Victims Seek Compensation from Executed Street Vendor’s Wife

Xia Junfeng's wife, Zhang Jing, crying.
Zhang Jing, the wife of executed street peddler Xia Junfeng.
Xia Junfeng's wife, Zhang Jing, crying.
Zhang Jing, the wife of executed street peddler Xia Junfeng.

The following is related to the previous translated report about the recent controversial execution of street peddler Xia Junfeng, who had injured and stabbed to death several urban management personnel during a dispute in 2009. It is also currently the most discussed news article on NetEase for the week, with over 20k comments and over 250k participants…

From NetEase:

Father of Shenyang Chengguan Who Had Been Stabbed to Death: Will Continue to Seek Civil Compensation from Xia Family

Southern Metropolis report — After Liaoning Shengyang city street vendor Xia Junfeng was given the death penalty, the father of Shen Kai, the chengguan [city/urban management] officer whom he stabbed, told this Southern Metropolis reporter that he trusts the law is impartial and just. He at the same time expressed that he will continue raising civil compensation demands with the Xia family.

Shen Kai’s father claimed during an interview with this Southern Metropolis reporter a year ago that after Shen Kai was stabbed to death by Xia Junfeng, the Shenyang local [government] gave their family 900k yuan in compensation and at the same time indicated that after the Xia case was resolved, they would honor their promise of giving Shen Kai martyr status/treatment. Yesterday, when this Southern Metropolis reporter once again saw Shen’s father at his place of work, he claimed to already know that Xia Junfeng had been executed, that he trusts the law to be impartial and fair.

He previously indicated that he had learned through the internet about Xia Junfeng’s wife Zhang Jing constantly running around [trying to help] Xia Junfeng and as a result receiving a lot of support from society. He was rather indignant about this, indicating that he would demand civil compensation from Zhang Jing. Yesterday, he said that although Xia Junfeng has already been executed, he would still raise civil compensation demands with the Xia family.

As for whether or not he would make allowances for [be more forgiving of] the Xia family now that Xia Junfeng has been executed, Shen’s father refused to comment.

Additionally, there have also been netizens asking why hasn’t the Xia family proactively sought forgiveness and settlement with the deceased’s family? With regards to this, Xia Junfeng’s defense lawyer during the period his death sentence was undergoing review, Zhong Guolin, explained to this Southern Metropolis reporter that Zhang Jing had already made such efforts during the first trial, having gone to the victim’s family seeking understanding and expressing a willingness to provide compensation with warm-hearted individuals in society indicating a willingness to raise funds for the compensation. However, the two chengguan officers had been designated martyrs by the local government at the time, so the door on compensation had already been shut, [because] with the affirmation of the government, their attitude was rather firm and it was thus very difficult for the the deceased parties to reach a settlement and understanding with the Xia family.

Comments on NetEase:

大鹏妹妹 [网易四川省成都市手机网友]:

Chengguan being martyrs? As shameless as the Japanese using the Yasukuni Shrine to enshrine war criminals. Who will pay you any heed? Support the Xia family!

网易广东省深圳市手机网友 ip:112.97.*.*:

Chengguan being made martyrs? Ridiculous. I despise the local government.

网易四川省手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

Martyr… who paid for the 900k?

就是这态度 [网易广东省广州市手机网友]:

Insatiable greed.

网易重庆市网友 ip:14.110.*.*: (responding to 大鹏妹妹)

As shameless as?

Were the war criminals guilty of oppressing the people?

Regular soldiers are carrying out orders, and thus are not war criminals, unless they are people who committed certain substantively inhuman crimes.

Did Yamamoto Isoroku know how to use a steelyard balance?

The reasons for Japan are special. It is because those soldiers participated in a struggle. This is a kind of Japanese “power comes from the barrel of a gun”, except their barrel was facing outward.

That’s why Japanese people have never opposed enshrining them.

In comparison, these war criminals are much more noble than them.

网易日本网友 ip:106.186.*.*: (responding to 大鹏妹妹)

Let him be one [a martyr], as this will let even more people know just what kind of people martyrs are.

网易北京市手机网友 [网易北京市手机网友]:

All those motherfucking slandering chengguan are a bunch of stinking stupid cunts. You motherfucking bastards are asking for a beating again, right? Your fucking moms are all fucking prostitutes, cock-sucking machines, cheap lowly whores fucked by thousands and ridden by tens of thousands.

网易河北省唐山市网友 ip:106.116.*.*: (responding to above)

I know you’ve given your mother and your wife to your master to enjoy. That is your freedom and we will not interfere with your utter conscienceless and evil. But please don’t stop us from reasonably being human.

网易福建省厦门市网友 [chenxueyanabc]: (also responding to 大鹏妹妹)

Chengguan have committed much evil, so being killed by a knight-errant is deserved, even if death cannot wipe away their crimes.

要有爱要和谐 [网易北京市网友]: (responding to above)

This argument is just like when little Japanese devils were beaten to death by Chinese people on the street back during World War II, should those little Japanese devils have been compensated with money?


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