Vicious Hazing of Chinese Firefighter Recruits Shocks Netizens

New Chinese soldier recruits in Inner Mongolia Wuhai city being beaten, bullied, and hazed by veterans.

From Sina Weibo:

@新浪新闻视频: #Firefighting Recruits Beaten by Veterans# Video: Internet Exposes New Recruits Being Beaten by Veterans, Their Heads Smashed Into the Wall, Afraid to Resist [衰] — Recently, the internet exposed a “Inner Mongolia Wuhai City Wuda District Firefighting No.2 Battalion Beats New Recruits” video. In the video, the bare-chested veterans [older members] of the firefighting battalion, with cigarettes dangling from their mouths, violently hit the new recruits, punching, kicking, slapping, whipping their faces with belts, and smashing their heads into the wall… with the new recruits not uttering a sound, silently enduring the humiliation…

Note: Copies of the video have been removed from the Chinese internet, such as this copy on leading Chinese video sharing website Youku and this copy hosted on Sina Video and embedded in Sina’s own news articles of the story. If the above embedded video is no longer working, here is a copy on YouTube:

Comments from Sina Weibo:


My god! Is this real????


The military [firefighters in China are a branch of the military police] is China’s largest black society [mob, mafia, organized crime syndicate].


A bunch of thugs.


Good boys/men don’t join the military.


Anyone dare say which military [unit] isn’t like this as well?


The veterans were also beaten like this~~~ [a form of ritual hazing]


No wonder no one is joining the military now.


These motherfucking scum, if you’re so tough, go to the Diaoyu Islands then, fucking army riffraff!


It’s not like veterans picking on/bullying new recruits is something new, it’s no longer strange/unexpected.


Nothing new! Being in the military isn’t that different from being in prison!


I’m shocked, can’t finish watching it!


The military is not much different from prison. New recruits all have to watch clothes, wash feet, wash underwear for the veterans and if you don’t obey, you’ll be beaten. Look at the people who have been in the military around you; is a single one of them a good person? Unless someone has connections or money, then they’d have a better time of it.


When I was in the military, I too was beaten, sigh.


New recruits being beaten [hazed] is normal. [嘻嘻] It’s a tradition in the Chinese militar. It has gotten a bit better these past few years. It the past, it could be described as “sick/perverse”.


As an experienced person, now everyone knows just how cruel/vicious some veteran soldiers/unit leaders are, right? And you can’t even tell anyone after being beaten, because if you do, you’ll just be punished even worse.

New Chinese soldier recruits in Inner Mongolia Wuhai city being beaten, bullied, and hazed by veterans.

Commenting functions were turned off on news articles of the video on many major Chinese web portals such as Sina itself and NetEase. A #hashtag# topic page on leading microblog platform Sina Weibo has also been deleted (12/10 UPDATE: However, a new “Firefighter New Recruits Beaten By Veteranstrending topic has appeared). However, the video also appeared on a CCTV television news report.

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From QQ:

The Inner Mongolia Firefighter Veterans Taking Turns Beating and Abusing New Recruits Incident Verified As True

Summary: The internet exposed multiple Inner Mongolia Wuhai veteran firefighters taking turns beating new recruits, with 5 people being slapped and kicked for as long as 15 minutes in a video. Officials have said the video is real, that the incident occurred in June of last year, and have already suspended those responsible to be investigated.

New Chinese soldier recruits in Inner Mongolia Wuhai city being beaten, bullied, and hazed by veterans.

Comments from QQ:


If they really beat them, this really can’t be allowed! People’s children joined the military to serve the people. This military branch risks life and limb in a period of peace. If they really beat them, they must answer to the citizens of the entire nation!


Normal, all new recruits go through this. Don’t we say the military is a forge? All the older soldiers/veterans were trained this way.


Those who have been in the military all understand, this is normal. The new recruits are too wimpy. I joined the military in 1998. The first year, I fought veterans/older soldiers; the second year, I fought the squad leader. The key is relying on the fist. If your character isn’t strong, you’ll only be beaten. The night before the veterans retired [from the military], our unit had a satisfying big fight, to get revenge and settle grudges. Otherwise, who do you settle with once they’re gone?

聽 說:

Why does one of the veterans have a tattoo? Those who saw it, ding me! [Over 29k upvotes at time of translation. Tattoos are not allowed when joining the military.]


Very shocked when watching the video. These people doing the beating simply aren’t human, they’re animals.


Who fucking says new recruits must be beating! Our unit’s veterans never beat [haze] new recruits, and is still a unit with fighting ability. [Various commenters have suggested this is done to toughen up new soldiers.]


In the future when my son grows up, I wanted him to join the military, but looking at this situation, forget about it.

~ 爱~ 在~哪 、:

If it’s like this, who would be willing to give their children to the military? This kind of veteran are simply psychos, even worse than Japanese devils [invading Japanese soldiers during World War 2]…


Watching the video, I felt these veterans were simply fucking inhuman. If I were one of those being beaten, at the very least I’d kill two of them. Fuck, even darker [worse, more corrupt] than prison!


Those who have been in the military and been beating [hazed], please raise your hands!!!!! [over 18k upvotes at time of translation]

What do you think of hazing rituals?

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New Chinese soldier recruits in Inner Mongolia Wuhai city being beaten, bullied, and hazed by veterans.

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  • David

    We had some hazing rituals when I was in the military but nothing like this for new troops. For instance, when I made SGT. my friends ‘pinned’ my new strips on my arm with punches. (sore for a week lol). Just beating guys who don’t fight back seems stupid and sadistic. Now, that being said, there is nothing wrong with a good donnybrook (when everybody is free to hit back).

    • mwanafa

      I don’t know much about military, but aren’t they supposed to fight back?

      • David

        absolutely. Training guys to not fight back seems a little weird (ok, it is the fire department but still). Listen, there is nothing wrong with giving the new guy a hard time to make him feel a little welcome. but some places just take it too far. I teach at a Koran school and they like nothing better than to hit each other at every opportunity (and these are the friends).

  • 5,000 years of uncivilization

    What else says, “i’m a bone-headed, barbaric thug” better than “bare-chested veterans with cigarettes dangling from their mouths” beating others who won’t fight back? Send these beasts to DiaoYu Island.

  • Lord_Helmet

    The recruits are really tough or the veterans are huge vaginas? I am going with the latter. Would have loved to see them fight back.

    • Cauffiel

      I kept rooting for one of them to turn into Chinese Hulk and stomp all of them.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Hazing in general is stupid. The rituals just get more extreme over time, to the point were it can kill people. Actually it already has.

  • Code Red?

  • Brett

    Firefighter hazing? Really?

  • Germandude

    This news only shows once more that Chinese are the same as everybody else in the world. Who hasn’t heard of a similar story from his home country’s army/firefighters/police/university practicing rituals like beating up newcomers?

    Well, StefanXu most likely still believes China is different from all the evil west societies but he’ll notice one day.

    And one thing that always astounds me is that these cases are very quickly published in the evil countries. As early as reporters get hold of info, which is normally within weeks of such incidents, thanks to freedom of press.

    Meanwhile, in China, it usually happened a long time ago and the standard bullshit:
    “Officials have said the video is real, that the incident occurred in June of last year, and have already suspended those responsible to be investigated.”

    – The government works hard, the people are happy, the rest of the world is just a mess –

    • mwanafa

      I believe most of them are just talking for the sake of argument, most of the time when they can’t make a better argument, they will just end up cursing , denying or saying it also happens in the west.
      Most of my Chinese friends don’t trash-talk China when they are sober, they will find a reason to justify anything, but after they take few bottles of bière, you will be surprised.
      You know deep in their heart they know the truth, but in a country where one is taught not to criticize anything done by their almighty, even when he sees it’s wrong he will obviously praise him.

    • nqk123

      almost every club/work place/etc have some kinds of tradition for new comer. much of them are something humiliating/painful

    • bujiebuke

      It always amazes me how misinformed people who live in China and Japan are of their own country. All the internet censoring and one-sided text books could be explained for China, but not in Japan. We had a Japanese kendo sensei FROM Japan named Musashi. He didn’t realize he was named after Musashi Miyamoto until we watched 7 samurai with him.

    • Oi

      Germandude, these cases are not published very quickly here in the west either. There are plenty of cases of these type of abuses only surfacing years after it has occured. any Aussies here will know of the sexual abuse claims surrounding RMC cadets and the ADF going back decades.

      on a more prominant note, how long did it take for the sexual abuse of children within the catholic church to come to light?

      There is a limit to this ‘freedom’ of press that you apparently hold so dear, particularly when the matter concerns powerful entities in our societies

      • Germandude

        Hold on, I think you are misunderstanding me. You are comparing apples and oranges maybe because you misunderstood my point.
        What I mean is: If such a scandal is known or suspected, free press and investigations will happen. The media will be on the case long before the perpetrators are punished.

        Your examples with church and army are usually cases in which the victims don’t (dare to) speak out. If nobody knows that sth is going wrong, nobody will really investigate. Give a hint about sexual abuse in the church or mistreatment of cadets in AUS to the local media and I am sure sth will happen.

        Meanwhile in China: silence-silence-silence-somebody finds out sth bad happened?—government states it has already been fixed, move forward
        They are playing the old game of sitting poblems/scandals out as long as they can.

        See the difference I meant?

  • don mario


    These motherfucking scum, if you’re so tough, go to the Diaoyu Islands then, fucking army riffraff!”

    lol, greatest comment!

  • Cauffiel

    I wonder how I can make an English game out of this.

  • shanghaiguy

    I would like each of these veterans to be disemboweled in the public square.
    5,000 years to become civilized and this is where China is?! holy shit
    I have heard of hazing but I have never seen anything like this before… talking to my brother in the US army he told stories but its skill and strength building hazing.. doing pushups or other exercises.. not standing there to be beaten

    • Cauffiel

      Thats not true, the U.S. military has been criticized many times for extreme hazing, much worse than the video above.

  • David

    There was a story by David Beckum two weeks ago about the homoerotic hazing he had to go through when he joined youth soccer. I am surprised he continued with it.

  • David

    and possibly elector-shock therapy to forget. lol

  • Dax

    I’m not sure how necessary the ability to take/dish out a whuppin’ is in the Fire Department, though.

    • TJDubs

      It’s pretty common in China, that people resist rescue when approached by a firefighter, put up a fight, and need to be beaten into submission.

      • Dax

        Really? That’s weird. Wonder why?

  • Dax

    This is what happens when people with no power get a little bit of power over someone else. Happens all over the world. Just maybe a little more in places like China.

    • Cauffiel

      Mall Cop Syndrome

      • Dax

        Dunno, Mall cop at my mall kept tootsie rolls in his handcuff holster.

  • Mony Xie

    These are truly some motherfucking cowards.

  • TJDubs

    Firefighting recruits didn’t have to do any butt chugging?

    These guys would get owned by US frat boys.

    • Kai

      …is butt chugging what I think it is?

      • TJDubs

        It involves liquor, a funnel, some plastic tubing, and a new recruit. Alcohol is absorbed much more quickly when taken in that way, the guy won’t have any alcohol on his breath, and it’s plenty humiliating.

        • Kai

          Surprisingly, that is not what I imagined, but I’m not sure which is worse: what I imagined, or what you described.

          • Joe

            I believe Kai was thinking about ass munching

  • Stefan Xu

    Even though this looks bad, maybe it’s good as a preparation to be tough for future work. You can’t be sissy as a firefighter, soldier, guard, or any rescue or protect service.

  • S ir Mcdonald

    why isnt there anything about Mandela’s passing on this website?

    • Archie


      • Paul Schoe

        Oei Arthur,you know how to hurt people.

  • loki
    • loki

      I stand corrected……

  • Teacher in China

    Kinda hard to fight fires with broken ribs…

  • markus peg

    Bunch of pussies

  • moeimoei

    What do you expect?! Tea with scones? Dim Sum? It’s the military….

  • Nicola Collina

    this is standard in my country,
    now and in the past when army service was compulsory .

    what is strange is that we are speaking about firefighter unit, not combat service troops…. Ok theyr car are marked also “WJ” and they belong to the same bureau, but……

  • Hang Em Man

    They should be fired and brought up on criminal charges.

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