words, “supreme leader”.


Any way you look at it, you’d think it reads: Comrade XXX died here. This is unsurpassed level of ass-kissing, there truly are too many idiotic officials.




Those below follow the example of those above.

Other vanity plaques and monuments to government leaders:

Where comrade Zhou Enlai came ashore
“Where comrade Zhou Enlai came ashore”
Location of city official voluntary tree planting
“Location of city official voluntary tree planting”

Secretary Jiang Zemin took photo here during inspection of flower mountain
“Secretary Jiang Zemin took a photo here while inspecting Flower Mountain”


Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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