Video of Dog Fighting in China & Chinese Reactions

Video on Youku.

This video was uploaded two months ago. At this moment, this video has been viewed over 550,000 times with over 3700 comments. It has received over 1500 (vote up, support) and over 12900 踩 (vote down, against).

Pictures from the Video:

Chinese men watching their dogs fight each other.Two dogs fight in China while their owners watch.The black dog has bitten the other dog's ear.The black dog is biting the pit bull's neck.

Comments on Youku:

People who earn money this way or spend money on this kind of thing are beasts…dogs also have lives, all of creation have feelings. Having raised an animal for so long, how could you not feel heartache [watching your animal get hurt]? This kind of person will go to hell after death…and have their skin peeled off and roasted on a grill.

Are the two-legged things standing on the side still human? Not even better than a dog!!!
Poor dogs, if you must bite, bite those two-legged animals!!!
So sad! I finally know why some people are so bloody! Treating other species so cruelly, they will not treat their own kind much better!
Strongly suggest China establish an animal protection association, and punish those people who are worse than dogs! Treat them how they treat the dogs!

Have you guys never eaten dog meat at restaurants before? Do not be hypocrites, I hate these kind of people the most.

Dog-fighting is cruel? What about bull-fighting? Cocks? Crickets? Laugh~~what a normal thing, what about cats catching mice? Is that also cruel?

This group of people are truly TM raised by a dog mother.

Those two fucks will be reincarnated as dogs.

Fighting dogs were meant to fight, the same character as boxing.

I have never posted a comment on Youku before, but after this this video I truly cannot endure it. It can only be said that the owners of these two dogs do not raise dogs, they were raised by dogs!

These dogs are too small, real fights can be even more more intense and cruel.

I say you ignorant idiotic children are all very funny. Have you all become accustomed to seeing those well-behaved docile dogs that people normally raise? All standing back and enjoying the well-behaved dogs, not knowing there are also ferocious, barbaric dogs?? These people intentionally purchased dogs that were ferocious and strong. This is the same thing as a competition…if you do not know, then forget it, and stop saying others do not have conscience or whatever idiotic comments. Ignorant. ~~!!

Let these people be dogs in their next life.
Let them see what this feels like.
I cannot watch any further. Shameless. Scum.

Despise! Raising dogs in order to fight dogs? How come you do not raise two humans to fight? Are dogs not living creatures?  They only exist for your pleasure/amusement? Trash!!! – – I look down on you guys!

Fuck!!! Too cruel!!! Dogs are human’s most loyal friends!!! 愤怒愤怒愤怒

The yellow one is a pit bull,
but what is the black one, I cannot see clearly?
This kind of dog is good for fighting, will bite any dog it meets, and the owner will be unable to restrain it, this is a fighting dog.
That is the nature of the breed. Pet dogs are for people to play with, police dogs are to perform duties, and fighting dogs are for fighting dogs. If you do not want it to bite, it will not listen to you, you cannot train it, it must bite, just like it must breath air.
It is just like the boxers in boxing, if you do not like to watch, you do not have to watch.

People were lonely, and dogs were sent by God to be loyal friends! 难过

The black dog is Tyson, specializing in biting ears, kao, the white dog is outstanding, like a lion biting the neck, one with technique.
A dog with big ears is not good, so the next time it fights it should wear earmuffs, then see where the other dog can bite.
Those who are criticizing, please calm down, which law of survival in the animal world is less cruel that this?
But, I strongly despise taking a dog of your own that you love to go participate in this kind of activity!!! Strongly despise!!

Illegal fighting [between people] is much more cruel than this,
but I never see you guys saying anything.
For two dogs, people are attacking/slandering.
If you met the dogs,
I bet you would be extremely happy.
Dogs biting [attacking] dogs is not common,
but people biting [attacking] people I see everyday.
Unable to distinguish what is important yet blindly criticizing people.

They all have blood, flesh, and life, so is it necessary to be so cruel?

I want to say a few words to those people who are criticizing!
Dog-fighting is a sport, some places even hold official/specialized dog-fighting competitions! It is the same rationale as boxing, except only that many also have gambling which is illegal! You guys criticize but still do not get to the key points. Dogs are human’s friends, so why not go adopt a few of the many straw dogs on the streets?

Having sympathy is good!
But if you cannot accept it, there is nothing to criticize either!
But I want to ask you guys! Think carefully about what you are saying!
Consider what belongs to you! In this society, if you do not want to be ordinary, you are destined to lose a lot!
These fighting dogs are the same. If they are not good at fighting, or do not go fight, what do you think will happen next!
That would be to starve to death! The principle is very simple, and we cannot look at it only from one perspective!
At the very least, the country has not strictly forbidden this kind of fighting, or at the very least, there is still a lot of this going on secretly!


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