Victims Seek Compensation from Executed Street Vendor’s Wife

Xia Junfeng's wife, Zhang Jing, crying.
Xia Junfeng's wife, Zhang Jing, crying.
Zhang Jing, the wife of executed street peddler Xia Junfeng.

The following is related to the previous translated report about the recent controversial execution of street peddler Xia Junfeng, who had injured and stabbed to death several urban management personnel during a dispute in 2009. It is also currently the most discussed news article on NetEase for the week, with over 20k comments and over 250k participants…

From NetEase:

Father of Shenyang Chengguan Who Had Been Stabbed to Death: Will Continue to Seek Civil Compensation from Xia Family

Southern Metropolis report — After Liaoning Shengyang city street vendor Xia Junfeng was given the death penalty, the father of Shen Kai, the chengguan [city/urban management] officer whom he stabbed, told this Southern Metropolis reporter that he trusts the law is impartial and just. He at the same time expressed that he will continue raising civil compensation demands with the Xia family.

Shen Kai’s father claimed during an interview with this Southern Metropolis reporter a year ago that after Shen Kai was stabbed to death by Xia Junfeng, the Shenyang local [government] gave their family 900k yuan in compensation and at the same time indicated that after the Xia case was resolved, they would honor their promise of giving Shen Kai martyr status/treatment. Yesterday, when this Southern Metropolis reporter once again saw Shen’s father at his place of work, he claimed to already know that Xia Junfeng had been executed, that he trusts the law to be impartial and fair.

He previously indicated that he had learned through the internet about Xia Junfeng’s wife Zhang Jing constantly running around [trying to help] Xia Junfeng and as a result receiving a lot of support from society. He was rather indignant about this, indicating that he would demand civil compensation from Zhang Jing. Yesterday, he said that although Xia Junfeng has already been executed, he would still raise civil compensation demands with the Xia family.

As for whether or not he would make allowances for [be more forgiving of] the Xia family now that Xia Junfeng has been executed, Shen’s father refused to comment.

Additionally, there have also been netizens asking why hasn’t the Xia family proactively sought forgiveness and settlement with the deceased’s family? With regards to this, Xia Junfeng’s defense lawyer during the period his death sentence was undergoing review, Zhong Guolin, explained to this Southern Metropolis reporter that Zhang Jing had already made such efforts during the first trial, having gone to the victim’s family seeking understanding and expressing a willingness to provide compensation with warm-hearted individuals in society indicating a willingness to raise funds for the compensation. However, the two chengguan officers had been designated martyrs by the local government at the time, so the door on compensation had already been shut, [because] with the affirmation of the government, their attitude was rather firm and it was thus very difficult for the the deceased parties to reach a settlement and understanding with the Xia family.

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Comments on NetEase:

大鹏妹妹 [网易四川省成都市手机网友]:

Chengguan being martyrs? As shameless as the Japanese using the Yasukuni Shrine to enshrine war criminals. Who will pay you any heed? Support the Xia family!

网易广东省深圳市手机网友 ip:112.97.*.*:

Chengguan being made martyrs? Ridiculous. I despise the local government.

网易四川省手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

Martyr… who paid for the 900k?

就是这态度 [网易广东省广州市手机网友]:

Insatiable greed.

网易重庆市网友 ip:14.110.*.*: (responding to 大鹏妹妹)

As shameless as?

Were the war criminals guilty of oppressing the people?

Regular soldiers are carrying out orders, and thus are not war criminals, unless they are people who committed certain substantively inhuman crimes.

Did Yamamoto Isoroku know how to use a steelyard balance?

The reasons for Japan are special. It is because those soldiers participated in a struggle. This is a kind of Japanese “power comes from the barrel of a gun”, except their barrel was facing outward.

That’s why Japanese people have never opposed enshrining them.

In comparison, these war criminals are much more noble than them.

网易日本网友 ip:106.186.*.*: (responding to 大鹏妹妹)

Let him be one [a martyr], as this will let even more people know just what kind of people martyrs are.

网易北京市手机网友 [网易北京市手机网友]:

All those motherfucking slandering chengguan are a bunch of stinking stupid cunts. You motherfucking bastards are asking for a beating again, right? Your fucking moms are all fucking prostitutes, cock-sucking machines, cheap lowly whores fucked by thousands and ridden by tens of thousands.

网易河北省唐山市网友 ip:106.116.*.*: (responding to above)

I know you’ve given your mother and your wife to your master to enjoy. That is your freedom and we will not interfere with your utter conscienceless and evil. But please don’t stop us from reasonably being human.

网易福建省厦门市网友 [chenxueyanabc]: (also responding to 大鹏妹妹)

Chengguan have committed much evil, so being killed by a knight-errant is deserved, even if death cannot wipe away their crimes.

要有爱要和谐 [网易北京市网友]: (responding to above)

This argument is just like when little Japanese devils were beaten to death by Chinese people on the street back during World War II, should those little Japanese devils have been compensated with money?

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • David

    I don’t understand the need to go after a widow and orphans. Will the father be happy when they are destitute and homeless. Without a husband to help bring in money and raise the kids, I am sure that will happen soon enough.

    • Stu

      I wish I knew more about different legal systems. Seems very weird to be able to get compensation from a perpetrator’s family even after the perpetrator has been punished (and punished by execution, at that). I seem to recall that in the US at least there are civil settlements of these things- I think it happened with the OJ SImpson case- but my impression was that they apply only where there’s no criminal punishment.

      Is this a uniquely Chinese thing? What’s the compensation actually for?

      • mr.wiener

        I think it is because the case generated some publicity and an amount of money was raised for his legal defense and also for the family of the vendor.
        The family of the Chengguan, the victim, heard about this and want a piece of this. Chinese can be fairly shameless [by western standards] when it comes to money and compensation. But again we are talking about Chengguan here, This is not a well paying job, so it is the party using the poor to keep the poor down.

        • Atlas

          The again: Chengguan family. A rotten tree cannot bear healthy fruits.

          • mr.wiener

            If you are poor, high morals comes somewhere after a full belly.

          • Atlas

            I come from a poor family – one meal a day for most of my childhood. Speak for yourself.

          • mr.wiener

            I was,
            sorry to hear you were poor,
            glad you are not now.
            However if we are to follow the argument of “speaking for yourself” to it to its logical conclusion then you are presuming to speak for the families of all Chengguan, are all these people rotten apples and unhealthy trees? I’d compare them to the scab labor and the “special constables” used by American big business to break strikes in the 1930s. Hopefully China will experience its own time of prosperity like the ‘states did after this….although I have my doubts.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            Even if there is a time of prosperity, I would guess it would be hard for it to reach everyone, especially with such a high population. :(

          • David

            Absolutely true. The world can not support a country like China (or India, or all of Africa) consuming at a first world level. This is not a judgement call about their right to do it, the resources are just not there right now. Some can (and do) but not the majority.

          • Don’t Believe the Hype

            Without representation China as a society is unlikely to evolve from events like this.

          • Probotector

            So you advocate criminality as long as one is desperate? By that logic you should be in support of the vendor who murdered these guys.

          • boo

            I won’t blame criminality out of despration. that is something pushing our society to evolve.

    • firebert5

      I agree. While I think what the vendor did was appalling, his widow is as much a victim as the chenguans’ widows. She didn’t tell him to throw his, and subsequently her, life away. With his execution it would seem the debt has been paid as much as it reasonably can be.

  • Stu

    The popular hatred for chengguan is pretty fascinating, really. I suppose in a sense that’s part of the purpose of them- without chengguan, presumably all of that hate would be directed at the police, the army, or their bosses.

    • Dick Leigh

      God. I didn’t think about that angle before and now it makes perfect sense. No wonder the Government is hesitant to give them any official powers!

    • chosan

      I thumbs you up 1000x if I could, Look at the country Egypt without Chenguan the people there hate the Army and now their near civil war

      • Dick Leigh

        Egypt’s more complicated than that. Civilians didn’t hate the army when they were helping the army fight the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • boo

      wow i’m so enlightened really you are a genius! this is not sarcasm I mean it

    • Boris

      Stu, that was genius. So obvious yet so elusive. I was thinking along the same lines, ‘Gee, why are these guys hated so much?’ but I didn’t reach as far as your conclusion.

      • boo

        we should add this to a chinese forum so chengguans and vendors will get united and there will be less tragedy like this. like I said they are both victims

  • Guest

    I suppose they can always reexecute him if he fails to pay up….

    • xuedi

      lol ….

  • Feng

    What a fucked up backwards ass country. So much for 5000 years of culture that China keeps bragging about. For all that time, the result is what you see today. Disgusting dirt, lack of civility, primitiveness, and add inhuman rights.

    • mr.wiener

      To forestall the China chauvinists who are certain to reply to your post ,you also have to look at the faults within your own country and the system we have in the west to get a balanced approach.
      Being a pontificating dick [and just have to look in the mirror to see one] is not helpful in getting the other side to see your your point of view.

      • Truth

        He is right however.

        • Guy Fawkes

          I agree. But mr.wiener wouldn’t have said so if Feng’s language were not that harsh.

          • Truth

            Agreed :)

      • guest

        this is chinasmack (emphasis on china).. the topic is china, this news is about something that happened in china. you are right about us reflecting on our own society, but that belongs in that forum. the man has a right to voice his opinion if he is in the right place… and he is

        • boo

          who said we can only talk about china here. besides pretty much everything here we are talking about is related to each other

          • bprichard

            But the “What about [other country}?” thing is in no way conducive to a good conversation. It’s a pointless red herring.

          • Average Zhou

            Oh I agree, “take a look in the mirror” is a relevant reply. Lets indeed discuss China, but as adults, not as ranting, raving petulant children, which is what the first post sounds like. I hear that all day long and Im ashamed to say that 6 years ago, before I found my way, that sounded a lot like me. Just bashing and criticizing without any helpful insight or wisdom or solutions is ignorant and not productive. Im not trying to be a dick, just hoping this may make sense to someone and help them to be more insightful instead of just outright pointing out the problems (which we ALL know about).

      • Probotector

        You have to admit, it is pretty sickening to see the victim’s family (a loosely used phrase btw) demanding a payout after justice has been done. An eye for an eye has already been exchanged, and now they want the cash too?! This smacks of greed and taking this guy’s family to the cleaners in order to win face. Besides, what have his family done to deserve this? Both the Chenguan’s family and the vendor’s family will have to go on forever without a father/husband/whatever in their lives. One would think that would be punishment enough. In what other ‘civilized’ country would this be acceptable? Reflection on ourselves in irrelevant because we don’t do this stuff. I think that’s what Feng was getting at.

        • Guest

          What if their chengguan son was the provider for their entire family? Think about it. They are all victims.

    • Horny

      While expats and foreigners on this site can mostly agree on the pollution, lack of civility and empathy, corruption and greed in China, I have a problem with your “what a fucked up backwards ass country”. You’re just being a douche with that comment, considering there are other more fucked up countries out there. would you use the same comment on an indian site about all the gang rapes lately?

      • But this site is not about India, and rapes do happen in lala,li tianyi

      • David

        I would definitely use that term on an Indian website about the gang rapes (especially if you do a little research and realize how really horrific and wide spread the phenomenon is).

    • chosan

      I for one am glad Japanese are the bad examples!!!!!! whether comparing Chenguan or street vendors(spelling intended)

    • lonetrey / Dan

      A week later, newspaper headlines will read:

      “Executed street vendor’s wife stabs victim’s wife to death!
      Victim’s orphans seek compensation from street vendor’s orphans!”

      • radbab

        an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind – should have been said by a Chinese not an Indian.

        Than again you should be happy they’re just suing each other and not doing a Balkan style blood feud.

        • Balkan

          I’m from Balkan, but based on your comment, I apparently don’t know much about the region where I have spent most of my life. Please enlighten me and explain what “Balkan style blood feud” is.

    • boo

      I might agree with you on some of your points but you still sound like nothing but a whiny cunt to me

    • bujiebuke

      Ah yes, in stark contrast, the states, which has sparkling pristine dirt, civilized people who don’t run around stabbing each other, but rather gun each other down, and humanely execute criminals with chemical injections. Your logic is flawless.

      • boo

        still your sarcasm is very weak

        • bujiebuke

          weak like your troll-fueling one-line comments. How about you make an actual enlightening contribution to this site rather than your usual jiberish sound bites festooned all over this forum?

          • boo

            come on no need to downgrade yourself to a trolling level like me don’t you think? sometimes a one line comment weights more than million words such as ‘truth hurts’.

          • bujiebuke

            Congratulations boo, acknowledging your a troll is the first step in curing your assholism. It’s a long process, but I’m sure you’ll make it through.

          • Rei Yu Tian

            all this guy do is troll, just ignore him.

            Btw Boo, what did you say about my offer to meet up and settle the feud? The admin deleted it before I could take a look.

          • bboooo

            I thought you said ‘ignore him’. so ignore meplease. i’ll be so glad if you do coz i’m so scared of yourr biceps even a burberry trench can’t cover them.

            mr. wiener, I think you do notice this time is mr. fancy pants mess with me first

          • Rei Yu Tian

            I thought I deleted the comment but it still turned up as guest. I thought about it and realized my mistake. Regardless, I wish you a good day, enough feuding, time to go mind our own business.

          • boo

            please don’t delete it. it’s FUN

          • bboooo

            nice try. but you won’t hurt me by saying that.

    • Lord_Helmet

      Either stop hanging out with old people or stop teaching middle school, then you will stop hearing about China b.c..

  • What has ANY of this got to do with Japan??!! :-S

    • Dick Leigh

      Don’t you know? Everything is Japan’s fault. Air pollution? Japanese companies exploiting cheap chinese labour and flouting the Chinese rule of law. Crime? People so influenced by Japanese culture that they no longer know right from wrong. Etc, etc, etc.

      • chosan

        japanese only have themselves to blame with their nationalists,otakus,gravure,models,hentai etc……

        • Cuddly Cthulhu

          Korea boy, we get, you’re just like the rest of your asshole friends who gets a hard on when they smell kimchi. Go back to wanking furiously to Gangnam Style and let the rest of us have our fun with China. You’ve already got two websites like this to show us your astonishingly overdeveloped inferiority complex. Leave us this one. Please?

          • eat shit Cuddly

            Easy there Jap boy… this is the internet so you simply fuck off… and have a nice day

          • chosan

            Cthulu? so you are into westerner tentacle porn also LOL

          • Cuddly Cthulhu

            I love all tentacle porn.

          • Dick Leigh

            Especially the horrifying, world-ending, reality-shattering kind

          • boo

            no wonder…

    • Angie_Mac77

      You must be from Japan! Get him!!!

  • Probotector

    Oh for fuck’s sake!

  • MrC

    yes I agree.
    also I dont agree.

  • mwanafa

    Well I now agree that “Somethings in China are so difficult for a foreigner to understand”.

    • Don’t Believe the Hype

      what do you find difficult to understand?

      • mwanafa

        This story, I mean the guy killed those enforcement officers and the got executed, then the family( widow and the kid) has to pay for compensation?

        • Don’t Believe the Hype

          I see. Yeah I think it is messed up too. The government in China is always going to back the chengguan though, that is just the reality in China. And there are very few recourses for ordinary Chinese.

          • Monkeekong

            well maybe the guy could have not stabbed them to death. maybe just stab them a little bit, like in the legs or something. just saying…

          • Don’t Believe the Hype

            probably right. but with two guys on one he might have been acting in self defense.

          • Don’t Believe the Hype

            i’m also curioius as to why there were no witnesses allowed in the trial.

          • Probotector

            Kangaroo court.

          • mwanafa

            Yeah, I am not on his side either, he could have known better. But compensation from his widow?

    • donscarletti

      I think it is easy enough to understand, the problem is in understanding such things, foreigners are likely to get a somewhat dim view of Chinese society.

      Chinese often like to have their cake and eat it too. This Chinese family wanted vengeance, found out that after the perpetrator is executed they are still left where they were before, with nothing gained, so they now want compensation in addition, simple as that.

      • mwanafa

        Haven’t the gov’t pay them 90k? I am not pointing that the life of the deceased worth 90k, but to go around claiming more from the family of which their member had just been executed for committing that crime is simply retarded(thus difficult to understand).

        • Atlas

          Story says 900K yuan

          • mwanafa

            Thanks Atlas, just noted.

        • David

          Not to mention the family of the vendor was poor before (which is why he was an illegal vendor and bullied by the Chengguan in the first place) what does the old man expect to GET from them? The dirty floor mats in their hovel? Be happy with your 900K and have your daughters re-marry.

  • boo

    kiss my ass you shameless! lower than the lowest

  • Monkeekong

    This is a very unfortunate indeed but you can’t just completely blame the chengguan’s family on this. The wives and children of those two families have also lost a father and a husband. None of them woke up that day and thought “hmm I think my chengguan husband is going to get stabbed to death today.” I feel like it will only be justified to mourn for those families as well. Nobody wins in this case.

    • Angie_Mac77

      The average salary of a Chengguan worker is 1200RMB per month. The father was given 900000RMB. That covers 62.5 years of his salary. You really think he deserves more?

  • Cuddly Cthulhu

    Can the operators of Chinasmack and the other country related new sites start a new one called They could post news from around the world that is trending among netizens, showing how amazingly cruel and fucking stupid the majority of humanity is, and we could all go on there and rip the piss out of them.

    Everytime someone voices an opinion of show the the country in question is backward, fucked up, deranged, cuntastic, etc, there is someone else who pulls out the “well look at your country first”. While this is a very valid point, it’s kind of moot. Every country is fucked up (except Norway, other than some crazy asshole(s) killing people every 20 years or so, those folks have generally figured it out). Stop trying to make us feel bad about pointing out the flaws in other countries.

    We know our own countries have problems. US: the entire government is run by ignorant redneck fuckheads who think a dead jewish peseant from 2000 years ago has the answer to everything, and that all of science is a theory.

    UK: Torries, need I say more.

    Spain: More money please.

    France: We don’t have enough jobs for everyone but we must pressure the rest of the world into fighting sectarian violence that we helped create a century ago.
    Greece: See entry for Spain.

    Australia: Just elected a new government that promised to do something about immigration, the answer; give the people responsible for putting all the people on boats a shit ton of money by buying the boats. Yeah cause there’s no chance they will just buy bigger boats right?

    I could go on, but you get the idea.

    And Mr. Weiner, this is not supposed to be a dig at you, I get what you’re trying to say, but honestly, if people on this site did that before they posted, this comment section would empty.

    • wallimo

      All the points you raised cannot be dumbed down the a 1 sentence punch line.

      Sorry a re posting of what someone else has posted has offended you so much, I can only assume you skipped reading the article and came straight to the comment section…

      Just because others have a different political or ideological view doesn’t make them wrong… Thats the problem with the left movement today, so fucking high and mighty. Get off your high horse. All the points you’ve mentioned are basically invalid,

      • Cuddly Cthulhu

        Ok, before you getting all uppity about my turning the problems of countries into one liners, go back and read my post. It’s called sarcasm, look it up. My point was that all countries are fucked up. I’m not making a partisan point. I said the US Goverment, I didn’t say the right or the left, I just said the government. If it wasn’t fucked up, it wouldn’t be partially shutdown right now.
        And if my remark about the dead Jew bothered you, get over it, no single person in history has been responsible for more bloodshed that that man. He may not have intended it, but it happened. Which leads right back to my original point, HUMANITY IS FUCKED UP.

        And as to the high horse: You don’t have to be on a horse to feel high and mighty over the Right in America. They are so far in a hole no amount of anything will ever get them out. THEY SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT TO STOP POOR PEOPLE FROM GETTING AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE!!!!

        It’s not about one side being right or wrong, its about the two sides coming together to compromise and get something done to make the country a better place. That’s the whole point of a democracy.

        • b

          you sound really grumpy. brrrrrrrrrrrrr

        • David

          You sound pretty grumpy and uninformed. Have a nap, go back to drinking whatever you normally blur the outside world with and enjoy yourself being ignorant again. Some of us have a little more positive outlook on life.

  • randall

    Someone dies and the first thing they think about is money. Such a sad culture. No value for life.

  • linette lee

    The mother shouldn’t have to pay for compensation. Her husband was guilty. Not her or her son. He already paid with his life. So just let it go.

    Very sad and tragic for all the families. At the end they all suffer.

    • In China, Life is Cheap

      Life is cheap in China. What’s so sad about it? It’s an everyday happening in China, it’s the way Chinese are, which is selfish. Yawn… Just another day in China.

  • chandlerpatrick

    Justice has already been served. I don’t like this Chinese idea of asking for compensation from the families. Innocent or guilty, it was the street vendor’s actions alone – his wife and child need to be removed from the equation when punishment is served.

  • Probotector

    So in China they still believe in collective punishment.

  • chinese

    everyone seems to be an expert on “Chengguan.”If china want to move forward they need to reform and hold accountability for these corrupt officers and protection for whisleblowers. However what not many realise there are certain US miltary personal that have free range to commit to murder, torture and maim civilians abroad and are unaccountable for their actions.

    • bboooo

      I thought this was CHINAsmack.

    • David

      Every U.S. military personal is accountable for their actions to their supervisor, backed by the Uniformed Code of Military Justice, up to and including the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Two Major Generals were fired just this week for reasons that almost any other country in the world would laugh about and not hold them accountable for (failure to do enough to protect a base in Afghanistan). So crawl back under your bridge troll.

  • Kenneth Chu

    These chengguan people seem horrendous from what I am reading about on this website. They should really look into improving their employment screening

    • David

      Hahahahahaha (wiping tears) Sorry, yea, that was a good one.

  • Angie_Mac77

    I don’t get it. They gave him 900K for compensation and now he wants more compensation? Sheesh, it seems like losing a family member is like winning the lottery.

  • Zeus

    There’s an old saying in Chinese. The only thing the Chinese really care about is money.

    That’s why hundreds of Chinese can just walk right by nonchalantly ignoring the hurt little baby who got run over by a car callously. They say who cares, there’s no money involved. But by golly they’ll find an opportunity to make money, and they’ll do anything to make a buck. The whole greed thing goes into another level in China, as morals go out the window. I unfortunately wasted two years of my life in that human cesspool. And it isn’t because they’re Third World. Many Third World countries are actually still pleasant to live in. But not China. The daily corruption and the obvious human indifference towards others will drain you. I’m never going back to that hell hole.

  • Slenth

    I saw these chengguan during a visit to China, I was shocked at their behavior. I would have killed them too if they did these kinds of things to me. But to ask for money from the family of the executed is just deplorable. Shame on them.