Video of Chinese Couple Fighting In Holland

Video of Chinese Couple Fighting In Holland

Video of Chinese Couple Fighting In Holland

A few days ago a video has brought about mass dissemination. On the morning of the 18th in Rotterdam The Netherlands a Chinese people argued about powdered milk until they began fighting on the floor, with a white person attempting and failing to pull them apart. Netizens responded that if China’s powdered milk was on par with its ping pong, who would travel internationally to fight over it? Some also expressed how hard it is to find safe powdered milk.

Source: Netease

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  • WghUk


  • Mihel

    Everyone remember to point out chinese are not the only ones fighting over powdered milk in the Netherlands, lest @Alex Dương’s feeling be hurt.


    • Alex Dương


  • mr.wiener

    This is happening in Australia too.

    • 42

      I hardly think this is happening in Australia aswell. If you have read the article carefully, 2 chinese were fighting over milk powder, not some chinese fighting with the dutch. Hardly ever it has been in the news that chinese fight amonst themselves over milkpowder, and this article doesnt explain why they fight. You probably meant chinese are buying up milkpowder aswell in Australia, now in that I cannot refute, because it does happen. However shortage of milkpowder is but mere a local problem, not a countrywide problem in Australia, there is still plenty of milkpowder in Australia for everyone.

      • mr.wiener

        I believe I was referring to Chinese coming to Australia and buying up milk powder….no instances of Chinese fighting over it…yet.
        There is enough milk powder in Australia, but regional shortages during events like Single day [or was that couples day] are a concern.

        • Lyn

          You’re right, in Perth I see Chinese ladies buying 8-10cans of baby formula at a time at the grocery store all the time.

  • ChuckRamone

    why don’t they just breastfeed their babies? it’s way healthier and doesn’t require buying powdered milk. wtf.

    • Necrogodomega

      I actually asked that exact same question a few times to new moms I know. One said that Chinese women have such small breast they can’t produce milk. (Seriously, I just stared at her breast for like 10 mins after that).
      The other one said that breast milk is terrible for children and it’s bad for some kinda Yin/Yang things.

      So, those are the only 2 samples I have to explain this reason.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      They currently believe that baby formula is much healthier than breastmilk for developing infants. It’s why you hear stories of poor families sinking far more money than they should buying infant formula. Everyone has their own reasons for it, but it all boils down to this belief that formula is just better.

      At the same time Chinese don’t trust local sources of the stuff so they go abroad, but as much as they can, then sell it back in China at an inflated price.

  • 42

    with a white person attempting and failing to pull them apart.

    isnt this a racist remark? its a dutch national, so call it that way. as far as skin color concerned, if you look closely, both the chinese and dutch national are “white”……

    • Zappa Frank

      strange that if he was doing something bad he would have been labeled as White…and no the Chinese is not white

      • 42

        definitions are made by humans, so in that regard, it is changeable, it is not something like laws of physics where things are constant. If you compare the skin color of the white, and that of the chinese in this photo, then the skin color appears to match completely the same, so in that regard if you call the dutch national a white person, then you have to call the chinese white aswell. actually people should call this white person caucasian instead. and the chinese should be called asian. now with this there can be no mistake, and the distinction is made clear.

        • Zappa Frank

          definition is changeable if there is agreement about it. so far only people of european origin are whites… besides even if the people in the picture look white all the same is undeniable that Chinese (that are called Chinese because we know are Chinese, while the Dutch is your supposition ) usually are darker than europeans. on side note “Caucasian ” is a word almost unused out of U.S.A.

          • 42

            My claim that he is a Dutch national is not entirely an assumption, because this happened in the Netherlands, and it is therefore 99.999% percent chance he is indeed a dutch national. However there is 0.001% chance that he is of another nationality. But that chance is very slim. Also, eventhough this article mentioned these were chinese, but it is also possible these chinese are also dutch nationals and holds the dutch passport. Either way, for once I am defending the fact that the term “white” is racist. If you told me that the term “white” is used for a western caucasian people in general, and has nothing to do with skin color, I might have agreed with you. However you claim that chinese usually are darker than europeans, that is false. Not every european has white skin color, not every Dutch has white skin color. Some Spaniards for instance have darker skin color than chinese, even some italians have darker tones of skin. Some chinese are even more white than europeans. So the term “white” is totally misused, and is not of this century and should be abolished. It is only used as a racial term, that is the only reason why we still use it.

          • Zappa Frank

            no, acltually in holland there are many other europeans, possibilities are by far more than 0.001%, while chinese with dutch passport are a few and is extremely unlikely that would behave like this…
            Chinese are usually darker that’s a fact… there are some europeans darker than SOME chinese, but as medium level chinese are darker…

          • 42

            the term white actually comes from the 17th century during the transatlantic african slave trade, to distinguish between white and black people. the white masters and the black slaves. after the slave trade and slave keeping was abolished the term “white” have been wrongfully used to distinguish between mostly western caucasians with any other ethnic race. It has absolutely nothing to do with skincolor, but with white (caucasian) supremacy. Some even don’t even consider russians to be “white” or balkan east europeans to be white, because they border against middle eastern and asian continents. you have lost this debate as soon as you were speaking of skin color. Therefore using white to describe a western caucasian person is a really outdated term, and I for one think it should not be used ever again.


          • Zappa Frank

            you can even think that the world is flat and that Santa Claus exists…. the fact is that term white is used today as meaning of European everywhere (unlike the wrongfully used Caucasian that you seem to prefer ). there is no one that do not consider white russians or balkans, not even on stormfront.

          • mr.wiener
          • justmega

            Just STFU, you and your inane comments.

          • mr.wiener

            Keep it civil please.

  • Amused

    If only someone had gotten a video of the scrap and dubbed “Kung Fu Fighting” into the background…. The potential is just staggering…