Vicious Hazing of Chinese Firefighter Recruits Shocks Netizens

New Chinese soldier recruits in Inner Mongolia Wuhai city being beaten, bullied, and hazed by veterans.

New Chinese soldier recruits in Inner Mongolia Wuhai city being beaten, bullied, and hazed by veterans.

From Sina Weibo:

@新浪新闻视频: #Firefighting Recruits Beaten by Veterans# Video: Internet Exposes New Recruits Being Beaten by Veterans, Their Heads Smashed Into the Wall, Afraid to Resist [衰] — Recently, the internet exposed a “Inner Mongolia Wuhai City Wuda District Firefighting No.2 Battalion Beats New Recruits” video. In the video, the bare-chested veterans [older members] of the firefighting battalion, with cigarettes dangling from their mouths, violently hit the new recruits, punching, kicking, slapping, whipping their faces with belts, and smashing their heads into the wall… with the new recruits not uttering a sound, silently enduring the humiliation…

Note: Copies of the video have been removed from the Chinese internet, such as this copy on leading Chinese video sharing website Youku and this copy hosted on Sina Video and embedded in Sina’s own news articles of the story. If the above embedded video is no longer working, here is a copy on YouTube:

Comments from Sina Weibo:


My god! Is this real????


The military [firefighters in China are a branch of the military police] is China’s largest black society [mob, mafia, organized crime syndicate].


A bunch of thugs.


Good boys/men don’t join the military.


Anyone dare say which military [unit] isn’t like this as well?


The veterans were also beaten like this~~~ [a form of ritual hazing]


No wonder no one is joining the military now.


These motherfucking scum, if you’re so tough, go to the Diaoyu Islands then, fucking army riffraff!


It’s not like veterans picking on/bullying new recruits is something new, it’s no longer strange/unexpected.


Nothing new! Being in the military isn’t that different from being in prison!


I’m shocked, can’t finish watching it!


The military is not much different from prison. New recruits all have to watch clothes, wash feet, wash underwear for the veterans and if you don’t obey, you’ll be beaten. Look at the people who have been in the military around you; is a single one of them a good person? Unless someone has connections or money, then they’d have a better time of it.


When I was in the military, I too was beaten, sigh.


New recruits being beaten [hazed] is normal. [嘻嘻] It’s a tradition in the Chinese militar. It has gotten a bit better these past few years. It the past, it could be described as “sick/perverse”.


As an experienced person, now everyone knows just how cruel/vicious some veteran soldiers/unit leaders are, right? And you can’t even tell anyone after being beaten, because if you do, you’ll just be punished even worse.

New Chinese soldier recruits in Inner Mongolia Wuhai city being beaten, bullied, and hazed by veterans.

Commenting functions were turned off on news articles of the video on many major Chinese web portals such as Sina itself and NetEase. A #hashtag# topic page on leading microblog platform Sina Weibo has also been deleted (12/10 UPDATE: However, a new “Firefighter New Recruits Beaten By Veteranstrending topic has appeared). However, the video also appeared on a CCTV television news report.

From QQ:

The Inner Mongolia Firefighter Veterans Taking Turns Beating and Abusing New Recruits Incident Verified As True

Summary: The internet exposed multiple Inner Mongolia Wuhai veteran firefighters taking turns beating new recruits, with 5 people being slapped and kicked for as long as 15 minutes in a video. Officials have said the video is real, that the incident occurred in June of last year, and have already suspended those responsible to be investigated.

New Chinese soldier recruits in Inner Mongolia Wuhai city being beaten, bullied, and hazed by veterans.

Comments from QQ:


If they really beat them, this really can’t be allowed! People’s children joined the military to serve the people. This military branch risks life and limb in a period of peace. If they really beat them, they must answer to the citizens of the entire nation!


Normal, all new recruits go through this. Don’t we say the military is a forge? All the older soldiers/veterans were trained this way.


Those who have been in the military all understand, this is normal. The new recruits are too wimpy. I joined the military in 1998. The first year, I fought veterans/older soldiers; the second year, I fought the squad leader. The key is relying on the fist. If your character isn’t strong, you’ll only be beaten. The night before the veterans retired [from the military], our unit had a satisfying big fight, to get revenge and settle grudges. Otherwise, who do you settle with once they’re gone?

聽 說:

Why does one of the veterans have a tattoo? Those who saw it, ding me! [Over 29k upvotes at time of translation. Tattoos are not allowed when joining the military.]


Very shocked when watching the video. These people doing the beating simply aren’t human, they’re animals.


Who fucking says new recruits must be beating! Our unit’s veterans never beat [haze] new recruits, and is still a unit with fighting ability. [Various commenters have suggested this is done to toughen up new soldiers.]


In the future when my son grows up, I wanted him to join the military, but looking at this situation, forget about it.

~ 爱~ 在~哪 、:

If it’s like this, who would be willing to give their children to the military? This kind of veteran are simply psychos, even worse than Japanese devils [invading Japanese soldiers during World War 2]…


Watching the video, I felt these veterans were simply fucking inhuman. If I were one of those being beaten, at the very least I’d kill two of them. Fuck, even darker [worse, more corrupt] than prison!


Those who have been in the military and been beating [hazed], please raise your hands!!!!! [over 18k upvotes at time of translation]

What do you think of hazing rituals?

New Chinese soldier recruits in Inner Mongolia Wuhai city being beaten, bullied, and hazed by veterans.


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