Vegetative Woman Awakens, Scolds Faithful Boyfriend

Vegetative Woman Awakens, Scolds Faithful Boyfriend
A woman involved in a car accident became vegetative so her boyfriend resigned from his job in order to take care of her. 70 days later, a miracle arose and the woman woke up, however her first sentence upon awakening was to tell her boyfriend “What did you wake me up for? You don’t deserve me.” She furthermore insisted that they won’t marry, as she is afraid that she would be encumbered by her boyfriend. Despite all of this, her boyfriend is still accompanying her through rehabilitation. Chinese netizens believe this is true love, and admire the man’s actions.
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  • mr.wiener

    Let sleeping dogs lie.

  • KoHan

    There’s some serious translation problem here: the woman actually said “Why did you save me? You shouldn’t have to care for me.” And she’s afraid that her boyfriend would be encumbered by HER, not vice versa.

    • Terrik

      Yeah, at first I was like, WHOA LADY. But you’re right, the actual Chinese paints a different story.

    • KamikaziPilot

      I wonder if we can even trust the translations given to us on this website anymore when the real story is completely different. I guess that’s what happens when you’re using a computer program to translate.

    • David

      Thank you, I was wondering WTF?

    • helsic

      thank you! I was also confused!

    • Necrogodomega

      WOW! That’s a TOTALLY different story than what’s going on here and makes the netizens comment make much more sense of “true love”.

      Now I have to say that boyfriend really is a great guy. Very rare no matter where you are on Earth. Hope that couple ends up with a happy life.

  • Tony Heaney

    dump her ass she doesn’t deserve nothing and he is an idiot

  • discus

    Whoever translated the article, your English or Chinese is not strong.

  • Mighty

    true love? ..

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