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This video was uploaded two months ago. At this moment, this video has been viewed over 550,000 times with over 3700 comments. It has received over 1500 (vote up, support) and over 12900 踩 (vote down, against).

Pictures from the Video:

Chinese men watching their dogs fight each other.Two dogs fight in China while their owners watch.The black dog has bitten the other dog's ear.The black dog is biting the pit bull's neck.

Comments on Youku:

People who earn money this way or spend money on this kind of thing are beasts…dogs also have lives, all of creation have feelings. Having raised an animal for so long, how could you not feel heartache [watching your animal get hurt]? This kind of person will go to hell after death…and have their skin peeled off and roasted on a grill.

Are the two-legged things standing on the side still human? Not even better than a dog!!!
Poor dogs, if you must bite, bite those two-legged animals!!!
So sad! I finally know why some people are so bloody! Treating other species so cruelly, they will not treat their own kind much better!
Strongly suggest China establish an animal protection association, and punish those people who are worse than dogs! Treat them how they treat the dogs!

Have you guys never eaten dog meat at restaurants before? Do not be hypocrites, I hate these kind of people the most.

Dog-fighting is cruel? What about bull-fighting? Cocks? Crickets? Laugh~~what a normal thing, what about cats catching mice? Is that also cruel?

This group of people are truly TM raised by a dog mother.

Those two fucks will be reincarnated as dogs.

Fighting dogs were meant to fight, the same character as boxing.

I have never posted a comment on Youku before, but after this this video I truly cannot endure it. It can only be said that the owners of these two dogs do not raise dogs, they were raised by dogs!

These dogs are too small, real fights can be even more more intense and cruel.

I say you ignorant idiotic children are all very funny. Have you all become accustomed to seeing those well-behaved docile dogs that people normally raise? All standing back and enjoying the well-behaved dogs, not knowing there are also ferocious, barbaric dogs?? These people intentionally purchased dogs that were ferocious and strong. This is the same thing as a competition…if you do not know, then forget it, and stop saying others do not have conscience or whatever idiotic comments. Ignorant. ~~!!

Let these people be dogs in their next life.
Let them see what this feels like.
I cannot watch any further. Shameless. Scum.

Despise! Raising dogs in order to fight dogs? How come you do not raise two humans to fight? Are dogs not living creatures?  They only exist for your pleasure/amusement? Trash!!! – – I look down on you guys!

Fuck!!! Too cruel!!! Dogs are human’s most loyal friends!!! 愤怒愤怒愤怒

The yellow one is a pit bull,
but what is the black one, I cannot see clearly?
This kind of dog is good for fighting, will bite any dog it meets, and the owner will be unable to restrain it, this is a fighting dog.
That is the nature of the breed. Pet dogs are for people to play with, police dogs are to perform duties, and fighting dogs are for fighting dogs. If you do not want it to bite, it will not listen to you, you cannot train it, it must bite, just like it must breath air.
It is just like the boxers in boxing, if you do not like to watch, you do not have to watch.

People were lonely, and dogs were sent by God to be loyal friends! 难过

The black dog is Tyson, specializing in biting ears, kao, the white dog is outstanding, like a lion biting the neck, one with technique.
A dog with big ears is not good, so the next time it fights it should wear earmuffs, then see where the other dog can bite.
Those who are criticizing, please calm down, which law of survival in the animal world is less cruel that this?
But, I strongly despise taking a dog of your own that you love to go participate in this kind of activity!!! Strongly despise!!

Illegal fighting [between people] is much more cruel than this,
but I never see you guys saying anything.
For two dogs, people are attacking/slandering.
If you met the dogs,
I bet you would be extremely happy.
Dogs biting [attacking] dogs is not common,
but people biting [attacking] people I see everyday.
Unable to distinguish what is important yet blindly criticizing people.

They all have blood, flesh, and life, so is it necessary to be so cruel?

I want to say a few words to those people who are criticizing!
Dog-fighting is a sport, some places even hold official/specialized dog-fighting competitions! It is the same rationale as boxing, except only that many also have gambling which is illegal! You guys criticize but still do not get to the key points. Dogs are human’s friends, so why not go adopt a few of the many straw dogs on the streets?

Having sympathy is good!
But if you cannot accept it, there is nothing to criticize either!
But I want to ask you guys! Think carefully about what you are saying!
Consider what belongs to you! In this society, if you do not want to be ordinary, you are destined to lose a lot!
These fighting dogs are the same. If they are not good at fighting, or do not go fight, what do you think will happen next!
That would be to starve to death! The principle is very simple, and we cannot look at it only from one perspective!
At the very least, the country has not strictly forbidden this kind of fighting, or at the very least, there is still a lot of this going on secretly!


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  • evilracistwhitedood

    thats pretty sick, but their not exactly great fighting dogs.

    i wud like to microwave their puppies whilst they watch and smell , then make them eat them as their last meal b4 i starve them for 3 weeks and make them eat their owner who has likewise been incarcerated. justice must be served

    • i think ur fucked up i would like to put u in a cage and throw some blood on ur ass and put just one of those dogs in with u and watch it chew ur ass up u fucken dumb ass or just hang u in a tree by ur neck and let my pit hang on u and shake u like a rag doll lik it does the tire swing i would love to torcher u like ur doin to these poor dogs !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jim clark


    • Vince

      dont feed the troll

  • Joe

    In response to the one accusing us of hypocrisy, no I have never eaten dog meat. And even if I had, there’s a difference between doing something for the purpose of entertainment or cruelty and doing something to eat.

    I should hope no one kills their food in that way.

  • EGG

    Nobody tell Michael Vick, he might move to China.

    • for a mill you all would put your dog in that fight, we all watch ufc and boxing this has not just started folks. we are a fucked up nation we blow up people in wars but a fucking dawg come on how many kids died over oil and you worried about what someone did with there own dog suk dick and die pussy’s

      • I agree…People treat each other way worse than that…Dogs like to fight..people like to fight…People still kill each other for sport….makes no difference to me… I would rather live in china,They have more freedom than the hypocrites in this country…

        • antony ballard

          lad ive got a capone pitt and itll bang any dog you can get but i dont let him fight because its sick lad, how do ya get a buzz of watchin ya pet gettin fucked up, im not stupid ano some people do it for the dough {money} and thats still wrong but hey ya gotta do wat ya gotta do, but doin it and enjoying watchin ya dog gettin torn to bits isnt good, shaggin a girls good, if i seen some1 doin that i would chop their fckin hands lad, but im going to make an exception were are you located im in liverpool england and here a picture of my dog wana fight it look at my facebook antony ballard and you will see my dog u lil muppit

      • hell dats y im getn tired of dez lil white people stressing,, dey pay for da food and da da fuck u gon worry bout somebody else shyt wdf..if its dat bad how bout u jus dnt get a dog..fuck dat got me mad ova da computer lol

  • krdr

    This is sick. It is substitution of sick inhibitions. True dog lovers would never put his dog in dog fight.

    • MELVIN

      i love dogs but a pitbull is a fighting dog its in his blood and a real pitbull loves to fight take ur pb and put him in front of a dog and watch his reaction dont be mad cause hes only acting on instinct the name pitbull explains it all i think that people are caring this to ffar about pitbull fighting.a boxer is born with a gift to fight.a singer is born with a gift to sing,and a pit bull is born with the gift and instinct to concour and defeat its call and animals instinct i understand other peoples veiws about dog fighting but i strongly disagree with the sladderous remakes made cause no one talks about ufc fighting where to humans get in a ring and fight like twoPITBULL

      • hell yea..i breed pits

      • andrew

        thas full of shit m8 a dog is ment 2 b a mans best friend not a kilin machine a dog can b as soft as u make it its u animals that train them 2 b like that u dnt c a pitbull pup wantin 2 kill a dog its u animals who teach them it ur nothing but scum cunts and it should b u in that ring not a dog then lets c how u like 2 b pipd 2 bits isi FUCKING SCUM thas what u r

        • Terri N

          I agree with you 100 percent……..we do this and Pit Bulls can be in the same room and get along just fine , and i mean unnutered males you would all be surprised , you can all check this out for yourselves for all you who agree with this but as i am reading these comments ya’ll don’t know shit about dogs let alone Pit Bulls !!

      • shelby

        You are wrong You stupid man. Pitbulls are very much lovers and they love other animals. Man teaches them to fight because of their strong jaws. Man named them pitbulls. You need schooling you fuckin idiot

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  • i dont believe in pain, pain done to me, others, or dogs inflicting pain on each other.

    when you see boxing, or other types of “fighting sports”, they’re human inflicting pain on each other, but it’s an agreement, they agree to do such things, it’s okay.

    these dogs are fighting for their lives, not for a sport. its not beautiful to see anything struggling to live.

  • Rick in China

    RE: eating dog

    I’ve eaten dog.

    Eating dog meat does not equate directly to animal cruelty, not loving dogs as animals, or anything of that sort. In China (and I assume most of Asia where dogs are eaten), specific breeds (or non-breeds I suppose) are raised specifically to be eaten, and they’re not..exactly..dalmations, or maltese, or shepherds, or any recognizable breed. While I love dogs and most animals, I have no moral dilemma trying new types of meat that is raised for eating. I find it ridiculous that people can point fingers towards eating dog, then go snack up on some KFC or mcdonalds, a nice steak at dinner or some xxxx hearts on a stick from the roadside bbq stand.

    • shelby

      Rick, that is why they are called domestic animals companion animals. You cant call a chicken that or a cow. Are you really that stupid>> God you people are dumb

  • Veer Left

    WHile I am not in agreement with dogfighting (it doesn’t interest me), I feel I must make a few comments in defense of the owners and the dogs.

    1)The owners didn’t have the dogs fight to the death… as this too is a sport.
    2) The dogs didn’t agree to fight? They COULDN’T WAIT to FIGHT.

    BTW. the yellow pitbull had a good strategy, but he wasn’t athletic enough to deal with the black dog, who once he’d shredded one ear, started to snap at the lead legs (a good strategy).
    All in all, I’d much rather see people fight.

  • fireworks

    This case is similar to the dancing bears of India. At least in India, there is a non profit organization setup by westerners to buy the bears and compensate the owners. Stick those bears in a sanctuary.

    The owners of these animals used for human enjoyment purposes are not rich people, morally corrupt. They are usually POOR people who have little else to make money and they are down trotten. Some of these people do not know better and are not educated. So to condemn all of them is like talking to a brick.

    Maybe the best way forward is not legislation but a government programme or non profit scheme to help these people into a more conventional livelihood. Teach people other forms of entertainment.

  • Fuller

    I’ve eaten dog before. It was delicious. I wasn’t very hungry that day though, so I asked for a puppy instead of a full grown dog. I specifically ordered one with extra sad eyes, because the sad eyes are much more delicious than other ones.

  • too yellow

    while this isn’t as bad as badger or bear baiting back in the day in England. it’s still pretty sick

  • Kai

    I agree with

    This is going to be philosophical but humans agreeing to do something amongst themselves is different from humans breeding and training violent tendencies into another animal with the express intent to use them for blood sport later.

    The human equivalent would be eugenics, breeding humans, training them, and keeping them as property for the sole purpose of entertainment combat later. I think social acceptance of that ended a long time ago (but who knows, it could come back).

    There is a difference between two wild dogs having a fight on their own, versus two human bred and trained dogs brought together to fight for the amusement of bystanders. That is the same difference between two boxers agreeing to fight versus two masters keeping gladiator slaves and bringing them into combat in the coliseum.

    Boxing is humans participating in a human sport. Dog-fighting is dogs being used for human sport. If dogs organized themselves into leagues and had regular matches, fine, go ahead, that’s their prerogative. But that isn’t the case with dog-fighting. On that distinction, I’m against this and I think the boxing justifications are flawed. Whether an animal can be consumed is also largely irrelevant but I do understand how that argument makes sense in an extremist, black and white, absolutist sense. Sustenance and entertainment are qualitatively different, even if they can overlap. I love cows, and not just because they’re delicious.

    @ Rick in China:

    Hey, what do you think about the dignity of these animals being caught on film? Shouldn’t we censor their eyes and, uh, bloody spots? ;) Just kidding, I’m pretty sure you draw a line between human and animal dignity. Just wanted to rib you there.

    @ Fuller:

    I prefer to have them bring it to me to inspect weight and size first, as with fish. You don’t want one whose head is too big because that usually means less meat on the body. I also take the opportunity to play with them a bit, you know, make them roll over, tickle them and massage their flesh so its more tender later on. ;)

    On a sociological level, I’m fascinated by the differences in reactions in this post and the other Guangdong girl post.

  • Dog fighting is illegal in many countries though it still exists. It is a most barbaric custom. This not the nature of most dogs. It is a trait that is sought, bred and nurtured by man for the sport of man. It is a betrayal by mankind of the respect for a domesticated companion. I live in Southwest China where the eating of dog meat is still common. I have never eaten dog. Nor shall I. Until and unless humans learn to respect and protect the animals over whom they have dominance, then mankind can never truly expect to bestow love and to his fellow man. Many nations will never consider China to be civilized until she illegalizes such practices.

    • Jane Richter

      I’m so glad to hear you say that. Are there many Chinese folks lik you, who also feel as compassionate stopping the torturing of dogs for human consumption? I read that it is actually more widespread in China than ever before. Is this really true?

    • dis micheal vick im movin down there and gonna show yall how to fight dem pits

  • johnny depp

    humans kill humans
    animal kill animal

    all natural folks… move along.

    i find WD Box pathetic…
    what is the definition of “being civilized”? To you, it’s complying to western standards. that is a joke.

    lemee guess, you are also against boxing, wrestling and mma?

    o yea i forgot. People likeyou think the live of animals are worth more than those of humans.

    • hell yea dez people lame as fuck..mike vick my nigga..dey rather go save a dog din humans wdf!!!!

  • Rick in China

    Your philosophical post equates humans to dogs, and equates humans to animals in general. I’m pro-animal rights, I do not support animal abuse, but I do not think that all of your points are valid…I think that some people take ‘animal rights’ way, way too far. There’s a difference between allowing animals to their natural tendency and observing than say, cruelty in murder and abuse of animals.

    I’d like to look at the animal kingdom for examples. Do you consider it “moral” to watch a predator chase down prey and rip it apart before your eyes, even if you have full ability to ‘scare’ the predator off and save the prey? Would you feel responsible for the violent death of the prey should you do nothing and watch it get violently ripped to bits? What about two predators fighting eachother, do you feel obligated to separate them? I’ve driven across the Serengeti during the wildebeest migration (it was in the south at the time, february this year) and during which time there are a lot of Hyenas especially and other predators looking for stragglers or loose babies (tons of babies lose their parents immediately after birth) to chew up on, I’ve watched a fat bellied Hyena rip apart a newborn wildebeest in amazement (even with a little sadness, but understanding), is this immoral?

    I concede this point: there’s a difference between domesticated animals and wild animals as well, but..that being said – there are many gray lines. Personally, my gray line is when animals are say…starved in order to create fighting conditions over a single piece of raw meat between them, leading to overly aggressive behavior. I think there are some animals meant to fight together. I don’t support dog fighting in that I know the owners of the dogs don’t take care of them as they should – and create these ‘artificial’ scenarios where both dogs are starved in order to create fighting conditions, but I am not entirely against animals fighting each-other. An example of animal combat that I think is acceptable is Cobras vs. Mongoose – they’re natural enemies and it’s really a 50/50 fight. It’s really “animal cruelty” in the sense that we, as humans, create the conditions for them to fight and us to watch – but it’s also nature at work and there isn’t so much artificial stimulation as with these ‘underground dog fights’. Then the question becomes something like….would a snake or mongoose have less “worth” than a dog? (we don’t domesticate cobras and mongoose…). The same question, would a dog have less “worth” than a human? Humans enter combat with other humans for entertainment, is it totally wrong for (with improved conditions, say, restrictions?) us to create the same scenarios for these animals for entertainment… we create with ourselves? Pulling the “they don’t have a choice” argument is pretty much side-tracking my point, but we’ll see where it goes.

  • Kai

    @ Rick in China:

    I agree some people take animal rights too far.

    I didn’t think I was equating animals to humans. I love cows, mmm delicious?

    There’s a difference between allowing animals to their natural tendency and observing than say, cruelty in murder and abuse of animals.

    Yes, I agree. My point of distinction was that these fighting dogs are “engineered” (bred) to be more violent than naturally occurring. Remember, I said I have no qualms about wild dogs or random dogs getting into a tussle with each other. My distinction is when humans are involved in literally creating animals to fight each other for the amusement of humans. These are not random dogs getting into a random fight for their own random reasons. They were artificially created, trained, and induced to be violent towards each other given specific artificial conditions.

    You say as much here:

    It’s really “animal cruelty” in the sense that we, as humans, create the conditions for them to fight and us to watch

    Therefore, I think this addressed the rest of your comment, which I find to be irrelevant and inapplicable to my position.

  • Rick in China

    If you remove the “random” part of your argument, does it become more..acceptable? If you find two dogs and place them in a ring together, watching for a victor – without additional cruelty and incentive (ie starvation), and create a form of amusement or betting around that situation?

  • @johnny depp

    The number of your shoe size is the same as your IQ. 7!

    It’s obvious you don’t have command of the English language. My post is not about Western standards compared to China. Though I do mention this aspect. It is about humanity, understanding, and the appreciation for life by individuals within a society for those less fortunate than themselves beginning with the most simple forms, animals. If you, personally, want to live in ignorance, so be it. You have this right.

    “humans kill humans
    animal kill animal

    all natural folks… move along. ”

    No, Mr. depp, this is not NATURAL and it displays the depth of your ignorance.

    “o yea i forgot. People likeyou think the live of animals are worth more than those of humans.”

    No, Mr. depp, this is NOT what I said. What I DID say is, and I’ll try to make my reply as simple as possible so someone with your very limited intellect can understand it: MANKIND will never extend to MANKIND, understanding, peace and brotherly love until MANKIND treats animals with
    the respect that they want for themselves. In other words, man is not capable of loving man until he can love and protect the animals of the world….


  • @Kai @Rick

    Gentlemen, I think that you are not too far apart in you views. Kudos to each of you for an intelligent argument. Suffer me a quote:

    “A conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue. That’s why there are so few good conversations: due to scarcity, two intelligent talkers seldom meet.”
    Truman Capote

    And, I might add: Especially on the internet!

    • matt

      Raise your hand if WD BOX is a homo

  • smickno

    In the jungle (and forests), ‘wild’ animals kill for food but after they have eaten, they stop. Man does not.

    Therefore, I should paraphase what I wrote:

    ‘Civlised animals kill for food, but after they have eaten, they stop. Wild men don’t.’

    Quoted, with kindest permission from SMICKNO.

  • sun

    your options are limited, how about

    “It is UNacceptable like other violent sports like boxing, etc. “

  • Rick in China

    RE: “In the jungle (and forests), ‘wild’ animals kill for food but after they have eaten, they stop. Man does not.”

    You clearly don’t know shit about animals, man.

    You think Animals only kill to eat? Are you implying, say, herbivores do not kill other animals? Are you implying, say, cats (domesticated), don’t kill birds and mice in play…and not eat them afterwards? Are you implying XXX predator doesn’t kill YYY pray EXCEPT when hungry? Seriously, do some research before you start trumpeting your own horn over silly self-quotes.

  • Kai

    @ Rick in China:

    If you’re a nature observer or genuinely studying animal behavior and you’re loins are aching from the hours you’ve been huddled in the bushes and the two wild dogs you’re observing suddenly get into a fight, you’re fine.

    If you put two random dogs into a ring and wait for them to fight so you and your cohorts can get a kick out of it, I don’t think that’s fine. For one thing, the ring itself is an artificial condition to instigate violence within another species for the amusement of human amusement-seekers.

    If you derive pleasure from watching random acts of violence in nature, maybe you’d be considered sick or abnormal…but there’s nothing actually illegal about that nor can it be said you’re being cruel to the animals because you’re just a witness, not a facilitator. However, the moment you facilitate the violence for your pleasure, that’s when a line of cruelty is crossed.

    @ W.D. Box:

    Cheers, mate.

    @ sun:

    I think that’s what the third catch-all option was for.

  • Rick in China

    I see. I think there must be a *LOT* of sick people in the world – watching violent competition in sports is no different than watching violent competition between animals in my opinion. It’s not so much about the violence, or about the damage resulting from the violence (ie sickos who want to see each animal get torn up or killed), it’s about the competition and betting on your ‘winner’. Boxing fans don’t like to see their boxer get his face crushed, just as many dog fighting fans (I assume) would not like to see the dog they bet on get their leg thrashed. The ‘sick’ people, imo, are the ones who are there to see mutilation or death, not the ones who are there in the spirit of picking a winner and cheering a competitor, violence just adding to the energy of the testosterone fueled crowd.

    Do you think Thai cage kickboxing is breaching human rights? Many of those dudes have to fight to survive, and/or are “owned” by bosses, much in a similar fashion as oldschool roman gladiators. It seems to be a pretty high target on most people who go to thailand’s list of to-do, they sick and twisted, or interested in fierce competition?

  • Kai

    @ Rick:

    You’re forgetting what I said earlier. Agreement between the participants is a distinction for me. Two boxers (or Thai kickboxers) agreeing to a sporting match is one thing while two gladiator slaves being thrust into a cage match is another.

    Humans fighting humans may be natural.
    Humans fighting humans for entertaining humans may be natural.
    Animals fighting animals may be natural.
    Animals fighting animals for possible animal mating habits may be natural.

    To be clear, natural as in natural phenomenon.

    Animals fighting animals FOR entertaining humans I believe is artificial, especially in instances like dog-fighting where the animals are actually bred, trained, even goaded for such an artificial purpose.

    The cruelty lies in the very act of a more powerful species (human) subjugating a weaker species (dog) for the violent pleasures (blood sport) of the more powerful species. These are not humans or animals consciously agreeing to competition. It is one species forcing or otherwise creating the artificial conditions for another species to be violent…and for what? For entertainment.

    Now, if you adopt the philosophical position that the powerful are free to do whatever they please and there ought not be any objective or widespread socially-accepted ethics, mores, or principles, perhaps between species, then fine, I understand that argument but I disagree with it.

    Moreover, I understand your distinction between people who are there to see competition and those there to see mutilation or death. But again, the crux of my position on why this is “cruel” lies in the “subjugation for violence.”

    And yes, by that logic, I am also against Thai cage kickboxing where the contestants are owned by their bosses and not free to leave that profession under threat of death, torture, or reprisal. That again is “subjugation for violence.” That again is, as you acknowledge, the gladiator slaves I previously referred to.

    Do I think there are holes that can be picked in my position. Oh yes, for sure, but is that what you’re trying to do? If so, at least so far, your pokes haven’t been valid in rebutting my position absent discarding objective mores. I know you believe in objective mores, so that won’t be a route you can take.

  • smickno

    Not sure if herbivores kill for food, since they are vegetarians. I know that wild animals are called wild because they are carnivores and they kill for food.

    No idea how a house cat killing a bird is being considered a WILD animal in the jungle. I will read National Geographic again for enlightenment. Since my quotation is being challenged, I have to soundly rebut with this:

    Husband: Darling, I don’t think you can ever train that dog to obey you.
    Wife: Nonsense Dear, remember how stubborn you were when we first got married.

    Especially for RIC.

  • Rick in China

    RE: “I know that wild animals are called wild because they are carnivores and they kill for food”

    Again, what you ‘know’ is amusing.
    Are you implying herbivores can not be wild animals? Say that to a Rhino, or stampeding elephant, or a cape buffalo (vicious mother fuckers). They don’t kill *for food* but they kill. (that’s not entirely true, I’ve seen a hippo (herbi) kill a croc and chomp it up, and some reports of them eating Zebra or other animals, but this is extremely abnormal.) The herbivore part of my argument was irrelevent, your quote said that wild animals kill for food, but *STOP KILLING* when they are full.

    That’s where you are really wrong. My use of herbivore as an example of an animal who will KILL another animal, but not eat the other animal, is the point I’m trying to make. Surely tons of predators kill other animals also, and not eat them.

    Can you please give me some more funny quotes to rebut.

    • Maria

      man… first, they eat dogs… WHAT THE FUCK???
      fucken nasty ass bitches. then they fight them!! as if they dont mistreat them ebough by slautering them while their still mother fucking concious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      i swear one of theese days imma go to china, put a metal pole around a chineze mans neck, drag him across concrete and throw him in a small ass shitty cage. then imma make him fight another guy until one or BOTH of them die.ughhhh i hate this shit. its ppl like dis dat make me be DISCUSTED by the human race. some people just need to rott in a dark hole. fuckers.

  • smickno

    In the jungle (and forests), ‘wild’ animals kill for food but after they have eaten, they stop. Man does not.

    Words of wisdom by SMICKNO

    Since many commenters have a penchant for playing with words, I shall likewise seek refuge behind semantics or…is it English grammar?

    Since I did not in my first comment say that ALL wild animals kill for the sake of eating lunch/dinner/supper, I am therefore exonerated.

    Sure, a wild and not so wild animal, meat-eating or not, may kill RIC (hahaha), maybe because it is time to eat lunch, maybe not, or maybe just to defend a perceived intrusion into its territory or whatever.

    Supposing we say, PEOPLE buy shoes to wear, RIC will surely maul me for knowing too little about PEOPLE, since some PEOPLE may not be buying a pair of shoes to wear, but as a birthday gift for someone, say a father who buys a pair of sports shoes for his teenage son who has been eyeing it for some time.

    Alas, no fun to get into antagonsim here. No amount of distortion of my words is going to draw me into meaningless debates.

  • Hammy

    Maybe I am too late for the debate, but animals don’t participate in the human society. The only reason there is a moral code between humans is to help people cooperation on mutually agreed terms. “I don’t hurt you. You don’t hurt me. If you hurt me, you will be punished, and vice versa.” Dogs are not on equal terms with human, so there is no need to extend any part of our moral codes to protect them. There is simply no need for cooperation with them. It’s a owner and ownee relationship. Just like you can smash two pots together for entertainment, you can make two dog fight each other, for no other reason then entertainment.

  • Samael


    true animals are not human and thus logically speaking, no human protocols are required to be extended to them. but the fact remains, men do have morals. laws and reciprocity aside, we are in the end answerable only to ourselves. the questions is, are you only good because you will get punished otherwise?

    take this for example. for centuries blacks were considered to be little better than animals and thus not worth of, as u so charmingly put it ‘cooperation’. black slaves lived in a purely ‘owner – ownee’ relationship. there was nothing legally wrong with it, but was it really right?

    or how about something more relevant. colonial europe employed the concept of extraterritoriality on many semi colonised nations. So that their nationals will be tried using more ‘civilised’ code of law since the orientals were not on equal terms with the white man. is that moral?

  • Veer Left

    Hey, we humans still are breeding violence into certain people. Ghettos, projects, slums…

  • Hammy

    “Are you only good because you will get punished otherwise?”
    Good question. Logically speaking, people should only be good because they are going to get punished otherwise. However, people are not always constantly aware of the disadvantage of being bad or the law is not set correctly. Therefore, the code of being good have to be “brainwashed” upon people, so that they are instinctally good (and not allowed to constantly consider the advantages and disadvantages of being bad and perhaps sometimes choose doing bad to the society, either mistakenly or logically). “Answerable to ourselves” only means: does a certain act fit our own “brainwashed” moral instincts? It might differ slightly for people living in the same time and differ dramatically for people living in different time. So I should say that any change in the public concensus on morals instinct is arbitrary and use of moral instinct arguments to convince people that a certain act is moral or immoral is ultimately unjustified logically. Banning or not banning of dog fighting is undecidable by morals.

    However, I do think that it’s more beneficial to me that these dog fightings do not get banned when compared with the other option, while I also don’t feel dog fighting violate my moral instinct. I feel that even if dog fighting is banned and dogs perhaps given full human rights in the future, dog still will not be helpful members of society, so why should human give away any of their interests to the dogs, logically speaking? Perhaps under the principle of always obeying one’s moral instincts, some people feel that this fighting should be banned, but any logical debates should conclude that this fight does not violate the current moral code and should not be banned, for the interests of humans.

    For slave question, perhaps that’s not morally wrong relative to them at their time. It’s incorrect to judge with the changed moral code of other time. However, I do feel that moral changes regarding minorities benefit me personally and I agree with them. I also feel that the white’s moral instincts in the colonial or slave period violate the implication of their own law code.

  • emma

    to those who say dont critisis the sport…when does the dog get a chance to let along crtisize have any opinion on its neck being ripped apart by the choise of its owner……………………….way these people just want to find the easiest way to make money.and theres no excause for much as they try and fool there own concience,like love money can blind people of hurt.

  • pitbull fuck china ahahhaha rottweiler legend champion

  • Brian

    As an American, I am appalled at this, from a civilized society. Personally, I would like to get together with the dog owners and literally beat the shit out of them. How’s that for civilized?
    As a lover of China and Chinese people, this just pisses me off and make me really angry! I’m not a fan of pit bull dogs, for their aggressiveness, but I would truly enjoy hurting these guys and making them suffer. Guys, if you read this: I can make a trip and travel anywhere: give me a chance to knock you around for a while. I would enjoy hurting you very much! And causing you pain! And mocking you in public.

  • Micky

    I liked it, but the dogs should be in a confined space to allow them to fight better. It’s no fun if one can get away from the other.
    Plus the dogs need to be trained to fight better. This fight went on way too long. A proper dog fight is over much more quickly.

    • crystal


  • Buddha

    You guys are sick fucks you guys shoullds fucking burn in hell forever mutha fucking clown pieces of shit you sick fucking faggits!!!!!!!

  • @Hammy

    dog still will not be helpful members of society, so why should human give away any of their interests to the dogs, logically speaking?

    You use pragmatic nihilism (the claim of a lack of absolute moral authority) to justify your callousness, but your logic is ultimately flawed… All evidence points to a fundamental lack of comprehension on your part.

    For the sake of argument I am willing to ignore the “moral” aspect of our relationship with dogs, but based purely on human’s self-interest we have absolutely no logical reason to allow or encourage dog fighting for sport.

    I can cite countless examples of dogs who help humans. They identified threats in the darkness when we were still huddled around the campfire. They helped us find and kill food and fresh water before we learned to farm. Afterwards they defended our flocks and crops and helped us herd. They pull our sleds and carry our baggage.

    Today they spend their lives helping the crippled, they find hidden explosives and drugs. They risk their lives in search and rescue work or to defend police officers or the human members of their family from attack. Dogs are known to jump into the water after people who may be drowning and they are known to run into burning buildings to help their family escape.

    In fact, dogs have been helpful members of our society for more than fifteen thousand years. Do you think it’s coincidence that after such a long relationship they’ve retained the strong noses and ears of wolves while we reallocated those mental resources to focus on strong eyes and brains? Or that dogs are better at understanding cooperative human signals than our closest primate relatives?

  • they are dogs! who gives!!

  • blah

    the funniest thing about this site is that all these ppl talking shit well the thing i find interesting is you think its so cruel and sick but how in the world were you redirected to this page o wait you mustve went to google and typed in dog fighting and well you think its so cruel but i bet everyone here who commented watched the video sure they thought it was awful but if someone put up a video of someone torturing a baby ina microwave would you watch it i know i wouldnt so your just as much to blame watching this douchebags!!!!!! fyi i didnt watch it its cruel

  • FTCR


  • K. Tyree

    Someone needs to blow these Chinks off the face of this earth! This is beyond inhuman……..Those poor dogs! People are the worst enemies of nature….

  • how in the world were you redirected to this page o wait you mustve went to google and typed in dog fighting

    A lot of people read all the articles on chinaSMACK, whether they comment frequently or not.

    i bet everyone here who commented watched the video

    You can’t assume anyone watched it. Dog fighting is the same all over the world. And simply knowing that dogs are trained and then made to fight is enough to speak about or out against the subject. Everything beyond those two uncontested points remains a matter of degrees.

    I assume the video doesn’t contain anything specific that needs consideration, since no one has said anything to point that out.

  • leo

    this is absoltly sick i dont care if the dogs kill they still have lives and feelings. they can still feel pain. those people would not like it if we put them in a pit and made them fight to there death would they. i dont belive in reincarnation but i wished thar they were born as dogs to show them what it would be like, and the white dog was bleeding thats fucking sick you should be ashamed of your self

  • innocentbystander


    so now poverty and not greed is the root of all evil. I hope your never a cop.

  • em

    Okay dog fighting to me is the same as cock fighting, humans fighting and other more gruesome fights in the wild that occur every second.

    But we as responsible human beings except for the chinese because I don’t think they are human at all. We have the ability to stop something when we see it doesn’t seem right or necessary let alone provoke it.
    Animal fights intended by people are not as worse when you compare the black mails, the war on terrorism and other political issues that cause blood and gore caused by people alone to hurt other people.

    There is already enough fighting in the world and promoting violence between animals for the sake of money is not showing any improvement on human intelligence to be able to improvise on the increasing economic problems in the world. Instead this shows me that we are depending now on the most basic and pathetic results in order to survive.

    China has no reason to be poor. The government is so stinking rich it ain’t funny. the people however are still struggling because the government does not give a %$%^.
    Again, eating dogs and cats are the same as eating cows and chicken. But again! I detest to the inhumane ways of killing them. Again china is just a developing country, they have no animal legislation laws. They don’t know how they should slaughter an animal properly and cleanly. And as unfortunate as it sounds, I really don’t think they will ever improve. Their culture is not surrounded by ‘animal love’ and ‘freedom of speech’. They are prisoners of their own corrupted governors who tell them to shut up and never be an individual.

  • Reason

    Its ok for humans to fight, but the minute an animal fights it is cruel? Now, maybe the chinesse have been watching to much pokemon and think this is ok, but the western world likes to watch high school kids and bum fights. Two wrongs dont make a right? As long as parents are allowed to raise their kids to fight in boxing matches, karate, MMA, where people do get hurt and some die then why can people raise their dogs to fight. Would you be happier if the dogs had on little padded red helmets?

    The rationality of human kind is stupid.

  • sana

    this chniese who eats dogs and kills dogs like taht are crazy,fuckin crazy people,if i was there i kill you one bye one,but don’t worry,god will punish you soon,you will see.

  • S. Jade

    I hate some of the dumb asses that post on here. Can we just get one thing straight? No one gives a shit about humans fighting (boxing or martial arts) because THEY BOTH AGREED TO FIGHT. When it comes to whether something is cruel or not when done to THEIR OWN body, it is up to them to decide. If they agree to get beat up, have at it! Its their body, they decide what can and can’t be done to it, or thats how I think it should be (as long as doing so doesn’t put ANYONE ELSE in harm’s way) The animals here don’t CHOOSE to be killers, they are raised that way by blood thirsty humans. (And to the guy who said “THEY COULDN’T WAIT TO FIGHT” Nice observation Sherlock. Of course they couldn’t because selfish, arrogant parasites, a.k.a humans, raised them that way) When two humans fight (to kill or maim), yeah its cruel, but they both know what they’re doing. Humans have a conscience. They could have prevented it from ever happening. They could have stopped in the middle, but when humans fight, they just keep going. But humans being stupid with each other is a whole other issue. Its cruel to raise an animal specifically for fighting in blood sports because in the natural world, it would never happen in that way. There would either be a disagreement over territory, food, it could be provoked by fear, or something, but it would not be unprovoked. A lot of people say “He just attacked out of no where!” Which is really the result of a lack of attention/understanding of the body signals from the dog (or any animal that attacks). If a dog has been raised properly, he won’t attack out of “no where.” Even abused dogs who become aggressive always have a reason. Police dogs protect people; they aren’t bred for human’s pleasure or entertainment.

    One other thing; no animal can be “cruel.” They don’t have the mental capacity to understand what it means to be morally right or wrong, so when we as humans force our wrongs on them, its even more disgusting. Its also ignorant to call pit bulls, or any animal notorious for killing/fighting, “cruel.” They are doing what they were made to do.

    I’m a vegan, owner of 2 dogs and 2 cats, and trainer of big cats. :] ( And no, I don’t support PETA. >> )

  • Dogger


    What you need to understand is pit bulls were bred specifically to fight other dogs. You don’t need to train them (like that propaganda Humane Society BS tries to force or ignorance media dependent people) because it’s instinct to fight dogs.

    They’ll fight if their owners are present or not. Dog aggression is a breed trait that dog fighters aim for. The pit bull breed loves to fight anyway. All dogs have their purpose and when they are doing that purpose, their tails are ALWAYS WAGGING. Note the wagging tail even though the black dog is dominating the white dog. The breed doesn’t care if it’s losing the fight, they fight like their winning when its clear they are not.

    When people understand the pit bull breed a lot better and keep their emotional bullshit away from this breed, it’ll be in a better place.

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